MLM Training- 11 Blog Tips for Link Magnet Optimization

home business blogging mlm

home business blogging mlm

In a home business, How do you truly optimize your Link Building on your blog and create a destination that can become a viral monster in network marketing?

In the melbourneweeklyeastern blogging world, it is a lot about LINKING and who links to your website. This counts towards SEO and how the search engines rank your website. The more links you have , the better your website will appear to the search bots.

I think that it is hard to argue that Home business blogs are now part of the network marketing culture. It is imperative that you have a blog today or your MLM business. I cannot tell you how many times that someone has told me that their blog changed their whole business structure.

There is NO other option but having a blog,  if you are planning on succeeding into today’s marketplace. I have had one for 6 years and now I have multiple blogs for different reasons. I cannot imagine anyone in a home business not using this powerful tool.

You need to consider ramping up the blog you have as well.

That is the reason for this post.

I call it “Link Magnet Optimization.”

This is optimizing your blog for total recruiting and social media success. I I am going to share 11 quick tips and tricks used by professionals at a white label SEO company. These will  really make a difference in our blog’s performance and success at converting visitors into becoming part of the PassionFire family.

What are these 11 Link Magnet Optimization Tips?

1. Enlarge and Enhance your linkability.

Simply, put yourself in the reader’s shoes. What are they LOOKING FOR? ”


Give it to them over and over again. Then continue to give them what they are looking for in content.

2. Make bookmarking easy.

Make it VISIBLE and ASK THEM. It is that simple. You can use the Add This button. You may want to consider the Sociable Plugin if you have a WordPress blog.

3. Spotlight Those who Link Back to You and CONNECT.

List blogs which link back to you via permalinks, trackbacks or recently linking blogs (like the Yahoo & Google blogs do). Email them and thank them for their link. Get to know them and build a home business relationship. They will send more links and multiply your message to their base.

4. Mobilize your Content.

Repurposing your content will increase the link magnetism. Take your blog post and turn it into a youtube video, article, podcast, mp3, ebook, and pdf report. This will explode links.

5. Be a “Go To” Resource and Feature other blog’s content.

Become an Authority site and let people think of YOU when they think of your niche. Share the content of others. Copyblogger does this. So does ChrisBrogan. It has made their sites HUGE.

You have not heard of them before in your home business efforts?

Why do you think I just told you about them? Think RESOURCE integration, not just “All About ME Ego-ization.”

6. Respond to the folks that COMMENT as well as Contribute.

Spotlight the TRUE stars of your blog- the readers and contributors. Always respond to comments as well as people who share other resources. LINKS baby!

7. Jump in the Discussions on other blogs- and BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.

You have heard this before. But most do NOT do this for some reason. Jump in and comment on other people’s blogs. This wll provide links as well as building strong relationships that will multiply your message- and links-over time.

8. Target the Audience with Focused Content.

PULL people’s eyeballs into your blog with content and solutions that are EXACTLY what your readers are seeking.

Find out what their problems are, and then tell them how to solve them.

9. Use

This little website can get you all kinds of links over time. Are you using it? It submits your blog to over 90 directories and search engines.

10. Put your posts on

This is something most do not do. I get backlinks a lot from this one place as people click on the links in the post, and then link to it from the knol.

11. Become a Student of Writing Copy and Blogging- things change QUICKLY.

Keep up with the changes in the blogospere. Study copywriting to focus your home business message and make it more compelling. No one is better than Copyblogger.

Make sure that your blog is pumped up for Link Magnetism for your MLM Home Business.