MLM Mobile Training – 3 Powerful SMS Platforms for Mobile Recruiting

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MLM Mobile Recruiting Tips.

Do you use Mobile devices to recruit for your home based business?

Is your network marketing efforts blended with any mobile recruiting strategies?

Are you up on the different mobile secrets to recruiting?

Mobile Devices have become incredibly popular worldwide today due to the explosion of smartphones. There are more people in the world with cell phones than toilets!

Are you taking advantage of this new evolving technology? I have done a lot of research and am surprised at the lack of awareness of mobile potential in recruiting in direct sales and network marketing.  Even with mobile advertising, it has so much potential it is staggering. But the majority of the distributors and consultants are not using mobile for recruiting at all.

Amazing considering that you can be one of the first to truly utilize this and be ahead of the curve.

Are you aware that everyday there are BILLIONS of texts sent to people? It is called “SMS” or “Simple Message System.” You probably have texted, and know what I am talking about. I use texting daily and more now than I do talking on the phone as it gives me a record of conversations and texts. It works well for business.

what if you used texting or SMS for recruiting in your business? It would be amazing as the average text is opened 90 seconds after it is received. By the way that is 97% of ALL texts are opened within 90 seconds.


So….what can you do to send an SMS message to people? I would suggest get an SMS platform and check it out as far as mass messaging. No, I am not talking about spamming people. I am talking about sending out SMS messages with tips and video links, to a lot of people, and even people that are looking for a home business.

There are 3 major SMS platforms that I have talked to a lot of mobile gurus about, and I wanted to share them with you to check out, and see if they would work for you. There is a cost to each per SMS message, but actually it is quite cheap- pennies. So it makes it highly affordable!

Here are 3 that I think you should consider using for mobile recruiting:

1. Twilio.

Twilio is one of the best platforms I have seen for mass messaging as the technology is stable and sound and powerful, and the cost is amazingly low. And they have great support as well as training if you need it. We have used it and it really does work well, and gives you a lot of flexibility as far as how you use t.

2. Lime Cellular.

This is another great option. They have a very powerful system for SMS and also for other things as well. Their pricing is very good and they have good support as well as some training for usage. They are growing wildly like Twilio is. Again we have used it and it works well!

3. Avid Mobile.

Lime Cellular is a cute name but they have a robust and powerful platform as well. They have a lot of features and also a powerful option packages for other services. It is a powerful and robust platform that a lot of people are using and it gets the job done amazingly.

These are 3 powerful SMS platforms that you can use for Mobile Recruiting for your mlm network marketing home business.

PLEASE leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts!

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