MLM Recruiting- How to Do a Holiday Recruiting Get Together-THAT WORKS

mlm home business holiday

mlm holiday recruiting


MLM Holiday Recruiting.

If you could hold a get together for your mlm prospects over the holidays and recruit them ALL from ONE MEETING-would that be of help?

Yes, online meetings are possible too and we will cover that in another post, but LIVE face to face meetings during the holidays are CRITICAL as well as part of the holiday tradition.

It is called a “Get Together” and NOT a “meeting” as that is the “feel” it needs and also the focus it needs. “Meeting” often sends the wrong signal to the home business prospect. And they often think, “What do THEY want from me?”  The term “get together” signals that is will be fun, friendly, and just some folks that are getting together to enjoy the holiday season. and that is what you want.

You want a NO AGENDA FEEL to the meeting and non-threatening. But if you do this Holiday Get Together right, you will recruit many folks during this meeting, as we did this for years.

The Holidays and especially Christmas, are known for the family time, as well as parties and get togethers. So this little holiday secret can work well within the culture of the holiday season.

How does this Get Together work?

Like any other gathering.

1. You pick a location to meet and gather with your team and guests.

Often this can be a restaurant that has a back room you can meet. A Starbucks would work, as well as someone’s home, but the best is a luncheon place you can grab a sandwich.

2. You celebrate the holidays with music playing and a festive feel to it.

Here is where you simply celebrate the holidays with people and good times. BUT- you talk about the next year and all it has to hold for the future, and how you are looking so forward to it. 

3. Ask what each person attending wants to CHANGE in 2012 and WHY. Have them write it down if you have time and sheets of paper.

Get them talking about change. Ge them talking about what they are dissatisfied in life about. Get them to talk about the PERFECT YEAR and what 2012 would look like if it was.


4. Talk to them about needing a PLAN.

P = POSSIBILTY MAKER.  They need something that is going to make the perfect year POSSIBLE.

L = LOVE. Talk to them about LOVING their life in 2012 and not just LIVING it. “Wouldn’t it be awesome to LOVE your life in 2012 and not just go through the motions of living it?”

A = ACTION. It is NOT going to happen if you are NOT taking action on something that will help them GET THERE.

N = NEW. Usually to LOVE life, you gotta do something NEW and do it NOW.

Then talk OPTIONS and what they have in their life to make 2012 the BEST YEAR they have ever had. Most have FEW options you will find.

Ask this question: “Are you wanting to be in a position next year NOT having to worry about income?”

Then simply say that you not sure what that NEW THING or Action would be, but you and your team would help them achieve their dreams in 2012 in any way possible.

THEN move on to giving out small gifts of SUCCESS. This could be “As a Man Thinketh” book by James Allen or a CD on Success. AND give away a CD of Holiday or Christmas music as well. Use your creativity.  And at the end- meet the guests, and set up a time you get together with them individually with your team member that invited them.

This traditional method of creating a Holiday Recruiting Frenzy has proven to work and work well. I would encourage you to loo at doing this during the holidays, and if you do NOT have a big team, invite your friends and ask them to bring a guest.

This will increase your ability to build your business during a traditionally low activity season for the home business mlm profession.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Prospecting Tips- 4 Little Known Cardinal Rules of MLM Prospecting

mlm prospecting tips

mlm prospecting


What does it cost you if you do not know TO DO something in your mlm home business?

Can you put an amount on what is is worth if you lose a great mlm prospect to someone else in another company?

OHHH…that one hurts.

What is THAT going to cost you if that person ends up a superstar in network marketing?

Many people in MLM lose prospects because they are not aware of certain rules that MUST be adhered to- whether you are recruiting online, social media or offline. The rules are the same for anywhere you prospect for your mlm business.

I have seen great people go to other companies because the rules were followed by one person but not by another. And the cost I have seen by friends that have lost really strong potential leaders to other companies, have been in the millions of dollars in revenues.

Has this happened to you?

Do you want to INSURE it DOES NOT?

MLM prospecting is easy- but yet must be played by the rules.

And there are powerful consequences to breaking the mlm prospecting rules. In your network marketing home business, you may have found that some prospects more friendly than others.

There is a reason.

You may have found other potential candidates more connected to you then others. That is normal, but also much of that will depend on the rules of mlm prospecting that you have engaged.

If you follow these 4 Prospecting Rules 3 things will happen:

1. Your MLM prospecting will me much more successful.

2. You will prospect quicker and more powerfully.

3. You will lose far less prospects to other possibilities in the marketplace.

I have been there.

I remember I lost one guy to another company in 1990 that ended up a million dollar earner with another company. Years later, he attended and we reconnected  at one of my training seminars. We went to lunch, and during that time,  I asked him out of curiosity what it was that compelled him to join the other company. When he told me, we both laughed, but then I realized out of my lack of knowledge back then, I had broken a cardinal rule to mlm prospecting.

So, what are the 4 Cardinal Rules to MLM Prospecting?

1. Realize you recruit through the PROSPECT’S EYES and start in THEIR WORLD – before ANYTHING. THEN lead them to your world.

Every mlm prospect-online or offline– sees things a little differently then you. They have different filters they view life through and see life as. You must take the time discover their VIEW of life and then ENLARGE that view to match YOUR view of what is possible. Ask, “Tell me how you see your future going the next 5 years…” and then LISTEN.

2. You MUST Follow – but NOT CHASE, Chasing is a sign of weakness and desperation.

You are NOT a dog. So quit running behind prospects and barking. You must from the very beginning say, ‘Let’s see if this is a fit for you and us, and then we will take it from there. Fair enough?” You NEVER chase a prospect. This was the rule that I broke with that million dollar earner. He told me that I was “too needy, ” “wanted him to desperately,” and came across as an amateur, not a professional. OUCH. Do NOT chase prospects. Give them the information and STAY CONNECTED- but not chasing.

3. Make your prospecting Aggressive- but not high pressure. Pressure is a sure way to lose every prospect you have.

The last word in “pressure” is SURE. You surely will lose your mlm prospects with high pressure tactics. Give them some room to breathe, and time to look at what you have offered. NEVER push them to enroll. You will have to PUSH them to do anything in their business if you do. Give them “homework.” An if they do not watch the video, or listen to a webinar, then are they really a Leader and who you are looking for? hello.

4. Always Always Always let the prospect know that you are looking for the RIGHT Leader- not just any leader.

If a prospect knows that they have to “qualify” to be considered for the leadership role in their city, they will take you more seriously. Whether offline or online. Here is how you say it: “We are looking for a leader that GETS THIS and will be a fit on a powerful team and will help us  build a huge business in your state. Tell me about how you view leadership…” This will give them the clue that you are LOOKING for the RIGHT leader- not for just someone who SAYS they are a leader. Recruiting online you will find a LOT of folks that call themselves leaders, but actually are followers. Keep them honest and make then KNOW that you are not going to accept just anyone to open up their city. and take the leadership role. yes, recruit them. But sponsor them, and put them under the leader that you choose for that city or region.

Many mlm prospects have been lost because of breaking these 4 cardinal rules of prospecting. I would suggest that you take a look at how YOU are looking for leads and then see if you are making these mistakes.

Correct them if you are making them, and you will find a whole lot more success in your home business mlm prospecting.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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5 MLM Recruiting Tips- MLM Recruiting Training Secrets

 Are you looking for some little known and little taught recruiting tips?


mlm recruiting

mlm recruiting


MLM Recruiting.

Are you wanting to increase dramatically your recruiting success?

Here are 5 quick mlm recruiting tips that will help accelerate your mlm online recruiting as well as offline:

1) “Manu people make this mistake when they reach out to someone they have talked to…When you do your follow up work, don’t SAY I am following up.”

That is a turn off and says ” I HAVE AN AGENDA.” What you need to say is, “I wan to RECONNECT with you to see if you have any questions , and to see where we need to go from here…” And always LEAD THEM by asking what they liked best about what they have seen or heard: “Tell me what you have liked best about what you have heard so far…”

2) ” When you are holding a second conversation with them, use Connection Questions to keep them solidly and powerfully Connected to you.”

Here are some Connection Questions you can use: “Does this make sense so far?” “Are you with me so far?” “Am I being clear enough for you?” “Have any questions so far?” “This is pretty awesome, isn’t it Mary?” These are powerful MLM Recruiting Questions to keep them focused and connected to what you are saying. These are GOLD when you are following up with the prospect.

3) “One of the biggest challenges is the FOCUS of the MLM Distributor and what they want. When you are recruiting, make sure your focus is NOT- I want something FROM you. Make sure your focus IS- I have something FOR you.”

You need to develop a powerful focus that MAGNETIZES the prospect and draws them towards you. When you are holding a conversation with a prospect, make sure they are feeling from you and sense in your words, a “Gift” focus, not a “Get” focus. This is one of the most powerful secrets in MLM Network Marketing recruiting. This one mlm recruiting tip will revolutionize your network marketing home business.

4) “Prospects want to KNOW you can help them and sense it. It is not about Hype and a ton of useless energy, but about HOPE and Powerful SYNERGY!”

If you have been in home business very long, you will see that many MLM distributors try to HYPE and Pressure people into joining. This business of network marketing is NOT about hype. It is all about HOPE and what that brings to the prospect’s future. Hope for a better future and destiny, hope for more money and income, hope for an ENLARGED lifestyle. People will be PULLED towards and MAGNETIZED to hope, but turned off totally  by hype. Hype comes from nothng the head and a “ME FOCUS”, and hope comes from the HEART in MLM and Network Marketing with a YOU focus. Start Marketing HOPE, and see your recruiting explode beyond what you can imagine.

5) “Many people online as well as offline make this mistake when presenting. When you do any kind of a presentation including webinars, BE IN the presentation, not just AT the presentation.”

When you make a presentation, make sure that you are not just AT the presentation and not FULLY ENGAGED in your actions and words. So many people present their products qnd business and they come across like they are on “automatic pilot.” BE IN the presentation, with power, belief, excitement, Leadership, emotion, conviction, and energy. There is nothing worse in my opinon, than sitting in a home business mlm presentation and not FEELING the presentation from the distributor.

These are 5 MLM recruiting tips that have proven to not only work, but work well for your netwotk marketing home business.

Recruit 5 People a Day from your MOBILE? How?

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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MLM Training Secrets- Google Panda Updates Come Down to 5 Things…

mlm training panda updates

home business mlm training panda

Have you been hit in your MLM Home Business with the infamous Google Panda updates that hit in August 2011?

Has your traffic to your mlm blog or website been cut in half like may have?

I have been researching a LOT about these updates and how they have impacted the Home Business Profession online and I am stunned at some of what I have heard from people. One site which was on the front page of Google, all white hat stuff, followed all the rules, and did everything great- got hammered and is now on the second page. And there is NO reason that we can find for his site to be hammered like this.

And it is all over the internet about sites losing 80% of their traffic. You read that right. 80% overnight.

Ok…if this has happened to your MLM Blog, what should you do honestly?

First off, do not panic. There are still tweaks coming from Google, thank God- if they are positive. But yet there are some things that you can do RIGHT NOW after researching that may make a difference in your blog’s SERPs.

Here are 5 things that you need to do with your mlm home business website or blog:

1. Get Rid of any and ALL Duplicate Content.

This is a HUGE change as any duplicate content will make Google SLAP you and your site. This was one of the biggest changes, and without getting too technical, if something is less than 80% original, then you may get penalized from that content.

Write ORIGINAL. Do NOT use “warmed over” article and posts. You will get hammered by Google for it. Duplicate Content = a lower ranking. Period.

2. Make sure that you have a TON of Fresh, Original Content that will make your site more appealing to the user.

Content is STILL King, but NOW it is FRESH ORIGINAL CONSTANT Content. Google wants to see a stream of original content that never ends and is HIGH QUALITY. Otherwise, it helps the user find what they are looking for. Many times a person will visit a site and not stay. This tells Google that the content may not be what they were looking for.

Make sure that you have FRESH daily content on your home business mlm blog and website. if you do not, your ranking could suffer. You can also hire professional SEO experts at sites like to optimize your website.

3. Write SOLUTION FOCUSED Content.

Solve a problem and then tell them how to avoid it again. This will go far as far as getting your content in line with the new Panda regs. People are looking for SOMETHING when they come to your site, and that depends on the keywords they are searching for.  Make sure that you content and articles/posts HELP THEM FIND a Solution or answer.

What are they searching for? You can use the Google Keyword tool or wordtracker, or But find out what people are seeking, and then give it to them.

4. Make sure that you have Quality Backlinks.

In SEO backlinks ?r? th? single m??t precious resource. That’s wh? website promoters spend m??t ?f th??r t?m? hunting f?r links. Searching f?r link sources b? h?nd ?? n? longer ?n option. Wh?th?r ??u want t? research ??ur ?wn link profile ?r scan th? links ?f ??ur competition ??u need t? u?? backlink checkers f?r th??. That’s wh? backlink checking apps ?r? ?m?ng th? m??t popular SEO tools.  If you’re looking to get professional help with incorporating SEO in your business pages, feel free to check out Rankwatch backlink checker tool ?? ?l?? a v?r? helpful w?? f?r ??u t? determine th? number ?nd quality ?f backlinks ??ur competitors ?r? achieving. Th?? ??n help ??u understand wh?t ??u need t? d? t? improve ??ur results ?nd better target ??ur backlink building activities. Th? rankwatch company provides ??u a complete lookout f?r a good Backlink checker tool t? b? able t? check backlinks ?f ??ur competitors.

5.  Make sure that you are SOCIAL FOCUSED and Social Friendly and Active.

Google wants social activity. They want to see your site on the social sites, being talked about, and engaged in the social media arena. You can do this by making sure that your posts are “liked” and “Plused” and “tweeted.” This is CRITICAL. If you have a lot of social activity and encourage that on your site, then you should be ok.

GO SOCIAL should be your new focus!  And after seeing all the carnage that the panda updates did, it is critical that you do this.

After many hours of research, talking to our tech as well as other SEO experts, these are the 5 Main Things that I believe will impact Home Business MLM business Search Engine Rankings in the future with Google as well as Bing and yahoo.

Alter what you will and then CHANGE what you must. You will be glad you did and I will continue to update what needs to be revealed that will impact the MLM Home business profession.

The Panda Update Wordtracker Survival Guide

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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MLM Training Secrets- The ONE Online MLM Recruiting Secret No One Teaches

mlm training secrets mlm training

mlm training secrets mlm secrets training


Here is one of the MLM Training Secrets that I believe will help explode your mlm online recruiting.

Have you recruited online and looked for Leaders?

Have you spent a lot of time online prospecting and finding all the wrong people?

Are you maybe thinking that mlm online recruiting is a bunch of hooey?


I have an mlm online training secret for you that I believe will help you, and at the same time, I have not heard anyone else teach it on any training.

I believe that if you apply this little secret, you will find that your mlm online recruiting will do a whole lot better, your home business will enlarge, as well as your network marketing paycheck.

Many folks teach that you need to recruit the numbers and I agree. You need TRAFFIC to your articles, posts, as well as blog and website. But there is an mlm training secret that again, I have not heard taught and I believe it should be if you are going to recruit online mlm.

Let’s ask this question:

What do ALL Leaders have in common?

They are looking to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN in their business, and take people with them along the way.

Most Leaders today want to be VISIBLE and VALUABLE to their prospects as well as team I think you would agree. And recruiting Leaders is one of the greatest MLM training secrets.

Ok, then where will you find them?

You will find them on Article Directories, Social Media, Youtube, Slideshare, Blog Directories, as well as forums and social bookmarking sites.

Here is an MLM training secret:

1. Go to an article directory and type in the keyword of your niche and search it.

2. Look at all the most read articles as well as new ones and notice the author.

3. Go to their social page or profile on facebook, LinkedIn, or twitter and find out what city they are from.

4. Google the author’s name and email:  “Tom Smith: Dallas, Texas; email address”

5. Find the email address quickly and email them about helping them find more leads for their company  – (through MLSP) or if they are happy with their current company- or if they have ever thought of a secondary revenue source for all the No’s they have gotten.

This is something we have taught for years.

We call it “email ninja” and you literally can find almost any email address out on the web with google if you know the city and the name of the person. Our Private Clients have found thousands of people’s emails this way, and it works.

 You may have to search a little more if it is a larger city, but it works. You want their PERSONAL email if at all possible and if it is on the web, google will find it.

There are other powerful ways to do this, but that is for Private Clients.

This is just one of the many mlm online recruiting tips and MLM training secrets that we teach for your home business mlm.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

Mobile MLM Recruiting Training- Recruit 2 prospects a Day from your PHONE

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MLM Training Blog- 5 Things an MLM Training Blog MUST HAVE to Succeed

mlm training blog network marketing

mlm training blog

An MLM Training Blog is one of the most powerful things you can have today in your home business mlm. No one will ever argue that point.

An mlm training blog is a great calling card, a great way to build relationships online, as well as build trust and credibility. Many network marketing professionals have blogs they write on daily. Many have several blogs, like we do.

We right now I believe have 5 blogs that we work. I believe that an MLM training Blog is one of the most powerful tools for getting your message out there is.

But many home business professionals do not get much bang for their effort with their blog.


There are many reasons, but one of the most powerful reasons is that they are not using it correctly and do not have it structured correctly. There are many different free blog softwares out there, from to We use wordpress, but we use the templates from We have found that it suits our needs better and also is more flexible with themes, and SEO purposes.

Are you using a FREE version of a blog? There are limitations if you have an MLM training blog, companies like WordPress hosting UK give you the necessary information to begin with your business. I would suggest if you do not know how to install a wordpress theme from LEARN. There are many videos that can train you on youtube as well as site. It will mean more traffic to you in the long run as well as the short term if you structure it right.

There are 5 things an MLM Training Blog should have if you are ever going to go above the radar on google, bing, or yahoo. And I would suggest that you consider these when you are looking to either develop or change your mlm training blog.

Here are 5 Criticcal Elements of an MLM training Blog:

1. Powerful and UNIQUE Content that teaches WHAT and HOW.

An mlm training blog should contain posts that teach WHAT to do. This is imperative. But there needs to be a ‘One Two Punch.” You need to show the HOW as well– step by step. Prospects for your mlm training blog are not looking to be informed of news – but TAUGHT HOW to do something. Teach them what they are looking for and your traffic will increase dramatically.

2. Eye Appealing IMAGES and PICTURES.

I call it “Eyeball PULLING Eye Candy.” This alone will gret people to take notice of your blog. If you go to our PassionFire site, you will find a LOT of Eyeball Pulling Images that force you to look at it. Get some powerful eye catching images on your blog.

3. Accessible Content via Text and Videos.

Any mlm training blog should have writing but it is IMPERATIVE to have VIDEOS. People LOVE to watch training, not just read it. Make sure that you have video training and lots of it. Get a small computer video camera, and then start training on your laptop. Windows has a built in software for that.

4. Good Search Engine Optimization.

I have to admit- I LOVE SEO. I am not sure why- but i just love to learn it  and engage it. Our tech I have learned a lot from, but also reading and researching on the internet. You want the search engines to find your mlm training blog- make sure you have keywords in your title and article, as well as links that are pointing back to it from article directory sites and blog directories. Also make sure that you have submitted your blog to all the search engines. Use for that.


One of the things google loves is NEW content DAILY. Write a post everyday on your MLM training blog. If you do you will ge tthe search engines attention as well as their love.

An MLM training blog has many uses, but I believe that it can ENLARGE your home business quickly. I would suggest that if you do not have an MLM training blog, GET ONE for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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Recruit 2 people a day on LinkedIN! How?

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MLM Training Tips- What is the DRIVING Recruiting Power Behind Your Words?

home business mlm training

home business work power training


Have you ever said the wrong thing at the wrong time with the right prospect for your home business MLM – without realizing it until later?

Did you just feel like that if you just said something differently, it may have made  difference with your network marketing business?

That is where a lot of online as well as offline home business professionals are today. They often say the wrong thing and get the wrong results.

Yes, I know. there is the saying, “You cannot say the right thing to the wrong person nor the wrong thing to the right person.” There is a lot of truth to THAT saying.

But you CAN say the right thing to the right person the wrong way – and it turn that person. off. I have seen it hundreds of times happen. IS that happening to you?

Do you understand the POWER of your words and what DRIVES that power?

The Power of your words are amazing. And in MLM recruiting, they rule. Your words are TOOLS that you use to craft a message and to build a case for your business. These are important tools that you must learn to MASTER.

What DRIVES the Power behind your words?



Whether online or offline, you must communicate CONVICTION in your words. This is the Driving Force or the Destructive Force in your words. It can DRIVE IT with the Power of Belief and Conviction, or Destroy your chance with the prospect with the weakness of doubt and lack of belief.

Where are you with these? Are you DRIVING your business or weakening your business? Are you ENLARGING your business with the Power behind your Words, or minimizing it with the weakness behind them?

Here is the Platinum Rule of MLM Recruiting Communication:

First people FEEL- THEN they hear.

What are people FEELING in social media with you? What are your prospects FEELING with your conversations with them online and offline?

Understand this bottom line:

Your recruiting success will be determined on the IMPACT that your words have on the prospect.

Be Encouraging, Empowering, Elevating, Enlarging, and Increasing the possibilities and hopes of your prospect and let them FEEL your words.

Then you will start to see an explosion of Success in your mlm home business.

How do you create Endless Leads- FREE?

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011  all rights reserved

Mobile Recruiting? Yes- Recruit anywhere anytime anyplace with this!

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The 2 Things you NEVER Say when Recruiting Prospects



Network Marketing Training mp3- 7 Biggest Mistakes in MLM No One Will Tell YOU

mlm mp3 training

network marketing mp3 training

What if you could learn In network marketing, the 7 biggest mistakes? What if you could AVOID them forever?

Here is a home business mlm network marketing training mp3 for you that will explain these mistakes as our Gift to YOU!

Social Network Marketing is a FUSION Marketing model that fuses together Social Media and Network Marketing in your home business.. It is a powerful concept in lead generation as well as building a home based business.

Social Network Marketing has an incredible POWER to it of:

CONNECTION and CONVERSATION.If you are not, then you are operating your home business at a tremendous disadvantage.

There are MANY internet marketing types out that train on how to market a home business but you always will need the guidance or at least advise from one of the best digital agencies to get you in the right track. And they are all good.I highly recommend many of them if you are looking to find leads and work your business online and with what is called “Funnel marketing.”

You must be on the social sites daily at least 15 minutes to comment on updates, build new relationships, and to add new content, videos, and photographs that you deem worthy. Visibility is what is going to guarantee CONNECTABILITY.

The more visible you are in social networking, then more credibility you are going to have as a social networker.

Click the button below to Download:

Disocver How to Become a Recruiting Machine on LinkedIn! blessings…doug firebaugh (c) 2011 all rights reserved