MLM Social Media- 3 Prospecting Secrets for LinkedIn Recruiting

MLM Linkedin Recruiting and Prospecting.

Have you ever been on LinkedIn and seen the millions of professionals there for your home business?

Are you currently working LinkedIn for your network marketing business?

How does your plan work on LinkedIn- or do you have one?

There are many great social sites out there, but for the professional and business owner, LinkedIn is the hottest prospecting site for a home business professional to get the word out about you and your products.

I ran across this great post by Jill Konrath, and it was amazing. I really like her style and how she sees things in the social world of business. I would suggest that you take notes and on her blog, she does a lot of videos as well, so you will learn from her as I have. Hey! I teach this stuff and have for 7 years, and still learning from great folks like her.

Here is her post:


3 Ways to Reach New Prospects on LinkedIn.

Link to Original Post.

Did you know that overall, you’re 5X more likely to get a sales call returned if you have a personal connection with someone? To me, that’s an amazing statistic. In a world where people are swamped at work and suffering from information overload, it’s the best way to capture their attention.

So what does that mean you should be doing? In essence, implementing a connection-based strategy to reach new prospects.

Here are three ways you can do that by leveraging your LinkedIn connections:

  1. The first thing you can do, is to check LinkedIn to determine if you know any of the same people. Look at their profile too. You might have gone to the same university or worked at the same company at some point in your career. When you reach out to them, make sure to mention the connection right away. This increases your odds of success by threefold.
  2. An even better approach is to have your mutual connection call your prospect to make an introduction. By doing this, you’re upping your chances of success by a factor of four.
  3. And, the best approach of all? Contacting a personal connection. You’re 11x more likely to get a return call. This means you need to strategically focus on developing relationships with people who are similar to your ideal customers. Go where they are — both on and off-line — and initiate a conversation. Make sure you keep in touch with them too. It’ll be well worth your time.

To sum it up, we’re in the Relationship Age, and who you know matters — a lot.

And that says it all folks- we ARE in a Relationship Marketing Age and we better know and learn how to market our mlm network marketing home business in this age.

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blessings….doug firebaugh

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MLM Training – #1 Reason Why People Struggle with Lack Of Leads

mlm home business prospecting

mlm home business netowrk marketing prospecting

MLM Prospecting Tips and training.

Do you know what prospecting REALLY IS for your home based business– online or offline?

Are you aware that your perception of prospecting will affect your Success in your network marketing lead generation?

Is there a definition that you like to use for your work at home mlm business?

After a long time in this profession, I have come to the conclusion that there is a thing what I call your “Prospecting Lens.”

And this “lens” will determine what kind of prospecting success you have or DO NOT HAVE. The Lens of Prospecting is a very powerful “filter” that you use that will impact your prospecting paradigm and perspective tremendously.

Many folks do NOT have a “Prospecting Lens” but a “prospecting blindfold” that blinds them to all the possibilities of leads that they have available. Social sites often are the worst “blindfolds” because of the distractions and social culture on the net.

This is NOT how prospecting really needs to conducted. If you are prospecting ONLINE you must be aware that there are MILLIONS of people out looking for you. You MUST then “put yourself in front of that traffic.”

And you do that with the AWARENESS of WHERE your prospects are, and how they need to be connected to. You can use PPC, or Facebook ads, PPV, or a host of other different kind of traffic generation methods, but here is the secret from as psychological view:

If you “Prospecting Lens” is not FOCUSED on those places where your prospects are, then it does  not matter. You may as well be whistling “Dixie” as we say down south. The Lens of Prospecting must make it CLEAR where you look and what you do to find your prospects and most do not have that clarity nor the focus to engage that. And many if they even do, do it from a place of “hope this works” vs “this is going to be HUGE.”

There are 4 parts to the “Prospecting Lens:”


If prospecting is NOT a high priority in your business, you will always struggle with lead generation.


You MUST be aware of who is online, the software available to you online, who is AROUND YOU, and how many prospects you have in the recruiting funnel. Take a look at this Aspera software that allows you to move critical files and data sets of any size at a maximum speed over your existing infrastructure and worldwide IP networks.


Consistent engagement is the key. If you engage consistently in prospecting, you will make a fortune.


You MUST have a support system that will keep you accountable in your prospecting efforts. Often putting a “Sniper Team” together works really well. What is THAT?

“Supporting Next Initiative (for) Prospecting Exploding Results.” 

So….If you decide to put on your “Prospecting Lens” then you FIRST must know WHAT prospecting REALLY IS.

Prospecting is simply locating suspects for your business and then turning them into prospects by finding out if they are right for your business and products- or not.

It has been taught,  a person is a SUSPECT first, then a Prospect if they are who you are looking for, and you and your products are who/what they are looking for.

Prospecting according to Webster’s Dictionary is “looking for GOLD.” SWEET!

Here is a “Lens of Leadership” Secret to Prospecting:

“It is NOT who you know…it is who THEY know, and then who they know, and then who they know…”
It is called “The LINKING Principle of Prospecting.”
If you do prospecting correctly, it can be an endless “chain of links” to thousands of people for your business and products. This is called also “Referral Recruiting.”
<If you would like to access unlimited FREE Leads that are high converting, check out
Referral Recruiting. It will rock your world.>
These are some thoughts about the Lens of Prospecting for your mlm network marketing home business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
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MLM Social Media- 6 Powerful Ways to Approach People on Social Media

mlm social media home business

home business social media

MLM Social Media Conversation Starters.

Are you using social media for recruiting in your home business?

How do you approach people about your network marketing business in social media?

In your mlm, is social media even a factor?

Social Media is critical in today’s world of home business. That is why that you need
to be aggressive but polite in your efforts. Cold Market Social media is powerful IF done correctly.

There has been an explosion of mobile applications in recent times, coinciding with the expansion and developments in the digital marketplace. As a result, companies of all sizes, in all industries and in every country have begun to appreciate how app developers and their mobile applications can increase engagement with their customers. These efforts allow them to market their products in a way which relates to the modern consumer

It ALL starts with the CONVERSATION.

You must get the person’s ATTENTION and then move them to CONNECTION. Many people do not use effective ways to connect and start the conversation. But if you do not somehow get their attention FIRST- then you will not be able to turn them into a prospect.

A huge mistake many people make I have observed on social media, is that they “AMBUSH” the social media person. They want to pretend that they are connecting with you for social reasons, and then…..


Here comes the wave of communications telling you how you would be perfect for their business, that you would make a great distributor or consultant, and you get pitched out they waazoo on their most current deal- which changes almost quarterly.

How about this…

What if you could grab their attention by being honestly interested in THE PERSON and not just the business for them.  This would garner a whole new type of reply and results. If you choose to go that route, then you may be pleasantly surprised at how the prospect starts moving towards you.

BUT- it ALL starts with getting the social media prospect’s ATTENTION.

These are ways that you can move them towards you and accomplish that, one of the best ways to become popular in social media, for either personal or business goal, is by getting ton of subscribers on youtube, at the beginning you will need to start buying YouTube views until you reach the top 100 of the most viewed channels, then youtube system will start redirecting users to your content.

Here are 6 ways to comment and start a conversation.

1. “I love this video. Wow. I have a question. Do you have more videos like this? Please let me know.”                                                                            

2. “This really helped me. Thank you. Do you have more information like this? Please let me know.”

 3. “This series of videos I LOVED! I would like to interview you for my blog. When would that be possible?”

 4, “I have watched you and love what you are doing. You truly have a gift. Would like to ask you a couple of questions about  your work. When can we connect?”

 5, “I loved your webinar. I learned a lot. Would like to chat about possibly doing one for our team. When can we connect via phone?”

 6. “I see you are quite fond of fitness. I love to work out / network with others that do. I would like to chat with you sometime about your ideas for fitness and nutrition/ Skin care and beauty/ weight loss and diets/travel and fitness equipment as the URBNFit Yoga Ball that is great for training.

These are great ways to approach prospects in social media for your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Prospecting- The Magnetic Prospecting Rule of BWPA.

mlm recruiting

mlm home business recruiting

MLM Recruiting Offline.

Are you using offline recruiting and prospecting tactic for your your home based business?
Have you ever used more traditional methods to recruit for your network marketing business?
What kind of success have you experienced with offline mlm recruiting tactics?
Offline (Traditional) prospecting and recruiting is still a mainstay for the home business profession. A whole lot more people are recruiting OFFLINE then online still today. But online recruiting has gotten very popular the last few years.
Many folks think that they do not want to go and talk to their friends and family, because they do not want to “bug” them. That is not even close to what happens when you are prospecting them as a possibility for your mlm business.
The secret is to have a “balance” between the offline and online prospecting worlds, and then gravitate to which one you like more and feels “more like you.” Many people prefer offline methods more so then online as that is what they feel comfortable with. And that is the reason for this post.
Offline is CRITICAL to develop powerful relationships with your prospects, and with your recruits. Are you doing that?
Offline prospecting tactics today are getting more popular than the last 5 years.
Things seemed to have changed.
It used to be ALL about social media and online, but offline has found favor again.
Nothing like a personal touch in prospecting.
Mobile is the “new darling” of the internet and social world, but combined with the offline tactics, it accelerates it’s power dramatically.
•There are 3 powerful secrets to Offline prospecting:
1. NO Pressure.
Make it light and friendly. Get the pressure off, and prospect like a professional.
2. Make it ALL About the prospect.
•It is NOT about you. Think T.I.N.Y.
Their Interests Not Yours.
People really do not care about your issues or problems. They care about THEIRS FIRST. Then THEIRS SECOND. And then MAYBE…yours third.
3. Keep them ENGAGED in the Process.
Keep them INVOLVED. It is not enough to get the INTERESTED, You must get them INVOLVED. If you get them involved, you have PULLED them towards you and now you can more easily recruit them.
MAGNETIC Prospecting Secret:

The Rule of BWPA.

•This is prospecting rule that simply says, “Be Where People Are.”
Look in newspapers.

Newspapers are the best place to look for where events are happening.

Radio remotes.

These are great places to be where people gather.
Chamber parties.

These are a great place to meet business professionals and start connecting with them.
Athletic events.

Sports events are a special place to meet parents of the players.

Shopping special ads.

People like to shop. They stay for hours. They are conversations waiting to happen.

Any Special event.
Wherever people ARE, you Must BE. It is critical that you understand that. They are conversations that are waiting to happen for your mlm network marketing home based business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012 all rights reserved
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MLM Training - Cold Market Recruiting Webinar by Doug Firebaugh and Diane Hochman

MLM Cold Market Recruiting Mastery Training! Would you like to know how to capture 500 more leads a month- almost by accident? Would you like to know how to recruiting ANYONE ANYWHERE for your home business? Would you like to know how to turn the cold market into a GOLD MARKET- ONLINE or OFFLINE? 

Click on the this link:

Cold Market Recruiting Mastery

MLM Prospecting- 3 MLM Prospecting Tips NO ONE Will Tell You

mlm training

mlm home business prospecting

MLM Prospecting Tips.

What would it worth to you if you if you could find some prospecting tips that truly helped in your home based business?

How would that look and feel to know you had some REAL mlm leads coming in and not just average leads?

Would that make a difference in your mlm prospecting?

There aree many ways to propect and find leads. These are 3 secrets that will help you in many ways in your finding the right person for your  business. Prospecting can be a bit frustrating and I know that form experience. Take heart!  These 3 secrets will help you in your endeavors to fin new people to talk to.

Super prospecting Nugget 1:

“Prospect where people are, not where you feel comfortable going. Prospect BEYOND your comfort level to take your business to a NEW level.”

 It is called a PROSPECTING RUT.

It is a rut that many people get in and never leave.

You continue to go and talk with people that you are comfortable with, but yet…

They never come into the business or buy a product.

You even go to the same comfortable places HOPING someone will talk with you, but yet, you never talked with them.

You go to the same stores.

You go to the same bank branch.

You go the same old places….no variation.

NOTE:  Ahem.

There are more prospects in facebook groups than you could imagine.

There are more great prospects in LinkedIn than you can imagine.

What? You do not feel comfortable with that kind of social online prospecting?


There are more prospects in one Networking meeting at the Chamber of Commerce meeting then 10 movies you want to go see.

There are more prospects in a work at home show in your city than you can imagine.

There are more prospects in a mall working there than you can imagine.

 Fish where the whales are, not the minnows.

Prospecting for minnows is easier and makes great wholesale customers, but whales don’t get tossed and lost with every change of the tide.


Leadership is YOU. Success is YOU. Achievement is YOU. You must allow yourself the reality of that to sink in. YOU are already that. You just have to make it REAL in your life. UNLEASH
YOUR Success!

Super Prospecting Nugget # 2

 When Prospecting, don’t just try and recruit your prospects. There is a much more powerful way to do it. Connect them to the amazing Possibilities of your business and connect that possibility to their DREAMS…and let them recruit themselves.”

 I really do not have anything else to say about this nugget.


It really is that simple.

a. Find the Pain or Problem.

 b. Connect that Pain to your solution- your business.

 c. Then make the pain go away in their imagination – working with you.

End of story.

All prospecting is, and will ever be, is connecting the prospects heart to the Hope and Possibility that they CAN have the life they have always dreamed of, and you will help them get it with your Network Marketing products and company.

It is that simple.

End of pain.

There is MORE inside of YOU.

Reach DOWN and pull the Greatness up and then DO what you have been putting
off. SUCCEED wildly with it. Then Let the nay-sayers know they were WRONG!  UNLEASH your Greatness!

Super Prospecting Nugget # 3

Quit Prospecting. Start  Elevating. Lift people up first, and they will be more open and more drawn towards you. Encourage, Lift, and Pour Into the prospect all that your business
offers. Let them FEEL the business…not just hear about it.

There is a saying, “Pour it ON!”

I say, “Pour it OUT!”

 AndPour It IN!”

The greatest secret to prospecting is not about numbers or keep talking to people or even “throw it up against the wall and see what sticks” which I abhor that statement.

It is about POURING INTO the Prospect the Hope and Possibility that their life can be what they have always have DREAMED working with you.

 Pour in kind words.

 Pour in compliments.

 Pour in a solution to their pain.

 Pour in your Leadership for them to follow.

 Pour in your heart and CARE about what they want.

 They will move from prospect to friend.

 And it s so much easier to recruit a friend than a stranger.

YOU are able to do ANY and ALL things. YOU just must believe you can. Life is waiting on you….what are YOU witing for?

These are 3 Powerful MLM Prospectng secrets NO ONE will Tell you fof your mlm home business network marketing success.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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2 Cold Market Phone scripts that will ROCK Your world.

MLM Training- 4 MORE Powerful Cold Market Phone Scripts

MLM Cold Market Telephone Scripts.

Have you ever gotten a cold market home business prospect and did not know how to talk with them?

What words or questions do you ask your cold market network marketing prospect?

What difference would that make if YOU knew exactly what to say and said it with confidence and power?

Lets take a look at this COLD Market Script:

Hi (Prospects First Name), how’s it going?  This is (My First Name); I’m calling you back with more info you requested about making money from home.
Ok…What can I do for you?  
Do you have a pen and paper handy? ……… To save us both some time, I need to ask you a few questions to figure out what info to direct you to.

Ask questions that relate to them:

Are you married? Are you employed? What are you looking for in a home business? Etc.

Here is another MLM COLD Market Script:

Hi (Prospects First Name), how’s it going?  This is (My First Name); I’m calling you back with more info you requested about making money from home.
What can I do for you?

Here is another COLD Market script if married:

(If married) (How does your spouse feel about you looking for a home based business? (And – Are they going to be involved in the decision or are you going to make it on your own?) Do you have kids?  Have you ever been self employed or owned a home based business before?  Now what level of income are you accustomed to?  What kind of income are you looking to generate in the next 12 months?  Do you have some capital set aside to start your business?
Do you have a pen and paper handy? ……… To save us both some time, I need to ask you a few questions to figure out what info to direct you to.

Here is a Power COLD Market script:

You know (Prospects First Name); our company has quite a standard for the people we are looking for.  There’s a lot of work on our part in setting someone up in a home based business successfully.  So we are looking for people who are absolutely serious about building a business and making money from home.  So (Prospects First Name), on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being extremely serious and 1 just kicking tires, how serious are you about starting a home based business?  Tell me why

These are powerful Cold Market Phone scripts that you can use to recruit or for your mlm network marketing home business prospecting.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training – How to Transition Anyone into a Recruiting Conversation

MLM Recruiting Conversation Phrases.

Do you know how to move a regular online or offline conversation into a recruiting conversation in your home business?

Are you talking to cold market or warm market for your mlm business?

How would you like to know some powerful phrases to change a regular conversation into an mlm recruiting conversation?

Many people do not understand how to transition a regular conversation into a Recruiting conversation. And even more powerful how to “soften” the recruiting communication for the prospect.

What IS a Transition Phrase?

It is where you transition what you are talking about in a conversation into a conversation about your business and possibilities.


Transition Phrases are powerful if USED CORRECTLY.

There is a “point” that there is an “opening” in every conversation that can be transitioned and transformed into a conversation about your business. But knowing what to say and how to say it is critical in order to be able to move into that what I call the “Transition Zone.”

The “Transition Zone” is where you move very softly into the conversation about your business and lead the prospect into it.

It is much like opening a door and walking the prospect through it. The “Transition Phrase” is the door opening, and then moving into the conversation is the walking the prospect through the door.

This is why many people mess up in their recruiting efforts. They try to FORCE the conversation versus transitioning into it.

You use “Transition Phrases” for that process.

Here are some powerful Transition Phrases as well as Softening Phrases to soften the prospect’s emotions:

1. Tran-sition Phrase:

 “I am glad you mentioned that.” This is where you take something the prospect has said, and turn into a “door” to open the conversation into a recruiting conversation.

This could be about losing weight, skin problems, or income problems.

“Tom, I am so glad you mentioned that. Because there is something that I have found that really helps with that. Let me explain.”

2. Transition Phrase:

 “That reminds me- let me share something with you that  I have been meaning to –that I have run across.”

This Transition Phrase can be used anywhere in a conversation. The secret is to play “Columbo” when you are talking to the prospect. Columbo was a detective that often as he was leaving a place, turn around and drop a “bomb” on the person that often lead to a conviction. It is the same here as you simply say the phrase and open the door to a different direction in the conversation.

Here are three “Softening Phrases” that can help in your conversation that will help “soften” the conversation moving in another direction:

“Softner” Phrases  – “I am not sure if this is something that would be right for you.”
“Softner” Phrases – “This may or may not be a fit for you.”
“Softner” Phrases – “I only want what is best for you and your family.”

I would suggest that you practice these phrases, as these will help tremendously in your recruiting and prospecting conversations in your mlm network marketing home business efforts.

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blessings..doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- How to Read Your MLM Prospect Like a Book

mlm network marketing

mlm home business body language

MLM Prospecting- Reading your Prospect Like a Book

Do you know that there is a “silent language” that your mlm prospect end to you when you meet with them?

Are you aware that often their “body language” carries the REAL message of what they are trying to say?

Who would it help to have some home business training on reading your network marketing prospect like a book?

Body language I have studied for years, and it is a fascinating study. If you understand what the “signals” are that they are sending you unknowingly, you will be stunned how it can increase and improve your recruiting success.

Here is an article that I have loved and referred to for years. It is an article that was written specific to body language and I know will help you in your recruiting and success endeavors. It truly is one of those articles that are timeless and I have been blessed to discover.

Body Language Signals and Nonverbal Clues.

A range of nonverbal clues may serve as red flags during a negotiation or recruiting session. Experts suggest paying special attention to a person’s hands and face. “There are many revealing body signals that may indicate a hidden agenda,” said Donald Moine, an organizational psychologist in Rolling Hills Estates, Calif.

Examples include hair pulling, lip biting, eye blinking, gulping and throat clearing. According to Moine, a negotiator or prospect who starts breathing rapidly may not be telling the truth. “The way to tell how someone is breathing is to notice their shoulders,” he said. “With more rapid breathing that’s higher up in the chest, you will see their shoulders rise and fall a lot more than normal.”

When coaching executives to improve their negotiation skills, Moine finds that many of them miss opportunities to read others’ body language. “They often make the mistake of looking down at papers instead of being observant,” he said. The next time your opponent gestures for you to study a document or presents a written contract for you to scrutinize, don’t fall for the bait. Instead of cutting off eye contact, Moine suggests that you say, “Tell me about it. What does it say?” As long as you keep your eyes on your negotiating partners or your prospect, you can assess whether their nonverbal behavior conflicts with what they tell you.


Even the most experienced deal makers or prospects who know how to mask their expressions may still betray themselves with their bodies. “Watch for signs of deception,” said Raymond McGraime, author of “Silent Seduction.”

“Deception is shown by such movements as covering of the mouth with the hands, rubbing the side of the nose, jerking the head quickly to the side, and leaning away from you. If these things occur when they’re saying something critical to the negotiation or enrolling in your company, that’s even more significant.” Although these behaviors may simply result from nervous tics, McGraime warns that they can also expose a liar. “When most people lie, they subconsciously want to apologize for it,” he said. “They feel guilty for lying, and that shows in
their nonverbal behavior.”

Body Language Trust.

On a more positive note, body language can sometimes help you trust a speaker. Look for expansive, welcoming gestures that seem to flow naturally from the person’s behavior. “When someone opens his palms towards simultaneously, that’s a sign of openness and honesty,”
McGraime said. “The further the palms come out from their body, the better. In depictions of the great prophets, you see this. It’s like saying, ‘I have nothing up my sleeve.’”

Now that you know what to look for while negotiating, beware of attributing too much meaning to every little move your opponent makes. Resist drawing rash conclusions based on someone who suddenly starts scratching or acting jittery. “The danger of reading your
opponent is that you lean too much on just one sign,” said Richard Heslin, professor of psychology at Purdue University. “But when you can put several things together, maybe there’s something there that’s worth paying attention to.”

Body Aspects

Our body says a lot about us in many ways as we communicate. Body movement can indicate attitudes, and feelings while also acting as illustrators and regulators. Our body movement includes the heads, eyes, shoulders, lips, eyebrows, neck, legs, arms, fingers, orientation, hands and gestures. Together these pieces can convey if we’re comfortable, unhappy, friendly, anxious, nervous and many other messages.

With so many parts conveying messages, you can see how easily things can get confused and how difficult it is to manipulate nonverbal communication. Just think of the different messages which are communicated through facing a person, touching, standing at various
distances and in different stances. With careful thought, however, we may begin
using our bodies to further our clarity and meaning.

These are the secrets to reading your mlm prospect like a book for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings.doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- 7 Powerful Phrases to CONNECT with Your Prospects


mlm nertwork marketing

home business mlm

MLM Connecting with Your Prospects.

What are the secrets to connecting with your mlm prospects in your network marketing home business?

What do you SAY to a prospect that will get them to think that you are “one of them” and they feel comfortable with you in your mlm endeavors?

Do YOU know how to connect with people EFFORTLESSLY?

There is a secret to connecting with your prospects powerfully. They are called “Connection Phrases” and “Connection Questions.” Both are like Super Magnets that PULL people towards you easily and without much effort.

Connecting with your prospect- whether online or offline- is a MUST if you are going to build a home based business. The prospect if not feeling like they are connecting to you AND your message, may very well say “no thanks.”

Would YOU buy something from a person that you felt there was NO connection?

I doubt it.

We usually do business with people we like and trust- and feel CONNECTED to.

There are many ways to connect with people, but we have found that for network marketing and direct selling, there is no better way than:

“Connection Phrases”

These are phrases that people will hear you say and immediately the CONNECTION process starts to happen. These phrases PULL people towards you, and then they CONNECT with your message and words.

Here are 7 Powerful Connection Phrases that I have taught all over the world and they work with any culture and any home business prospect:

1. “I can relate to that!”

This shows that you can relate and connect to what they just said, and you have something in common. This phrase is a MAGNET.

2. “I was looking for the same thing.”

This shows that you have been where they are and understand their perspective and position.

3. “I understand.”

There is no more powerful way to connect than to understand someone and what they are saying. These 2 words are POWER and STRENGTH.

4. “I totally agree.”

Agreeing with someone is a powerful psychological connector. A prospect will feel flattered if you agree agree with them right off the bat.

5. “I have a friend that does that for a living.”

This is a Powerful connector for knowing someone in the same field of work. It truly is a great connection phrase and MAGNET.

6. “You and I seem to be a lot alike.” 

This one always seems to work without fail as you are saying, “You are like me!”

7. “You and I share a lot in common.” 

This is another great way to say, “I am like you.” This is a MAGNET that PULLS mlm prospects towards you.

These are 7 Connection Phrases for connecting to your network marketing prospects for your mlm home business.

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FREE mlm mp3 download-The 7 Biggest Mistakes Masde in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell You

blessings…doug firebaugh

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