MLM Training – The Recruiting Power of “Connection Influence”?

MLM Cold Market Recruiting Tips.

Do you ever recruit in the cold market for your home business?

Have you ever recruited people that you do not know in your network marketing business?

Are you open to learning some secrets to cold market recruiting for your work at home mlm?

Cold market recruiting is an art form in many respects, and can be one of the hottest ways to recruit-whether online or offline. Cold market recruiting requires only one thing;

A willingness to learn a process that can teach you how to connect and construct relationships with people that you do not know and end up recruiting them after a series of exposures. This is done everyday online with Funnel Recruiting and done offline with classified ads and cold calling. Either way works, and works well.

BUT- you MUST do this daily and without fail to give it time to work. And if you want to deal with TRUTH about cold market recruiting, then let’s take a look at how cold market recruiting works in a home based business.

Let us start with this ONE REALITY:

old Market Recruiting all revolves around one thing:

“Connection Influence.”

This is where you get the attention of a cold market prospect and through your initial Message Impact – online or offline conversation, you can connect with the prospect in some way to create Influence with them, and lead them to where you want them to go with you.

Read that again.


This is where you get the attention of a cold market prospect and through your initial Message Impact – online or offline conversation, you can connect with the prospect in some way to create Influence with them, and lead them to where you want them to go with you.

That is the secret to Recruiting in the Cold Market.

Connection Influence.

Powerful. Personal. Profound.

And if you develop it, you can recruit ANYONE in the Cold Market, no matter who they are, and what cold market they came from whether a PPC facebook ad or a social media stream, or a classified ad running in the Wooden Nickel.

There actually is a very powerful formula that we have taught for years-and we still train on it today as it works amazing in social media and online recruiting:

“The 3 I’s of Cold Market Recruiting.”

  1.     Impact. (You MUST get their attention)
  2.     Influence. (You MUST then get them to trust you and like you)
  3.    Involved. (You MUST get them doing something with you)

These are the 3 most powerful words for Cold Market Recruiting and they alone can make
you a superstar with your company.


 RESULTS in your Recruiting and Team Building.

It is the same with Team Building. What you say and do MUST create and Impact with them, and through that Impact grows Influence, and from that Influence, they become Involved and engaged in what you lead them to. That is how I have recruited or help recruit tens of thousands in the Cold Market.

You need to be equipped for the Cold Market in many ways, and that is the purpose of this Mastery
Post. If you take some of the tips in the next few posts on recruiting for your business Recruiting, your results should sky rocket quickly in your mlm network marketing home based business.

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MLM Training- 4 Little Known Cold Market MLM Recruiting Secrets

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MLM Cold Market Recruiting Secrets


Do you ever talk to people that you do not know for your network marketing home business?

Have you ever talked with someone that was a cold market lead?

How did it go? Did they join your home based business?

Here are three little known MLM Cold Market Recruiting Secrets that will help you in your mlm recruiting:



MLM Recruiting Secret 1:

The greatest Asset you have in your hands during slow times- is HOPE. 

Folks are looking for HOPE in today’s slow economy. Most lack it. Most do not have any hope of it getting any better. And most feel powerless.

Hope gives POWER and Inspiration back to the heart. And you must become a “Hope Agent” during these tough times. Just as a real estate agent markets buildings and homes, you must market to people hope. That is what they are looking for today,

A hope that there is a better way out of this economic mess. A hope that they can make it through it. A hope that they can weather the storm. A hope that they can survive.

Move them past all of those “that is just the way it is” people and take them to “it does not have to be this way” land.

“Regardless of what you may have read or heard, your finances and life do not have to be the way they are now. You have many options. And I would love to partner up and help you create something different in your life as many others already have. They are no different than you or me- except they refused to settle for what everyone else is settling for. How would you like to give the people you care about most- Hope for their future? Let me show you what I mean…” 


MLM Recruiting Secret #2

During tough times, people seem to be more resistant. They are not. They are just scared and many times just wanting a friend. 

Folks today may seem more resistant to your conversation. They really are not. They are just being what their emotions call for – resistance. But you can break that down very easily and it not even be a problem.


Move from recruiting them to just being there for them.

Most are looking for someone that understands their situation and is willing to listen, and simply care. That can be done by you.

“Let’s forget business for a bit. That can wait…Tell me what is going on with your life and what is your greatest concern about where it is headed.  I want to know…” 


MLM Recruiting Secret #3 

In a Slow Market, people are looking for some real advice and input. Be that input. Move from recruiter- to Advisor. 

“I appreciate you sharing that with me, as that is a concern that many people have. But what I would like to do is share some advice that I believe will help you, as it really helped me. We can stay in the same situation and accept what comes with it, or we can change the situation and demand something different. My advice would be to do something that will take you to where you want to go- not where the economy is taking you. Does that make sense to you?” 


MLM Recruiting Secret 4:

During slow times- think ATTORNEY. Build your case, and then build it some more. Then state the next action. 

Building a case for greatness today is easy. Bit many people do not think that people will listen. They are wrong. During slow times, you need to understand what is called “Layered Conversation.” 

This is where you give ONE POINT at a time why that today is a great time to do something different and refuse to stay where you are at.

“Another good point that shows why that today is such a good time to do something different is the mood of the people. When  people get angry, they are more open to change. Would you agree there are some upset people out there? 

“And another reason why that this is such a great time to take back control of your income is that people today are looking for EXACTLY THAT. They are tired of having no say in their income and they want to take back that control and increase it dramatically. Do you know anyone that is like that?” 

“So there is what we need to do- let’s move away and get out of this current situation and start moving towards a place in your life that will never have to worry about a slow economy again. How does that sound?” 

Get your application ready.

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