MLM Social Media- 3 Prospecting Secrets for LinkedIn Recruiting

MLM Linkedin Recruiting and Prospecting.

Have you ever been on LinkedIn and seen the millions of professionals there for your home business?

Are you currently working LinkedIn for your network marketing business?

How does your plan work on LinkedIn- or do you have one?

There are many great social sites out there, but for the professional and business owner, LinkedIn is the hottest prospecting site for a home business professional to get the word out about you and your products.

I ran across this great post by Jill Konrath, and it was amazing. I really like her style and how she sees things in the social world of business. I would suggest that you take notes and on her blog, she does a lot of videos as well, so you will learn from her as I have. Hey! I teach this stuff and have for 7 years, and still learning from great folks like her.

Here is her post:


3 Ways to Reach New Prospects on LinkedIn.

Link to Original Post.

Did you know that overall, you’re 5X more likely to get a sales call returned if you have a personal connection with someone? To me, that’s an amazing statistic. In a world where people are swamped at work and suffering from information overload, it’s the best way to capture their attention.

So what does that mean you should be doing? In essence, implementing a connection-based strategy to reach new prospects.

Here are three ways you can do that by leveraging your LinkedIn connections:

  1. The first thing you can do, is to check LinkedIn to determine if you know any of the same people. Look at their profile too. You might have gone to the same university or worked at the same company at some point in your career. When you reach out to them, make sure to mention the connection right away. This increases your odds of success by threefold.
  2. An even better approach is to have your mutual connection call your prospect to make an introduction. By doing this, you’re upping your chances of success by a factor of four.
  3. And, the best approach of all? Contacting a personal connection. You’re 11x more likely to get a return call. This means you need to strategically focus on developing relationships with people who are similar to your ideal customers. Go where they are — both on and off-line — and initiate a conversation. Make sure you keep in touch with them too. It’ll be well worth your time.

To sum it up, we’re in the Relationship Age, and who you know matters — a lot.

And that says it all folks- we ARE in a Relationship Marketing Age and we better know and learn how to market our mlm network marketing home business in this age.

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MLM Training- LinkedIn Recruiting Tactics of a # 1 Corporate Recruiter

mlm linkedin recruiting

mlm home business linkedin

MLM Recruiting on LinkedIn.

Do you ever use LinkedIn for your recruiting in your home business?

Have you established yourself on LinkedIn for your mlm business?

What do you know about LinkedIn that would help your business and recruiting in network marketing?

LinkedIn is a GOLD MINE for recruiting and I have had the great pleasure of working with the # 1 Corporate Recruiter for a National Recruiting Firm. And he LOVES Linkedin and recruiting on social media.

And he and I have had a lot of conversations about recruiting on LinkedIn and how his profession and the home business profession are a lot alike-and in some ways- different.

He used LinkedIn daily to recruit and recently he and I sat down and talked over dinner and there were some real revelations regarding LinkedIn recruiting.

I recorded the conversation and then had it transcribed and wanted to share it with you today…

So here is what was said:

Doug  So let’s talk about LinkedIn…..How do you feel about LinkedIn as a social site?

 Scott  “ LinkedIn is one of the most powerful places on the internet. It is unlike any other site out there. There are other good sites that many professionals can hang out, but LinkedIn is in a class all by itself.

 The first time I was on LinkedIn, I realized that this was something potentially that could be a Recruiting Gold Mine. My associates just laughed at me. But they are not laughing at me or kidding me now. They use to call me the “linkboy” as I was so sold on LinkedIn and social media. They were not even remotely interested. It took some time to swing them over to my side of the fence, but they eventually got it and joined me on the social sites.

 I knew that there was something special about LinkedIn. And this was something that had not even been discovered yet by other corporate recruiters. I knew that if I was one of the first ones in, I could dominate.

And that happened about 2009. It really took off and it has been soaring ever since. LinkedIn is driven by one passion with professionals:  TO NETWORK. That is what makes it so special. It is a gold mine for networking with professionals. It is a one of a kind “Social Real Estate” as I call it and I think that anyone in home business should be on it as there are an unlimited number of possibilities on it for recruiting.

 I think that if someone really takes the time to do what you and I have put together for their home business, they will see some dramatic growth over time. It may happen quickly, or it may take others a while but I do believe that it will happen. I have been so fortunate to have had the success that I have had, and anyone can make it happen. But it must be a consistent relentless effort.

D  No one is as relentless as you cowboy.

S  <laughing>  I am pretty committed that is for sure. But come on, you are one to talk. I try and keep up with you!

D  Yeah right. You are the recruiting machine here, not me.

< both laughing>

D What weakness do you see with LinkedIn?

The only inherent weakness I see is that they may not keep up with the demands of the professional. So far they have done very well, and they may continue to do so. But the business world changes rapidly as well as social media. LinkedIn cannot afford to get a slow hand mentality and not stay ahead of the game. Especially with their line up of professionals. They have done a good job so far, and I imagine they will continue to do so. I also think that they could possibly add a function for webinars that would be awesome and I have submitted a request for that. We will see what happens.

D What is your favorite tool for recruiting on LinkedIn?

I LOVE the events tool. I attend a lot of events to meet and greet. That is how I have met some of my best candidates. Yes we do get leads from monster, as well as other job sites, but finding that golden treasure of a recruit just by meeting them, is so great. I look at the events in my area as well as the industry that I am recruiting for. If I can attend an event that is not in my area to network, I
often will. It is well worth the cost.

 But I have what I call the “Rule of the Local Event:” If I am living, I will be there. It is that important to me. I have met folks on LinkedIn and then met them locally and it has been amazing how many candidates that I have place with that one – two punch. I feel that if a home business owner can attend as many local events as possible and follow the  secrets you share in LinkedIn  Recruiting University,  they will recruit a lot of people into their team. The events search tool is something I am constantly using for my business, and has proven to be a great lead source. And I do mean great. And it is especially great if that event I need to be at is local and I can make it.

 I send the attendees a note saying I am going to be there, and would like to connect with them and talk marketing. And more often then not, I meet the people, connect with them, and get referrals from them usually first off, and some eventually ask me to help them to find a new position or career.”

D  What is your secret to your Success on linkedIn?

Oh that is simple. I understand the Psychology of LinkedIn. It is not that hard to nail down. One word describes the culture, belief, philosophy, and process of LinkedIn:


 That is all that you need to know to create major success in recruiting in LinkedIn. You must be professional in every aspect of your presence and actions on LinkedIn. That includes your inmails, posting, articles, comments, invites, group communication, answers or replies, and any other action you take. If you do not brand yourself as a Professional with LinkedIn, then no one will take you seriously.

 I have seen some people get on LinkedIn and be less than professional, and be aggressive in the groups and events recruiting, and they were literally banned from the group.

 To be branded as a professional, you need to do three things:

 1. You need to GIVE more than you take.

Create messages that will teach and transform and knowing that you will get nothing from it. I have helped lot of folks in their job search that I never met through the articles and posts that I have done in the recruiting groups and events.

2. You need to pass along the good information.

Be seen as a great resource. This alone will brand you as a professional.

 3. Take the time to get to KNOW people, not just broadcast to them your latest tweet or article.

 I try and take the time to create a connection that will grow into a possible
referral down the road, or even that person asking me to transition them into
another career or position.

D.  If there was ONE Secret to your LinkedIn success as a recruiter, what would it be?

S  Hmmmmmmm……good question. Let me think here. I believe if there was one thing that has really made a difference in my LinkedIn success, it would be visibility across the spectrum of LinkedIn. I join groups, I write articles and record videos, I attend local and virtual events, I comment. I do all the things that are going to keep me visible daily to my network.

 The reason I am such a fanatic about that is because I want them to think of me when they one day decide they need a recruiter to help them find a job. I want them to think that I am one of the best as I am so often seen on social sites. And that perception will come from people seeing me all the time giving, contributing, and making a difference in the life of folks that are looking for some help in their job pursuit.

D  Any last words on this subject?

Yes, Constantly be adding new connections. Daily. Accept every connection request and always be asking people to connect with you on LinkedIn on other social sites. This alone will make a huge difference in the number of  connections you have.

LinkedIn is a powerful site and recruiting gold mine for your mlm network marketing home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Social Media- Maximizing Your LinkedIn Recruiting and Visibility

MLM LinkedIn Secrets to Recruiting.

Do you use linkedIn for recruiting in your network marketing business?

Are you working LinkedIn for prospecting for your home business?

Do you have a profile on LinkedIn for your mlm business or personal?

LinkedIn is a kick butt social media site for professionals that I am sure that you have heard about as it has been around for about 7 years. It has one of the greatest collections of business professionals on the planet and the average in come is well over 110K a year.

It is a recruiting gold mine for you and you may not even be aware of it.

We came out about 8 months ago with a training product, LinkedIn Recruiting Secrets, and it will rock your world, as it teaches you step by step how to recruit on LinkedIn for a home business.

If you have not seen it, check it out.

Many people wonder how to optimize and maximize your LinkedIn account and there are many ways to do it. But there are some secrets that will really help you in your LinkedIn efforts.

Here are 15 quick tips on maximizing your LinkedIn recruiting efforts starting with your account:

1. Create or update your LinkedIn profile with a goal of most accurately
describing what you do while at the same time providing value to your audience. Help them be able to quickly view your profile and know how you can help them.

2. Personalize your LinkedIn url.

3. Add a video to your LinkedIn profile that introduces you, your services and how you can help your audience.

4. Add your Twitter handle to your LinkedIn profile.

5. Add the Twitter follow me button to your LinkedIn profile.

6. Add a link to your website or blog to your LinkedIn profile.

7. Add a link to your Facebook or other social network profile.

8. Create a LinkedIn group for your business.

9. Create a LinkedIn company page for your business.

10. Add a list of services you offer on your company business page.

11. Create a relevant group for your industry or niche.

12. Answer questions asked by other members in the LinkedIn Q&A section.

13. Ask relevant questions in the LinkedIn Q&A section.

14.  Educate yourself on the newly released LinkedIn advanced search

15. Learn how to follow companies. Follow your favorite companies as well your
competitors. You can set notifications for LinkedIn to notify you when people
join, depart company etc.

These arre powerful tips that will help you with your LinkedIn social media account for your home business. I would suggest that you take a hard look at your profile and LinkedIn efforts and start cranking up your recruiting efforts with your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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LinkedIn MLM -How One Change in Madelyn’s Profile Brought 9 New Recruits?

mlm linkedin

home business linkedin recruiting

Doug Training
Your personal Home Business Success on LinkedInoften can be elusive if you are not doing the right things. Often when prospecting, you do not realize that other people actually are looking at your LinkedIn profile and considering doing business with you.

It happens daily. And it happens to a Private Client of mines.

Her name is Madelyn.

She lives in Tampa. And she was having a challenge with Lnkedin as she did not know what to do with her talents, education, and profile. She had created a linkedIn profile but left it there.

She was told: “Build It and they will COME!”

Errrrr…not really. You must be VISIBLE on LinkedIn to be seen.

She emailed me asking a question as she had been on some FireCalls on monday night. I eventually got the email and called her as she was asking about becoming a Private Client. She was very bubbly and energetic. We agreed to work together and started the journey.

I suggested on her social sites that she make some changes, especially on her LinkedIn profile. She was not where they needed to be. She made ONE SMALL CHANGE and people started contacting her about her skin care products on LinkedIn.

And she used the LinkedIn 4 step recruiting process. And the next thing you know- she got her FIRST RECRUIT from LinkedIn!

By the way- THREE DAYS LEFT until the LinkedIN Recruiting 101 webinar! September 22! And if you are reading this after the fact, there is a Replay available Discover from the # 1 Coroporate Recruiter in the Nation for a Recruitment firm his secrets to recruiting on LinkedIn! They have been especially adapted for home business!

Clike Here to Learn more about it!

How did Madelyn recruit 9 people in a single week on LinkedIn? (She did that the last week in August 2011.)


She resarched the keywords that people were looking for, concerning her product line benefits, and then created what we call a “Magnetic Profile.” She started PULLING people into her profile and converting them. And she does that almost weekly today.

She followed the Magnetic Formula for her Profile Keyword mix, and then created the EXACT Profile she was told to. She started getting contacted about helping professional women answer their skin QUESTIONS on LinkedIn as well as educating them. She even got some conference call offers to speak to wonen about skincare.

Her business started to increase – a lot.

The keyword formula is simple. But it MUST BE EXACT.

It is 10%-7%-5%  keyword mix – and in that order.

This will come very close to maximizng your profile’s search power the LinkediN search tool seems to like. And you will be seen on LinkedIn as a “Go To” Profressional that LinkedIn loves and promotes on their search tool

And YOU can have that happen to if you just use the Magnetic Formula for keywords and search terms. You will learn the secrets of creating a profile that PULLS people toward you at the LinkedIn Recruiting 101 webinsr.

BECOME HIGHLY VISIBLE on LinkedIN with your home based ml.m business and products!

BECOME a RECRUITING MAGNET on LinkedIn with your business!

Experience the results that  Madelyn did and others have! Put your business on auto pilot with LinkedIn!

Then you will find that you too will be recruiting 9 people in ONE WEEK with LiinkedIn for your MLM Home Based business!

blessngs……doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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LinkedIn MLM Recruiting- One Little Secret No One Knows About

linkedin mlm recuriting

linkedin recruiting home business


Home business mlm training for the most part if you are marketing online, is focused on “funnel marketing” and the like. I believe that can be a powerful way to market, but the attrition is unbelievable when it comes to keeping people on your team.

Christopher Dittemore, an internet marketer and network marketer says that the problem often when you use only a “funnel” system is the number on team members you lose can be enormous.

That is why we focus a lot on social networking, as our Private Clients are having great success with LinkedIn. Yes they are using funnel marketing as well as traditional methods. But we are finding that LinkedIn is an incrdible site for recruiting people who are looking for 2 things:

1. To network with others.

2. To take their career and life to a better place.

You can PULL these people towards you by giving away something FREE.

How would you like to know a little secret that hardly anyone knows that will allow you to us ANCHOR TEXT in your profile and create a live link to a free report or ebook?

How would THAT work for your hme business?

How would that happen?

I will tell you in a minute, but I want to ask you to check out a webinar that we are doing on September 22 (or you may  be reading this after the fact and you can still check it out as there is a replay of it) called LinkedIn Recruiting 101.

It is a Powerful webinar with the secrets of a #1 Corporate Recruiter in the  nation for a recruitment firm. He shares his secrets then we applied them to the network marketing profession. This webinar will ROCK YOU BUSINESS.

Check out LinkedIn Recruiting Secrets!

So how would you put an anchor link (three are allowed) that offers something free?

1.Go to the “edit” section on your profile for websites. It is under your “Connections” link.

2. Click on “edit” for the first link. This will take you to the edit link page. In the drop down box next to “websites” you will find it lets you put a link in for Personal, Company, Blog, Rss feed, etc.

3. Click “other.”

4. A new box appears to the right of it that allows you to put text in the box instead of the word “blog” showing or “RSS” showing. Put in something that would cause a prospect to click on it.

“FREE ebook on recruiting- 101 secrets!” Or what you feel would work.

Then go to the next link below it and repeat.

Then go to the next link below it and repeat it again.

This will allow you to have anchor text show up on your LinkedIn profile with a LIVE link and a compelling offer to take them to a page to possibly get them to opt in.

This little known secret is quite “ninja” and I believe will explode your potential lead capturing from LinkedIn.

Like this little secret? This is the type of LinkedIn training you will get in “LinkedIn Recruiting 101.”

Our Private Clients are CRUSHING IT with LinkedIn.

They are recruiting like crazy. You can too!  Just join us September 22 at 8 pm EST for the LinkedIN Recruiting Secrets 101 webinar. If you missed it, you still can get it! Just check out the link and see how you can become a recruiting magnet on LinkedIn.

It will teach ou how to recruit on LinkedIn Powerful professionals for your home based business.

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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MLM LinkedIn Recruiting- She Enrolled 5 Professionals -LAST WEEK – HOW?

linkedinin recruiting mlm home business

mlm linkedin recruiting home business


Many times in the MLM Home business profession you receive some interesting news that stirs you up.

This was the case for today.

I was talking with one of our Private Clients, and we were planning her schedule next week, and she dropped this bomb on me:

She had enrolled this past week FIVE LinkedIn Professionals and was excited. She works with a large nutrition company and her Success was quite unexpected, as she admitted. She felt that once she pulled the trigger on the secrets she learned about LinkedIn she would probably start seeing some results in a couple of months.

Not a couple of weeks.

But that happened in her network marketingbusiness. She enrolled 5 Professionals on LinkedIn in ONE WEEK and all she did was do what she had learned.

One of the things that she has mastered is the “Recruiting Blitz Webinar.”

 This is a particular type of webinar that not only is very professional- but very short. She can say in 10 minutes what most say in 45 minutes. And that is what professionals DEMAND:

Short and sweet.

A Recruiting Blitz Webinar is a special tool that has built many a home business team we have taught. But for LinkedIn, it is a monster. It is something that when done correctly, can set you apart form everyone else. It is NOT just a video that someone has done that your prospect sees.

No- a Recruiting Blitz Webinar is more personal and private. And it addresses much of the issues with professionals time schedules. And when you learn to do it right- you can literally recruit AT WILL.

The secret to a Social Recruiting Blitz Webinar is to say it in a way that the prospect or candidate gets the picture quickly and knows they can duplicate that system. It does not take a lot of time, and it does not take a lot of your prospect’s attention as well as time.

You can literally recruit someone in social media and on LinkedIN in 24 hours.

You read that right. 24 hours.

And our Private Clients are doing it. You can too as it is powerful and magnetic to the mlm home business prospect.

How does it work?

It starts by getting a fr-ee webinar account at:

And then mastering this simple but powerful webinar software. Then you need to create your “Blitz Presentation” that will PULL people towards you like a magnet.

How does that happen?

That is what the LinkedIn Recruiting 101 webinar is about if you would like to learn. You can attend it Thursday September 22, and ir starts at 8 pm EST and goes to 11 pm.

You will receive 3 insane  BONUSES as well – and if you do not attend- then your loss. It is an absolutely amazing webinar put together with me  by a #1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation for a national recruitment firm. He has adapted his secrets to the Home business profession.

and oh….by the way- price goes up tonight at MIDNIGHT.

So if you want a flood of Professional Leads that you cannot keep up with (GREAT problem to have) then REGISTER NOW to the LinkedIn Recruiting Secrets 101 webinar for your MLM Home Business in network marketing.

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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MLM Recruiting LinkedIn-3 Un-Breakable Rules of Recruiting on LinkedIn


mlm linkedin recruiting home business

mlm linkedin home business recruiting


In any MLM or Home Business using LinkedIn, there are many powerful secrets that can be discovered for sponsoring great candidates for your home based business. LinkedIn is a GOLD MINE of Professionals and ALL are looking to Network in some form.

 A #1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation for a recruitment company, who is a friend of mine, has 7 Rules that he adheres to that has allowed him to recruit more candidates in a year for his company through LinkedIn than the next 3 recruiters in his firm combined.

 He discovered social media in 2005 and has been a master at it, it seems, from day one. His “Rules” he uses for recruiting are powerful and has allowed him to even require $750.00 an hour for consulting and people and companies pay him gladly.

 These Rules are what he calls the “The 7 Un-Breakables” in his recruiting business and he does NOT break them for any reason.

 He has helped me put a webinar together which we will be doing on September 22, at 8 pm EST. It is called “LinekdIn Recruiting Secrets 101” and is a 3 hour webinar PACKED with how to become a Master Recruiter on LinkediIn with MORE additional videos in the Replay Room after the webinar as well. I would advise you to check it out LEARN for a master recruiter who has adapted his trainings especially for the home based business profession!

 Here are 3 of the Rules that Scott (my buddy) say that are Un-Breakable concerning LinkiedIn Recruiting:

  1. The Rule of ATTACK.

 NEVER attack people with your offer of placement or business. So may people do on Linkedin. People do NOT want to feel like they are being pressured or USED for their contacts or their desire to network. But many network marketers make the prospect FEEL that they have an agenda and only that agenda matters:

 To Recruit the Prospect.

 Attacking someone is when you immediately start talking about your offer before you even get to know the person and see if they are who you think they would be a good fit for your business or a good candidate.

 Scoot says, “Give them some breathing room and let them come to you. I have always connected with people, but then keep what I call ‘Distantly Close’ and when they showed signs of moving towards me, I moved towards them more. Yes, I told them I was interested in talking, but keep a little distance to see how they respond.”

 Never attack your prospect. CONNECT and then start constructing abridgeofTRUSTthrough your LinkedIn conversations and also taking it offline. Talk about what THEY DO for a living and let them ask you more about what you do. Send them a link for a free marketing ebook or video to add value to their business and to their job and life. Add Value from the very beginning with little known  information and then you can follow up asking if they like the gift. You will be amazed at how this works.

  3. The Rule of the LOCAL NETWORK.

 On Linkedin, there is a local network you belong to. I belong to the Greater Detroit network with over 30,000 professionals on LinkedIn.

 Scott says that alone is a GAME CHANGER as you can meet them face to face and personally get to know them. Candidates are easier to recruit if you connect with them face to face and they see you are REAL.

 PLUS you have that in common with them- you are a “neighbor” and can immediately talk about that fact. Talk about the local sports scene or upcoming events that you plan to attend, or anything that pertains to the local area.

 The more LOCAL FEEL you have to your conversations the more comfortable the prospect will be and want to meet you.

 All you need to do is communicate with them about their profile and tell them you are in their network and would love to invite them to a social meetup or even just meet them at starbucks.. tell them this:

 “I am looking to meet and network with professionals in our local area as I am learning so much from them about local business. Would you like to meet up and grab lunch or a tea?”

 Scott obviously talks to them about their future plans and placement options for a better job. You can talk to them about possible “Cash Flow Options” or “Revenue Ideas” that gives them life options for their future they may not currently have.

 Find out what network you are in and start looking for prospects to link to and then possibly meet up locally.

 3. The Rule of OPENING.

 Scott discovered they people on LinkedIn HATED to feel like they were being CLOSED on a deal or sale. They preferred to feel like they were being OPENED.

 Scott always pointed to the fact that a new job was an “Opening” to a whole new future and destiny. He was always focused on talking about how this would open future doors, open possibilities, open new connections, open new windows of networking.

 If you come across too strong in the “closing” part you will lose these professionals. Here is how Scott always “opened their minds and eyes:”

 “And what this will offer you is it will open up doors that you could never knock on and open up a whole new direction in your life that will give you more money, more security and more options in the future you do not have now. Isn’t your family worth that kind of security and door opening in your life?’

 LInkedIn is NOT about attacking, ambushing, pressure, or closing.

 It is a about Constructing Relationships that will lead to doors being opened with new contacts and also new business and REFERRALS for you. Follow these simple Rules and see if your business does not dramatically improve on Linkedin for your MLM Home business.

 These are 3 of the 7 Rules that Scott follows concerning his recruiting on LinkedIn.

 We will be covering the other 5 Rules in the LinkedIn Recruiting Webinar next Thursday, September 22 at 8 pm!  Check it out and REGISTER:

  Take your business up to a whole NEW Level on LinkedIn with the LInkedIN Recruiting Secrets 101 webinsr! The price is going up this weekend! So LOCK YOUR SPOT in this powerful content rich LinkedIn webinar featuring the #1 Recruiter in the NATION for a recruitment firm’s Secrets to recruiting on LinkedIn.

It will empower your home business with ENDLESS Professional LEADS for your mlm efforts in home business.

Social Network Marketing Secrets – READ THIS!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

Recruiting Training on STEROIDS- and all the ideas are FREE

MLM Recruiting LInkedIn- How I Average 2 Linkedin Prospects a Day Contacting Me


linkedin recruitng mlm

linkedin recruiting secrets


LInkedIn Recruiting for home business is one of the most powerful ways to create an endless flow of HIGH QUALITY leads for your business.

 You only need ONE High Quality Lead for every 50 leads anywhere else! They are GOLD for your home based  business and income.



CREAM of the CROP.


And ALL are looking to NETWORK.

 How would You like a steady flow of High Quality Leads contacting you daily asking about your business and products?

 I average anywhere between 1 to 3 High Quality leads a day- CONTACTING ME for information on what I do and if I can help them.

 That is what is on LinkedIn folks- High Quality Leads and prospects! And if you know how, you can get more leads and business from LinkedIn then you can handle. You read that right.

 Just last night, I had someone email me about the possibilities speaking at a seasonal event in December. Then they mentioned about discussing possibly speaking  next June at a National Conference. They got my information on LinkedIn.

 What would that be worth to you HONESTLY if you had anywhere between 30 and 90 HIGH QUALITY leads EVERY MONTH for your home business and MLM?

 I think you would agree it would help dramatically.

Yes, you need other social sites as well, but there is NO BETTER PLACE for High Quality Leads then LinkedIn.

 How does this happen on LinkedIn for me? And how can it happen for YOU?

 There are what we call “The 3 V’s” of LinkedIn that you must be and practice which will set you above most people, and set you up for those kinds of High Quality leads seeking you out.


 You MUST be Visible on LinkedIn in many areas. You must understand the culture of LinkedIn – NETWORKING. And if you create a Visibility that people see you a LOT and learn that you are a “GO TO” person in your field, you will get a TON of leads on LinkedIn.

 Here is an Inmail I recently received:

 “Doug, I see that you are a consultant in the home business profession. I am a VP of Field Development for  <      >    I was wondering what your services include and do you do Social Media Workshops for Party Plan companies? Please let me know. I am interested in talking with you if you do.”

 Maria S.

 This is just one example of the High Quality leads that are possible for you if you are VISIBLE with your LinkedIn Profile and also networking.


 Being Visible is important, but being seen as Valuable is IMPERATIVE.

 High Quality Leads are looking for High Quality Answer and Solutions on LinkedIn. And you have a GREAT opportunity to create a Valuable Presence in your niche or profession with your words, connections, contribution, and presence on LinkedIn.

 Valuable to prospects is to be seen as AN AUTHORITY and also a Solution resource for the challenges that your prospects have and your products solve. If you are daily seen as an Expert and Professional, people will SEEK YOU OUT as they do our company.

 Become Valuable to people with SOLUTIONS, ANSWERS, INFORMATION, and FRIENDSHIP..


 Prospects must see you as VIABLE. This means that you will be in business NEXT YEAR and the following year. That is what a High Quality lead is looking for- to build a possible Relationship. Yes, they are looking for answers, but also Long term connections.

 You must be seen as a Viable Resource for information and solutions that can HELP MOVE PEOPLE BEYOND where they are. That is what your products, business, and expertise does. And if you are seen as Viable and Serious about your profession, people will SEEK YOU OUT.

 There are many secrets to becoming Visible, Valuable, and Viable that result in daily High Quality Leads seeking you out. And these prospects have the money to solve their problems as well. That is NOT an issue on LinkedIn.

 If you would like to take your business to a higher level and actually experience what I am blessed to everyday – with high Quality Leads contacting me for possible business-then I would suggest attending the “LinkedIn Recruiting Secrets 101” webinar Next Thursday September 22 at 8 PM est.

 Could you use 1 to 3 people contacting you DAILY asking about your business? Happens to my Private Clients daily as well as myself.

 A # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation for a Recruitment firm has helped me put this together, and it is incredibly powerful stuff.

 And the PRICE GOES UP THIS WEEKEND folks- so DO NOT DELAY. There are ONLY 250 seats and once they are gone- they are gone. And even if you register after the fact for the replay of the webinar- you will not receive the insane bonuses that you will get if you register NOW.

 Learn how to PULL High Quality Leads daily to contact you like I have been blessed to do- with the LinkedIn Recruiting Secrets 101 webinar.

 It will change your business and lead generation! Again, tuition is going up THIS WEEKEND.

 You CANNOT AFFORD NOT to attend for it will transform your home business!


blessings…doug frebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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