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Social Media MLM Tips.

How would you like to recruit some of the best prospects in social media for your home business?

What would you do with ONE of the RIGHT ONES on social media that rarely comes along?

What would you do to get their attention for your mlm business?

This post is all about one of the most powerful types of prospects in social media you can recruit:


The SPARKERS are people that are not really Looking or Open, but they either see or hear about something that happens to “spark” their interest.

The Sparkers are highly intuitive people many times. Their instincts kick in when they see something, hear something, or even sense something. They pay attention to everything. They read other people’s posts and view a lot of videos.


Where the Lookers are Destination focused, and the Open are Education focused, the
Sparkers are Activation focused.

Sparkers are content where they are, but if their interest is possibly “activated” or
sparked by a video, post, tweet, webinar invite, or even an ebook, they will move towards being open and even looking at new options that have activated their interests. Many times, the Sparker did not even know they would be interested in what has caught
their attention.

 It could be a new idea for a nutrition or skin care product. It could be a new idea as far
as marketing. It could be a new idea or thought on working from home, anti
aging, weight loss, or social media marketing. You just never really know until
they “spark.”

The traits of a Sparker are:

Happy where they are.


Working hard at their career.

Somewhat Ambitious.

Somewhat Aware of social surroundings.

Focused on living their life.

“White picket fence” mentality.

Security oriented.

Values Tradition.

Spends time doing the same things.

Very social.

Extremely curious when “sparked.”

Extremely Loyal-even to a fault.

 How do you recognize a “Sparker” on social sites?

 You don’t. You have to wait until they “light up” and ask for more information about a message you cast forth in social media.

It is not easy to try and seek out Sparkers, as they could be anywhere and everywhere. But some of the best candidates that Scott ever found were Sparkers. Once Sparkers are lit up about something, they stay lit up about an idea or a new job. Their fire rarely fades.

That is why Sparkers are a GOLD MINE for a network marketing professional. They are highly recruit-able if their interests have been highly sparked.

How do you “PULL” these types to you on social sites?

Like fishing, you must “cast out the line” of messages, posts, videos, tweets, updates, comments, audios, photographs, blogs, social mail,  and direct messages with varying types of interesting information and messages, and wait for them to light up. And when they do- you will know it. To know more visit pruittvillefarms .

The Sparkers are the “Lighters” in Social Recruiting.

They are waiting for something to “light up” their attention and then interests. They
are “highly flammable” when “ignited” by a great idea, great message, little known information, a new thought, among many other possibilities. They are not looking for it, but when something activates their attention and then interests, they move towards it and CONNECT with it in a powerful way as they can be highly emotional.

The top National Recruiter for a head hunting firm that has used social media to become number one in the nation  says, “Sparkers are a hidden gold mine. I have recruited a LOT of Sparkers off of social sites. It took a while to figure out how to get their attention. But once we put discovered some powerful initial approaches -what we call Igniters- to get their attention, we hit a gold mine. Sparker’s have a lifestyle language of ‘life is good- not looking to change- but WOW! Now THIS is Interesting! I have got to check this out!’

 If you can get their attention, and most do not know how, you generally keep it. They usually are not even aware to the possibility of change as they like their life just as it is. But when that one thing sparks their interest, they follow that line of connection until it proves to be of little Value to their life. They seem to have a ‘social radar’ that picks up on new ideas and information that many
miss. It is quite intriguing how they work sometimes. It was almost like going
fishing. You put enough lines out in the social networking water, a Sparker
WILL show up most every time.

 And Sparkers let their friends know what they have discovered- and I mean ALL their friends. I was referred many times to other possible candidates for employment by Sparkers, without even asking for it. That is just who they are. That is why a home business owner MUST be visible online. You never know who will be reading or watching your messages, and say ‘well now isn’t that interesting?’ And bring a lot of folks to take a look at your business.”

How do you communicate with Sparkers?

With Hot Opening Phrases on tweets, posts, updates, messages, articles, videos, invites
– Like:

“Did you KNOW…?

“Most are NOT Aware…”

“I cannot believe this…”

“You have GOT to read this…”

“This video is a MUST SEE…”

And when you comment on videos and posts, make sure that you let the conversation
include “I cannot believe I ran across this…”

That alone could get a Sparker’s attention for your mlm network marketing home business.

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