Home Business- The Recruiting RULE of No SEEDS-NO HARVEST

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mlm seeds

Anyone who owns a home business knows that it is a lot like farming.

Think about it.

Everyday you are planting seeds- recruiting seeds– in your mlm  business to grow. Here is a quote that I recently sent out:

“All building a home business Success is …is farming. A farmer plants seeds and then fertilizes the seeds and waters them. And then expects a harvest to reap. But the farmer knows one undeniable fact and rule: No Seeds- No Harvest.”

The Secret to Home Business Success?


Plant Daily.

Plant Conversations.

Plant Samples.

Plant Appointments.

Plant Webinars.

Plant Hope.

Plant Possibilties.

Plant SOMETHING that can GROW your home business.

Every seed that you plant, COUNTS.

 No exception.

Just as the farmer does not know which seeds will grow, neither will you.

You have to trust The Eternal Grower and just do YOUR part.

Keep planting and recruiting and expecting a harvest. It will come and when it does it can overwhelm you…if you just…

Keep planting.


There are only 2 types of people reading this note:

Ones that WILL become Millionaires with their Home business….

And ones that will not.

YOU have to decide which one you will be in your recruiting for your MLM Home business.

Have You Seen this Training on Social Network marketing?

blesings…doug firebaugh

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Billion Dollars worth of Prospecting Training?

Home Business- 9 Secrets to a Prospecting Avalanche with “2 Streets Over”?

home business prospecting

home business prospecting

Home business prospecting is easy- if you let it be.

Home business recruiting is all part of building a home based business. There is much talk and training online about “funnel marketing” and social media marketing, and internet marketing. All of these are great and critical to the success of a home business.

But many times the more traditionl marketing and home business recruiting ideas can play HUGE into the success equation. There are many times that the more traditional approach in home business prospecting can reap huge dividends. I have been teaching social media prospecting as well as online prospecting for years. But yet the traditional methods have not lost their power for building a home based business either.

I would suggest that you look at a home business prospecting idea that we have been training for years that has proven to be an amazing little secret in prospecting.

MLM and Home business Prospecting is an action that many folks struggle with, and they really should not have to. Network marketing Prospects are EVERYWHERE if you are just aware of them.

In home business, we have what I call “Prospecting Radar” and most of the time, the distributor’s radar is turned off or ineffective.

There are more people than you can count on any given day that you walk past or drive by. There are according to the US government, about 150 homes in the average neighborhood. Each neighborhood has about 2.5 people in the house. And there are usually 5-7 neighborhoods between you and where you are employed.

That means there are about 2,200 people everyday you drive past or at least where they live. And there are about 40-50 neighborhoods in the average town.

You do the math. that is over 100,00 possible prospects for your mlm business.

One of the most powerful MLM Prospecting secrets is what we call “2 Streets Over” Prospecting.

There is more business in your neighborhood than you could possibly write.

“2 Streets Over” is a Home business Prospecting secret that we used for years. Most people Never work their neighborhood, but that really is crazy. You have something in common with all of them:

You are their neighbor, and have a geographical commonality and closeness.

Why not utilize that to your advantage?

What you need to do, is think about becoming the “Local Neighborhood ABC Company Rep” and start looking towards that journey. You can identify yourself in many ways as the local neighborhood ABC Rep, and introduce yourself as such. And you will be shocked at the nice response that you usually will get.

Even on social media, you can find people in your neighborhood and use that connection as a possible conversation point.

People seem to appreciate neighbors, and when you can show them something that would enhance their life, many folks respond in a positive fashion to this Network Marketing prospecting strategy.

How can you communicate this to your neighbors that you are in business?

1) Snail Mail.

Simply send them a piece in the mail introducing yourself as the neighborhood ABC Rep and you would love to meet them and give them a free gift. This gift could be a sample product, or a CD about a product, or a coupon for something free. You can call them to follow up as well if you choose to make the mail piece more effective.

2) Doorhangers.

This is a tried and true old school way of introducing yourself. Real Estate people use this a lot. An MLM company I am blessed to consult with, used door hangers on their “2 Streets Over” program. Their volume per consultant quadrupled for those who did this. The door hanger does not have to be complicated. Just let the door hanger introduce yourself, and tell them you would love to meet them sometime. We used “I am just hanging around wanting to meet you!” or “Is your future hanging on your boss’s decisions?”

3) Voice Mail.

You can find out your neighbors phone number by going to anywho.com and do a reverse look up with the address. Call them and simply introduce yourself as a neighbor and you have a free gift for them. And the best gift is a sample of your products or services. Leave a 30 second message and your phone number. Be friendly and warm.

4) Hold a neighborhood Bar b que or cook out.

Hold a social function and invite your neighbors. They will appreciate the gesture, and you can get to know them and get their phone numbers and set up appointments as well when you call them a few days later.

5) Go for a walk daily, and talk to who you see.

Do this everyday at different times. Many people are outside working on the lawn between 6:30 pm and 9 pm. Introduce yourself, and talk about your neighbor, and what they do, how many kids they have, and their life. Get to know them. Then introduce yourself as the neighborhood ABC rep and then after you feel timing is good, ask them if they know anyone who would benefit from your products. Do this all over your neighborhood. Not just your street, but every street in your neighborhood. Tell them that you are their neighbor and you live “2 Streets Over” or a few streets over. This is sizzling Network Marketing Prospecting in action.

6. Social Networking.

There are websites such as www.meetup.com and www.upcoming.orgthat allow you to subscribe to local functions and events. if you hold an event, make sure you put it on these sites and let other know about it in your region.

7. Give “Neighborhood Samples” out of your product and let them try your product for free.

This has been done over and over with many types of products and it is a great excuse to talk to neighbors 2 streets over. And it also gives you a reason to follow up and ask for referrals.

8. Ask a Neighbor for help and who they know that could benefit from your products.

You neighbors have a warm market that you need to tap into. Ask then for an introduction to a friend that has a challenge and show them your products or services has a solution for them. Your neighbors know a TON of folks.

9. Mail your neighbors every 90 days with a flyer or special with a personal note that will compel them to call you or ask about when they see you.

This alone will keep your name out in front of them and at the top of their mind if they should need a product like you market. make the mailer COMPELLING and magnetic.

Home business Prospecting “2 Streets Over” is a powerful way to get to know your neighbors, but also who they know. Be friendly, be warm, and always ask how their family is doing when you see them.

In your neighborhood is a gold mine. Are you digging it? That is one of the most powerful secrets there is.

You can connect with your neighbors by simply giving them a coupon when you see them and tell them this is for your business. You can send it via email, or even social mail. You can call your neighbors and invite them over for a luncheon and ask for referrals. There are so many possibilities.

I would encourage you to look at your neighborhood. Look at who your neighbors know. Look at where your neighbors work. Look at where your neighbors go and have fun. There are many ideas that you can get simply by thinking about who your neighbors are 2 Streets Over in home business prospecting.

Discover how to NEVER run out of people to talk to- it is so easy.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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