MLM Social Media- Recruiting the “Closed” MLM Prospect into Your Business

MLM Social Media Recruiting.

Are You aware of the “Closed” personality you will run up against in social media recruiting for your home based business?

Do you  know the traits and how to identify them for your mlm business?

Would you like to know how to handle them and what to do in your network marketing business?

Leave me alone.

That is the Closed. Unlike the Looker, Open and Sparker, the Closed are not even willing to
look or listen to anything you have.


Several reasons and they all vary:

1.    Happy where they are.

2.   Apathetic.

3.   Little Ambition.

4.   Family Culture.

5.   Misunderstandings about network marketing.

6.  Past experiences.

7.   Not in their DNA.

8.   Too busy.

9.   Too lazy.

 10. Their lifestyle is all they think they will ever have.

 Many people in my profession think that these folks are simply playing hard to get.

They actually are not.

They just do not get it – and refuse to.

They like their life as is, and do not want any change in it. They not only resist the
thought of change, but it sometimes can get angry if you try to push change on them. A change in life may as well be poison to them.

They are closed to any new ideas that include changing their life in any way. This includes career and job placement. And they see themselves pretty much in the same job all their life. They grew up for the most part in that environment and will remain there.

The Motto of the Closed.

The motto  of the Closed is “Tradition is my ONLY Condition.”

They LOVE what has worked in the past as far as income, career, and employment and are welded to that traditional philosophy of life. Non-traditional things in life upset their apple cart and they avoid most of them.

The Paradox.

Interestingly enough, many Closed do enjoy non-traditional technologies- like iphones,
texting, virtual worlds, mobile movies, and social media. It is quite a paradox. Why people who cling to the traditional ways of career and income and refuse to even consider anything new, embrace social media and technology like droid G4 phones.

.It does not really make sense, but it is the way it is.

What can you do with the Closed?

Talk to them about your product. Many times, they will at least
want some free information.

Talk to them about people they know. Often, the Closed will refer prospects to you. They want to get themselves off the hook so they point you in a different direction with a different person.

Talk to them about traditional
. That is their language when it comes to living life. Talk about what they feel comfortable with and possibly lead them to a new idea about a product.

Find out what they do after work.  The Closed do many things after work- all
traditional. Find out what they do and then ask them what they enjoy about it
and try and learn about it from them. That will draw them closer in.

Connect with them on hobbies or beliefs. The Closed many times have traditional hobbies. Find out what their hobby is, and then ask about it and learn about it. It actually is NOT a waste of time talking to these folks about what you do for a living. They may know who you are looking for. Many Closed say, “Oh, you should talk to my brother in law.
He would be interested in something like that.”

 Talk to them about their job and why it is so wonderful. They LOVE talking about what is comfortable and traditional. Many Closed are unhappy with their jobs, but they refuse to change. If they say they do not like their job ask them if they know other people who feel the same way. Get their names and contact information.

A Numnber One Corporate Recruiter Nationwide for a Recruiting Firm says,
“The Closed have proven over time not to be worth pursuing that much for career placement or any kind of change-including income as well. I have talked with hundreds of Closed folks that were highly qualified for a job, had all the right skill sets, experience, and education, and had an amazing job placement for them. But were very content with where they were and were closed to talking.

 They were too busy living their life to ever consider improving their life with a better job or more income. They just like the way their life is. And there is nothing wrong with that. But you must learn to spot them and it is pretty easy to do in social media. We developed a certain process or focus, that when we saw certain words in a person’s profile, or a particular type of photograph on their site, or even the way they comment on blogs or facebook updates, we knew they were Closed and we were rarely wrong.

 There were 7 revealing words and phrases that we learned, that revealed they were probably Closed at looking at any change. It saved us a lot of time, and a lot of headaches. Many recruiters today are wasting their valuable time with people that simply have no interest. I am sure that it is the same way in the home business profession as well.”

This is how you handle and can eventually recruit the “Closed prospect” for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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