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MLM Social Media Conversation Tips.

Are you using social media for your home based business prospecting?

Is there a certain social site you like for your network marketing efforts?

Are you on facebook or twitter?

Social Media has been around now since about 2003 with Myspace and Plaxo. Both are still around today. But many people still do not understand how to communicate to their potential prospects in social media.

It is not rocket science.

Do what you know to Do – and master it.

It is much like what you do and say face to face, and if you stick with that general rule, you will find that your communication on social media will be an asset to you and a pleasure with others. It will PULL people towards you out of curiosity, and out of appreciation of your recognizing them.

Too often we have “Agenda Driven” Communication, and this is a huge mistake. You must be focused on the agenda of the prospect- not yours. It does not matter what you want in social media.

It is a “reverse communication” zone.

You reverse your message from being focused on you, to totally being focused on the prospect. It works out better that way.And people will respond to you in a much better and more magnetic fashion.

How do you start a conversation on social media?

Many people are on facebook, pinterest, twitter, and google+ , Instagram, LikedIn and Youtube today. But many still struggle engaging a powerful conversation that MOVES prospects towards you and PULLS them in.

How does that happen?

Here are 4 poweful Conversation Starters that really work in online recruiting in social media and will position you as a true Leader and not just another network marketer:

1.  “Wow. This post / picture is powerful stuff. And I truly appreciate you sharing that with us. Is there a place that I can plug into that you share more info like this?”

This will get anyone’s attention. You are flattering them in a way that they will want to connect with you and from that you can then start adding Value to their life with your posts and images. You can then share them, tweet, them, and pin them so they can see that you are promoting them. Tis will not only get their attention, but also they will appreciate you.

It lets them know you want to connect on a more powerful basis with them and learn from them which anyone will be drawn towards.

2. “I totally agree on what you just said. I have a question: Do you have an ebook or any type of resource that goes into this further?”

Looking to someone as a Resource is a powerful way to Compliment them and get them to start a conversation with you. It is also a great way to create a connection that they will want to stay connected to, versus just on occasion.

You need to become a Success Resource, but also create the conversation with prospects that they are also a resource for many.

3. “This has really made a difference in my thinking. You have a gift that is obvious. I would love to connect with you because you are the type of Leader I would like to share with some folks I know. Can we connect on skype?”

4. “I totally agree with you. This makes so much sense. I also enjoyed your series of videos, as it helped. I would love to interview you for a project that i am doing on Success and Leadership.”

This will gie you a chance to really get to know them in a way that will become more personal, and you can talk to them about Success and Leadership by asking questions. Then you can later ask them for help in locating some “talent” in their city they live for you. They will listen to what you have to say.

These are simple but powerful ways to connect and engage social conversation in social media or your mlm network marketing home based business.

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