MLM Training – The Weakness in “Trying to Control Everything Leadership”

MLM Training on Leadership Control.

Do you try and control everything you do with your home business?

Ate you aware that being a control freak as a leader hurts your network marketing business?

Are you unknowingly practicing this for your work at home mlm?

Leadership is NOT control. It is about Influence and persuasion. It is about being a Catalyst and making things happen. But controlling everything going on is not leadership- it is dictatorship. And it never works to build a direct sales team.

Here is an article from SmartBriefs that will help you see from a Corporate side that you must NOT try and control everything. Yes, you want to hit the ranks that your comp plan has, and hit the top of the plan. But if you control everything in your group, you will find that it hurts you more than helps you do that.

And one of the biggest reasons NOT to try and control everything, is that your Influence will be hurt a LOT with your team and upline.

Here is the article- enjoy!


Why do you care if you do not hit the rank promotion or get the promotion you desire?

The three major impacts to you are:

  1. Financial—you don’t reach your income goals; the top sales officer is typically one of the 3 highest paid people in the company.
  2. Professional—you will be branded as the almost guy; He was almost  the SVP. He almost got the big job. He almost got promoted but timing didn’t work.
  3. Personal—do you want to relocate and change industries in your mid 40’s? If you’re into relocating, New Braunfels cash home buyers will help you. To get started, simply fill out a form at and scroll down to find out more details. Is your wife interested in pulling the kids out of school? The average regional VP of Sales has 2 kids between the ages of 9 and 15; embedded in the community. Never easy.

Why you will lose the role to your internal peer or sideline team member? Lack of Influence

This month, Forbes wrote a compelling article on the importance of great sales leaders. Influence through coaching and developing all people in the organization stood out.

If you lack it, you will fail. You might be saying: “that sounds squishy.”  It isn’t.  You have positional authority; but you do have influential authority greater than your peers?

The higher up you go, the less control you have. The number one reason why Regional guys never become worldwide guys is they lack the ability to influence multiple stakeholders. They spent their careers controlling people. I call them Captain Control. Do you commit any of these 3 sins?

  1. Control People—you constantly are working behind the scenes to ensure all people in your region say the right thing when others are in the room. You don’t like people reaching out to your direct reports without you knowing. More importantly, you are fanatical about knowing what happened. Who said what to whom and when. You are “feared” in your group and you somewhat enjoy the perception that you carry the big stick.
  2. Control Ideas—you don’t like new ideas unless they are yours. You spend time pushing back on change. You resist it. You want your team to “run the playbook” vs. challenge you and conventional wisdom. No idea is a bad idea as long as it is yours.
  3. Control Opinions—you don’t seek transparency. You seek compliance. When you ask people questions, you do it in a manner to check the box. You say you want their opinion but you really don’t. You want their agreement with yours. Malicious obedience.

What is the Alternative? Measure yourself against your key sales team leaders. You may be surprised at how they manage and inspire their teams, not control them.

Link to article:

SalesBrief Article for more reading….

This is another post that will help your leadership in the mlm network marketing home business profession.

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MLM Training- The Biggest Branding MistakeYou Can Make

mlm branding network marketing

mlm home business network marketing

MLM Social Media Branding.

Are you building a brand for your home based business?

Are you focused on the brand and building a great reputation?

What are you doing to build your network marketing brand in the marketplace?

There are many ways today to build a brand. There are many “brand gurus” out there that can train you on the brand building path. And all are good as you need to build your brand for your mlm business.

What are YOU doing to make sure that you are building a brand that will WORK and be remembered in the marketplace?

Here is an article that I recently read from Smartbriefs, and it really is a great article on branding.


“Hey! I think that’s the Toilet Paper guy.”


“You know, that book. That Toilet Paper business book.”

“That guy wrote a book about a toilet paper business?”

“No, no. Well, maybe. I don’t know. But I think he’s the author guy of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.”

“Sounds disgusting.”

“Um, yeah. It kinda does. Let’s go get a beer.”

And with that another potential reader has no idea who I am, has no interest is seeing what else my brand offers and walks away to get a beer or read a book from an author they
recognize or both. I have yet again fallen victim to my own over-branding.

The story first ran in the blog section of the New York Times: How The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Branded Himself Too Well.” It exposed the critical mistake I made. I created an entire platform around “toilet paper,” from my website to social media to my book title to my consulting work and even my televised business makeovers.

The edgy “toilet paper” name was an attention getter, and it captured the initial eyes I needed to launch my newest endeavor as an author and in building my business growth consultancy. But as my offering expand, that attention getter was hard to break from.

As I finished up my most recent entrepreneur book, The Pumpkin Plan, new prospective readers had no idea who I was and past readers of my first book couldn’t make the connection between pumpkins and toilet paper. It was getting clear I had to take the leap branding
now or forever be The Toilet Paper guy.

Branding Yourself Into a Corner

I am a big fan of Tim Ferris. He is the author of the blockbuster book The 4-Hour Workweek.
With all the tremendous and well-deserved success he has had, I still believe
he branded himself (via his books) into the corner. His “4-Hour” term has grown
bigger than his name.

Don’t get me wrong, Tim’s name is big, too. But his “4-Hour” nomenclature is bigger. His next book was The 4-Hour Body. And from the title, it seemed to imply you had to workout 4 hours a day to get the body you want. Of course, that wasn’t what the book shared, but the success
of the “4-Hour” brand forced the unlikely title (I am assuming here).

His newest book? The 4-Hour Chef. I am sure it doesn’t mean you need to spend four hours a day cooking; it is simply a result of his brand. Over-branding for Tim is not a problem, since he hit the brand out of the park on the first try. For me, it is a different story.

Anything I introduced after The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur has been difficult. Prospects would say “What’s this?” and “Who are you?” only recognizing it was something from me
when I told them I was the Toilet Paper guy.

When I saw what Tim was experiencing coupled with the problems I was already having, I knew my TP brand spelled long-term trouble. On the scale of recognizability, The 4 Hour Workweek is about 1 million times more recognizable than The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. And if Tim is stuck with a brand other than his name, there was no way that I would ever be able to break free of mine. There was no way I was going to gain momentum using TP.

The one thing I had going was that no one knew of me. Meaning I still had a chance to re-brand.

Better Branding

When it comes to being an author, or a real estate developer (think Donald Trump), or an expert in any field, there is a distinct advantage of branding around your name: You can use it in association with all your products and no one can steal the brand from you. Trump Towers, Trump Plaza, Trump Ice (that one went belly up), Trump National—it goes on and on.

Recognizing this, two months ago I made the leap to build a brand around my name. I have a particularly large hurdle since my last name, Michalowicz, has about 700 syllables. In case you are wondering, it is pronounced mi-KAL-o-wits.

But there is magic in hard-to-pronounce names. Once you teach it to someone, and they master it, they feel emboldened to correct and teach others. It becomes its own mini-viral campaign.

So there you have it. The jury is still out, now that I am roughly two months
into my brand shift. You can see on my new entrepreneur website  ways that I am incorporating my name (from the audio button on themhomepage to the mouseovers on the interior pages). And while I am surely not a household name, no one is calling my The Pumpkin guy.

Mike Michalowicz is the the CEO of Provendus Group, a consultancy that ignites explosive growth in companies that have plateaued. He is the author of The Pumpkin Plan and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. He also maintains an active blog for entrepreneurs.

This is an article about bad branding that has some great tips on how NOT to brand, and beware of that for your mlm network marketing home business. Pick the RIGHT BRAND for you, and one that will work FOR you, not against you in your home based business.

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MLM Social Media- Recruiting the “Closed” MLM Prospect into Your Business

MLM Social Media Recruiting.

Are You aware of the “Closed” personality you will run up against in social media recruiting for your home based business?

Do you  know the traits and how to identify them for your mlm business?

Would you like to know how to handle them and what to do in your network marketing business?

Leave me alone.

That is the Closed. Unlike the Looker, Open and Sparker, the Closed are not even willing to
look or listen to anything you have.


Several reasons and they all vary:

1.    Happy where they are.

2.   Apathetic.

3.   Little Ambition.

4.   Family Culture.

5.   Misunderstandings about network marketing.

6.  Past experiences.

7.   Not in their DNA.

8.   Too busy.

9.   Too lazy.

 10. Their lifestyle is all they think they will ever have.

 Many people in my profession think that these folks are simply playing hard to get.

They actually are not.

They just do not get it – and refuse to.

They like their life as is, and do not want any change in it. They not only resist the
thought of change, but it sometimes can get angry if you try to push change on them. A change in life may as well be poison to them.

They are closed to any new ideas that include changing their life in any way. This includes career and job placement. And they see themselves pretty much in the same job all their life. They grew up for the most part in that environment and will remain there.

The Motto of the Closed.

The motto  of the Closed is “Tradition is my ONLY Condition.”

They LOVE what has worked in the past as far as income, career, and employment and are welded to that traditional philosophy of life. Non-traditional things in life upset their apple cart and they avoid most of them.

The Paradox.

Interestingly enough, many Closed do enjoy non-traditional technologies- like iphones,
texting, virtual worlds, mobile movies, and social media. It is quite a paradox. Why people who cling to the traditional ways of career and income and refuse to even consider anything new, embrace social media and technology like droid G4 phones.

.It does not really make sense, but it is the way it is.

What can you do with the Closed?

Talk to them about your product. Many times, they will at least
want some free information.

Talk to them about people they know. Often, the Closed will refer prospects to you. They want to get themselves off the hook so they point you in a different direction with a different person.

Talk to them about traditional
. That is their language when it comes to living life. Talk about what they feel comfortable with and possibly lead them to a new idea about a product.

Find out what they do after work.  The Closed do many things after work- all
traditional. Find out what they do and then ask them what they enjoy about it
and try and learn about it from them. That will draw them closer in.

Connect with them on hobbies or beliefs. The Closed many times have traditional hobbies. Find out what their hobby is, and then ask about it and learn about it. It actually is NOT a waste of time talking to these folks about what you do for a living. They may know who you are looking for. Many Closed say, “Oh, you should talk to my brother in law.
He would be interested in something like that.”

 Talk to them about their job and why it is so wonderful. They LOVE talking about what is comfortable and traditional. Many Closed are unhappy with their jobs, but they refuse to change. If they say they do not like their job ask them if they know other people who feel the same way. Get their names and contact information.

A Numnber One Corporate Recruiter Nationwide for a Recruiting Firm says,
“The Closed have proven over time not to be worth pursuing that much for career placement or any kind of change-including income as well. I have talked with hundreds of Closed folks that were highly qualified for a job, had all the right skill sets, experience, and education, and had an amazing job placement for them. But were very content with where they were and were closed to talking.

 They were too busy living their life to ever consider improving their life with a better job or more income. They just like the way their life is. And there is nothing wrong with that. But you must learn to spot them and it is pretty easy to do in social media. We developed a certain process or focus, that when we saw certain words in a person’s profile, or a particular type of photograph on their site, or even the way they comment on blogs or facebook updates, we knew they were Closed and we were rarely wrong.

 There were 7 revealing words and phrases that we learned, that revealed they were probably Closed at looking at any change. It saved us a lot of time, and a lot of headaches. Many recruiters today are wasting their valuable time with people that simply have no interest. I am sure that it is the same way in the home business profession as well.”

This is how you handle and can eventually recruit the “Closed prospect” for your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- 5 Tips on Learning the Business Building Tools

mlm tool kit

mlm network marketing


“It’s the START that STOPS most people!”


Have you ever tried to get a new person off to a fast start in your mlm home husiness?

Did it ever not go so weel/

Have you ever gotten off to a quick start in your home based business and did everything perfect?

I believe that that part of that process is going through the paperwork-online or offline- and  learning the business building tools that are avaialable. That included any online tools as well. You will find more better tools at makersfestival.

How do you get a New Reseller or Leader off to a quick start?

Those new NETWORK MARKETING Resellers that START are the ones who have the chance of becoming STARS!

You MUST Get Started in NETWORK MARKETING. Understand that the people you share your business with WILL MIRROR what you do.

It’s called:

The Rule Of DATP!

 “Duplication Always Takes Place!”

What will they be duplicating?  Will it be a Rapid Pace for Success?  Or will it be a Turtle
Pace for Building?  Either is ok, as each will build your NETWORK MARKETING business.
Whatever you do, odds are, your people will take that as a clue, and do the same thing.

“It is easier to Work this business FAST… than Slow!”

Slow Pace can increase frustration, and procrastination.  Think FAST PACE, to get
your business going.

OK, now you are ready to get your business going!

What is the first thing that has to happen concerning the company tools?

Go over them as well as the paperwork.

 1) The first thing that we need to address is your application.
How does enrollment in NETWORK MARKETING work?  What is the enrollment process from start to completion?  Make sure you understand this process, and are able to teach it simply and thoroughly. If you have any questions, ask your
sponsor or NETWORK MARKETING corporate office.

 2) Next, let’s cover the Order Form, and what decisions need to be made before you or someone you enroll orders.  Understand that wherever you started with your initial investment of Membership or products to get your business started will become a “Silent Standard” for your group. What standard do you want to set?

We recommend that the best place for a new Reseller to start is somewhere between ‘Scared and Nervous.’

That could be $195.00 to one person, could be $495.00+ to another, but either way, it’s got to be an amount that’ll motivate you to get out the door in the morning or at night and share the business and incredible product line.

 3) Go over any other forms and necessary documents (online as well) with your sponsor, and learn how to properly complete them. Make sure you review them ALL! Necessary Forms include your “Contact List” which should include everyone you know well and others you know by association.

 4) Review the company literature, brochures, catalogues, and any marketing tools that are available to you in your Reseller Training System. Become familiar with EACH NETWORK MARKETING brochure and catalogues and its purpose. Then you will know with whom it will be appropriate to share it. Don’t memorize it, but understand its POWER to communicate the NETWORK MARKETING message! You can check ecdel for more about network marketing.

 5) Next, go over any and all CDs, audios, DVDs, conference calls/web casts and other website tools that are available. Learn the NETWORK MARKETING message of each tool, so you’ll be familiar with which ones to use when you retail the product and when you recruit. You need to order adequate supplies of each so you have them in your “Success Tool Kit.” Find out the time and webcast url or conference call number of the next company Recruiting call, and have a guest on it!

Time / Date of



Getting off to a SCORCHING Start is critical in mlm. This post lets you know how and why as well as some tips for network marketing home business fast start success.

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MLM Social Media- A Powerful Social Media MLM Prospecting Formula

social media mlm prospecting

mlm social media

MLM Social Media Prospecting Tips.

Do your network marketing prospects always seem to be less than you need in numbers?

Are you frustrated that you never have ENOUGH MLM Prospects?

Would you like to learn a little MLM Prospecting Secret that GUARANTEES you will have an overflow of home business prospects?

Here is a little MLM Social Media Prospecting Tip you your network marketing business:

It is all about your prospects “falling through the cracks”- you MUST have so many prospects in the pipeline to follow up on, you cannot keep up and forget to call some of them back.

Simply, most people do not anywhere near the number of folks they need looking at their business. It seems that there is almost a “prospecting mediocrity” that exists and tells
people that if you have 4,5, or 6 people looking at the business, you are doing
this business right.


That is why most people fail in this business, because of all the “Mediocre Myths” out in
the industry. Most people do not understand that the number of people you have
looking at the business plus the quality of people equals the amount of your
ongoing Success. It is that simple. Let’s put it in a different format:

Number of PEOPLE + Quality of PEOPLE = Your ongoing Prospecting Success in Network Marketing.

Yes, belief, personal development, decision, and Leadership are critical elements as
well, but it is the number and the quality of prospects that you have that really tell the story.

And many distributors/consultants have way too few people at any one given time looking at the business.


Setting Prospecting Limits.

They limit themselves to a narrow group of people that eventually they reach the limit to
what they can do with the list. And then they end up leaving saying the business
does not work.

It DOES work, and works well. IF you know how to work it RIGHT and give it time to
work. But most people simply do not believe that because of their lack of

But do NOT let that be you.

There is a new medium that can bring more prospects to you than you can call on- and it is the Social Media and Mobile Marketing phenomenon.

You need to become a part of it to find the number of people you need to create Success.

Donni had a business and was struggling in it. She was not a happy camper because she quit
her job when she had her baby, and this HAD to work. But it was not. She was
starting to get worried, as her husband.

Donni decided to follow some advice, and get into the social media zone. She studied
it, and learned it well, and within 45 days, her whole business had turned
around, because she was getting 5-15 leads a DAY, and all because she followed
a well thought out plan.  Her volume grew dramatically, and so did her income. She went from having 3 to 4 people in the pipeline to over 40 in the pipeline.

Today, she has tripled what she earned at her job, and it continues to grow monthly. Would YOU like to have that kind of Success? You can and will- all you need to do is learn what I am teaching you on this blog, and the PRACTICE it, and then DO IT.

Does it REALLY take a lot of folks to succeed?

Words of Wisdom.

Let’s listen to what my Mentor has to say:

 “Someone asked me one time how do you REALLY know you are doing this business right? I simply answered, ‘When your prospects start falling through the cracks.’ That means that you have so many people in the pipeline looking at the business that literally you forget to call some of them because there are so many people to follow up on. How can you do that today with people being so guarded?

 “Simple. Go Social. Learn all you can about the new Social Media approach to Network Marketing prospecting and recruiting- known as Recruiting MagneTechs. This is magnetic power for your finding leads and recruiting. Finding good leads is the most critical piece of the Success puzzle in Network Marketing.

But most do not find these kind of great leads because they limit themselves to who they know. Can calling people that you know work? Absolutely! It works great and is part of the traditional way to do this business. And everyone who gets into this industry needs to start calling on the people they know. But also- not be limited to that number either.

“If you are going to succeed today long term, you need a blend of the traditional way of doing this business, and the non- traditional. It is called “Co-Traditional Network Marketing.” If you can blend the two in your business, you will find that your business will be in OVERDRIVE and start giving you the results that you are looking for.

 “Does it take some time? Of course. Every new path in any industry has a learning curve. But you can shorten that curve by 80% by finding a good program that will teach you what you need to do to make that happen.  

“Folks that understand and embrace the new Social and Mobile path of Success in home business, will become the new millionaires in this wonderful industry.”

How many do YOU have in the pipeline looking at the business?

And if you are just looking at having a home business, you need to start it off right.
Call your warm market, but also start familiarizing yourself with the social media market. Both combined can make a tremendous one-two punch in your mlm social media prospecting.

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MLM Training- Most Powerful Closing Question You can Ask Your Prospect

mlm network marketing

mlm home business closing

MLM Closing Tips.

Do you struggle with your “closing” as many people call it for their network marketing business?

Do you have a “pat” way that you close your prospect or do you try different things in your home based business?

What would be your closing ratio for your network marketing business when you ask for the order?

Many distributors struggle and do not need to.

First off, I do not call what most call “Closing the Prospect” Closing.

I really shy away from it, as it has a tendency to cast a negative message unknowingly to yourself. When you use the word “Close” it has a tendency to be a win or lose proposition.

You win.


You lose.

Nothing much inbetween. You either CLOSE them or you do not.

I prefer something more…well…GENTLE and something that will not be seen as a “transaction for MY gain” as often it comes across like that. I have seen “closers” that ALL they focus on is what THEY can get out of the prospect, not what the prospect can get to improve their life.

In network marketing, I have found throughout the world in my travels, EVERYONE feels the same way about this- they DO NOT want to FEEL like they have been CLOSED.

I had a leader out of Perth Australia recently say that the biggest complaint he hears from his team’s “closing” is that is was way too MANIPULATIVE and pressured.


That is how many distributors/consultants come across. They are trying to manipulate the prospect into their business and do it quickly.

You are going in a losing proposition that will never build a long term home based business.

Ok, then what can we do to close the mlm home business prospect?

We came up with what we call The “You are Probably Waiting” Navigator.

What is a Navigator?

Great question.

I do not like to call these phrases or questions “Closes” as it is NOT what they are. They are “Navigators” that navigate the prospect to the decision that is right for them.

Closing ENDS things.

Navigating CATALYZES and OPENS things to happen.

So what did we come up with that was so powerful?

A very simple question that lays it out and the mlm prospect appreciates your honesty.

Here it is:

“You are probably waiting for some fancy, well rehearsed, manipulative close….something that is really tricky. That is not who I am. I respect your decision and want only what is best for you and your family. Look, either you see this or you don’t. Question is, do you believe we would make a GREAT TEAM if we started working this together?”

That’s it, ands has worked wonders through the years. Online as well as offline. And I would suggest that you spend some time practicing it, and getting it down in your own words.

If you do, don’t be surprised if you start seeing some amazing results in your mlm network marketing work at home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

FREE mlm mp3 download- The 7 Biggest Mistakes made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell You”

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Prospecting Tips- 4 Little Known MLM Prospecting Secrets

MLM Prospecting Tips.

Do you prospect for new leads for your home business?

How do you prospect for your leads in your network marketing business?

Would you like to learn 4 little known mlm prospecting tips that will ROCK your home business?

Here are 4 mlm prospecting tips:

MLM Prospecting Tip # 1

In any social conversation, phone conversation, IM conversation, text conversation, skype conversation, webinar conversation, public meeting and prsentation, use the prospect’s or guest’s name. If you are at an in home meeting, hotel meeting, or luncheon meeting, Introduce yourself to them before the meeting starts. Even on a webinar, tell the prospect you are glad that they are there.”

 Sweet sweet music.

It sounds like a symphony of sweet violins and cellos playing in harmony together.

It sounds like 5 part perfect harmony.

It sounds like a baby’s first cry.

It sounds like a summer night’s beautiful orchestra.

It is PURE PERFECTION in communication.

Ok…what is it?


The prospect’s sweetest sound to their ears will always be their name. And that is why you need to USE IT and USE IT OFTEN.

Nothing keeps a prospect or audience focused more than using their names in the Network Marketing conversation or even a presentation.

They will all sit up and take notice and be especially attentive and alert to you.

And on social media, ask the person if they have a great name, where that name came from. Draw them in with the sweetness of their name.


Success in prospecting is nothing more than deciding to become that. YOU are an incredible prospector.

You must simply live into that truth.


 MLM Prospecting Tip # 2.

 “Prospect where people are, not where you feel comfortable going. Prospect BEYOND your comfort level to take your business to a NEW level.”

 It is called a PROSPECTING RUT.

It is a rut that many people get in and never leave.

You continue to go and talk with people that you are comfortable with, but yet…

They never come into the business or buy a product.

You even go to the same comfortable places HOPING someone will talk with you, but yet, you never talked with them.

You go to the same stores.

You go to the same bank branch.

You go the same old places….no variation.

NOTE:  Ahem.

There are more prospects in facebook groups than you could imagine.

There are more great prospects in LinkedIn than you can imagine.

What? You do not feel comfortable with that kind of social online prospecting?


There are more prospects in one Networking meeting at the Chamber of Commerce meeting then 10 movies you want to go see.

There are more prospects in a work at home show in your city than you can imagine.

There are more prospects in a mall working there than you can imagine.

 Fish where the whales are, not the minnows.

Prospecting for minnows is easier and makes great wholesale customers, but whales don’t get tossed and lost with every change of the tide.


Leadership is YOU. Success is YOU. Achievement is YOU. You must allow yourself the reality of that to sink in. YOU are already that. You just have to make it REAL in your life. UNLEASH
YOUR Success!

MLM Prospecting Tip # 3

 When Prospecting, don’t just try and recruit your prospects. There is a much more powerful way to do it. Connect them to the amazing Possibilities of your business and connect that possibility to their DREAMS…and let them recruit themselves.”

 I really do not have anything else to say about this nugget.


It really is that simple.

a. Find the Pain or Problem.

 b. Connect that Pain to your solution- your business.

 c. Then make the pain go away in their imagination – working
with you

End of story.

All prospecting is, and will ever be, is connecting the prospects heart to the Hope and Possibility that they CAN have the life they have always dreamed of, and you will help them get it with your Network Marketing products and company.

It is that simple.

End of pain.

There is MORE inside of YOU.
Reach DOWN and pull the Greatness up and then DO what you have been putting
off. SUCCEED wildly with it. Then Let the nay-sayers know they were WRONG!  UNLEASH your Greatness!

MLM Prospecting Tip # 4

Quit Prospecting. Start Elevating. Lift people up first, and they will be more open and more drawn towards you. Encourage, Lift, and Pour Into the prospect all that your business
offers. Let them FEEL the business…not just hear about it.

There is a saying, “Pour it ON!”

I say, “Pour it OUT!”

 AndPour It IN!”

The greatest secret to prospecting is not about numbers or keep talking to people or even “throw it up against the wall and see what sticks” which I abhor that statement.

It is about POURING INTO the Prospect the Hope and Possibility that their life can be what they have always have DREAMED working with you.

Pour in kind words.

Pour in compliments.

Pour in a solution to their pain.

Pour in your Leadership for them to follow.

Pour in your heart and CARE about what they want.

They will move from prospect to friend.

And it s so much easier to recruit a friend than a stranger.

 YOU are able to do ANY and ALL things. YOU just must believe you can. Life is waiting on you….what are YOU waiting for?

These are 4 Powerful MLM Prospecting Tips that will rock your MLM network marketing direct sales home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- A Powerful MLM Prospecting Daily Blueprint that WORKS!

mlm prospecting training

mlm network marketing prospecting


MLM Prospecting Secrets.

Do you have trouble finding leads for your home based business?

What are the mlm prospecting methods that you use that work- or do you have any?

Would you like to learn a 4 Step MLM daily prospecting blueprint that has proven to WORK?

Here is a Million Dollar Prospecting Gold Nugget:

“You need a PLAN for your Prospecting. If you do NOT have one, you are planning to fail.”

 What is your PLAN for Prospecting DAILY?

 We call it your Daily Prospecting Blueprint.

 You would not build a house without a blueprint.

You should not build a business without a prospecting blueprint.

 Imagine the house that would be built if it was built just on a whim and no blueprint.

 Here is a simple but powerful 4 task prospecting blueprint that you can use daily if you choose. I used it for years, and it worked amazingly.

It is not complicated nor does it take any special software, although those things are great as well. But this will focus you on 4 things that PULL prospects into your radar.

 It goes with the word PLAN.

1.  P stands for Phone Calls.

 I always made at least 10 calls a day to NEW LEADS. Out of those calls I usually talked to  4-5 people and usually got  2 people willing to take a look.  I left a lot of voice mail message as well, and we will go over that in another post.

 2. L stands for Looking.

 I went out everyday and LOOKED for 5 new names or possible people to hold conversations with. You do this in social media, networking, daily conversations, walk arounds, and anywhere you are at the moment. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN while you are online and offline for anyone who may BE who you are looking for, or KNOWS who you are looking for.

 3. A stands for Ask.

 I asked 2 people everyday if they would help me find someone who would benefit from my products. I asked people I knew and people I did not know, I would simply strike up a conversation and then ask them if:  “They might be able to assist me in locating someone they knew I might be able to help.”

 4. N stands for Network.

 My goal was to add ONE NEW NAME to my referral network DAILY. In social media today, that is so easy to do getting people to follow you or you friend them. From a traditional standpoint, networking is simply meeting someone new and getting a card and asking if they want to grab a tea sometime. That is so simple but yet powerful. It is the same thing with social media…but online.

 Develop a PLAN and then everyday DO IT- no exceptions.

 There is such GREATNESS inside of you that you need to unleash on the world.

 It starts TODAY. 

“Most people silently walk past a gold mine everyday- people who KNOW who you are looking for.”

 I was on facebook recently coaching someone on prospecting and I connected with someone in the town where my client I was working with lived. I wanted to show my client  how easy it was to create a NEW conversation with someone in social media (or offline) and get that person interested in talking about your business – in less than 15 seconds.

 They found that hard to believe as most people do. But it really is not that hard.

 I started a conversation and asked them if they might do me a favor.

 They said they would try and asked what they could do.

 I simply said, “I have helped people in all 50 states create what they could not create in their own life- a powerful lifestyle that most never live. These folks today have new homes, new cars, and most travel to places they once only dreamed of. I am looking for someone in your hometown to help me locate some people I can help. Would you help me find that person?”

 They answered back:

 “You just found them. Tell me more.”

 There is amazing power inside of you. YOU can DO what I just taught. RELEASE that power in your business and SOAR with your network marketing mlm home business.

FREE mp3 download – The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing No One will Tell You

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

Blessings…doug Firebaugh

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Home Business Training- The Secret of Gathering Leads while You Sleep

mlm home business prospecting

home business mlm training


Home Business Prospecting Training.

How would you like to discover three powerful Elements for gathering leads while you sleep in your network marketing business?

What would that do for your mlm home business?

Would gathering leads while you sleep make a difference to your home business while you are awake?

Here is a Golden Rule of what we call “Sleep Leads.”

You MUST Gather Leads as you sleep. “Sleep Leads” are the leads that prove you are out in the marketplace and in multiple places at the same time. Sleep Leads are also a result of today’s new technologies and prospecting methods at work.

 How do you garner leads in your sleep?

 Good question!

 It requires 3 things;

 1)   Tools.

2)   Technology.

3)   Tracking.

 Here is the first element that helps gather leads while you sleep:

 1) TOOLS.

 You must use the tools that your company has for you. That includes websites, back offices, CDs, DVDs, brochures, conference calls, live events, and the like.

 But here are also the NEW TOOLS that are a part of the new way that Network Marketing is done. What would those be? They are the tools that drive the new social media marketing systems. Here are a few:

 Fan pages.

Mobile Marketing.


Tap to call phone calls.

QR Codes.




Mp3 broadcasts.

Jet autoresponders.

Message boards.


Micro blogging.

Mobile messaging.


 And the list of the new tools goes on and on that are today a part of Network Marketing.

 Let’s listen to these thoughts:

 “Today, tools are still one of the most powerful bullets you have in your arsenal to load your success gun with. I remember in the dinosaur days that a cassette tape was the greatest thing to ever come along for recruiting. Look what has happened today. We have gone from cassette tapes of the 80s to Ipads, notepads, mobile devices, Iphones, Droids, Blackberries, and more.

 The greatest part about this advancement is that you can speed up the process of prospecting and recruiting, and do this- while you are in dreamland at night. That is the beauty of it. All of these new tools are bringing new methods and new strategies of prospecting and enrolling people. That literally allows you to be auto-prospecting or what I call prospecting that PAYS.

 “PAYS — stands for Prospecting As You Sleep.

 “That is how you today are going to get paid huge in this industry- prospecting at night when you are in bed asleep. This is done with the Tools that are mentioned above and the new social media. Yes, being in this business for over 40 years, I have seen many great tools come and evolve, but these tools are the future and the new way of doing business in Network Marketing.

Many people do not realize it, but it is at the very beginning, and the next 3-4 years, you are going to see prospecting that PAYS more and more and more with new tools and software for the distributor. You MUST learn and integrate this into your business. But here is a warning- do NOT replace these tools with the other ones that have been around for a while. Use them in concert so they can work together. THAT is the secret to making these new tools work.”

 There is Old School Network Marketing. Most are still stuck there.

 There is New School Network Marketing which some have embraced.

 Now there is Social School Network Marketing – which is the most powerful way to create new, never see the end of leads that exists today non- stop in your home based business.

Next post will cover the second part- TECHNOLOGY for your network marketing business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets

FREE mp3 download – The 7 Biggest Mistakes made in Network Marketing NO ONE Will Tell You”

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Prospecting- The Voice Mail Message To Leave to Get Prospects Calling Back

mlm voice mail telephone training

mlm home business


MLM Voice Mail Message.

How would you like to know what message to leave on a voice mail for your home based business?

What does gaining influence in your social media recruiting mean for your network marketing recruiting?

Would you like to discover both of these mlm prospecting secrets?

Here they are my friend:

MLM Prospecting Secret # 1:

“Facebook recruiting and Social Prospecting starts with one focus-to gain influence. You do that by understanding the word GIVE.”

 Million Dollar Prospecting is a new generation of prospecting training that elevates your thinking and actions in finding leads. Facebook has helped develop many prospects and leaders the last 5 years in the Home Business Profession and it will for years to come as well as social media.

 All social media sites, whether it is twitter, youtube, LinkedIn, Orkut, Google+ and more are powerful places to find leads.

 But many people struggle with the sites.


They lack the understanding of the Billion Dollar  Prospecting Rule of Influence.

 What is that?

 It is about the word GIVE.

 In social media and social networking, there is a certain culture that exists and if you want to prospect within it, you must follow the rules. This means that social media prospecting goes against a lot of what we learned about traditional prospecting.

 Especially about Influence.

 There is one way in prospecting to gain influence with people easily and it is found in the word GIVE.

 GIVE = Gain Influence Very Easily.

 Give an ebook away. Give a sample of your product away. Give a series of tips and lessons via social mail away. Give a video of little known information that helps solves problems away. Give a conference call away. Give an article of value away.

 Million Dollar Prospecting is today about the GIVE…not the take. Social media culture is about freely giving and freely connecting online to those who you give to.

 GIVE something away and watch your Social Prospecting as well as all your prospecting start to explode your results.

 DARE to REACH further than you ever have before. DARE to DO something beyond what you think you can do. DARE to BECOME someone they said you never could become.

 You CAN become that – you already are. You just have to release and grow that person on the inside.

MLM Prospecting Secret # 2:

 “The words that you use on a voice mail for people who know people you know, must IMPACT them with Connection and Familiarity.

 Ok…you have someone that has been given to you by a possible lead, and you are all excited, as you should be. This could be a Million Dollar Moment in the making. You dial their number, and then you wait…

 And their voice mail comes on.

 What do you DO?

Some people can hang up. Some people can leave an unfamiliar sounding message. Some can simply stumble through the message.

 Or YOU can leave a professional magnetic message that contains the 2 CORE Elements of a powerful voice mail for referrals: 


 CONNECTION is where they KNOW you are Connected to their friend and then they know that because your message has a Comfortable Familiarity to it.

 How does that happen in a voice mail?

 It comes from what they FEEL and what they SENSE about you from the message you leave on their phone.

 It is all about the message you leave and how they feel after listening to it.

“Hi Mary, my name is < Doug Firebaugh > and we have a great mutual friend,    <                     >, who suggested that I give you a call. She said we might want to chat sometime as she indicated that I may be able to be of some help. Please give me a call at 555-5555 or facebook me at”

  We all have words that we carry with us that weight us down. We need to release the negatives that have been spoken over and into our lives and embrace the GOOD, the POWERFUL and the MIGHTY words that we speak about ourselves daily out loud.

 “This is the greatest day of my life!” “I am the ultimate winner no matter what anyone says!” “There is NO ONE who intimidates me and  I can talk to anyone as I am a master mlm prospector!”

 FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Media Recruiting Power-over 50 secrets

FREE MLM mp3- The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell You

blessing…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all right reserved

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