MLM Training Secrets- Google Panda Updates Come Down to 5 Things…

mlm training panda updates

home business mlm training panda

Have you been hit in your MLM Home Business with the infamous Google Panda updates that hit in August 2011?

Has your traffic to your mlm blog or website been cut in half like may have?

I have been researching a LOT about these updates and how they have impacted the Home Business Profession online and I am stunned at some of what I have heard from people. One site which was on the front page of Google, all white hat stuff, followed all the rules, and did everything great- got hammered and is now on the second page. And there is NO reason that we can find for his site to be hammered like this.

And it is all over the internet about sites losing 80% of their traffic. You read that right. 80% overnight.

Ok…if this has happened to your MLM Blog, what should you do honestly?

First off, do not panic. There are still tweaks coming from Google, thank God- if they are positive. But yet there are some things that you can do RIGHT NOW after researching that may make a difference in your blog’s SERPs.

Here are 5 things that you need to do with your mlm home business website or blog:

1. Get Rid of any and ALL Duplicate Content.

This is a HUGE change as any duplicate content will make Google SLAP you and your site. This was one of the biggest changes, and without getting too technical, if something is less than 80% original, then you may get penalized from that content.

Write ORIGINAL. Do NOT use “warmed over” article and posts. Even if your SEO pro says to. You will get hammered by Google for it. Duplicate Content = a lower ranking. Period.

2. Make sure that you have a TON of Fresh, Original Content that will make your site more appealing to the user.

Content is STILL King, but NOW it is FRESH ORIGINAL CONSTANT Content. Google wants to see a stream of original content that never ends and is HIGH QUALITY. Otherwise, it helps the user find what they are looking for. Many times a person will visit a site and not stay. This tells Google that the content may not be what they were looking for.

Make sure that you have FRESH daily content on your home business mlm blog and website. if you do not, your ranking could suffer.

3. Write SOLUTION FOCUSED Content.

Solve a problem and then tell them how to avoid it again. This will go far as far as getting your content in line with the new Panda regs. People are looking for SOMETHING when they come to your site, and that depends on the keywords they are searching for.  Make sure that you content and articles/posts HELP THEM FIND a Solution or answer.

What are they searching for? You can use the Google Keyword tool or wordtracker, or But find out what people are seeking, and then give it to them.

4. Make sure that you have Quality Backlinks.

In SEO backlinks ?r? th? single m??t precious resource. That’s wh? website promoters spend m??t ?f th??r t?m? hunting f?r links. Searching f?r link sources b? h?nd ?? n? longer ?n option. Wh?th?r ??u want t? research ??ur ?wn link profile ?r scan th? links ?f ??ur competition ??u need t? u?? backlink checkers f?r th??. That’s wh? backlink checking apps ?r? ?m?ng th? m??t popular SEO tools.  If you’re looking to get professional help with incorporating SEO in your business pages, feel free to check out Rankwatch backlink checker tool ?? ?l?? a v?r? helpful w?? f?r ??u t? determine th? number ?nd quality ?f backlinks ??ur competitors ?r? achieving. Th?? ??n help ??u understand wh?t ??u need t? d? t? improve ??ur results ?nd better target ??ur backlink building activities. Th? rankwatch company provides ??u a complete lookout f?r a good Backlink checker tool t? b? able t? check backlinks ?f ??ur competitors.

5.  Make sure that you are SOCIAL FOCUSED and Social Friendly and Active.

Google wants social activity. They want to see your site on the social sites, being talked about, and engaged in the social media arena. You can do this by making sure that your posts are “liked” and “Plused” and “tweeted.” This is CRITICAL. If you have a lot of social activity and encourage that on your site, then you should be ok.

GO SOCIAL should be your new focus!  And after seeing all the carnage that the panda updates did, it is critical that you do this.

After many hours of research, talking to our tech as well as other SEO experts, these are the 5 Main Things that I believe will impact Home Business MLM business Search Engine Rankings in the future with Google as well as Bing and yahoo.

Alter what you will and then CHANGE what you must. You will be glad you did and I will continue to update what needs to be revealed that will impact the MLM Home business profession.

The Panda Update Wordtracker Survival Guide

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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MLM Training Material- 5 Things Explosive MLM Training Material MUST HAVE

mlm training material network marketing

mlm training material home business explosion


What would you consider EXPLOSIVE mlm training material?

What would be it’s content?

What things would it teach you for your mlm home business?

There is a LOT of GREAT MLM training material out there. Social media changed everything and there is a plethora of it that really is good.

There are a LOT of content providers out there for the home business profession. And the training covers pretty much  all aspects of Success and home business mastery. Social media training for home business is a popular trend as well.

But if you are going to consider Explosive MLM Training material, then what honestly should you look for and consider?

What should be IMPORTANT to you?

We have found that there are “5 MUST HAVES” as far as EXPLOSIVE mlm training material, and we wanted to share them with you. These will help you in deciding what and who you should learn from.

1. A PROVEN Track Record by the Author.

A writer cannot lead you where they have not been. They can only WRITE ABOUT IT. Check to see if the author honestly has BEEN THERE DONE THAT or only writing about it. The DEPTH of Success and PROVEN Record must be there in order to consider their material. There are many “authors” out there, but not a lot who have actually DONE IT and can write about it and teach it.

2. TODAY’S Marletplace Needs and Processes.

An EXPLOSIVE MLM training system MUST cater to today’s marketplace and it’s needs. It must contain social media and social networking training. It must contain online recruiting training. It must contain offline business building tactics. It also must cover all aspects of business building including finding, talking, presenting, getting, and growing. It also MUST contain personal and leadership development for the long term. These are a MUST to have Explosive training material.

3. Multi Media Delivery of MLM Training Material.

Explosive MLM training material must havevideos, pdf downloads, webinars, blog posts, articles, podcasts, social media friendly delivery, as well as offline. People learn differently. Not everyone learns through text. Some prefer to WATCH training. Make sure that your mlm training material has these things.

4. Step by Step by Step Training.

There is what I call “Random Training” that is TOPIC based, and NOT Sequential based. It is good for learning ONE THING, but not the WHOLE of network marketing. You JUST have a SEQUENTIAL STEP BY STEP training in order for the training to DUPLICATE. Make sure that the training has this and teaches you what to do FIRST, then SECOND, the THIRD, then what you do NEXT…

5. Training that STRETCHES and GROWS you.

Explosive mlm training material STRETCHES you to do Better and Grows you LARGER. The Power of any mlm training will be seen in how much it GROWS you, not just trains you.

 You will NEVER succeed like you want, if your business outgrows YOU.


Explosive MLM training material will GROW YOU and force you to get bigger and better in your mlm home business.

These are 5 things that we have found that are imperative to have in any mlm training material if you are going to learn how to explode your mlm home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- “Social Recruiting Power”- 75 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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LinkedIn- Recruit 5 Professionals a Day!

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MLM LinkedIn Recruiting- She Enrolled 5 Professionals -LAST WEEK – HOW?

linkedinin recruiting mlm home business

mlm linkedin recruiting home business


Many times in the MLM Home business profession you receive some interesting news that stirs you up.

This was the case for today.

I was talking with one of our Private Clients, and we were planning her schedule next week, and she dropped this bomb on me:

She had enrolled this past week FIVE LinkedIn Professionals and was excited. She works with a large nutrition company and her Success was quite unexpected, as she admitted. She felt that once she pulled the trigger on the secrets she learned about LinkedIn she would probably start seeing some results in a couple of months.

Not a couple of weeks.

But that happened in her network marketingbusiness. She enrolled 5 Professionals on LinkedIn in ONE WEEK and all she did was do what she had learned.

One of the things that she has mastered is the “Recruiting Blitz Webinar.”

 This is a particular type of webinar that not only is very professional- but very short. She can say in 10 minutes what most say in 45 minutes. And that is what professionals DEMAND:

Short and sweet.

A Recruiting Blitz Webinar is a special tool that has built many a home business team we have taught. But for LinkedIn, it is a monster. It is something that when done correctly, can set you apart form everyone else. It is NOT just a video that someone has done that your prospect sees.

No- a Recruiting Blitz Webinar is more personal and private. And it addresses much of the issues with professionals time schedules. And when you learn to do it right- you can literally recruit AT WILL.

The secret to a Social Recruiting Blitz Webinar is to say it in a way that the prospect or candidate gets the picture quickly and knows they can duplicate that system. It does not take a lot of time, and it does not take a lot of your prospect’s attention as well as time.

You can literally recruit someone in social media and on LinkedIN in 24 hours.

You read that right. 24 hours.

And our Private Clients are doing it. You can too as it is powerful and magnetic to the mlm home business prospect.

How does it work?

It starts by getting a fr-ee webinar account at:

And then mastering this simple but powerful webinar software. Then you need to create your “Blitz Presentation” that will PULL people towards you like a magnet.

How does that happen?

That is what the LinkedIn Recruiting 101 webinar is about if you would like to learn. You can attend it Thursday September 22, and ir starts at 8 pm EST and goes to 11 pm.

You will receive 3 insane  BONUSES as well – and if you do not attend- then your loss. It is an absolutely amazing webinar put together with me  by a #1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation for a national recruitment firm. He has adapted his secrets to the Home business profession.

and oh….by the way- price goes up tonight at MIDNIGHT.

So if you want a flood of Professional Leads that you cannot keep up with (GREAT problem to have) then REGISTER NOW to the LinkedIn Recruiting Secrets 101 webinar for your MLM Home Business in network marketing.

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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MLM Recruiting LInkedIn- How I Average 2 Linkedin Prospects a Day Contacting Me


linkedin recruitng mlm

linkedin recruiting secrets


LInkedIn Recruiting for home business is one of the most powerful ways to create an endless flow of HIGH QUALITY leads for your business.

 You only need ONE High Quality Lead for every 50 leads anywhere else! They are GOLD for your home based  business and income.



CREAM of the CROP.


And ALL are looking to NETWORK.

 How would You like a steady flow of High Quality Leads contacting you daily asking about your business and products?

 I average anywhere between 1 to 3 High Quality leads a day- CONTACTING ME for information on what I do and if I can help them.

 That is what is on LinkedIn folks- High Quality Leads and prospects! And if you know how, you can get more leads and business from LinkedIn then you can handle. You read that right.

 Just last night, I had someone email me about the possibilities speaking at a seasonal event in December. Then they mentioned about discussing possibly speaking  next June at a National Conference. They got my information on LinkedIn.

 What would that be worth to you HONESTLY if you had anywhere between 30 and 90 HIGH QUALITY leads EVERY MONTH for your home business and MLM?

 I think you would agree it would help dramatically.

Yes, you need other social sites as well, but there is NO BETTER PLACE for High Quality Leads then LinkedIn.

 How does this happen on LinkedIn for me? And how can it happen for YOU?

 There are what we call “The 3 V’s” of LinkedIn that you must be and practice which will set you above most people, and set you up for those kinds of High Quality leads seeking you out.


 You MUST be Visible on LinkedIn in many areas. You must understand the culture of LinkedIn – NETWORKING. And if you create a Visibility that people see you a LOT and learn that you are a “GO TO” person in your field, you will get a TON of leads on LinkedIn.

 Here is an Inmail I recently received:

 “Doug, I see that you are a consultant in the home business profession. I am a VP of Field Development for  <      >    I was wondering what your services include and do you do Social Media Workshops for Party Plan companies? Please let me know. I am interested in talking with you if you do.”

 Maria S.

 This is just one example of the High Quality leads that are possible for you if you are VISIBLE with your LinkedIn Profile and also networking.


 Being Visible is important, but being seen as Valuable is IMPERATIVE.

 High Quality Leads are looking for High Quality Answer and Solutions on LinkedIn. And you have a GREAT opportunity to create a Valuable Presence in your niche or profession with your words, connections, contribution, and presence on LinkedIn.

 Valuable to prospects is to be seen as AN AUTHORITY and also a Solution resource for the challenges that your prospects have and your products solve. If you are daily seen as an Expert and Professional, people will SEEK YOU OUT as they do our company.

 Become Valuable to people with SOLUTIONS, ANSWERS, INFORMATION, and FRIENDSHIP..


 Prospects must see you as VIABLE. This means that you will be in business NEXT YEAR and the following year. That is what a High Quality lead is looking for- to build a possible Relationship. Yes, they are looking for answers, but also Long term connections.

 You must be seen as a Viable Resource for information and solutions that can HELP MOVE PEOPLE BEYOND where they are. That is what your products, business, and expertise does. And if you are seen as Viable and Serious about your profession, people will SEEK YOU OUT.

 There are many secrets to becoming Visible, Valuable, and Viable that result in daily High Quality Leads seeking you out. And these prospects have the money to solve their problems as well. That is NOT an issue on LinkedIn.

 If you would like to take your business to a higher level and actually experience what I am blessed to everyday – with high Quality Leads contacting me for possible business-then I would suggest attending the “LinkedIn Recruiting Secrets 101” webinar Next Thursday September 22 at 8 PM est.

 Could you use 1 to 3 people contacting you DAILY asking about your business? Happens to my Private Clients daily as well as myself.

 A # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation for a Recruitment firm has helped me put this together, and it is incredibly powerful stuff.

 And the PRICE GOES UP THIS WEEKEND folks- so DO NOT DELAY. There are ONLY 250 seats and once they are gone- they are gone. And even if you register after the fact for the replay of the webinar- you will not receive the insane bonuses that you will get if you register NOW.

 Learn how to PULL High Quality Leads daily to contact you like I have been blessed to do- with the LinkedIn Recruiting Secrets 101 webinar.

 It will change your business and lead generation! Again, tuition is going up THIS WEEKEND.

 You CANNOT AFFORD NOT to attend for it will transform your home business!


blessings…doug frebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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Social Media MLM – The Social Recruiting Power of these 5 NICHE Sites


mlm social niche site

mlm social niche site home business


You probably know MLM Social media has taken the world of business by storm.

I predicted it 6 years ago, and a lot of folks laughed.

 No one is laughing now.

I called it back then  “The Coming Success Storm” and man, has it been a STORM. It has changed every part of business as well as home business in everything that it touched.

Including mlm and network marketing.

In the growth of social media, there have been what are called “niche sites.” These are “specialized” or “focused” or “special interest” sites that house fewer folks than say facebook, but they are a GOLD MINE in social media mlm recruiting.

Niche sites are something I LOVE to train on as it truly is overlooked in many arenas in the home business profession. These sites I have found in private coaching, to be easier to recruit on as well as more fun. But being on the RIGHT niche sites are critical.

I have found 5 Social Niche sites that are GREAT places to recruit and if you do it RIGHT, can prove to be virtual gold mines for social media mlm.


Ziggs is a great site to meet, connect, and build your brand online. I would suggest that you look at the site and see if it would be a fit for you. Our private clients have had good results in connecting with the RIGHT people and enrolling them. You need to decide if this would be a good business social networking niche site for you.


This is another interesting business social networking site. It is different than ziggs as it is focused on “spoking” your contacts and you are the hub. You can connect with new folks as well and it has a lot of potential for a niche site. Take a look at it and see if this would be right for you. It really is a great niche site.


This is a site I have been a part of for several years and it a great site. It carries 11 million people on it and a LOT of potential as far as connections. As in all niche site I would encourage you to check it out and see if this would be a fit. We have had great success meeting people locally and recruiting them. As in all social sites, do NOT attack and recruit. Connect and construct the relationship so that they will be glad to offer you some help finding the right people.


Ryze is also a great business social niche site. I would recommend that you check it out and see what they offer. There are a TON of folks on this site, and all are business professionals. You can meet a LOT of heavy hitters on this site, and I would recommend that you join it.


This is a TOTAL niche site. It is a niche site for startups. It is a COOL site to meet people that are wanting to do better and go higher in life. You can meet great people that already are motivated, and want to do great things. I would suggest that you check it out and see if it is a fit. And there is also this killer start up social niche site (check it out):

I hope that you have learned something about possible social niche sites in the social media arena. These sites are only a START to the hundreds of powerful social niche sites out on the web for your mlm home business success!

Social Network Marketing? What is THAT? Read this.

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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Home Business Training-The Secret to “Urgent Patience” in MLM

home business success

home business success urgency

In my home business, in 1989, I remember talking to my mentor, and asking him what is the REAL Secret to Success in a home business. Let’s move past all the hype and rah rah and get to the bottom line.

He was eating breakfast one morning, as we were at a national conference. He had called me and asked me to join him and of course I did. What an honor. I wanted so bad to get to the TRUTH about the MLM profession and then start succeeding at it. I KNEW this was my calling in life, but yet it was not doing what I needed it to do.

So when I asked him this question, he did not even look up from his raisin filled oatmeal. He said something so profound that it still rings in my ears today.

What did he say?

“Patience is the secret to home business success Doug. But it must be Urgent Patience. The single greatest Success trait of all Millionaires in the Home Business Profession is PATIENCE. Most people out-patience themselves right out of this profession as they are urgently working, but not patiently waiting – for their skill set and leadership to grow.”

Wow. I was stunned.

This was pure GOLD as no one had ever said that to me before. Maybe no one cared enough to tell me the truth.

Who knows?

But it really hit me like a 2 by 4 when he said those words.

It is called:

Hurry up and wait.

That is how most entrepreneurs SHOULD feel. They want to have a sense of urgency, but yet they know they need to be patient because all businesses take time and effort. Especially in the MLM home business profession.

Most home business owners are willing to give the effort …for a while.

It is the TIME that it can take many have a challenge with.

Don’t outpatient yourself out of this incredible network marketing profession.

Where your home business is today is nowhere close to where it will be 3 years from now.

Keep focused and talking to NEW people with NEW CONVERSATIONS. Keep sharing your company’s information.

What you are doing today is planting seeds. They may not grow next week. It may be next year.

Seeds of prospecting.

Seeds of social networking.

Seeds of recruiting.

Seeds of presentations.

Seeds of webinars.

Seeds of in home meetings.

Seeds of exposures that will grow at a later time.

All these seeds ARE GOING TO GROW as God has ordained that seeds grow. 


Just make sure you are around and active when the harvest season comes flooding in!

And that season is right around the corner for your network marketing mlm home based business.

Master Social Media in Network Marketing! Click to find out how!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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Home Business -WHAT IT REALLY TAKES to Succeed in Network Marketing

Home based business decision
Home based decision


What it REALLY Takes…

There are only 2 types of distributors in the home business profession:

1. Those that are Succeeding.

2. Those that are NOT.

I am not sure which one you are in, but regardless, you are one of the two.

Recently on a radio show, Iwas asked what it REALLY took to succeed in a home business. Fair question. I thought for a minute and I said that there was all of the expected answers:





Skill Set.


But I said that wile all those are crtical, I fel that what is really the most important determining factor was rarely taught or even discussed. After 25 years in a profession, you observe, and learn, and then determine the facts as they are. We all do it. You do it. But we still have a tendency to keep to the more traditional answers as they are more accepted.

I believe that what it REALLY takes to succeed in Network Marketing is one thing:


 Plain And simple.

Most people choose to TRY this business, NOT Decide to Succeed in it. Most people join a company, but not decide to become a PART OF THE VISION.

A Decision is unalterable and is unstoppable. A choice can be changed like your clothes. A Decision is from the heart. A choice is from the mind and is fleeting like most thoughts.

DECIDE and then let the POWER UNLEASHED  by your Decision carry your business to higher levels of success.

A person will respond to a person that has made a Decision to succeed much more positive than someone who has chosen to “see what happens” with there business. It is what they are FEELING from your Decision- a Power that will not be DENIED. There is little power in choice- only selection.

Choice determines direction… Decision determines DESTINY.

Decide. Plain and simple. Those that choose… generally lose. Those that Decide… get the prize.

How simple.

That is what it REALLY TAKES to succeed in an MLM and Network Marketing Home business.


Doug Firebaugh

© 2011 PassionFire International. All rights reserved.