MLM Training- Words that Turn your Conversation into a Conversion?

mlm home business network marketing conversion

mlm home business conversion

Are your mlm home business words working FOR YOU or AGAINST YOU?

Are you not getting the RESULTS you want with your words and presentations?

 It does not matter whether you are talking in a VIDEO, WEBINAR, or LANDING PAGE of FACE to FACE , your words are saying SOMETHING and DOING something.

But…what ARE they saying and WHAT are they doing?

Many online and offline marketers in network marketing seem to pay more attention to their BACKLINKS then their “word links.” You words “link” picture and emotions to what you are saying. What kind of pictures ARE they painting? If you have a squeeze page, and it is NOT converting- maybe your words are NOT working.

The Power of your words are amazing. But they can also be destructive. It will depend on what you say and the emotions that your words PULL. If you are on a video and using words that do NOT paint a picture, then odds are you will not have a converting video.

What ARE 4 words that will Convert?

1. FREE.

People LOVE free, and the more the better. This will also work face to face, as you give FREE samples or FREE trials. Also, you can give FREE consultations if you are in a skin care or nutrition company. You can also give FREE business “assessments” to a person’s business in network marketing. FREE is always a word that will convert a lead into a prospect.

2. NOW.

People love to be LEAD. Read that again. And again. People LOVE to be lead to a higher place in life, to a more powerful promise, and a more lucrative lifestyle. They want to be LEAD to their DREAMS.

But they want it NOW.

We live in a microwave society as you know. People have the attention span of a millisecond. So with that in mind, you use the word NOW. It is a subconscious trigger that people will respond to. We have used it for years and it WORKS.


Many people today are TIRED of the “same ol same ol.” Especially today. If you can get the reader to RELATE to the same tired worn out life, then you are going to move them towards you. “Tired” creates an emotion of “YES! I am!” And this also is a great word for “water in the face” reality check.

“Aren’t you TIRED of seeing other people EXPLODE their business, while all you do is struggle? Aren’t you TIRED of being Sick and TIRED of it?”

4. YES.

YES is a word that PULLS people towards you. Why? We live in such a NO WORLD, and when they see or hear the word YES, it psychologically PULLS the prospect towards you. Many people “say” YES but few POUR IT.

What do I mean? You must “pour” the word “yes” by combining it with:

“YES you CAN!”  “YES it WILL!”  “YES it DOES!”  “YES means YES!” “YES! Just  CLICK HERE!”

You are “pouring out the word” from a vial of possibilities and hope. You are “pouring” out possibilities and potential for their dreams to come true. And you are there to help them create that life that they never thought possible.


This word has proven to convert in all instances. It works on landing pages, conversations, videos, podcasts, and any other form of online and offline communication. “Partner Up” is a powerful word phrase that converts. “Partner in the process” is another word phrase that works. Prospects like the idea and picture that the word “partner” paints. Use it.

These are 5 words that will help you turn any kind of Conversation into a Conversion in your MLM home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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