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Have you been hit in your MLM Home Business with the infamous Google Panda updates that hit in August 2011?

Has your traffic to your mlm blog or website been cut in half like may have?

I have been researching a LOT about these updates and how they have impacted the Home Business Profession online and I am stunned at some of what I have heard from people. One site which was on the front page of Google, all white hat stuff, followed all the rules, and did everything great- got hammered and is now on the second page. And there is NO reason that we can find for his site to be hammered like this.

And it is all over the internet about sites losing 80% of their traffic. You read that right. 80% overnight.

Ok…if this has happened to your MLM Blog, what should you do honestly?

First off, do not panic. There are still tweaks coming from Google, thank God- if they are positive. But yet there are some things that you can do RIGHT NOW after researching that may make a difference in your blog’s SERPs.

Here are 5 things that you need to do with your mlm home business website or blog:

1. Get Rid of any and ALL Duplicate Content.

This is a HUGE change as any duplicate content will make Google SLAP you and your site. This was one of the biggest changes, and without getting too technical, if something is less than 80% original, then you may get penalized from that content.

Write ORIGINAL. Do NOT use “warmed over” article and posts. You will get hammered by Google for it. Duplicate Content = a lower ranking. Period.

2. Make sure that you have a TON of Fresh, Original Content that will make your site more appealing to the user.

Content is STILL King, but NOW it is FRESH ORIGINAL CONSTANT Content. Google wants to see a stream of original content that never ends and is HIGH QUALITY. Otherwise, it helps the user find what they are looking for. Many times a person will visit a site and not stay. This tells Google that the content may not be what they were looking for.

Make sure that you have FRESH daily content on your home business mlm blog and website. if you do not, your ranking could suffer. You can also hire professional SEO experts at sites like to optimize your website.

3. Write SOLUTION FOCUSED Content.

Solve a problem and then tell them how to avoid it again. This will go far as far as getting your content in line with the new Panda regs. People are looking for SOMETHING when they come to your site, and that depends on the keywords they are searching for.  Make sure that you content and articles/posts HELP THEM FIND a Solution or answer.

What are they searching for? You can use the Google Keyword tool or wordtracker, or But find out what people are seeking, and then give it to them.

4. Make sure that you have Quality Backlinks.

In SEO backlinks ?r? th? single m??t precious resource. That’s wh? website promoters spend m??t ?f th??r t?m? hunting f?r links. Searching f?r link sources b? h?nd ?? n? longer ?n option. Wh?th?r ??u want t? research ??ur ?wn link profile ?r scan th? links ?f ??ur competition ??u need t? u?? backlink checkers f?r th??. That’s wh? backlink checking apps ?r? ?m?ng th? m??t popular SEO tools.  If you’re looking to get professional help with incorporating SEO in your business pages, feel free to check out Rankwatch backlink checker tool ?? ?l?? a v?r? helpful w?? f?r ??u t? determine th? number ?nd quality ?f backlinks ??ur competitors ?r? achieving. Th?? ??n help ??u understand wh?t ??u need t? d? t? improve ??ur results ?nd better target ??ur backlink building activities. Th? rankwatch company provides ??u a complete lookout f?r a good Backlink checker tool t? b? able t? check backlinks ?f ??ur competitors.

5.  Make sure that you are SOCIAL FOCUSED and Social Friendly and Active.

Google wants social activity. They want to see your site on the social sites, being talked about, and engaged in the social media arena. You can do this by making sure that your posts are “liked” and “Plused” and “tweeted.” This is CRITICAL. If you have a lot of social activity and encourage that on your site, then you should be ok.

GO SOCIAL should be your new focus!  And after seeing all the carnage that the panda updates did, it is critical that you do this.

After many hours of research, talking to our tech as well as other SEO experts, these are the 5 Main Things that I believe will impact Home Business MLM business Search Engine Rankings in the future with Google as well as Bing and yahoo.

Alter what you will and then CHANGE what you must. You will be glad you did and I will continue to update what needs to be revealed that will impact the MLM Home business profession.

The Panda Update Wordtracker Survival Guide

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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MLM Training Secrets- The ONE Online MLM Recruiting Secret No One Teaches

mlm training secrets mlm training

mlm training secrets mlm secrets training


Here is one of the MLM Training Secrets that I believe will help explode your mlm online recruiting.

Have you recruited online and looked for Leaders?

Have you spent a lot of time online prospecting and finding all the wrong people?

Are you maybe thinking that mlm online recruiting is a bunch of hooey?


I have an mlm online training secret for you that I believe will help you, and at the same time, I have not heard anyone else teach it on any training.

I believe that if you apply this little secret, you will find that your mlm online recruiting will do a whole lot better, your home business will enlarge, as well as your network marketing paycheck.

Many folks teach that you need to recruit the numbers and I agree. You need TRAFFIC to your articles, posts, as well as blog and website. But there is an mlm training secret that again, I have not heard taught and I believe it should be if you are going to recruit online mlm.

Let’s ask this question:

What do ALL Leaders have in common?

They are looking to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN in their business, and take people with them along the way.

Most Leaders today want to be VISIBLE and VALUABLE to their prospects as well as team I think you would agree. And recruiting Leaders is one of the greatest MLM training secrets.

Ok, then where will you find them?

You will find them on Article Directories, Social Media, Youtube, Slideshare, Blog Directories, as well as forums and social bookmarking sites.

Here is an MLM training secret:

1. Go to an article directory and type in the keyword of your niche and search it.

2. Look at all the most read articles as well as new ones and notice the author.

3. Go to their social page or profile on facebook, LinkedIn, or twitter and find out what city they are from.

4. Google the author’s name and email:  “Tom Smith: Dallas, Texas; email address”

5. Find the email address quickly and email them about helping them find more leads for their company  – (through MLSP) or if they are happy with their current company- or if they have ever thought of a secondary revenue source for all the No’s they have gotten.

This is something we have taught for years.

We call it “email ninja” and you literally can find almost any email address out on the web with google if you know the city and the name of the person. Our Private Clients have found thousands of people’s emails this way, and it works.

 You may have to search a little more if it is a larger city, but it works. You want their PERSONAL email if at all possible and if it is on the web, google will find it.

There are other powerful ways to do this, but that is for Private Clients.

This is just one of the many mlm online recruiting tips and MLM training secrets that we teach for your home business mlm.

FREE ebook with over 50 secrets to social media recruiting!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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