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mlm social media

MLM Social Media Prospecting Tips.

Do your network marketing prospects always seem to be less than you need in numbers?

Are you frustrated that you never have ENOUGH MLM Prospects?

Would you like to learn a little MLM Prospecting Secret that GUARANTEES you will have an overflow of home business prospects?

Here is a little MLM Social Media Prospecting Tip you your network marketing business:

It is all about your prospects “falling through the cracks”- you MUST have so many prospects in the pipeline to follow up on, you cannot keep up and forget to call some of them back.

Simply, most people do not anywhere near the number of folks they need looking at their business. It seems that there is almost a “prospecting mediocrity” that exists and tells
people that if you have 4,5, or 6 people looking at the business, you are doing
this business right.


That is why most people fail in this business, because of all the “Mediocre Myths” out in
the industry. Most people do not understand that the number of people you have
looking at the business plus the quality of people equals the amount of your
ongoing Success. It is that simple. Let’s put it in a different format:

Number of PEOPLE + Quality of PEOPLE = Your ongoing Prospecting Success in Network Marketing.

Yes, belief, personal development, decision, and Leadership are critical elements as
well, but it is the number and the quality of prospects that you have that really tell the story.

And many distributors/consultants have way too few people at any one given time looking at the business.


Setting Prospecting Limits.

They limit themselves to a narrow group of people that eventually they reach the limit to
what they can do with the list. And then they end up leaving saying the business
does not work.

It DOES work, and works well. IF you know how to work it RIGHT and give it time to
work. But most people simply do not believe that because of their lack of

But do NOT let that be you.

There is a new medium that can bring more prospects to you than you can call on- and it is the Social Media and Mobile Marketing phenomenon.

You need to become a part of it to find the number of people you need to create Success.

Donni had a business and was struggling in it. She was not a happy camper because she quit
her job when she had her baby, and this HAD to work. But it was not. She was
starting to get worried, as her husband.

Donni decided to follow some advice, and get into the social media zone. She studied
it, and learned it well, and within 45 days, her whole business had turned
around, because she was getting 5-15 leads a DAY, and all because she followed
a well thought out plan.  Her volume grew dramatically, and so did her income. She went from having 3 to 4 people in the pipeline to over 40 in the pipeline.

Today, she has tripled what she earned at her job, and it continues to grow monthly. Would YOU like to have that kind of Success? You can and will- all you need to do is learn what I am teaching you on this blog, and the PRACTICE it, and then DO IT.

Does it REALLY take a lot of folks to succeed?

Words of Wisdom.

Let’s listen to what my Mentor has to say:

 “Someone asked me one time how do you REALLY know you are doing this business right? I simply answered, ‘When your prospects start falling through the cracks.’ That means that you have so many people in the pipeline looking at the business that literally you forget to call some of them because there are so many people to follow up on. How can you do that today with people being so guarded?

 “Simple. Go Social. Learn all you can about the new Social Media approach to Network Marketing prospecting and recruiting- known as Recruiting MagneTechs. This is magnetic power for your finding leads and recruiting. Finding good leads is the most critical piece of the Success puzzle in Network Marketing.

But most do not find these kind of great leads because they limit themselves to who they know. Can calling people that you know work? Absolutely! It works great and is part of the traditional way to do this business. And everyone who gets into this industry needs to start calling on the people they know. But also- not be limited to that number either.

“If you are going to succeed today long term, you need a blend of the traditional way of doing this business, and the non- traditional. It is called “Co-Traditional Network Marketing.” If you can blend the two in your business, you will find that your business will be in OVERDRIVE and start giving you the results that you are looking for.

 “Does it take some time? Of course. Every new path in any industry has a learning curve. But you can shorten that curve by 80% by finding a good program that will teach you what you need to do to make that happen.  

“Folks that understand and embrace the new Social and Mobile path of Success in home business, will become the new millionaires in this wonderful industry.”

How many do YOU have in the pipeline looking at the business?

And if you are just looking at having a home business, you need to start it off right.
Call your warm market, but also start familiarizing yourself with the social media market. Both combined can make a tremendous one-two punch in your mlm social media prospecting.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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  2. Doug, this is great advice! I really enjoy your work. Thanks!

    • Andrew Magee says


  3. Tim Johnson says

    Powerful post Doug.

    I get the impression We ALL Need To S T R E T C H our current thinking about Prospecting success, which we in reality Limit Ourselves.

    I know I have thought having 4,5,6 prospects in the pipeline, I’ve got it going on…

    This new Normal, 40+ Prospects in the pipeline, so many that they truly do fall through the cracks is really Magentic Powerful Prospecting.


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