Home Business MLM- The 3 Things a Home Business MLM MUST Have

home business mlm

home business mlm

A Home business mlm business is one of the most powerful vehicles you can have to take more control over your Success and Destiny.

Many people start home businesses but never succeed with them.


They are missing the 3 Critical Elements that you MUST possess in order to truly have a chance are succeeding. Many people bring the wrong things into their mlm business and it costs them dearly.

The 3 Critical Elements of a Home Business MLM help make the business stronger from a success perspective, and more magnetic form a strategy perspective. There are things that people do with their business that WEAKENS their business image, as well as results. and it is ALL about results when it gets down to the bottom line.

No income in the business- no longevity in your company.

What are the 3 Critical Elements in a Home Business MLM?

1. Business Owner Mindset.

THIS is a biggie. Many people bring into their business and their actions an “EMPLOYEE MINDSET” that does nothing but turn the prospect off. YOU are a business owner. YOU are CEO of your own company. YOU are the boss and the call the shots. But you must do that from the right focus.

Not an Employee Focus- but a Business Owner Focus.

Prospects will respond differently when they FEEL FROM YOU the power of a Business Owner in your words. They will be PULLED towards you as they are drawn towards Leadership and strength.

2. A Refusal to Accept Any other Option Except Your Dream. PERIOD.

This ONE ELEMENT ALONE will change your world and destiny. Many people get into a home business mlm and are talked out of it by family and friends. Even in social media. I have seen the conversation threads of those of the “UNINFORMED” world. They are not informed at all about the power of person to person marketing and think it is something else.

You can carry those negative conversations with you unknowingly and the prospect FEELS those on you and in you.

Why does this happen?

You have never REFUSED to Accept their words and opinions.

What is REFUSE?


And that is what many people bring to the conversation concerning Consumer Direct Marketing.


It is TIME you simply REFUSED the Refuse and simply tell them, “Thanks, but I come from a different thinking perspective, but I do appreciate your opinion.”

3. Engaging Daily Actions powered by a Relentless Heart.

We all know that you will never be succeed at anything if you do not have the right heart. Your heart MUST be in something totally to succeed. A home business mlm is no exception.

Your daily actions of prospecting, approaching, following up, presenting, gathering leads, and the rest have a power behind them when you engage them.

Whatever that power is behind them- will DRIVE THEM.

The power of doubt and timidity carry little Success power and will drive you out of this business. I have seen this so many times.

The power of Decision and FINAO (Failure Is Not An Option) behind your actions will turn your actions into “success jackhammers’ that will DRIVE SUCCESS relentlessly towards you.

What is BEHIND and DRIVING YOUR ACTIONS will either put you on the Success Interstate, or the Failure Ditch. Your call.

Knowing WHAT and HOW to DO things is important. But understanding what 3 things are a MUST have in a home business mlm is IMPERATIVE.

Do YOU have a Business Owner Mindset? (BOM)

Do YOU possess a REFUSAL to Accept ANYTHING ELSE– except your DREAM in your life?

Do you possess a Relentless Heart that DRIVES SUCCESS into your actions?

Imagine what kind of business you would build if THESE 3 THINGS werr DRIVING your home business mlm.

These are three things that you must work on, and master, in your home business mlm.

Social Network Marketing? What is THAT?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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