MLM Training- 8 Powerful EYEBALL PULLING Landing Page Headlines

mlm network marketing landing pages

mlm home business landing pages

MLM Landing Pages Tips.

Do you use landing pages in your efforts for your home business?

How do you use funnel marketing for your mlm business?

What should a landing page say to get your prospect’s attention for your network marketing business?

What IS a landing page in your home business online efforts?

A landing page is an online “greeting page” that GETS YOUR ATTENTION and motivates you to take action like opting in to get a FREE report or watching a video. A Landing page is to GET A MESSAGE ACROSS and to catalyze ACTION by the prospect.

There are many ways to create a good landing page- but it ALL starts with a MAGNETIC headline that PULLS THE EYEBALLS into reading it and then- MOVING the prospect to take action.

There ae three things that can move the prospect to take action:

1. Fear of Loss.

This is a powerful emotion that MOVES the prospect to take action as they do not want to lose out.

2. Hope of Revelation.

This is the hope that something will be revealed that you have been looking for-a solution or answer or little known fact.

3.  Triggers a Desire for INCREASE.

This is where a person hits your landing page, and the message triggers something on the inside to GET MORE, DO MORE, and INCREASE a part of their business or life.

What does a GREAT landing page STARY with?

A HOT and EYEBALL PULLING headline that draws the prospect into reading MORE. I have done more than 500 landing pages and all the copy is focused on one thing:


Here are some killer….

Landing Page Headlines.

Marketing online in the Cold Market with landing and squeeze pages is popular and powerful. They are the “doorway” to getting the prospect to move into your message and funnel.

But you MUST get their attention FIRST.

If you do NOT, you will not build a Cold Market list.

Here are some Eyeball Pulling headlines that have proven to WORK.

 1. “There is a Reason why Most People will Not <lose weight/have great skin/spend too much on travel/etc.> And most do NOT know this reason. Click here for a FREE Report/Video/ebook.”

 2. “”Isn’t It Time that you learned how to actually SUCCEED in your home business beyond all the hype and promises? Get the TRUTH and discover HOW to Accelerate your Success NOW.”

 3. “Lose 10 Lbs in 10 Days? If you READ THIS you WILL.”

 4. “10 Ways to Beautiful skin that NO ONE will Tell You- Guaranteed.”

 5.Why have over 10,000 people DOWNLOADED this Video? The Home business/skin care/weight loss/travel/energy/work out –Secrets in the Video WORK Amazingly. Download NOW!

 6. ‘Which Recruiting field is for YOU? Online or offline? How would you like to work BOTH and CRUSH IT? Free Mastery Guide on HOW!”

 7. “FREE 15 Minute Success Consultation for your Home business! We will look at it and give you business transforming tips that will help you Accelerate your Success. Just fill out this form!”

8 “Forget ALL You have learned in Sponsoring! This closely held Video will be a GAME CHANGER and will help ACCELERATE your Success NOW!  And it
is FREE! Fill out the form for access.”

These are some powerful landing page headlines that have proven to work for mlm network marketing home business professionals.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- Website and Blog Building Success Tips

mlm home business websites

mlm network marketing sites

MLM Website and Blog Tips.

Are you using your own website for your home business?

Are you recruiting through landing pages for your network marketing business?

What is your plan for a website or blog for your mlm efforts?

Developing Your Own Web Site, Social Media Pages, or Blog

 If you are going to market online, you need to have your own place that people can come
to learn about you, and learn about who you are. Your Network Marketing web site is one avenue, and if you are an affiliate for a product,  your affiliate landing pages is another. But you really need YOUR OWN site in order to brand you and also to focus on your home based business.

There are 3 ways that you can do this:

1) Your own web site that you develop.

This can be quite complicated, but below in this post is a powerful solution if you want a great website design. If you are looking for the best Web developer then click here to know more.

 2) Your own social media web pages and ecommerce stores.

You must have some way to create the “store” experience. There are many options and we recomend paypal as a great source to take money.

 3) Your own blog that you maintain.

We recommend you get a Blogger account or a account.

All 3 options are good, but we recommend # 2 and 3 as they are easier and simpler to
create and maintain.

You are given micro sites and landing pages as an affiliate partner, but some folks like their own website done by them. That is fine, but many do not know how to do that, I recommend you to head to the Windhill Design site to learn more about this.

If you want to create your own website, then there are some sites that can help you do
that. Here is the one that we find very user friendly:

Website Wizard

Check it out and it is very user friendly for building a simple website for you and your
network marketing business. Make sure that you get one of the “pay for” packages as it will make all the difference in the world to your ease of business.

Here are some suggestions for your personal website if you choose to go that route:

 Domain registration and web hosting.

First you will have to choose a domain name to register and then arrange for web site
hosting. We recommned either Go Daddy or Name Cheap.

We have found 5 Keys to choosing the right domain name.

 1) Make it some kind of a “dot com” or one of the new “.co”

2) Make it relevant to what you want to brand.

3) Make it memorable and FEELS right.

4) NO Hyphens or long names.

5) Make it easy to spell so people do not get confused.

 Choosing a web host.

A web host is a service that stores, and hosts, your web site pages on its servers so others on the web can access your material.  Choosing a managed wordpress hosting service is usually the most confusing thing an affiliate or webmaster has to do when setting up a web new site.

There are many cool website hosting places including Blue Host but here is what we recommend  to simplify if you are not much of a web design person:

Web Starts

These are some mlm business building tips if you plan on recruiting online with your mlm network marketing home based business.

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MLM Online Recruiting- How to Recruit Local Craigslist Prospects

home business mlm online craigslist recruiting

home business mlm craigslist


Are you aware for your home business mlm that there are over 5 million people at any given time on Craigslist?

What would you do if you had 15-20 leads everyday for your network marketing business from craigslist- FREE?

There are millions of people that are trying to sell something they own, and in today’s economy, it grows daily. They are looking for connections via Craigslist.

Craigslist is one of those “hidden gems” in mlm online recruiting that many people seem to ignore. and if you understand how it works, and how you can prospect with it, it could explode your local mlm business and national.

MLM online recruiting and lead generation is a KEY element if you are going to have a successful home business using online lead generation. Craigslist is a perfect fit for any online lead generation success blueprint.

Craigslist is known for the ADS that it has, and these online classifieds are powerful tools to get your message out. But one of the most powerful tools it can be is a contact source for people SELLING things. People are selling their possessions to get more money.


Millions of people online selling things- to GET MORE MONEY.

THAT could be a perfect prospect for home business conversation thayt would show them how to catalyze more income coming to them via your home business.

What would that do for your MLM business?

It would rock your world potentially. And it would also help a lot of folks that NEED some additional funds and income.

How would you approach the person that ran the classified ad?


“I see that you are selling your car on Craigslist. If you do not mind me asking, I was wondering what was the reason?                 <  reason>   Well maybe I can help you in a way that selling your car never could. Would making 50.00 an hour make a difference? Let me take a second and share an idea with you that has really helped me get through some tough times financially…”

This is what we have taught our Private Clients to do, and they have met with some amazing people over the last 3 years. They have not only helped a LOT of folks that needed some additonal income, but also helped to reignite their  dreams as well.

What are you waiting on?

Start checking Craigslist on your local area, and start connecting with people and see how you can help them with your Home business mlm!

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Social Media and Network Marketing combined for Endless leads?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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How do you get 10 lead a day via Mobile Recruiting?

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MLM Training Tips- 3 Quick Online Recruiting MLM Training Tips

mlm online recruiting

mlm online recruiting

Have you ever considered online recruiting or online marketing for your home business in MLM?

Have you ever wished you could find MORE leads that want to talk to you that you DO NOT CHASE?

For the last 2 years, our Private Clients have been CRUSHING IT with online recruiting.

They have had not only outrageous results in some many instances, but have picked up hundreds of new leads A DAY- FREE. There leads cost them nothing and the leads came to them.

Sound crazy? It is TRUE.

There is enormous traffic on the interet. And the traffic all are looking for the same thing. And your job is to let these people know you EXIST and want to connect with them.

At any given time, there are MILLIONS of prospects looking for something that you have:


You just must be what I call “The Three V’s of Online Recruiting.” And if you are these 3 V’s you will start to see like our Private Clients have, a major increase in leads that want to talk to YOU.

But you MUST be the Three V’s. What are they in MLM online recruiting?


You make yourself  VISIBLE via social networking comments and conversation, writing articles and blog posts, putting up videos on youtube and other channels, doing podcasts and syndicating them, doing webinars online that instruct, writing ebooks and reports, learning online marketing and recruiting tactics.

There are MILLIONS looking for you. But YOU must get in front of them and get their ATTENTION. That is ahy you must be the NEXT V.


The online trafffic that is looking for something must not only take a quick look at what your message, but also SEE VALUE in your message. It does NO GOOD at all to have a GREAT message and be Visible, if your message is not going to PULL THEM IN.

Valuable means different thngs to different people. But for online traffic it is a message that will help them enhance, enlarge, empower, elevate, and incease their life and lifestyle in some way. That is why you MUST have GREAT UNIQUE CONTENT that the lookers can see you know what you are talking about and are VALUABLE enough to consider as a CONNECTION for their life.


The online traffic is looking for Viability. Something THAT WILL WORK and WORK NOW. We live in a microwave society and people want everything NOW. You must show them that you are a Viable Resource and Messenger that can help them achieve their goals and dreams as well as solve the problems that they are looking to SOLVE.




If you embrace thee three concepts in your MLM Home Business, you will start to se not only a tremendous surge in leads, but also Success in your mlm network marketing business.

Get a FREE Social Recruiting ebook on How to Recruit with social media!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Learn how to become a Recruiting Machine on LinkedIn!

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MLM Training- 2 Reasons Why Your Online Marketing will Fail

mlm online recruiting for home business

online mlm recruiting for network marketing

Is your online recruiting and marketing working like you want it to?

Are you recruiting the numbers that others say they are?  (Check for exaggeration folks.)

What do you think your challenge is if you are not getting the results?

Online marketing and recruiting is one of the most powerful and hugely effective ways to recruit and market today.

Many struggle at it though and there are reasons why. I was talking with Sheila today, she is with a home business company, and she has been marketing online. She said that she was really struggling and did not know what she was doing wrong.

I have been marketing online for 11 years, and have learned a few things along the way. So I asked her some of the typical questions about her funnel, her upsell, her communication within her pages, keywords, and the rest.

Then I asked her another question that seemed to leave her speechless:

Have you automated your home business?

She was clueless as far as that went. She had no idea of what I was talking about.

From that conversation I have come to the conclusion that there are 2 reasons why many home business marketers fail marketing online:

1.  Lack of Automation.

This is amazing. You can put your business on automatic pilot getting backlinks, visitors, comments, pings, and the like. All you have to do is understand these tools are available.

I would recommend one tool right off the bat:

This is a great tool for getting your work syndicated. I use it and it is great.

2. Lack of PASSION.

Online marketing REQUIRES Passion for marketing online. The only difference between those that CRUSH IT out of the park, and those that do NOT- is Passion.

I have listened to so many webinars and so many podcasts and interviews and read so many blogs on online marketing. I have spent thousands of dollars learning it. But the one thing that seems to distinguish the successful for  the not so successful is:


Crank it up. If you are going to recruit online, you MUST be Automated and MUST BE PASSIONATE about helping people online.

If you adjust these 2 things in your business, do not be surprised if your online marketing and recruiting starts to explode in your mlm home business.

LinkedIn Recruiting Training- do you know these secrets?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Recruiting LInkedIn- How I Average 2 Linkedin Prospects a Day Contacting Me


linkedin recruitng mlm

linkedin recruiting secrets


LInkedIn Recruiting for home business is one of the most powerful ways to create an endless flow of HIGH QUALITY leads for your business.

 You only need ONE High Quality Lead for every 50 leads anywhere else! They are GOLD for your home based  business and income.



CREAM of the CROP.


And ALL are looking to NETWORK.

 How would You like a steady flow of High Quality Leads contacting you daily asking about your business and products?

 I average anywhere between 1 to 3 High Quality leads a day- CONTACTING ME for information on what I do and if I can help them.

 That is what is on LinkedIn folks- High Quality Leads and prospects! And if you know how, you can get more leads and business from LinkedIn then you can handle. You read that right.

 Just last night, I had someone email me about the possibilities speaking at a seasonal event in December. Then they mentioned about discussing possibly speaking  next June at a National Conference. They got my information on LinkedIn.

 What would that be worth to you HONESTLY if you had anywhere between 30 and 90 HIGH QUALITY leads EVERY MONTH for your home business and MLM?

 I think you would agree it would help dramatically.

Yes, you need other social sites as well, but there is NO BETTER PLACE for High Quality Leads then LinkedIn.

 How does this happen on LinkedIn for me? And how can it happen for YOU?

 There are what we call “The 3 V’s” of LinkedIn that you must be and practice which will set you above most people, and set you up for those kinds of High Quality leads seeking you out.


 You MUST be Visible on LinkedIn in many areas. You must understand the culture of LinkedIn – NETWORKING. And if you create a Visibility that people see you a LOT and learn that you are a “GO TO” person in your field, you will get a TON of leads on LinkedIn.

 Here is an Inmail I recently received:

 “Doug, I see that you are a consultant in the home business profession. I am a VP of Field Development for  <      >    I was wondering what your services include and do you do Social Media Workshops for Party Plan companies? Please let me know. I am interested in talking with you if you do.”

 Maria S.

 This is just one example of the High Quality leads that are possible for you if you are VISIBLE with your LinkedIn Profile and also networking.


 Being Visible is important, but being seen as Valuable is IMPERATIVE.

 High Quality Leads are looking for High Quality Answer and Solutions on LinkedIn. And you have a GREAT opportunity to create a Valuable Presence in your niche or profession with your words, connections, contribution, and presence on LinkedIn.

 Valuable to prospects is to be seen as AN AUTHORITY and also a Solution resource for the challenges that your prospects have and your products solve. If you are daily seen as an Expert and Professional, people will SEEK YOU OUT as they do our company.

 Become Valuable to people with SOLUTIONS, ANSWERS, INFORMATION, and FRIENDSHIP..


 Prospects must see you as VIABLE. This means that you will be in business NEXT YEAR and the following year. That is what a High Quality lead is looking for- to build a possible Relationship. Yes, they are looking for answers, but also Long term connections.

 You must be seen as a Viable Resource for information and solutions that can HELP MOVE PEOPLE BEYOND where they are. That is what your products, business, and expertise does. And if you are seen as Viable and Serious about your profession, people will SEEK YOU OUT.

 There are many secrets to becoming Visible, Valuable, and Viable that result in daily High Quality Leads seeking you out. And these prospects have the money to solve their problems as well. That is NOT an issue on LinkedIn.

 If you would like to take your business to a higher level and actually experience what I am blessed to everyday – with high Quality Leads contacting me for possible business-then I would suggest attending the “LinkedIn Recruiting Secrets 101” webinar Next Thursday September 22 at 8 PM est.

 Could you use 1 to 3 people contacting you DAILY asking about your business? Happens to my Private Clients daily as well as myself.

 A # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation for a Recruitment firm has helped me put this together, and it is incredibly powerful stuff.

 And the PRICE GOES UP THIS WEEKEND folks- so DO NOT DELAY. There are ONLY 250 seats and once they are gone- they are gone. And even if you register after the fact for the replay of the webinar- you will not receive the insane bonuses that you will get if you register NOW.

 Learn how to PULL High Quality Leads daily to contact you like I have been blessed to do- with the LinkedIn Recruiting Secrets 101 webinar.

 It will change your business and lead generation! Again, tuition is going up THIS WEEKEND.

 You CANNOT AFFORD NOT to attend for it will transform your home business!


blessings…doug frebaugh

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Endless leads on LinkedIn? READ THIS!



Home Business Training- How To Never Get a NO Part 3?

MLM Network Marketing Home Business Training by Doug Firebaugh on How To Never Get a NO part 3

Social Network Marketing -Finding More Leads a Day than most do a Month?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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