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In your home business, have you ever gotten a negative comment from a friend or even just someone you barely know?

Have you ever gotten hurt by the pain of these comments of these unwanted comments and it impact your Activity and Success?

This is typical in network marketing and that is why that I am writing this- to encourage you and to empower you to move past these “people of influence” that can take you out of the MLM profession.

In MLM, many times you will get a negative response and NO support from people you know. They can be VERY nasty and shoot your dreams down like a balloon. And further , they may even provide “proof” that many people have tried a home business and rarely does it work, if ever.

“I had a brother in law try that and he ended up with a garage full of vitamins and his wife had a room full of skin care!”

“Oh NO! Don’t tell me you joined one of THOSE things! You stupid fool!”

“Oh come on! You got to be kidding! Don’t you know that you are gping to JAIL if you stay in that pyramid?”

I call these types of people the “Negative Infected.”

They are infected with such a bad case of “negative flu” that they cannot see anything positive about what you are doing. The sad part about it is that these Influencers are influencing you to do three things:

1. You STOP and begin to QUESTION what you have done.

No matter whether you are working online marketing or offline, you begin to question your decision.

2. You START asking other people’s opinions – and most agree with the Negative Infected.

This is where you start looking for ‘the truth” and you rarely will ever get it from these folks.

3. You are PULLED out of this business becuase of those who DO NOT want you to get ahead of them.


One of the single greatest reasons you hear from the neg-heads of the world is because they DO NOT want you to get ahead of them in life.

Much like the crabs in a bucket, when researchers put them in the bucket to observe, the crabs kept pulling each other down as one tried to get out. The crabs did not want each other to leave the bucket if they could not.

It is the same principle here. But DO NOT let the neg-heds pull you out of the greatest profession that has ever existed for home business entrepreneurs.

Do NOT listen to the CRABS of the world. They will make you and your home business “CRABBY.”

And always keep your eyes-online or offline- ON THE DREAM. This alone will help you get past those who will try and “keep you in the bucket” with them instead of you EXPLODING your home based mlm business.

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The 2 Things You Never Say When Recruiting Prospects


MLM Recruiting- The 2 Things you NEVER SAY When Recruiting Prospects

mlm recruiting

mlm recruiting online and offline


Is your MLM recruiting efforts paralyzing your Success in network marketing?

Are you tired of prospects that just disappear and it seems for no reason?

MLM Recruiting is highly popular as network marketing and  is all about Team Building, as you know. And mlm recruiting is geting to be a focus of many online marketers today.

And to build a home business team, you need to understand WHAT to SAY to your prospect whether online or offline.

Social media conversation today is critical, as well as online marketing. But what happens, no matter the strategy you are following, if you say the WRONG THING to the prospect?

You will repel them, and they pretty much will find another possibility to look at and consider.

But what if…

What if you KNEW 2 things that you should NEVER say in your recruiting efforts?

And you are SAYING THEM unknowingly?

Here are 2 things that you NEVER say to any kind of a home business prospect- online or offline:

1. You are going to GET RICH- I promise.

People today, especially in social media, are way too savvy to buy into that line. It will not only brand you as someone who does not know what she is doing, but also does not seem to care.

No one knows who will become rich in network marketing. That is up to the person, and the very ones you think never willl, DO. And the ones you think absolutley WILL…end up struggling big time.

Say this instead,“Have you ever dreamed of becoming wealthy? I have too. And I have run across what I believe is a vehicle that can help the right person get there. Let me take a second and tell you a little bit about it, and you may see what I saw immediately the wealth potential.”

2. “You would be PERFECT for this…”

Well, this is another turn off, as the majority of folks know that you do not know them that well. Saying someone would be perfect for this is a gamble at best. You do not KNOW if they would be. You HOPE they would be, but you do not KNOW.

Operate in Integrity.

Here is what you need to say, “Your personality is amazing, and I believe could be worth a fortune with the right company. Let me share something with you and see if this would be something right for you…”

Words Rule MLM.

Online as well as offline. Even in videos, and webinars.

Make sure that your words are insuring Success in all you say in your home business mlm business.

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Social Media Home Business- 3 Quick Copy Fixes on your Blog

mlm blogging for home business

blogging for home business magnet

Do you often wonder why your home business blog is not converting like you need?

Does your blog get traffic but yet for whatever reason prospects do not seem to join you or even opt in?

Do you ever feel like your blog is just a desert with no water?

There are a lot of folks in network marketing that have this issue.

Home Business MLM blogs are what I have been focusing on for a while as many folks are struggling with their blogs.

The reason?

Weak Copy.

It does NOT MOVE the READER to DO ANYTHING or even invite them to come back.

Your copy, or what you write, needs to be STRONG and Powerful like a Magnet that PULLS people back to your blog.

Here are 3 Quick Secrets of good copy for home business blogs.

1. Write from THEIR perspective FIRST, yours second.

You need to look through your reader’s eyes, and not yours.

What are they lo0king for?

Relate to that in your writing and copy.

What are they struggling with?

Write in that focus and let them know you understand and you have been there as well.

Create a SOLUTION for them and make it easy to embrace and engage. Tell them WHY this solution will work and you have been where they are.

CONNECT with their pain, and that will be YOUR GAIN.

2. Tell a Story that they can say, “Hey- that is ME!”

The more CONNECTED a reader feels to you, the more they will relate and come back.

Drive the connection DEEP and tell a story that will move them motivate them, inspire them, change them.

They will want more of that you got, and they will be back.

3. Paint a Picture of the Life they COULD BE LIVING in vivid, Detailed, 3 dimensional colors.

When you write copy, make sure that you PLACE THE READER in the land of LARGE LIVING and in LIVING COLOR.

Talk DETAILS and describe the life that you can help them obtain.

“Can you imagine sitting on the beach, 90 degrees, smell of coconut oil, sound of the waves crashing, people laughing, music playing, suntan oil glistening, you are at total peace and loving life, and you just earned another $2000.00 dollars today? THAT is the life I want to talk to you about…”

Use these tips.

Fix your copy.

These are 3 quick Fixes for copy on your blog and your home business mlm.

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MLM Training Videos – How to Never Get a NO- Part 4

MLM Network Marketing Home Business Training by Doug Firebaugh “How to Never Get a NO Part 4

LinkedIN Recruiting 101- How to Master Prospecting on LinkedIn

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MLM Blitz Training Video- How to Instantly Relate to Your Prospect 4

MLM Network Marketing Home Business Training on MLM prospecting by Doug Firebaugh

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MLM Blitz Training-How to Instantly Relate to Your Prospects 3

MLM Home business network marketing training on how to instantly relate to your prospects easily.

This will help you relate to your prospects in a way that will draw them towards you.

How do you create a prospecting avalanche?

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Home Business- The Recruiting RULE of No SEEDS-NO HARVEST

home business seeds

mlm seeds

Anyone who owns a home business knows that it is a lot like farming.

Think about it.

Everyday you are planting seeds- recruiting seeds– in your mlm  business to grow. Here is a quote that I recently sent out:

“All building a home business Success is …is farming. A farmer plants seeds and then fertilizes the seeds and waters them. And then expects a harvest to reap. But the farmer knows one undeniable fact and rule: No Seeds- No Harvest.”

The Secret to Home Business Success?


Plant Daily.

Plant Conversations.

Plant Samples.

Plant Appointments.

Plant Webinars.

Plant Hope.

Plant Possibilties.

Plant SOMETHING that can GROW your home business.

Every seed that you plant, COUNTS.

 No exception.

Just as the farmer does not know which seeds will grow, neither will you.

You have to trust The Eternal Grower and just do YOUR part.

Keep planting and recruiting and expecting a harvest. It will come and when it does it can overwhelm you…if you just…

Keep planting.


There are only 2 types of people reading this note:

Ones that WILL become Millionaires with their Home business….

And ones that will not.

YOU have to decide which one you will be in your recruiting for your MLM Home business.

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