MLM Social Media- 14 Powerful Youtube Tips for Maximizing Your Visibility

MLM Social Media Youtube.

Do you record videos for your network marketing home business?

Do you have a youtube account set up properly for your mlm business?

Do your recorded videos you do for your home based business get out there and are they shared with people?

Everyone knows about youtube, unless you have been living in a cave. it is one of the most powerful social media sites that exists, and a great place to market your home business via video.

But many people have not set up their account nor maximized their youtube account and what it can do for their business. That is why I wanted to focus on youtube.

Yesterday it was LinekdIn, today it is youtube.

I believe you can drive a lot of traffic as well as get great exposure with youtube, and all it has to offer the home business professional. I would suggest you take the tips that are listed, and do a check up on your youtube account and see if these tips are a part of your youtube focus.

If they are not, I would suggest using them in your youtube efforts as they truly will help your youtube marketing and recruiting.

Here are 15 quick tips on youtube:

1. Create a custom YouTube background with key information and a look and feel consistent with your home business company / personal brand.

2. Add key social media information to your Twitter background. Include url to
social networking profiles, other YouTube channels, blog, website, twitter
handles etc.

3. Create or refresh YouTube bio to ensure it best supports your current
business, products, and differentiation and keywords your audience is seeking.

4. Subscribe and/or become friends with other YouTube channels in your home business industry or niche.

5. Subscribe and/or become friends with realted YouTube channels in your
industry or niche.

6. Create videos that includes content and discusses visiting your other social
platforms for our home business.  Make it relevant and give the viewer a reason to do such.

7. Include everytime your website or blog url within the video title and description.

8. Add tags/keywords relevant to your target market audience, content and industry or home business niche.

9. Add to videos opening and closing title slides or captions that include your
url or Twitter handle.

10. Create a video that describes how to best engage with you and your home business brand via the different social networks.

11. Create a video describing an upcoming offline, in home, or an event online that the prospect can attend.

12. Record a video of a client providing a testimonial.

13.  Record a video at the next local networking event asking people a
question related to the home business or network marketing industry or niche.

14.  Record a video about a recent blog post you wrote that your audience

This will help you accelerate your success on youtube with your mlm network marketing home business.

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