Home Business- The Recruiting RULE of No SEEDS-NO HARVEST

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Anyone who owns a home business knows that it is a lot like farming.

Think about it.

Everyday you are planting seeds- recruiting seeds– in your mlm  business to grow. Here is a quote that I recently sent out:

“All building a home business Success is …is farming. A farmer plants seeds and then fertilizes the seeds and waters them. And then expects a harvest to reap. But the farmer knows one undeniable fact and rule: No Seeds- No Harvest.”

The Secret to Home Business Success?


Plant Daily.

Plant Conversations.

Plant Samples.

Plant Appointments.

Plant Webinars.

Plant Hope.

Plant Possibilties.

Plant SOMETHING that can GROW your home business.

Every seed that you plant, COUNTS.

 No exception.

Just as the farmer does not know which seeds will grow, neither will you.

You have to trust The Eternal Grower and just do YOUR part.

Keep planting and recruiting and expecting a harvest. It will come and when it does it can overwhelm you…if you just…

Keep planting.


There are only 2 types of people reading this note:

Ones that WILL become Millionaires with their Home business….

And ones that will not.

YOU have to decide which one you will be in your recruiting for your MLM Home business.

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