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MLM recruiting

for your home based business requires the right stuff.

It requires words and questions that PULL people towards you. I have always called it “PULL Conversation.”

It is a powerful way to work in social media, face to face, public meetings, in home parties, and just over a webinar or cell phone.

 PULL Recruiting is a powerful way to build a team.

In today’s world, microwave speed communication is standard. In the news it is called ‘sound bytes” and that is what they are. They speak quick, a couple of sentences, if that. We all communicate today differently than we did even 15 years ago because of technology and culture.

That is why that you need a powerful  “Stopper Question.”

This is a question in home business recruiting that STOPS the person for a second- and makes them think. In today’s world you must get their attention and a Stopper Question does.  It has IMPACT and it says that this not just another communication.

There are many many MLM home business recruiting tactics out today that have proven to be successful.

There are tactics for social media and social networking. I have been blessed to teach a lot of them and learned a lot from other folks too!

There are home business recruiting tactics in party plans, and I have done a lot of work with those kinds of companies.

There are internet driven recruiting tactics and we  have been blessed to have a lot of success online. There are a TON of good teachers out there as well that train on how to do this.

But no matter the style of recruiting and sponsoring new people in your home business, there is ONE QUESTION that you always ask the prospect.

And surprisingly many do not.

MLM recruiting in home business is based on finding people are are:


That means they are looking for something in life that is not there currently. Many people often do not even realize they are looking for something until presented new possibilities for their life.

Sometimes, you have to “scratch that itch” if you will for that Looking to start. And when you start talking about lifestyle and success they have never experienced, it can start them looking your way very quickly.

So with that understanding, what is the ONE QUESTION in MLM recruiting you should ALWAYS ask no matter whether it is social media offline?

“Just curious…I asked my self this question recently, and it really shifted things for the better  in my life. It’s a great question. What are you looking to improve or increase in your life – if you could?”        <Answer>   

“Tell me about it.” And then LISTEN.

“Let me share with you what I recently ran across that has really helped shift some things for the better in my life…”

Notice I did NOT say the word “change,” but “Improve” and “Increase.”

This one question I have taught for years for social media, online as well as offline, and there is a reason why it is so magnetic in mlm recruiting:

People are drawn to those kinds of people that are looking to do better, and want to help others do the same SINCERELY. Your question MUST come across like you are sincerely interested and care to know.

I cannot explain in this brief article why this works so well as that is a much longer write, but I can tell you…IT DOES WORK no matter the communication arena.

Whether on facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn, ask this one PULLING Question and you will find your prospect moving towards you in the conversation because in your home business, you have asked THE ONE QUESTION that draws people into your MLM recruiting conversation.

And their answer will let you know where you need to take the conversation to start talking to them about their own home business in mlm recruiting.

For a powerful training resource on improving your recruiting ratio amazingly, click here for a look:  MLM Recruiting Words that PULL People In

blessings…doug firebaugh

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