MLM Training- 5 Things that Super Star Recruiters Do the Average Do Not

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MLM Superstar Recruiting Tips.

Have you ever wondered what was the difference between a superstar recruiter and the average in home business?

Would you consider yourself a super star recruiter or average in network marketing?

What do you think are the distinctions in the mlm process?

There are MANY distinctions in how top recruiters do their job and the average. Today I want to cover 5 things that over the years I have noticed are there. It does not matter if you are recruiting on mobile, local, social, or online marketing. The recruiting strategies and principles are pretty much the same as afar as the approach to recruiting.

Many leaders think that their team will do the steps to recruiting and succeed. But there are other elements to recruiting that need to be considered as well. Just as a chef prepares the food a little different then say another chef, the superstar recruiter does the same thing. They have small differences that make a huge difference.

The most powerful thing about those that CRUSH the recruiting process is that they see recruiting a little bit different then the average. They see it as something that will drive VALUE into people’s lives and change them. The average seem to see that recruiting is how you build a business that will help them earn money. Nothing wrong with that. But that is not the focus of recruiting and that is why that superstar recruiters RULE in a home business.

What are the 5 key distinctions?

1. Superstar Recruiters practice “VALUE Driven Recruiting.” The Average practice Volume driven Recruiting.

Do you see that? Value is the FIRE behind the top recruiter. They want to being a powerful Value to the marketplace and find people that can do the same. They do not recruit- but they DRIVE the life changing Value into the marketplace in multiple ways.

2. Superstar Recruiters spend less time with their prospects.

They are too busy talking to a lot of people and they spend almost half the time with the prospect that the average do. Thee average seem to try and convince people their business is for them. the Superstar recruiter does not. They simply talk to people and find out if they are in a place in their life to appreciate the life changing value of their business.

3. Superstar Recruiters qualify the prospect for their time. The average do not.

The top recruiters in our profession know the Value of their time as they are Value driven. They will not spend a lot of time talking to unqualified candidates. They will make sure they are who THEY are looking for, and will not go on if the prospect is not.

4. Superstar Recruiters use ALL of the Available Markets for Recruiting as they keep up with the technology and marketplace advances.

Superstar recruiters recruit using social media, mobile media, and online marketing tools. They are not limited to what others think is the “right way” to do it. The right way to the top recruiters is what works and works huge.

5. Superstar Recruiters Listen almost 4 times more the  the average recruiter and ask 3 times as many questions whether online or offline.

This is critical. Questions are tools that need to be mastered and the Superstar Recruiters are masters at asking the RIGHT questions to move the prospect forward.

These are 5 critical differences between the average and Superstar recruiters in the mlm network marketing home business profession.

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