MLM Social Media – Are YOU Unknowingly Engaging in “Attack Recruiting?”

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Social Media MLM Recruiting.

Are you practicing “Attack Recruiting” for your home business?

What do you engage when on social media for your network marketing business?

Are you practicing “Attack Marketing” on social media sites for your mlm business?

“Attack Marketing” or “Attack Recruiting” is something that many people do- unknowingly. They are excited, and fired up because they want talk to people about their business,  but yet they turn many of their prospects off because they are not really recruiting them, bur ATTACKING them on social media sites.

I have seen this over and over, and it really does hurt your business in network marketing big time. And there are better things you can do when on social media sites then ATTACK the prospect.

But yet people do everyday.

There is a solution to it and that is understanding a simple  truth about social media when you are in the sponsoring mode. If you understand this secret it will help you accelerate your business and recruiting dramatically.

What is it?

There is a Reason why the First Word in Social Networking and Social Media is SOCIAL.

Many corporate recruiters as well as home business recruiters can get confused and totally go in a wrong direction.

They think that Social Media is “Attack Media” or “Attack Networking.”

What is THAT?

It is when you ambush your prospect or candidate by wanting to be someone’s new friend or connection-and then once you have connected with them,  ATTACKING them almost immediately with your message, product or business.

And NOT giving the relationship any time to start connecting and building rapport.

Most prospects resent that and will be turned off and many will unfriend you or unfollow you.

We see this all the time.

That is NOT the way to recruit in the Social arena. You FIRST create a Social conversation with the possible candidate, get to know them, and THEN start introducing the possibilities you offer as a corporate recruiter or home business recruiter.

Social makes it special.

Every candidate is special as they possibly may be the PERFECT candidate you have been looking for. But if you do not follow the social etiquette of ‘social first” on social networking sites, your Success will be limited at best.

Here is a 3 step social recruiting formula we have found that WORKS:

Focus on:

1.  SOCIAL FIRST. It is ALL about Social with the prospect initially.

2. VALUE Second. Be Valuable, Viable, and Visible.

3. Business IDEAS Third.  Ideas are great, but FIRST create the relationship.

Connect with the possible candidate and create a social conversation with them on several occasions with some Social Scripts.

Show you VALUE them as a new friend and connection and by  showing interest in their interests, and also helping them achieve what they are seeking.

That is when you start to mention some Ideas that SOLVE a problem the candidate has– like career placement or new income.

Part of the Social Scripts we developed were what we called “The GUSHER Questions.”

GUSHER as in STRIKING an OIL Gusher!

These were a few questions that we gently asked in conversation to find out the REAL
Problem they needed solving. Many times they went on and on talking about it.

But we CARED ENOUGH to ASK and wanted to HELP. This helped us understand
where they were emotionally, as well as what WE needed to focus on to help deliver the solution.

Helping them to find a new career or job, or help them start their own business is one
of the most powerful ways to SHOW VALUE with your new candidates.

SOCIAL FIRST- no exceptions.

This is how you can accelerate your recruiting and sponsoring on social media for your mlm network marketing home business.

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