MLM Article Marketing- The Top 10 Most Read / Clicked On Types of Articles

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Do you write articles for your mlm home business?

Do you post on your blog or do you even have a blog for your network marketing business?

How would you like to know the top 10 most clicked on or read article types that are guaranteed to drive traffic to your website for your home based business?

I will admit…I LOVE to write.

Some people do videos, and I do as well. Some people prefer podcasts and I have done that as well. But writing is my passion when it comes to social media communication.

I have a TON of recorded videos on this website as well as 9 free hour long webinars. I did a recent post on the 14 Best Ways to Maximize your Youtube Visibility.

But I still LOVE to write.

Yes, I know….Google after the panda slap basically downgraded all articles and article websites to barely getting indexed. But that does not mean that you cannot drive traffic to your site. There are still TENS of MILLIONS of people daily on the article directory sites and they can send  you some serious traffic.

Yes I co founded the Home Business Radio Network. Yes, that is audio and not writing.

But my PASSION is writing.

How about you?

Do YOU Like to craft a good article or post and rock the social sphere with content?

There is an art to ENGAGING the reader when you write, no doubt and  I have studied the best of the best and have learned a LOT from the best.

I have found over the years and after writing  20 ebooks and over 1200 articles that people are looking for something and there is a secret:

Write about what people are searching for.

And this includes the TYPES of articles and posts that you write.

There arr 10 types of posts / articles that get read the most. if you stay within these 10 types of articles or the “framework” of the articles, you will get a LOT more read and passed along.

If you go throughout my posts on PassionFire, you will find most articles if not all, fall into one of the 10 types listed below.

(Lists are one of the most popular types of articles!)

So what are the 10 types of Articles that are read the most and clicked on?

Articles: Most Popular types:

 1. Lists.

Simply, LISTS RULE in the article marketing and article posting world. Lists like “The Top 10…” “The 5 Biggest Mistakes…” etc.

2. How To’s.

How To’s are the most searched business terms in any profession. People want to know how to DO things and BE somebody in Leadership, business, and life.

3. Little Known information.

This is GOLD. Tell them something VALUABLE that most people do not know.

4. Humor.

Everyone loves a good laugh. Use this though sparingly as it can hurt you if the story is not really funny.

5. Stories.

People LOVE to hear inspirational stories as well as stories of Success, Love, Family, faith, and many other types. Business and Marketing Success stories are loved as well.

6. Solution Focused Help.

SOLUTION Based Writing will ALWAYS get passed along. Love this.

7. Encouraging.

Articles that are encouraging are GOLD as well. A good word is season is sweet to the soul!

8. Motivating.

People LOVE to be jacked up, juiced up, and FIRED UP! Motivate and watch your article go viral.

9. I can relate to THAT.

Any story or article that people can RELATE TO will be parsed along as well.

10. Quick Tips.

People are “micro focused” as we live in a “sound byte” world. Quick tips are rocking hot and read all the time and quickly.

These are the Top 10 most read and passed along article types in the mlm network marketing home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Success- How to Become a Big Time Hollywood Director for Your Blog

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mlm training for success director

MLM Success Movie.

Have you ever dreamed of directing a movie for your home based business?

Have you ever considered that network marketing is much like a movie but more of a “Success Movie”?

Would you consider yourself a director of your home business?

Let me explain…

As a network marketer, try to think like a movie director concerning your home business mlm business writing for your blog posts, videos, and article marketing.

A director or producer who inspires actors to perform and master certain actions that will produce the results that you want. Like that movie director and producer, you control things and guide them along to where you want the story to go.

You control your mlm marketing articles, posts, and videos so that readers and watchers of it give you the results you desire. In your home business articles, you MUST REVEAL  and bring light to a problem, step by step, you focus the camera and lens on solutions, and then you watch your prospects  who need solutions — take action.

But it MUST be the right actions.

That’s the heart of network marketing and home business article writing; pointing the way and revealing the path to TRUE solutions.

Every home business article you write for online distribution has to provide focused solutions and encourage click backs to you and your network marketing website or personal blog. MLM Marketing Articles that fail point to or direct your prospect back to your blod,  are a waste of your time, energy and effort, and your readers’ as well.

Right Connection.

The director forms a connection with the movie goers, and you have to form a connection with your readers and watchers.  You must  do this to encourage them to visit your blog, fanpage, wiki, or website to learn further about your home business products. That’s where they will find the solution they are looking for  and take action on what your blog offers or video suggests.

That connection results when you get readers feeling HOPE, POWER, INTEREST, CURIOSITY, or any other thing that will PULL them towards you.  You have to get them EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED in what you are writing or saying so they read will want to read further.

When readers have a problem or issue, they seek solutions that will SOLVE that problem.

When they realize you have a home business article about THEIR PARTICULAR problem and want to help SOLVE IT, they take time to read or watch it. They want to see if you truly offer a viable solution to their problem.

As they read and see you are offering a solution to their problem, they start to connect with you emotionally. You both are in harmony concerning a topic or problem. With the connection being formed, you can expand the connection and drive it deeper.

How do you expand the Connection?

How do you get them to go beyond the blog post or video they are watching and click or go to your personal business site or fan page?

You do so by promising more informatiom and a detailed solution to their problem on your business website. Your content article, while useful and comes at a great time to help them with  their problem, it is only the first exposure, or the pre-sell.

 You have uncovered their problem.

You have connected YOU to that problem.

You have defined their problem.

You have them hopeful you can give them a solution somewhat so they’re anxious for more information. You have provided content and possibilities about solutions.

Now you have to MOVE THEM to the critical solution. You do that by promising them a complete solution on your business blog or web site.

Let them know your solution to their problem will save them money.

Let them know your solution will save them time from continually hunting down other solutions.

Let them know they do not have to expend effort anymore to find a solution to their problem.  YOU ARE the solution.

Connect with them so they know you will fulfill their needs for a product or business that delivers what they require.

With your mlm marketing article, they will know there are more answers and products out there to help them towards a resolution and YOU then become the solution. With an engaging article that they read to the end and then viral market it through social sites, you encourage links, comments, and clicks back to your website and blog or fan page through them posting your links to people they know.

Think of it; someone has just read an article, thinking, “It’s all here, they understand my problem, and they are talking about and offering solutions for it.”

They then realize they need information that is more specific. They need information MORE FOCUSED.

They realize they need a look at that product or solution you have that can help them.

They see a link to your site on the article, post, or social site.

They know you know what you’re talking about because of the quality of the content of your article. They want to see what else you’re talking about concerning their problem. They click back to you and lo and behold, there’s more information and a compelling picture of your home business product on a blog post, fan page, or video.

It’s all about being in control of your home business article and using it to direct and guide readers to TAKE ACTION.

Be that Success Movie director who points people where they should be. This can happen when you shine a light on their problem. That’s what can result when you focus, like a camera, on a solution to their problem.

That’s what happens when your article inspires them to action. These actions save them time, money and effort in their pursuit of their challenge.


Shine the Light on your prospect’s problems!

Focus your prospect’s attention “camera” to YOUR SOLUTION.

Get your prospect to TAKE ACTION on your offer!

NOTE: You MUST become a blogger if you are going to market online or in social media. You may not be a great writer, but you can get cheap but great articles written at Fiverr and and Iwriter.

The secret to a powerful MLM Article or blog post or content, is providing a SOLUTION, and like a good movie producer,  lead them to the end result that you desire to TAKE ACTION that solves their problem and RESOLVES the scene successfully for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- 3 Article Marketing MLM Recruiting Tips No One Teaches

mlm training article marketing

mlm article marketing training


Are you writing articles and blog posts to help drive your business,  get backlinks, and get on the front page of google?

Have you been frustrated with your results?

Would you like to change those results and start actually recruiting some folks from your traffic?

Many people today in network marketing are writing articles and posting blogs posts. They are adding content to their blog daily and are focused on getting traffic to their blog or from article directories. With the recent panda changes in google, article directories do not carry the clout they once did, but they are still important to the end results of recruiting. So are blog directories as well as blogging itself.

There are many mlm recruiting tips that we can teach on Article marketing, but I call it something different and have for years.

I have written over 1,200 articles online. I know a little but about this. Because of what I have seen and experienced, I call it “Article Recruiting.” Article Recruiting is much more powerful and focused on the end results- sponsoring someone.

There are many different elements of Article Recruiting, but there are 3 tips that I believe will help you enlarge and enhance you home business recruiting results in writing articles and posts. I believe that article marketing is important, but Article Recruiting is even more so if you are going to be writing articles.

Here are 3 powerful Article Recruiting Tips that will help your recruiting through marketing your articles.

1. Don’t just Keyword your article- KEY QUESTION your article.

The most searched terms on google, bing, and yahoo, are QUESTIONS. They are searched 4 to 5 times more often then any other type of search term. And most people so not use this simple tactic in their articles. I have used it for years and have stayed on the front page of google for years with articles.

Start your article off with 2 questions and even ask a question in the title. This will go far in helping you to get a better ranking on the search engines and other search directories. Notice I did it on this article. hello.

I took some time off for the last 2 years, but 6 month ago started writing again, and we get on the front page of google within 24 hours of writing an article. Yes, we are blessed to have an authority website, but it is the ARO that I am constantly focused on.


This is something that we came up with in 2006 and have been teaching our Private Clients this little mlm recruiting tip. We want you to optimize your articles for SEO but also ARO. And if you do both, you will CRUSH IT out of the park.

2. At the end of your article or post- give something away free- TWICE in a ROW.

If you are going to give something away that is free, then add another ebook or another video. Why?

You will get a much better click through and download ratio. We have tested it and have found that when we did that, we get almost 300% more click throughs then if we just offer one. And you just upped your potential of recruiting someone by 300%.

Give away TWO gifts- not one.

Set yourself apart. Don’t ne like everyone else. Brand yourself as a more giving brand and more caring brand. Give twice- IN A ROW. That part is important. They MUST be in a row. Then you will see a better CTR on your article.

3. Include a video (link or embedded)  at the end of your article or post asking the reader for help.

This one Article Recruiting tactic has proven to be amazing. The Private Clients we coach put a 30 second video at the end of some of their posts, and all they are saying, “Could you help me? I am looking for someone in your city…”

This has proven to be amazing in results. There has been a recruiting explosion in many instances, as a video at the end asking for help is not part of the norm in Article Marketing. But it is in Article Recruiting. Try it. You will find that it will increase your recruiting dramatically over time and even help the links and reads on your articles.

Article Recruiting is something that I believe will help a lot of people, and these tips will as well. Practice some Article Recruiting and see if your mlm recruiting does  not explode in your mlm home business recruiting.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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Article Marketing for MLM -5 Elements EVERY Article MUST Have?

mlm article marketing for home business

mlm article marketing for home business

Home business and

Article Marketing go hand in hand. The two are made for each other. One is a vehicle and the other helps drive the engine.

Article marketing I have been doing for nearly 10 years. It has been an amazing way to meet people as well as get a message out.

And of course, to train as well as educate the folks on some pretty cool things. Ahem.

Now I am going to get up on my soap box.

Recently I have been observing some articles that are…well…let’s just say are less than quality content. Ezine articles got smart. Chris Knight over at decided to go to 500 words per articles because a lot of articles were disguised advertisements for a lot of affiliate marketing, MLM, as well as internet marketing scams.

It is all over the place. Low quality articles that are deceptive at best.

I just shake my head when it comes to social media articles and what I call  the teaching and practice of “Deception Marketing.”

It is a total lack of ethics and integrity.

I am amazed by a lot of the social networking articles on the article marketing resources. Many neophytes in network marketing and social media try to come across as network marketing “experts” and social media “experts.” And when a little research is done-you find that many of the authors have not even been in the business 5 years- or even 3. They simply are doing what they have been taught to do and doing it over and over.

And they pitch and sell-pitch and sell- and pitch and sell.

Nothing wrong with that I guess.

Or is that really what articles are supposed to do?

And another thing I have found is that many of their articles contain little or no training or any useful  information that will help people in their issues with life.

Now I have a REAL issue with that.

If you are honestly going to write an article as an “expert” – then give them expert advice, training, or something of VALUE.

COME ON folks!

Tough to do-if you have not done it. I have done it a lot-and done it in a big way. The training articles of Deception Marketing also contain mostly the same old warmed over stuff- the same ideas, tactics, and the same verbiage that has been out in the article directories for years. I call it “Recycled Mold.”  The info is so old, it contains marketing mold.

What happened to the USP? Or even being unique and SETTING YOURSELF APART?

Or even branding yourself as something different?

Well, maybe I am wrong- but I believe there are 5 Elements that a Network Marketing Social Media article should contain on any article resource directory in Article Marketing:

1) Unique training and information-NOT just useless selling.

Many people are looking for SOLUTIONS-not to be sold something. I have a lot of emails that people are asking why that all the trainings in these directories are a bait ands switch? They promise training but end up getting pitched on the newest deal or “opportunity.”

Been there as well as I have taken the time to look up other topics in article directories and found that good old Deception Marketing. And again- having a resource box with an offer is GREAT and that is how you do it. But let’s just not pitch in the article itself. It gives all of the authors in MLM /Social Media a black eye and bad rap.

GIVE some training / information as that is expected in an article is it not? That is what “experts” do- if there is really such a thing. GIVE something UNIQUE that will HELP people- and solve a problem for them. You will be taking your articles up to a whole new level. Get rid of the same ol same ol and THINK like an expert- write like an expert- and get creative like an expert would. That is the minimum we all should do.

2) A SOLUTION that has PROVEN to WORK.

THAT is imperative. If you are going to get in the article network marketing and social media marketing zone- make your article SOLUTION focused– not selling focused. That is what a Social Media and MLM “expert” does.

People are seeking answers to problems. They are looking for how to’s-not “here -buy this.” Create a solution for people- a REAL solution-not something that is disguised as one to sell something. Build your credibility, not your gullibility.

3) A Presentation- not a Pitch.

Articles are an information source- and a training haven. Professional authors understand that you want to create a BOND and RELATIONSHIP with the person reading your article. They will stay with you and read your blog and other articles. THAT is money in the bank. They will become raving fans of yours- instead of resentful foes that feel cheated by your article.

If you PITCH someone in your article- you have developed a short term relationship. If you PRESENT a solution or an answer- you are well on your way to developing a long term relationship-the secret to successful article marketing.

4) Your Article must contain IMPACT.

Impact is the key to a great article. Your article must create a “Wow” impact- and show them you are a TRUE expert-not someone pretending to be. The social media “gurus” teach personal branding. We have for years as well. But it takes 3 things to be branded as an Expert:




Impact is a fruit of “been there-done that” and the social proof that you are truly an expert. Impact is a fruit of having the KNOWLEDGE that experts that can Impact people in a powerful way. And Impact is taking a “TINY” focus- “Their Interests Not Yours.” Their interest in your article for the most part, is learning and solving. Make sure that your article has that within it- and you will have the impact to move people to want to know more about you.

5) Your Article MUST Contain ENOUGH Content AND – Content that is Valuable and Worth Reading.

I see a lot of “articles” of 75-100-words that only there for one reason it seems–to point to the resource box. THAT is what I call an “Article Pitch” or “Pretend Article.” It is PURE Deception Marketing. They use an article to “pitch” their offer and dilute all of the other articles in the directory.

There used to be a commercial asking “Where’s the BEEF?” Well- Where’s the Content? And many of the article directories today have gone to a minimum of 600 words to insure there IS content that is worth reading.

Now yes, there are really good articles in these directories from some really great writers. It is not all “fake it and write it.” There are great newer authors as well as older ones–that are VALUE focused– not Volume focused.

One is focused on giving Value to the reader- and the other to sell Volume for themselves. One is short term and the other is long term.

Guess which one is the most successful at building business? Yep- the Value focused article that delivers.

I have been blessed to write the last 8 years over 1000 on line published articles on over 300 directories-so I know a little bit about this. Let’s quit pretending to be authors and start giving TRUE Value first- THEN build a connection with the reader about what you have to offer.


Connect with the reader with TRUE Solution Based Value. Direct them to your offer through your resource box. Build a relationship with them then, through a blog,conference calls, or newsletter.

Folks, as we say from my home state of Texas: This ain’t rocket science. It is simply understanding the process.

You will have so much more success in your Social Network Marketing efforts if you are HONEST and INTEGRITABLE about your writing and delivering content via article marketing. If you oppose Deception Marketing like I do, great. if you practice it then do not be surprised if you stay frustrated with your MLM Network Marketing Home Business.

Looking for a resource that teaches you ths secrets of ENDLESS Prospects?

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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