MLM Training – Developing Your Leadership Lens for Team Building


mlm home business leadership

mlm home business leadership network marketing

MLM Leadership Training.

Do you use Leadership principles with your home business team?

What are your tactics you use for leadership in your mlm?

Are you willing to discover what most do not know about network marketing leadership?

Today, we are going to cover:

Developing Your Leadership Lens.

We need to start developing your Leadership Lens that you will be looking through, and
focus that lens on what it needs to be focused on, not what others want you to focus on.

Let’s start this in depth Leadership process with some questions that need to be

1) What is going to be the driving force in your home business?

2) What is going to be the catalyst for taking your business to the next level and beyond?

3) What is going to ignite a success inferno in your business and stoke it every week?

4) What is going to create a downline wildfire of growth in your business?

5) What is going to direct, navigate and guide you through the challenges that may lie ahead?

These are tough questions and it may take a little time to ponder them. The answer should
be just one word, and one word only for all five questions. That word is going to be the defining factor in your ultimate success or lack of it. The answer is the kerosene that fuels a fire storm of success in your downline and your life
if you let it.

It is written on the walls of the successful distributors’ hearts, branded in their minds,
and reflected in their eyes. It is the catalyst for higher performance in anything, and can create more success in your business than you ever imagined.

It attracts success and wealth like a magnet on steroids, and contains all the secrets of
creating wealth in this business.

Anything that has been written about this business points to this enormous power in some way.

What is this answer, this message, I’m alluding to?

Leadership — true, pure, unbridled leadership — the most powerful force in your Home business success.

There is a saying about Leadership:  Passion is the Secret Weapon to Success,
and Leadership is the Secret Weapon to Network Marketing.”

When passion ignites, it can melt anything that gets in its way; passionate leadership is
like an electric power station with focused, contained power that can explode anything it touches.

That’s the power that will create new network marketing millionaires. Truly, no amount of
instruction, training, or teaching will ever equal the explosive success power of passionate leadership!

There are a lot of well-educated, well-intentioned folks who know the mechanics of this
business — all the right words, phrases and answers that sound great – but still lack the Success they desire. They have incredible potential, but lack the leadership focus and heart that their downline is starving for in their success journey.

That is why we are on a Leadership Journey. We are going to build an army of Leaders that
will get the message out about your business and products and give your team the Success and Outcomes they are looking for! Through this process, you will grow tremendously and so will your team in your mlm network marketing  business!

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MLM Mobile Training – 3 Powerful SMS Platforms for Mobile Recruiting

mlm mobile recruiting home business

mlm network marketing mobile

MLM Mobile Recruiting Tips.

Do you use Mobile devices to recruit for your home based business?

Is your network marketing efforts blended with any mobile recruiting strategies?

Are you up on the different mobile secrets to recruiting?

Mobile Devices have become incredibly popular worldwide today due to the explosion of smartphones. There are more people in the world with cell phones than toilets!

Are you taking advantage of this new evolving technology? I have done a lot of research and am surprised at the lack of awareness of mobile potential in recruiting in direct sales and network marketing.  Even with mobile advertising, it has so much potential it is staggering. But the majority of the distributors and consultants are not using mobile for recruiting at all.

Amazing considering that you can be one of the first to truly utilize this and be ahead of the curve.

Are you aware that everyday there are BILLIONS of texts sent to people? It is called “SMS” or “Simple Message System.” You probably have texted, and know what I am talking about. I use texting daily and more now than I do talking on the phone as it gives me a record of conversations and texts. It works well for business.

what if you used texting or SMS for recruiting in your business? It would be amazing as the average text is opened 90 seconds after it is received. By the way that is 97% of ALL texts are opened within 90 seconds.


So….what can you do to send an SMS message to people? I would suggest get an SMS platform and check it out as far as mass messaging. No, I am not talking about spamming people. I am talking about sending out SMS messages with tips and video links, to a lot of people, and even people that are looking for a home business.

There are 3 major SMS platforms that I have talked to a lot of mobile gurus about, and I wanted to share them with you to check out, and see if they would work for you. There is a cost to each per SMS message, but actually it is quite cheap- pennies. So it makes it highly affordable!

Here are 3 that I think you should consider using for mobile recruiting:

1. Twilio.

Twilio is one of the best platforms I have seen for mass messaging as the technology is stable and sound and powerful, and the cost is amazingly low. And they have great support as well as training if you need it. We have used it and it really does work well, and gives you a lot of flexibility as far as how you use t.

2. Lime Cellular.

This is another great option. They have a very powerful system for SMS and also for other things as well. Their pricing is very good and they have good support as well as some training for usage. They are growing wildly like Twilio is. Again we have used it and it works well!

3. Avid Mobile.

Lime Cellular is a cute name but they have a robust and powerful platform as well. They have a lot of features and also a powerful option packages for other services. It is a powerful and robust platform that a lot of people are using and it gets the job done amazingly.

These are 3 powerful SMS platforms that you can use for Mobile Recruiting for your mlm network marketing home business.

PLEASE leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts!

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MLM Training – 5 Prospect PULLING MLM Recruiting Resolutions

mlm network marketing new years

mlm home business new years resolutions

MLM New Year Resolutions.

Are you making new years resolutions for your home business?

Are you planning on changing up some things for your network marketing recruiting?

Are you wanting to know some secrets that will help you for 2013 in your mlm?

The power of  new year mlm resolution is what a lot of folks do not understand for their home business. It can change your future if you allow it to.

Most new year resolutions never last, and that is a fact. Most gym clubs explode in membership during the first of every year, and 60 days later, most of the new attendees are no longer coming.

This is common and so predictable fro many home business owners.

Does this happen every year with your network marketing business? Direct sales is a powerful profession but it still requires the RIGHT work, not just the work that keeps one busy. Is that you? Do you stay busy but not productive? Do you keep the same actions going and not producing the right results when recruiting?

I would suggest that you make some new year resolutions that WORK and not just another promise broken to yourself.

Here are 5 new year resolutions for mlm recruiting for your home based business:

1. I resolve to focus this year on PERSONAL PRODUCTION.

It is ALL about Personal Recruiting and production. Everything revolves around Production and this year you are going to quit depending on others on your team to recruit and you shall become a recruiting machine. DOUBLE your production this year and next year will be an amazing year.

2. I resolve this year to become EFFECTIVE- not just Efficient.

Effective is the KEY word n 2013. You must become effective in all that you do, and this means you must MASTER some skills that you have not yet. Mastering recruiting is easy. Quit recruiting and start SOLVING issues. Start HELPING with the prospect’s dreams and not drama. Efficient is doing the right things. Effective is doing things RIGHT.

3. I resolve this year to work daily with a DPOA.

You MUST have a DOPA. What is that?  A Daily Plan Of Action. You MUST have a daily plan that you work relentlessly. You cannot “shoot from the hip” and expect to succeed in your home business. A daily plan gives your day STRUCTURE and a blueprint to follow. If you just “wing it” then all you will ever have is a low producing business.

4. I resolve this year to call my “Chicken List.”

We have everyone that we would LOVE to recruit but there is no way we can call them as it scare us to paralysis. But here is how you do it:  Call them and take them out to lunch and interview them about Success or Leadership. What is Success to them? What is the secret to Leadership? What is their secret to Success? Then ask them for input on your business and then ask them for a referral of who could benefit for your products.

5. I resolve this year to learn 5 NEW Prospecting Skills or Tactics.

Constant education is critical. You MUST get up to date with some of the latest skills and tactics and software available. Get on social media and learn it. Start using Mobile Recruiting for your home business. Start doing things that will PRODUCE more and LEVERAGE your time and recruiting efforts.

These are 5 Powerful MLM recruiting new years resolutions that you need to engage for your network marketing home based business.

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MLM Social Media- The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made in Social Recruiting- Mistake # 1

mlm network marketing home business

mlm social recruiting home business

MLM Social Media Recruiting.

Do you use social media for recruiting for your home based business?

What is your favorite social site for your network marketing business?

Does social media play well in your mlm business?

Social Recruiting is something that I have been teaching with a buddy of mine, who happens to be the # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation for a national company. He and I came up wit three BIG mistakes of social media recruiting and applied them to the home business profession.

There are 3 mistakes that I see other recruiters making at the initial connection that
truly should be avoided and I want to share them with you. They are applicable to home business recruiting as well, and you should avoid them like the plague.

I am going to cove the first one this post, and the next 2 posts I will cover # 2 and # 3.

1. The Recruiter being TOO AGGRESSIVE and coming across WAY TOO FRIENDLY – WAY TOO SOON.

 You must BUILD TRUST. And Trust is something that usually takes a couple of  conversations to start building for the most part. Yes there are those candidates that there was an immediate “connection” from the first conversation. But it still took a couple of conversations to start building trust. Do NOT make the mistake of being too pushy or

Give your candidate time to breathe. Give YOURSELF time to breathe.

I have seen recruiters totally go into “sell mode” right off the bat, versus “lets’ explore
some possibilities”
mode which works so much better. It is so much more professional as well. Many corporate recruiters can come across like sharks or a piranha, or even worse, self focused and “it’s all about me.”

Being too aggressive is simply unacceptable as it pushes the candidate back and keeps
them there. Social Recruiting is a process, a step by step path that you walk them down. We have developed a magnetic 5 step Social Recruiting process, and it contains 6 simple little focuses.

Social Recruiting should have these 6 basic action focuses:

  • Locating.
  • Connecting.
  • Exploring.
  • Matching.
  • Deciding.
  • Employing or Continuing the Search.

It truly is that simple recruiting with social media.

And because of these 6 simple things, you really should not be aggressive at the first. You should consider it much like “dating” and getting to know the person, even if the person is extremely interested.

Your FIRST CONNECTION GOAL should be to get the candidate RELAXED, COMFORTABLE, as well as CURIOUS.

The MORE COMFORTABLE and RELAXED the candidate is, the more powerful
the initial conversations.
Talk about THEM and ONLY THEM. Ask questions
about their photos and posts. Ask them about their family. Comment and Complement.

The fastest way and the easiest way to get your potential candidate Comfortable and
Relaxed- BE NATURAL and focus on nothing else but what they have displayed on their profile page. Ask what they do where they work and how they enjoy it.

Tell them this: You are a National Recruiter for a corporate firm and looking for some High Quality Talent. Ask if they might know someone who would like a more powerful income. (That phrase is a MILLION DOLLAR PHRASE.)

If you own a home business, tell them you are a business owner and you are looking to
build a business where they are located.

 You get the candidate CURIOUS with your initial videos and presentation about the offer and requirements you are looking for. It is the same with a home business candidate. Curiosity is one of the most powerful emotions you can use in Social Recruiting.

This is part ONE of a three part series on the 3 Biggest Mistakes Made in Social Media Recruiting in your mlm  network marketing home business.

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MLM Social Media- 14 Powerful Youtube Tips for Maximizing Your Visibility

MLM Social Media Youtube.

Do you record videos for your network marketing home business?

Do you have a youtube account set up properly for your mlm business?

Do your recorded videos you do for your home based business get out there and are they shared with people?

Everyone knows about youtube, unless you have been living in a cave. it is one of the most powerful social media sites that exists, and a great place to market your home business via video.

But many people have not set up their account nor maximized their youtube account and what it can do for their business. That is why I wanted to focus on youtube.

Yesterday it was LinekdIn, today it is youtube.

I believe you can drive a lot of traffic as well as get great exposure with youtube, and all it has to offer the home business professional. I would suggest you take the tips that are listed, and do a check up on your youtube account and see if these tips are a part of your youtube focus.

If they are not, I would suggest using them in your youtube efforts as they truly will help your youtube marketing and recruiting.

Here are 15 quick tips on youtube:

1. Create a custom YouTube background with key information and a look and feel consistent with your home business company / personal brand.

2. Add key social media information to your Twitter background. Include url to
social networking profiles, other YouTube channels, blog, website, twitter
handles etc.

3. Create or refresh YouTube bio to ensure it best supports your current
business, products, and differentiation and keywords your audience is seeking.

4. Subscribe and/or become friends with other YouTube channels in your home business industry or niche.

5. Subscribe and/or become friends with realted YouTube channels in your
industry or niche.

6. Create videos that includes content and discusses visiting your other social
platforms for our home business.  Make it relevant and give the viewer a reason to do such.

7. Include everytime your website or blog url within the video title and description.

8. Add tags/keywords relevant to your target market audience, content and industry or home business niche.

9. Add to videos opening and closing title slides or captions that include your
url or Twitter handle.

10. Create a video that describes how to best engage with you and your home business brand via the different social networks.

11. Create a video describing an upcoming offline, in home, or an event online that the prospect can attend.

12. Record a video of a client providing a testimonial.

13.  Record a video at the next local networking event asking people a
question related to the home business or network marketing industry or niche.

14.  Record a video about a recent blog post you wrote that your audience

This will help you accelerate your success on youtube with your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- Most Powerful Closing Question You can Ask Your Prospect

mlm network marketing

mlm home business closing

MLM Closing Tips.

Do you struggle with your “closing” as many people call it for their network marketing business?

Do you have a “pat” way that you close your prospect or do you try different things in your home based business?

What would be your closing ratio for your network marketing business when you ask for the order?

Many distributors struggle and do not need to.

First off, I do not call what most call “Closing the Prospect” Closing.

I really shy away from it, as it has a tendency to cast a negative message unknowingly to yourself. When you use the word “Close” it has a tendency to be a win or lose proposition.

You win.


You lose.

Nothing much inbetween. You either CLOSE them or you do not.

I prefer something more…well…GENTLE and something that will not be seen as a “transaction for MY gain” as often it comes across like that. I have seen “closers” that ALL they focus on is what THEY can get out of the prospect, not what the prospect can get to improve their life.

In network marketing, I have found throughout the world in my travels, EVERYONE feels the same way about this- they DO NOT want to FEEL like they have been CLOSED.

I had a leader out of Perth Australia recently say that the biggest complaint he hears from his team’s “closing” is that is was way too MANIPULATIVE and pressured.


That is how many distributors/consultants come across. They are trying to manipulate the prospect into their business and do it quickly.

You are going in a losing proposition that will never build a long term home based business.

Ok, then what can we do to close the mlm home business prospect?

We came up with what we call The “You are Probably Waiting” Navigator.

What is a Navigator?

Great question.

I do not like to call these phrases or questions “Closes” as it is NOT what they are. They are “Navigators” that navigate the prospect to the decision that is right for them.

Closing ENDS things.

Navigating CATALYZES and OPENS things to happen.

So what did we come up with that was so powerful?

A very simple question that lays it out and the mlm prospect appreciates your honesty.

Here it is:

“You are probably waiting for some fancy, well rehearsed, manipulative close….something that is really tricky. That is not who I am. I respect your decision and want only what is best for you and your family. Look, either you see this or you don’t. Question is, do you believe we would make a GREAT TEAM if we started working this together?”

That’s it, ands has worked wonders through the years. Online as well as offline. And I would suggest that you spend some time practicing it, and getting it down in your own words.

If you do, don’t be surprised if you start seeing some amazing results in your mlm network marketing work at home business.

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