MLM Social Media- 3 Prospecting Secrets for LinkedIn Recruiting

MLM Linkedin Recruiting and Prospecting.

Have you ever been on LinkedIn and seen the millions of professionals there for your home business?

Are you currently working LinkedIn for your network marketing business?

How does your plan work on LinkedIn- or do you have one?

There are many great social sites out there, but for the professional and business owner, LinkedIn is the hottest prospecting site for a home business professional to get the word out about you and your products.

I ran across this great post by Jill Konrath, and it was amazing. I really like her style and how she sees things in the social world of business. I would suggest that you take notes and on her blog, she does a lot of videos as well, so you will learn from her as I have. Hey! I teach this stuff and have for 7 years, and still learning from great folks like her.

Here is her post:


3 Ways to Reach New Prospects on LinkedIn.

Link to Original Post.

Did you know that overall, you’re 5X more likely to get a sales call returned if you have a personal connection with someone? To me, that’s an amazing statistic. In a world where people are swamped at work and suffering from information overload, it’s the best way to capture their attention.

So what does that mean you should be doing? In essence, implementing a connection-based strategy to reach new prospects.

Here are three ways you can do that by leveraging your LinkedIn connections:

  1. The first thing you can do, is to check LinkedIn to determine if you know any of the same people. Look at their profile too. You might have gone to the same university or worked at the same company at some point in your career. When you reach out to them, make sure to mention the connection right away. This increases your odds of success by threefold.
  2. An even better approach is to have your mutual connection call your prospect to make an introduction. By doing this, you’re upping your chances of success by a factor of four.
  3. And, the best approach of all? Contacting a personal connection. You’re 11x more likely to get a return call. This means you need to strategically focus on developing relationships with people who are similar to your ideal customers. Go where they are — both on and off-line — and initiate a conversation. Make sure you keep in touch with them too. It’ll be well worth your time.

To sum it up, we’re in the Relationship Age, and who you know matters — a lot.

And that says it all folks- we ARE in a Relationship Marketing Age and we better know and learn how to market our mlm network marketing home business in this age.

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MLM Training – 7 Great Ways to Lose a HOT Prospect

mlm home business prospect

mlm network marketing home business.

MLM Training on How NOT to Lose a Hot Prospect.

Do you ever Wonder where a prospect went when working your home based business?

Has a prospect ever gone “poof” and they were nowhere in sight when working your network marketing business?

How did you feel? Do you realize it more than likely was YOUR FAULT? Yes you read that right Mr. and Mrs. MLM.

It probably was your fault. And there are reasons why it more than likely it is.

There are many ways that you can turn a prospect off and I have been guilty of all of them. But over the years, we have learned that there are 7 major “no no’s” that you stay away from, and not make those mistakes. Here are 7 Great Ways to Lose a HOT Prospect-Are YOU Guilty of These?

Many people totally mess up great prospects because they are not paying attention. Not paying attention takes many a prospect out of the game. And it is YOUR fault. Paying attention is one of the most important things you can do for your business. 

Many team members think that the prospect is not sharp enough to see what is going on. But here is something that you need to know- THEY CAN SEE. They may never comment, but they are sharper then you give them credit. And often when you are not aware of that, you can lose a great prospect.

These 7 ways to mess up a HOT prospect are made daily by millions of people.

1) Lack of Authority and Presence.

Many people come across like they have no leadership or Authority.  This is unacceptable if you are going to build a great business. You MUST come across like you have the Authority to get the prospect to where they want to go in life. If you lack Authority, borrow your uplin’es until you develop yours.

2) Pressure.

All pressure is, is pressure on the inside of you, coming to the fore front and putting it on the
prospect. Pressure is the worst thing that today you can use as the prospect will smell it coming and mentally if not physically LEAVE.

3) Too Much Talking.

Let the prospect talk- and you listen. Say that 3 times. Ask questions and then listen intently. You should let the prospect talk 80% of the time- online or offline. You talk 20%. Become a professional
“Question Asker.” Ask questions and the LISTEN.

4) Hype.

People love excitement, but do NOT like hype. Kill the fake energy-that is what hype is. Did you GET THAT? It is FAKE and people hate fake.

5) Not Following Up.

Yep, this happens daily. People simply do not follow up. Hard to believe, but that is just the way it is. You need to follow up on EVERY prospect like clockwork. If you do not, then that will clean your clock in this business.

6) Talking about YOU and NOT the Prospect.

Think TINY = Their Interests NOT Yours. Talk about the prospect not you. talk about the prospect NOT YOU. Got it?  Think TINY!

7) Lack of Confidence.

This displays a lack of Leadership and Power. KNOW that you know. Study and Learn the info.
Practice-Drill-Rehearse and then do it again with your sponsor.. The practice some more to maximize your mlm network marketing home based business.

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MLM Social Media- The Secret “Social Blitz Recruiting” Process

mlm recruiting home business social media

mlm recruiting social media network marketing

Are you looking for a social media recruiting path for your home business?

Are there tactics you already are doing for your mlm?

Do you use any social media recruiting processes with your network marketing business?

I have a tip that will rock your recruiting for your home business:

A SECRET WEAPON: Social Blitz Recruiting.

ACCELERATE the Pace of Social Recruiting- DRAMATICALLY.

There is also what we call “Social Blitz Recruiting.” We are coming out with a CD and Digital Training Resource very soon with a step by step training on Social Blitz Recruiting and how to create a Social Candidate Blitz.

This is a more laser focused way to create a “Mini Master Plan.” It does not get the power or numbers of the Master Candidate List that the Master Plan does, but Social Blitz Recruiting is “down and dirty” as Scott calls it, “fast and furious.”

The Master Social Recruiting Plan goes for QUANTITY and at the same time goes for QUALITY.

Social Blitz Recruiting goes for QUICKNESS. It focuses on the QUICK STRIKE, the QUICK PROCESS and the QUICK CONVERSION.

It involves running a “Social Blitz Post” on facebook, twitter, Linkedin, and other social sites simply stating you are looking for leaders in certain areas. Also you can place 30 second Social Blitz Videos as well for potential candidates to view and possibly help you with.

You can also send out a Social Blitz Text with a QR Code that sends people to a video or website. These were covered in the Social Recruiting 101 series.

Using the Social Blitz Recruiting tactics, you can recruit someone in Social Media in 24 hours.

You read that right.  24 hours.

Our Private Clients, who we coach, do it all the time.

How  does it work?

You must use what we call “Banner Posts” and these basically are posts and tweets that say something like:

“Looking for a leader in Dallas Texas. Time is of the essence. Please private FB me or direct message me on twitter @ name.  If you are leader, pleases respond.”

“If you know a Leader or great people person on Dallas Texas, please private FB me or direct message me @name. My company is looking for someone that can help us in that area and revenues are very good.”

“Our company is looking for a brand ambassador in Dallas Texas to help get our brand more out there and to help with other Leadership tasks. Please private FB me or direct message me @name on twitter or email me at @address. All inquiries will be confidential.”

These are examples of “banner Posts” that you post once or twice a day and all it is is “fishing” for people that are open to talking. Once you get a connection, then get them to a quick 5 minute Social Blitz Recruiting webinar with THEN or that evening or a video of one to tell them more of what you are looking for.

You should have 4 parts to your Blitz Presentation:

1. Introduction.

2. State the problem and personalize it. (You know someone that suffers with this don’t you?)

3. Amplify the problem with facts and figures. (With where you got them)

4. Solution. (Show them you have a solution / product and your company is looking to help people).

Invite to longer presentation or ask for referrals.

This is how you do Social Blitz Recruiting in your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Social Media- The 4 Step Social Media Recruiting Process

mlm social media network marketing

mlm home business social media

MLM Social Media Recruiting.

How do you use Social Media for recruiting for your home based business?

What are your daily actions for recruiting with your network marketing business?

Do you have any plans to educate yourself further with a work at home business mlm and social networking?

Social media is now a staple in the recruiting blueprint for most businesses that are home businesses. Most are on facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, and more. There are many trainings out there that will guide you to market on social media, but few I have found train you on how to RECRUIT on social media.

There is a need for that and many “recruiting trainings” in social media are actually focused more on marketing and NOT recruiting. Why? I have no idea, but I want to give you a TRAINING that will show you a 4 step process of recruiting in social media.

I call it “Social Recruiting” and that is what it is. We actually have a product called “Social Recruiting 101” a 4 CD series that will show you how to recruit like a Master in the social media sphere.

There is something that EVERYONE needs in social media recruiting in mlm:

You NEED A PATH or Step by Step formula for Success.

The 4 Step Formula for Social Recruiting.

Here is a 4 step formula for the MASTER Blueprint PLAN:

 1. Social Connection –>  2. Social Conversation –>  3. Social Presentation –>            4. Social Conversion

Conversion is converting the Candidate to a Customer, Team Member, Referral Source, or
No Go-maybe later.


1. Social Connection.

 This comes from finding potential candidates and connecting with them by following them or friending them, or finding them in groups or by Social Listening and Locating. And this also includes people following you and connecting with you first.

2. Social Conversation.

This comes from comments, social threads, update conversations, social mail, direct
, and other forms of social communication.

3. Social Presentation.

 This comes from the potential candidate watching a quick video, attending a webinar,
going to a local social event meeting you, attending a conference call, a
twitter presentation, a facebook event,
and any other type of social
media information presentation.

4. Social Conversion.

 This comes when they convert to a Customer, a New Team Member, a Referral Source, or
a No Go. THIS is the Critical part as here is the “Master Law of Conversion:”

NOTHING HAPPENS until Conversion happens.


This Master 4 steps for Social Recruiting aligns with the 5 Steps of Awareness, Attention, Appreciation, Audience, and then Ambassador that are taught in Social Recruiting 101.

These are the 4 steps in the social media recruiting process for your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training – Your FIRST GOAL for Recruiting in Social Media

mlm home business social media

mlm home business network marketing social media

Recruiting in Social Media for Home Business.

How do you communicate on social media for your home business?

Do you understand the power of the [process with Social Recruiting in your network marketing business?

What do you do to recruit people in social media?

The process of Social Recruiting in Network marketing is simple. You Connect with them on social media, and then you must get them to the FIRST Exposure. You MUST GET THEM ENGAGED in order to get them in  the recruiting funnel.

It ALL STARTS with the prospect AGREEING TO WATCH a webinar presentation or view a video. If you are going to recruit anyone, they MUST be educated to a certain point so they can SEE the vision of what you are doing with your home business.

Your first Social Media Recruiting goal for your home business?

Simple. Your candidate MUST eventually become a:


 Then the Participants who SEE and CONNECT to the Vision via a video or webinar, becomes a True Candidate.

How do you know they are a True Candidate?

They are OPEN to and WANT MORE information

You move the Candidate into MORE EXPOSURES by educating and informing them about your company, products, and income. Follow the sponsoring system that your company or upline put together.

(Once the Candidates have gone through a series of Exposures, they enter into the  Conversion Step, Converting the Candidate either into a:

 a. New Customer.

 b. New Team Member.

 c. Referral Source.

 d. A Definite No Go- maybe later.

These pretty much are what you can expect.

They either are willing to attend a presentation or watch a video about your business. Then some will enroll as a customer, a new team member with you, or your business is not for them at this time and they are not interested period.

NOTE: Your VERY FIRST Connection Goal is to eventually  CONVERT THEM into someone willing to attend a webinar or look at a video.


You MUST move them past the Social Conversation stage to the Social Presentation
. If you do not move them into the Presentation stage, you will never get them past just being what we call a “POTENTIAL Social Candidate.”

 NOTE: Many folks enjoy social media and PRETEND they are recruiting candidates with it.

Just like the “pretend candidate,” they are the pretend professional regarding social networking. DO NOT fall into that trap as many seem to do. Keep focused and keep moving forward.

DO NOT be just “social focused.” You MUST be TOTALLY ACTION FOCUSED on
Connecting daily with new candidates.

NOTE: Pretend does NOT pay very well in Social Recruiting.

That is why that you must create a sense or Professionalism and Urgency to start the success track of Social Recruiting.

But you cannot walk a path without doing it step by step, or drive a journey mile by mile.

It is the same with Social Recruiting in your mlm  network marketing Home Business.

FREE mp3 download: “2013 Recruting Secrets”- over 25 secrets- with Doug and Diane Hochman

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Social Media- 5 Ways to Get the ATTENTION of Anyone in Social Media

social media home business

social media home business mlm

MLM Social Media Recruiting Tips.

How do you get someone’s ATTENTION with a social media prospect for your home business?

Do you have any way in particular you use for your network marketing social media efforts?

Are there any questions that you like to ask?

Social Media is unique and powerful and I have been training on this for 8 years. But the basics of Social Media in mlm never change. The sites may, the software may change, but the basics do not.

And getting the social media prospect’s attention of you do not know how can be quite, well, frustrating. Especially when you combine them with platforms or tools like ai chat bot that help you improve the user experience in every way. In addition to the speed and savings that this reflects in the income of companies when you use them in your social networks.

Let’s ask this question:

Why do people initially get into Social Media Marketing?

Think about it. WHY do they get into social media and now mobile media? Why do they market on social media?

Here is the HUGE Secret:  ;  )

It’s to get people’s ATTENTION.

That is human nature and part of who we are. We want to be SEEN, APPRECIATED, and APPROVED OF. Among other things as well.

But there are certain things you can do to insure you get the RIGHT attention of the people. And the RIGHT attention is getting them CURIOUS to who you are and what you are doing, for this you can uses simple phrases like for example Tiktok pick up lines.

Here is what we call “The Social Media Attention Process:”

Awareness ? Connection ? Conversation? Attention.

This 4 step Attention Process can create a lot of exposure for you. It also can move you into a space on social media to open up doors for you and your business. Your network marketing business can become a golden nugget that people FIND if you do the attention phase correctly.

Be smart, use the most popular apps and social media to spread the word. Visit and talk with marketing experts about the best way to advertise your products in this platform. And for you to become viral today on TikTok, you can do buy TikTok likes to make it achievable!

The ONE THING that will get people’s attention on social media:


Make sure your conversation is VALUABLE- and leaves people saying “Wow!” Leave their jaw dropping and totally amazed. That alone will get people’s attention.

Here are 5 ways to get people’s attention on social media:

1) Be Consistent and VISIBLE in everything you do and say on social media.

In your Message be consistent so it will brand.
In your Profile be consistent across the social sphere.
In your Value be consistent to make people want to hear from you.
In your Presence be consistent so they do not forget about you.
In your Tweets be consistent and regularly sent.
In your Efforts be consistent and focused.
In your Posts be consistent in great content and answers that will help people.

2) Ask open ended questions and seek answers and solutions with those that have content.

This can be a great attention getter on social sites. Put the other person in the role as an expert- and seek their advice initially. Direct message people with a question to personalize the communication. This will get their attention and also you WILL connect with them.

3) Share information with people that most do not know about and you can be seen as the “Revealer.”

There is so much great content out on the web. Find the little known information on obscure blogs and posts, and videos and especially in NICHES. Get to know the  bloggers and writers. Do not send out the same information that has been out there. Be fresh-and new and unique. Be seen as the ‘go to person” when new information in your niche is added. Take the time to do this-it pays off.

4) Recognize the contribution and conversation of others and make sure you PARTICIPATE.

Attention is a hook. It is what hooks people to take a further look.  What is YOUR hook?
Make it that you appreciate and recognize the efforts of all in the conversation. Don’t placate, but admire. Don’t kiss up, but step up and say what is of Value and what has HELPED YOU personally.

5) Come up with a phrase, hook, logo, icon, or avatar that is magnetic.

Many people have a phrase that they repeat over and over. Or a hook that works- copyblogger. Or a logo that is unforgettable. Or an avatar of you that makes people take a second look.
That will not only get their attention- but also keep you remembered.


These are 5 things that will help you get the attention of folks on social media for your mlm network marketing home business. If you are looking for a way to easily start your social media platforms, like Tiktok, with a good following right away, there are marketing agencies offer that offer customers to buy Tiktok likes in just few minutes.

FREE mp3 download – “2013 Recruiting Secrets”-over 25 secrets- with doug and Diane Hochman.

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MLM Social Media- 7 Opening Lines for Connecting on Social Media

mlm home business network marketing

mlm network marketing social media

MLM Social Media Opening Lines.

Do you ever struggle with contacting people in social media for your home business?

Do you ever have to think of something rto say and not look foolish when contacting people for your network marketing business?

Is there a favorite line that you use in social media to open up conversation?

Many people make some mistakes in their quest for opening up conversations with people in the social sites. They often say and do things that turn people off. What are some of the reasons that people do say things that do NOT work?

They are 1 of 3 things:

a. Too anxious.
b. Too cocky.
c. Too timid.

There must be a balance between the three. You cannot come across as you are talking to them as if you WANT something from them. Thye will sense that. It is even that way on mobile devices as well. You CANNOT be focused on getting something from them. You must be focused on GIVING something to them.

People want to know you are not “after” something but are putting your own interests after them.
Many folks are way too aggressive in their approach and in their communication. RELAX. Take the pressure off.

Opening Lines in social media should be friendly, encouraging, and magnetic. And they should FEEL friendly, and be cordial.

Here are three rules for opening Lines that we have found that works and works well:

1) Focus 100% on something the prospect has done or said.
2) Seek friendship -NOT a distributorship.
3) Be brief and warm and take pains to RELAX the person you are reaching out to.

Oh- and don’t come across like you have “agenda” on your forehead. That is NOT a good thing as you probably have found out already.

Here are 7 ways to reach out to people and relax them as well as draw them to you:

1) “Glad to see you here-how long have you been on this social site?”

This is a generic opening line that will work with almost anyone. Keep it focused on finding out about them-not selling them. Ask questions and then ask more.

2) “I recently ran across a post of yours and loved it.”

You create in influence that way. You are seen as someone “who gets it.” You are seen as a learner.
You are seen as “the next generation.” Than others will be promoting you as a way of saying thanks. BE ENCOURAGING- no matter what.

3) “Here is a post that I thought you would appreciate on ——”

This is a great way to open up a conversation. Go to their profile. Research it. Find a post in their interest. Then share it with them.

4) “ I see you know about ——may I ask you a question-maybe you can help me.”

People love being asked about their authority niche. Make it a sincere question. Let it be a simple one to answer. Thank them for any and all comments..

5) “You and I are friends with —-and thought that we should connect…”

Find people that you both have in common. Tap into other people’s friends or followers. Share a commonality from the very start. Let the common connection birth another one

6) “WOW! You have a great looking blog! Love the look. Did you design it yourself?”

People with blogs- visit them. Comment on them. Promote their content. Share the link on other sites. Ask their input on their blog about a post they wrote. They will do the same for you.

7) “I see we have <             >  in common as an interest. Would love to learn from you.”

People love to be seen as a teacher. This elevates their image. It also elevates their interest in you.
It also elevates your communication IMPACT with them.

These are 7 ways to approach people for your social medis efforts in your mlm network marketing home based business.

FREE mp3 download -“2013 Recruiting Secrets”-over 25 secrets-with Doug and Diane Hochman

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MLM Training – A Social Media Blueprint PLAN that WORKS

mlm social media home business

mlm home business social media

Social Media MLM PLAN.

Do you have a PLAN for your Home business?

What is your PLAN for your network marketing business?

Are you looking for a Social Media PLAN for your mlm?

You MUST have a “road,” “path,” or “blueprint” to engage in any successful venture in
your home business.

As it is often said, “If you fail to plan, then all you are doing is planning to fail.”

That is so true.

So understand that a PLAN is very important in Social Recruiting for 3 reasons:

1. It FOCUSES you and keeps you on track.

2. It increases your AWARENESS to DO SOMETHING that works.

3. It STRUCTURES YOU and your actions for Success.

A PLAN is worthless if it is not WORKED. That is why that Scott and I decided to offer his plan, but make it very adaptable to what you feel you can do. Many will not do all what he does on a daily basis.

That is OK.

But the one thing that it will do is GET YOU GOING and keeps you in movement.

Motion is IMPORTANT in a PLAN, but Movement is IMPERATIVE.

This PLAN will move you towards more leads, more candidates, more recruiting,
and more business.

The word P.L.A.N actually is a MAP, (Massive Action Plan) or contains a LIST of Actions that will MOVE YOU FORWARD, step by step, in Social Recruiting.

What Does P.L.A.N. Stand For?

P.L.A.N stands for:

P = Prospects a Day.

This is how many prospects you want to find a day in social media. This allows you to pick
the numbers that WORK FOR YOU. Scott’s numbers may be a bit aggressive for you,
but then maybe not. You may want to UP YOUR SOCIAL GAME and get in with
the big boys and girls of recruiting. Prospects are the LIFE BLOOD of this business. Make a Decision that you will make a goal to obtain a certain number of prospects daily and DO IT.

L = Listening.

This is Social Listening and Looking for potential prospects utilizing social media online software. There are more Listening strategies, but you can start by using:

Google Alerts,,, (just acquired by  twitter), and This will help you determine who is talking about your brand, your topic, and product niche you are marketing.

The people talking about those things are the people that you need to connect with. CONNECT with the people who are talking about your niche. Keep an ongoing list
of the prospects that you want to follow, friend, and connect with from Listening. THAT alone can lead you to unlimited and incredible contacts.

A = Actions Taken.

These are the daily actions that you take in social media to create the High Quality Exposure you seek to potential candidates. These include posts, comments, videos, tweets, connection requests, friend requests, instant messaging, texting, joining new groups,
creating new groups, creating social blitz ads, writing facebook notes, and any
other action you take in social media that will create NEW Connections, Conversations,
Presentations, and Conversions.

N = New Connections.

These are the new connections and conversations that you start, with new social
candidates that you are looking for. These come from many places in social
media as well as new groups and communities you may join. New Connections are the spark that light the flame of social recruiting success and builds it into a raging inferno.

You make your daily action list and simply do the actions.

Then you reconnect and continue the conversation until they attend a presentation and
then move to conversion.

It ALL STARTS with the prospect AGREEING TO WATCH a webinar presentation or view a video. If you are going to recruit anyone, they MUST be educated to a certain point so they can SEE the vision of what you are doing with your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE mp3 download- “2013 Recruiting Secrets”- over 25 secrets- with Doug and Diane hochman

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training – 4 Ways to Start a Social Media Conversation that PULLS People In

mlm network marketing home business

mlm social media conversations home business

MLM Social Media Conversation Tips.

Are you using social media for your home based business prospecting?

Is there a certain social site you like for your network marketing efforts?

Are you on facebook or twitter?

Social Media has been around now since about 2003 with Myspace and Plaxo. Both are still around today. But many people still do not understand how to communicate to their potential prospects in social media.

It is not rocket science.

Do what you know to Do – and master it.

It is much like what you do and say face to face, and if you stick with that general rule, you will find that your communication on social media will be an asset to you and a pleasure with others. It will PULL people towards you out of curiosity, and out of appreciation of your recognizing them.

Too often we have “Agenda Driven” Communication, and this is a huge mistake. You must be focused on the agenda of the prospect- not yours. It does not matter what you want in social media.

It is a “reverse communication” zone.

You reverse your message from being focused on you, to totally being focused on the prospect. It works out better that way.And people will respond to you in a much better and more magnetic fashion.

How do you start a conversation on social media?

Many people are on facebook, pinterest, twitter, and google+ , Instagram, LikedIn and Youtube today. But many still struggle engaging a powerful conversation that MOVES prospects towards you and PULLS them in.

How does that happen?

Here are 4 poweful Conversation Starters that really work in online recruiting in social media and will position you as a true Leader and not just another network marketer:

1.  “Wow. This post / picture is powerful stuff. And I truly appreciate you sharing that with us. Is there a place that I can plug into that you share more info like this?”

This will get anyone’s attention. You are flattering them in a way that they will want to connect with you and from that you can then start adding Value to their life with your posts and images. You can then share them, tweet, them, and pin them so they can see that you are promoting them. Tis will not only get their attention, but also they will appreciate you.

It lets them know you want to connect on a more powerful basis with them and learn from them which anyone will be drawn towards.

2. “I totally agree on what you just said. I have a question: Do you have an ebook or any type of resource that goes into this further?”

Looking to someone as a Resource is a powerful way to Compliment them and get them to start a conversation with you. It is also a great way to create a connection that they will want to stay connected to, versus just on occasion.

You need to become a Success Resource, but also create the conversation with prospects that they are also a resource for many.

3. “This has really made a difference in my thinking. You have a gift that is obvious. I would love to connect with you because you are the type of Leader I would like to share with some folks I know. Can we connect on skype?”

4. “I totally agree with you. This makes so much sense. I also enjoyed your series of videos, as it helped. I would love to interview you for a project that i am doing on Success and Leadership.”

This will gie you a chance to really get to know them in a way that will become more personal, and you can talk to them about Success and Leadership by asking questions. Then you can later ask them for help in locating some “talent” in their city they live for you. They will listen to what you have to say.

These are simple but powerful ways to connect and engage social conversation in social media or your mlm network marketing home based business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Social Media- How to “Success Frame” A Conversation Before It Ever Takes Place?

mlm social media home business

mlm network marketing socia media

MLM Social Media Recruiting Tips.

Have you ever thought of how you could “frame” a conversation so that you can recruit someone for your home business?

Does the thought of positioning your network marketing conversation as a life changing conversation intimidate you?

Are you willing to consider some new ways that would make recruiting prospect EASIER in social media?

In our research, which has been going on since 2006 in social media, we have found many things that actually are quite surprising and interesting. There are folks that have recruited thousands off social media and then there are those that cannot recruit themselves for some reason.

We started looking at WHY these social media maniacs were recruiting so may people and found out that there were a few things that they were doing that others were not doing. And they knew that most were NOT doing it!

So we had to answer a question: What if it worked with anyone if they just learned it and mastered it? Well…that is what happened. There were some folks that we taught this “Framing”  of the conversation concept to and it worked. Their recruiting started to take off on social media and we wanted to share this with you.

We call it “Framing the Success PICTURE in Advance.”

You must FRAME in the prospects  mind the place that you can take them and are willing to go with them. it is a place that they cannot seem to get their by themselves.

Some folks call it Vision and the BIG PICTURE. Some folks call it a Destination or destiny. In social media, you need to paint with your words a vivid picture in what you can do for a person.

This includes creating a solution to their issues in life they want to change. This is actually the place where you are going to take them with your business and Leadership. Picture pages are the most visited pages in social media. Look at Pinterest, or now Instagram. All images and all the time!

OK. That makes sense to frame something as a picture sense it is the culture of social media. Then using that as a model and measure, let’s create s picture of where you are headed which need to be magnetic and quite  exciting, and what that picture has to offer anyone who will follow you to what could be considered “the promised land” where all their dreams can come true.

Does the picture have any kind of a name or anchor phrase that works? Does the picture you paint of your message move people emotionally or internally? Does it get them full of hope for their life and to where they can see that Success truly IS possible in their life?

Create and frame in their minds what I call a “Picture of Promise,” and then keep that picture in your Social Media Leadership front and center. It could be a skinny person, it could be an exotic vacation, it could be a new car or home, or a stress free life! It could be a host of things but the key is that you need to frame it that this is where you are headed and want to take  a LOT of people with you! It could be a beautiful complexion! The list is endless.

Maria, a great friend of mine, keeps a picture of what a person will look like IF–they learn about and start using her skin care system. She keeps this image FRONT AND CENTER on her social sites. She is not trying to sell anything except a possibility and HOPE. It is a Powerful picture of a Solution that leads to a powerful place of beauty and appealing skin. THAT is what you want!

This is a social media tip on framing your social media conversation for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2013 all rights reserved

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