MLM Training – The Weakness in “Trying to Control Everything Leadership”

MLM Training on Leadership Control.

Do you try and control everything you do with your home business?

Ate you aware that being a control freak as a leader hurts your network marketing business?

Are you unknowingly practicing this for your work at home mlm?

Leadership is NOT control. It is about Influence and persuasion. It is about being a Catalyst and making things happen. But controlling everything going on is not leadership- it is dictatorship. And it never works to build a direct sales team.

Here is an article from SmartBriefs that will help you see from a Corporate side that you must NOT try and control everything. Yes, you want to hit the ranks that your comp plan has, and hit the top of the plan. But if you control everything in your group, you will find that it hurts you more than helps you do that.

And one of the biggest reasons NOT to try and control everything, is that your Influence will be hurt a LOT with your team and upline.

Here is the article- enjoy!


Why do you care if you do not hit the rank promotion or get the promotion you desire?

The three major impacts to you are:

  1. Financial—you don’t reach your income goals; the top sales officer is typically one of the 3 highest paid people in the company.
  2. Professional—you will be branded as the almost guy; He was almost  the SVP. He almost got the big job. He almost got promoted but timing didn’t work.
  3. Personal—do you want to relocate and change industries in your mid 40’s? If you’re into relocating, New Braunfels cash home buyers will help you. To get started, simply fill out a form at and scroll down to find out more details. Is your wife interested in pulling the kids out of school? The average regional VP of Sales has 2 kids between the ages of 9 and 15; embedded in the community. Never easy.

Why you will lose the role to your internal peer or sideline team member? Lack of Influence

This month, Forbes wrote a compelling article on the importance of great sales leaders. Influence through coaching and developing all people in the organization stood out.

If you lack it, you will fail. You might be saying: “that sounds squishy.”  It isn’t.  You have positional authority; but you do have influential authority greater than your peers?

The higher up you go, the less control you have. The number one reason why Regional guys never become worldwide guys is they lack the ability to influence multiple stakeholders. They spent their careers controlling people. I call them Captain Control. Do you commit any of these 3 sins?

  1. Control People—you constantly are working behind the scenes to ensure all people in your region say the right thing when others are in the room. You don’t like people reaching out to your direct reports without you knowing. More importantly, you are fanatical about knowing what happened. Who said what to whom and when. You are “feared” in your group and you somewhat enjoy the perception that you carry the big stick.
  2. Control Ideas—you don’t like new ideas unless they are yours. You spend time pushing back on change. You resist it. You want your team to “run the playbook” vs. challenge you and conventional wisdom. No idea is a bad idea as long as it is yours.
  3. Control Opinions—you don’t seek transparency. You seek compliance. When you ask people questions, you do it in a manner to check the box. You say you want their opinion but you really don’t. You want their agreement with yours. Malicious obedience.

What is the Alternative? Measure yourself against your key sales team leaders. You may be surprised at how they manage and inspire their teams, not control them.

Link to article:

SalesBrief Article for more reading….

This is another post that will help your leadership in the mlm network marketing home business profession.

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MLM Training – The Recruiting Power of “Connection Influence”?

MLM Cold Market Recruiting Tips.

Do you ever recruit in the cold market for your home business?

Have you ever recruited people that you do not know in your network marketing business?

Are you open to learning some secrets to cold market recruiting for your work at home mlm?

Cold market recruiting is an art form in many respects, and can be one of the hottest ways to recruit-whether online or offline. Cold market recruiting requires only one thing;

A willingness to learn a process that can teach you how to connect and construct relationships with people that you do not know and end up recruiting them after a series of exposures. This is done everyday online with Funnel Recruiting and done offline with classified ads and cold calling. Either way works, and works well.

BUT- you MUST do this daily and without fail to give it time to work. And if you want to deal with TRUTH about cold market recruiting, then let’s take a look at how cold market recruiting works in a home based business.

Let us start with this ONE REALITY:

old Market Recruiting all revolves around one thing:

“Connection Influence.”

This is where you get the attention of a cold market prospect and through your initial Message Impact – online or offline conversation, you can connect with the prospect in some way to create Influence with them, and lead them to where you want them to go with you.

Read that again.


This is where you get the attention of a cold market prospect and through your initial Message Impact – online or offline conversation, you can connect with the prospect in some way to create Influence with them, and lead them to where you want them to go with you.

That is the secret to Recruiting in the Cold Market.

Connection Influence.

Powerful. Personal. Profound.

And if you develop it, you can recruit ANYONE in the Cold Market, no matter who they are, and what cold market they came from whether a PPC facebook ad or a social media stream, or a classified ad running in the Wooden Nickel.

There actually is a very powerful formula that we have taught for years-and we still train on it today as it works amazing in social media and online recruiting:

“The 3 I’s of Cold Market Recruiting.”

  1.     Impact. (You MUST get their attention)
  2.     Influence. (You MUST then get them to trust you and like you)
  3.    Involved. (You MUST get them doing something with you)

These are the 3 most powerful words for Cold Market Recruiting and they alone can make
you a superstar with your company.


 RESULTS in your Recruiting and Team Building.

It is the same with Team Building. What you say and do MUST create and Impact with them, and through that Impact grows Influence, and from that Influence, they become Involved and engaged in what you lead them to. That is how I have recruited or help recruit tens of thousands in the Cold Market.

You need to be equipped for the Cold Market in many ways, and that is the purpose of this Mastery
Post. If you take some of the tips in the next few posts on recruiting for your business Recruiting, your results should sky rocket quickly in your mlm network marketing home based business.

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Network Marketing Training- How to Develop an MLM Success Blueprint

mlm training

mlm network marketing training


MLM Success Blueprint.

Do you want to discover how to create a Success Blueprint for your Home Business?

How would you like to learn a step by step process of doing that?

How would that help you in your network marketing business?

Goals and Daily Methods of Operation are all part of the home business mlm culture. They have been around from the beginning. There are sone RIGHT ways, and some WRONG ways to do that. I would suggest that you look at doing it right, and this is a way that can help you build a great Success Blueprint for your home based business.

There are two types of goals you will need for Success in NETWORK MARKETING:

 1) Personal Goals. 

2) Business Goals.

 SHORT-RANGE GOALS.  Be specific. (This is your first 30-90 days)









 Customers first thirty days?_____________________________________________

Appointments first month?_______________________________________________

Telephone calls per day?_______________________________________________

New Recruits the first month?________________________________________

My First month income?________________________________________________

Hours a week that I will work?______________________________________________


 INTERMEDIATE GOALS.  Go for the Gold! (This is your first 6 months to a year)








 When will I achieve the first position? _____________________________

When will I achieve the second position?____________________________

How many Resellers will I have in 90 days? ___________________________

How many customers will I have in 90 days? _______________________________

How many appointments will my team be doing each week? ____________________

What will my volume be in 90 days? ____________________________________

 LONG RANGE GOALS(This is your 3-5 year plan) 










  Developing Your Success Strengths.

 You need to develop certain strengths along the way. These would include:

 1)    Optimistic Thinking – about where we are going, ourselves, and life in general.

2)    Success Habits – Develop ones that will empower Success, not stop it.

3)    Skills and Specialized Knowledge – Identify the skills and knowledge that you will need to develop to create Success in your business.

 What THOUGHTS will you need to develop?   List them.

What HABITS will you need to develop?      List them.

What SKILLS will you need to develop?      List them.

 Where is your BELIEF?

 There is a difference between HAVING a goal and BELIEVING you will ACHIEVE the goal. You must BELIEVE that you can Succeed in NETWORK MARKETING. Belief is built by working your goals daily and being involved in them.

 1)    SEE in your mind the Success that you want.

2)    CREATE a picture in real life of what that looks like – DREAM board.

3)    READ your goals everyday and also a positive article or part of a book.

4)    DECIDE that you will only surround yourself with positive and powerful people and things.

These are the steps of creating a Success Blueprint for your Home Business and network marketing profession.

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