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MLM Prospecting- Reading your Prospect Like a Book

Do you know that there is a “silent language” that your mlm prospect end to you when you meet with them?

Are you aware that often their “body language” carries the REAL message of what they are trying to say?

Who would it help to have some home business training on reading your network marketing prospect like a book?

Body language I have studied for years, and it is a fascinating study. If you understand what the “signals” are that they are sending you unknowingly, you will be stunned how it can increase and improve your recruiting success.

Here is an article that I have loved and referred to for years. It is an article that was written specific to body language and I know will help you in your recruiting and success endeavors. It truly is one of those articles that are timeless and I have been blessed to discover.

Body Language Signals and Nonverbal Clues.

A range of nonverbal clues may serve as red flags during a negotiation or recruiting session. Experts suggest paying special attention to a person’s hands and face. “There are many revealing body signals that may indicate a hidden agenda,” said Donald Moine, an organizational psychologist in Rolling Hills Estates, Calif.

Examples include hair pulling, lip biting, eye blinking, gulping and throat clearing. According to Moine, a negotiator or prospect who starts breathing rapidly may not be telling the truth. “The way to tell how someone is breathing is to notice their shoulders,” he said. “With more rapid breathing that’s higher up in the chest, you will see their shoulders rise and fall a lot more than normal.”

When coaching executives to improve their negotiation skills, Moine finds that many of them miss opportunities to read others’ body language. “They often make the mistake of looking down at papers instead of being observant,” he said. The next time your opponent gestures for you to study a document or presents a written contract for you to scrutinize, don’t fall for the bait. Instead of cutting off eye contact, Moine suggests that you say, “Tell me about it. What does it say?” As long as you keep your eyes on your negotiating partners or your prospect, you can assess whether their nonverbal behavior conflicts with what they tell you.


Even the most experienced deal makers or prospects who know how to mask their expressions may still betray themselves with their bodies. “Watch for signs of deception,” said Raymond McGraime, author of “Silent Seduction.”

“Deception is shown by such movements as covering of the mouth with the hands, rubbing the side of the nose, jerking the head quickly to the side, and leaning away from you. If these things occur when they’re saying something critical to the negotiation or enrolling in your company, that’s even more significant.” Although these behaviors may simply result from nervous tics, McGraime warns that they can also expose a liar. “When most people lie, they subconsciously want to apologize for it,” he said. “They feel guilty for lying, and that shows in
their nonverbal behavior.”

Body Language Trust.

On a more positive note, body language can sometimes help you trust a speaker. Look for expansive, welcoming gestures that seem to flow naturally from the person’s behavior. “When someone opens his palms towards simultaneously, that’s a sign of openness and honesty,”
McGraime said. “The further the palms come out from their body, the better. In depictions of the great prophets, you see this. It’s like saying, ‘I have nothing up my sleeve.’”

Now that you know what to look for while negotiating, beware of attributing too much meaning to every little move your opponent makes. Resist drawing rash conclusions based on someone who suddenly starts scratching or acting jittery. “The danger of reading your
opponent is that you lean too much on just one sign,” said Richard Heslin, professor of psychology at Purdue University. “But when you can put several things together, maybe there’s something there that’s worth paying attention to.”

Body Aspects

Our body says a lot about us in many ways as we communicate. Body movement can indicate attitudes, and feelings while also acting as illustrators and regulators. Our body movement includes the heads, eyes, shoulders, lips, eyebrows, neck, legs, arms, fingers, orientation, hands and gestures. Together these pieces can convey if we’re comfortable, unhappy, friendly, anxious, nervous and many other messages.

With so many parts conveying messages, you can see how easily things can get confused and how difficult it is to manipulate nonverbal communication. Just think of the different messages which are communicated through facing a person, touching, standing at various
distances and in different stances. With careful thought, however, we may begin
using our bodies to further our clarity and meaning.

These are the secrets to reading your mlm prospect like a book for your mlm network marketing home business.

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