MLM Training Video- The Most Revealing Question in MLM Recruiting


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MLM Recruiting- The Most Revealing Question You can Ask a Prospect

This is a short video telling you one of the most revealing questions you can ask an mlm prospect as well as learn a LOT from this one question ABOUT the home business prospect. Their answer will reveal a LOT of who they are…and are not. I would suggest you USE this question as it truly paints you as a LEADER as well.

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MLM Online Recruiting- 5 Little Known Rules You CANNOT Break

online mlm recruiting network marketing
mlm online recruiting home business


MLM Online Recruiting.

Are there Rules that you must adhere to if you are going to recruit for your mlm business online?

What would it be like to discover some things that would ACCELERATE your mlm online recruiting?

Would that make a difference in your home based business team building?

Of course it would.

There are “Rules” that we have found over the last 7 years that truly must be adhered to if you are going to sponsor prospects online. I was working recently with a New Private Client in Boston, and she was focused very much on recruiting online.

Nothing wrong with what.

But HOW she was engaging online mlm recruiting was way off base.

She was breaking all the rules of mlm online recruiting.

According to our research we have done, as well as hundreds of thousands of leads that have been generated, there are certain Rules that apply if you are going to recruit online successfully.

I know.

There is online softwares that can help you. There is PPC. There is PPV. There is facebook ads, Google ads, bing ads, yahoo ads, classified ads, banner ads, emails ads, and the list seems endless.

But it does not matter WHAT you do, as much as HOW you do it. To be blunt, all these companies WANT YOUR MONEY. Hello. That is what they are in business for. But what about YOUR RESULTS and what is best for the prospect?

That is why I wanted to pen this post and give you “The 5 Rules of MLM Online Recruiting” for Home Business.

Are YOU currently engaged in online recruiting? Does recruiting online seem to be something of interest to you?

If so, then these 5 Rules may help you better understand WHAT will accelerate your recruiting online for your network marketing business.

Here are the 5 Rules if MLM Recruiting Online”

1. The Rule of AUTOMATION.

If you are going to succeed in recruiting online, you are going to need some automated software that will PUSH your message out into the internet. It does not matter of you are recruiting on social media sites, or recruiting on the internet with ads. You MUST have some form of automation for lead capturing.

That is where a landing page telling your story or a video you send them to will help. This is standard in mlm online recruiting. If you automate the process of recruiting, you will find that your success will be much stronger. I recommend if you are not a geek, and want to put up lead capture pages,:

Nvu software.

It is a great software and easy ti install and easy to use. And FREE.


You MUST be Highly Visible if you are going to recruit online in a world where most people are invisible.

How do you do that?

Be on social sites, forums, and search engines if you are going to recruit online. It is that simple. And you do that by putting together a SUPPORT TEAM that Will work with you and help you get your message out. Ask your friends to send out an email to their base. Ask them if they would endorse your offer. Ask them if they would feature one of your posts on their facebook page and then ask their friends to help.

We did exactly that recently with a new Client 3 weeks ago and she got 21 new leads – in ONE DAY.

It works. And you also need to automate your visibility. use PING.FM to do that.. It will KEEP you out in the social media sphere so people can see your posts and comments.

3. The Rule of FREE and Capture.

On your Landing page, you MUST give something for FREE. It can be an audio or an ebook or a report. But FREE is what compels the prospect to give you their name nd email so you can contact them.

BUT- you must have a way to capture their name and email. You can use aweber software if you choose, a great choice for that if you are somewhat familiar with setting up an autoresponder.

One of my favorite free lead capture tools is Google Docs, (yes Google docs) as long as you do not mind it being branded by Google and you are not looking for anything other than capturing the lead details..  You just choose the “forms” option and Google docs will help create and build you a form, even embed script to add it to your website and a Spreadsheet to capture the data.  That is something that most people do not know Google will do. Try it. It is free.

4. The Rule of STAY CONNECTED.

This is where you must stay connected to the prospect and you do that with good information on the subject that they opted in for, and you send it to them a couple of times a week. You can do this through a FREE autoresponder service: (Yes, it is FRE)


This will help you keep VISIBLE and CONNECTED to your home business leads that you have captured and in the process of recruiting online.

5. The Rule of TRANSITION.

There comes a point that you must TRANSITION the lead to a Presentation online. It can be a webinar or a chat room, or an Evergreen Webinar using Mike Filsaime’s software. It can also be a “Recruiting Blitz webinar” that we have talked about before in these posts. But if you do not get them to a webinar, you will probably NOT see them in your business at least for a while. You will need a webinar platform to do your presentations…

Here is a FREE webinar service:

Prospects need questions answered and solutions to life. That is why your webinar should be SOLUTION FOCUSED so it PULLS the prospect into wanting to attend the webinar. Send the invite out via your autoresponder and then give them a FREE gift for attending. Again the gift could be a host of things- including a FREE sample of your product you can mail them or give them a deep discount off the price.

These are 5 Rules for MLM Online Recruiting. I hope that these will give you some tolls as well as some insight as far as how to succeed if you have never done it before in recruiting online for your mlm home business.

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MLM Recruiting- How To Recruit Anyone in 30 Seconds- Part 2

mlm recruiting home business

mlm recruiting network marketing


MLM Recruiting 30 Seconds.

If there were some phrases that would hit someone up the head and GET their ATTENTION , would that help your mlm business recruiting?

How would you like to be able to PULL people towards you within seconds?

In our Private Coaching, we have been teaching what we call “2 x 4 Phrases” for quite sometime. These are phrases and questions that hit a person like an imaginary 2 x 4 upside the head and heart. Theses phrases and questions have been time tested and work whether online or offline, does not matter.

Many people today are busy, and have been approached many times before. You may be one of those folks. I am. I get hit up all the time for the “new next big thing” and I generally listen as i want to hear the “pitch.”

Sometimes it is good- other times….not so good.

A Meeting of the Minds.

That is why one day we were talking in a mastermind meeting, and came up with the reality that we needed something DIFFERENT that would truly get people’s attention.

We chatted about what I wrote about in the Part One of this series, and we started to cone up with some interesting thinking, but not where it needed to be.

Then someone suggested we put ourselves in the place of the prospect and what would get our attention. BAM!  The energy shifted and we came up with over 25 “2x4s” that really hit the heart and created massive attention.

The 2×4 Phrases that PULL People IN.

I want to give you three of them that truly work, and I believe will help you with your mlm recruiting as well as your home business prospecting.

These “2x4s” focus on PULLING people towards you, and keeping them engaged in the conversation whether online or offline. They follow the path of Magnetic Conversation and work like crazy!

It centers around 2 words:


1. “I help people to love the life they are living more…”

2. “I help people to achieve in their life what they never thought possible…”

3. “I am an Elevator. I help elevate people’s possibilities in life and then achieve them.”

These are focused on ONE THIMG:

VALUE to the prospect.

And if you are writing copy for a landing page, or for an ad, focus on the VOLUME of VALUEthat your words communicate in your home business.

The More Volume of Value, the more magnetic your words become in your network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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How to Recruit Anyone on 30 Seconds – Part One

MLM Recruiting- How to Recruit Anyone in 30 Seconds

mlm recruiting

mlm quick recruiting

MLM Recruiting.

What if you could actually start the mlm recruiting process within 30 seconds of a question being asked?

If you could have a powerful arsenal of “word bullets” that could be fired at will, in an online landing page or a face to face conversation, would that be something useful for your mlm home based business?


The Elevator Speech.

IN the marketing and sales world, there is a tactic known as “The Elevator Speech” which is a powerful tactic for telling what you do for a living. It has been around for a while and can actually be used in mlm online recruiting as well as offline recruiting.

It is focused on NOT what you do as a job or for a living, but focused on how you can HELP INCREASE ot IMPROVE  a situation or a company’s sales or results.

The 4 E’s of Home Business Recruiting.

It is the same on mlm online recruiting or offline recruiting. Your goal is to show them the “4 E’s of Home Business Recruiting:”

This is showing the prospect with your home business how you can:




4. INCREASE (ok,…this is not an E)

…their life, their lifestyle and income.

How would you like to take this success strategy and be able to use it on your mlm online recruiting landing squeeze pages as well as in any conversation you hold with a prospect? It is very simple to do and we have been doing it for years- even on our online marketing efforts with our company.

Most people would say, “I am a distributor with ABC company and we have skin care products…”


“I am a nutrition specialist that specializes in….”  You get the picture.

Nothing wrong with that. It works. But there is something that is more powerful.

The Magnetic Conversation.

There is a phrase that is so simple but yet after much research on our part, we have found it can revolutionize your mlm recruiting.

“I help…”

Simple. Profound. Powerful.

What if you could craft a phrase so powerful that it would PULL people towards you within seconds? we have been developing such a thing and we call it “30 Second Recruiting.”

If you use this strategy online or offline, it can create some amazing results in your mlm recruiting.

How does it work?

Your job as it is is- even as an entrepreneur, is not important to the prospect. What is important is the VALUE you bring to the prospect’s life and what you help them achieve and accomplish in their life.

You TOTALLY FOCUS on the prospect’s needs and life, not yours. What you get out of this is not important. What you GIVE the client is the critical part.

Here are some magnetic Questions to open up a conversation with:

“Ever wish you had more money to help with your bills?”

“Ever had one of those months that no matter what you did- you were just stressed out over the bills you had to pay?”

“Has it ever crossed your mind that there has to be something more for your life?”

“Has it ever crossed your mind you would like to feel better during the day?”

“Ever thought about looking 10 years younger?”

They usually say, “Yes, I have…as a matter of fact!”

This opens the door to what we call “The 30 Second Magnet” phrase:

‘I can help you solve that problem.”

“Ever wish that there was more money to spend on your family? I can solve that problem.”

“Ever wondered why you struggle so much financially? I can help solve that problem.”

There are other ways to say it as well. “I can help with that,” “I can assist you with that,” “I have a solution for that.”

If you use this “30 Second Recruiting” strategy, you will find whether you use it online or offline, that it will PULL the prospect towards you and get them CONNECTED to the possibilities that your company offers, and will explode your mlm recruiting results for your network marketing home business.

I will be sharing more over the next couple of days MORE on “30 Second MLM Recruiting.”

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blessings…doug firebaugh

How to recruit 2 people a day- everyday- on LinkedIn!

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MLM Recruiting- How to Turn a Prospect’s Excuse into a Recruiting Tool

mlm recruiting network marketing

mlm recruiting home business


Have you ever gotten an excuse from a home business prospect?

How did it make you feel?

Would you like to discover a simple way to turn an mlm prospect’s excuse into a recruiting tool that WORKS?

Many potential superstars in our profession of network marketing get a negative excuse from their prospects. This is normal for business in general.

Take any kind of business.

Real estate agents get excuses all the time about why a person backed out of a purchase. They get excuses of why a person did not show up for a showing of a home. They get excuses on why someone decided to quit looking for homes.

Excuses are found in every business that exists. Donald Trump I am sure has gotten a lot of excuses. I am sure that almost every business owner that exists has gotten a lot of excuses.

Home business owners are NOT exempt from the excuse game and especially with network marketing. There are many excuses that prospects can give, but they all have one thing in common:

They are a result of some kind of fear.

Fear is the catalyst for just about all excuses, and it stops a lot of people from ever succeeding in any kind of business, let alone Multi level marketing. Fear is a master delayer of actions as well as results. Fear dominates many people’s lives because of how they grew up and how they think.

So you may be thinking, “Wow. How can I get around that?”

It actually is not that hard.

I have a buddy that is a 10th degree blackbelt in Judo. One of the things I have learned from him is that you use the opponent’s strength to your advantage. You let that power become YOUR power for taking the opponent down. What they thought would BEAT YOU actually became a power for success and achievement.

It is the same way in network marketing mlm. You can use a prospect’s EXCUSE as a weapon that will work FOR YOU, not against you-whether you recruit online with Funnel Recruiting or offline with the more traditional methods.

How does this little mlm recruiting secret work?


In Judo, every move your opponent makes you use to your advantage. Their move determines your next move. It is the with this mlm recruiting secret.

I call it the “MLM Recruiting Grenade.”

It can blow up an excuse within seconds.

Let me give you the secret:

No matter the excuse they give you- say this:

“I appreciate you sharing that with me. That is the EXACT reason that we need to talk as I have a solution for what you just said to me…”


You just turned their excuse into a SOLUTION and REASON for doing your mlm business with you. This I have used for years, and it has rarely if ever not worked.

If they say “I do not have any money…” Say the Objection Grenade. Then, “I want to share with you a powerful solution that will help alleviate that in your life.”

If they say, ” I would never have time for my own business…” say the Objection Grenade. Then, ” I want to share with you how you can have more time with your family and have make money at the same time.”

This powerful mlm recruiting tip will help you with any and all excuses. If you are getting a lot of excuses, then blow them up. This will help accelerate your Success in your MLM home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Recruiting Tips- The Art of Seductive MLM Recruiting

mlm recruiting home business

mlm recuiting



Have you ever seen one of those movies that the female actor gives the male actor- or even vice versa- a “come hither” look?

Have you ever rolled your eyes at someone trying the same thing in real life?

In your home business, before you freak out, I am going to show you how, when I actually researched it, found that network marketing recruiting actually is much like a seductive process- without the seducing.

We must take a look a the word “seductive.” You will see how it applies powerfully to your mlm recruiting efforts.

The word “seductive” actually has a root greek word meaning “irresistable,” “compelling,” “captivating,” “magnetic,” and “igniting.”

ALL of these words are the power behind recruiting in mlm and home business.

But we rarely look at recruiting as saying something “irresistable” or “captivating.”


Prospects that you are talking to, are often LOOKING for SOLUTIONS for their life and finances. 

I call it “Solution Based Recruiting.”

And there is NOTHING more compelling as well as captivating then someone who can SOLVE A PROBLEM for someone who has that problem.

The difference between the average network marketing recruiter and the successful mlm recruiter is this:

The average are focued on solving their OWN problems with this recruit. The successful are TOTALLY focused on solving the PROSPECT’S problem- no matter what.

And THAT alone makes the successful recruiter MORE appealing, MORE captivating, and MORE irresistible. The power that you have when you recruit is awesome- just like the power of someone who is being seduced in the regular way. But one is to help SOLVE a problem– and the other often leads to CREATING a problem.

How can we then use this “power” that is so appealing with our online prospects and off line mlm prospects? with any home based business, you must understand that HELPING and SOLVING are 2 of the most important actions we can take. If you understand that those actions can be life changing for many people, you will become a recruiting machine.

Instead of a “come hither” look, you need to have a “I can help” presence in your voice as well as body language.

Seduction often is about body language. So goes it with recruiting as well. YOUR body language must say that you understand where they are in life and you want to take them to a larger more powerful place in life.

Seduction often is about your WORDS. And especially online where your words are you SUCCESS CURRENCY. If it is online mlm recruiting, or social media, or even Local Geo Search, words can be tools that you use to get the prospect to move towards you. Those words MUST be focused on what the prospect life and lifestyle GAINS from just knowing you.

What can you say online or offline that will be irresisable as well as compelling and captivating?

Here are 3 Powerful Suggestions:

1. “If there was one dream that you have not accomplished in life yet, what would it be? Would you mind it if helped you achieve that?”

2. “I understand. Financial pressure can be brutal. If you do not mind me asking, would it be ok if I helped you get out of this financial place you are in right now?”

3. “I have a question for you. How can I help you achieve this dream of yours if i was willing to help you? Are you open to some ideas?”

MLM recruiting and seduction as far as process, is much of the same but totally different in many ways. But if we can take the process and learn from it in a unique and powerful way then you will learn that mlm home based recruiting is a power that can change lives as well as your home business.

Take these suggestions, and make them yours. Practice them and perfect them. Then you will have started the finae art of Seduction in MLM Home Business recruiting.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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LinkedIn – Recruit 2 professionals a DAY? HOW?

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MLM – The ONE Question You ALWAYS Ask in MLM Recruiting?


mlm recruiting

mlm home business recruiting

MLM recruiting

for your home based business requires the right stuff.

It requires words and questions that PULL people towards you. I have always called it “PULL Conversation.”

It is a powerful way to work in social media, face to face, public meetings, in home parties, and just over a webinar or cell phone.

 PULL Recruiting is a powerful way to build a team.

In today’s world, microwave speed communication is standard. In the news it is called ‘sound bytes” and that is what they are. They speak quick, a couple of sentences, if that. We all communicate today differently than we did even 15 years ago because of technology and culture.

That is why that you need a powerful  “Stopper Question.”

This is a question in home business recruiting that STOPS the person for a second- and makes them think. In today’s world you must get their attention and a Stopper Question does.  It has IMPACT and it says that this not just another communication.

There are many many MLM home business recruiting tactics out today that have proven to be successful.

There are tactics for social media and social networking. I have been blessed to teach a lot of them and learned a lot from other folks too!

There are home business recruiting tactics in party plans, and I have done a lot of work with those kinds of companies.

There are internet driven recruiting tactics and we  have been blessed to have a lot of success online. There are a TON of good teachers out there as well that train on how to do this.

But no matter the style of recruiting and sponsoring new people in your home business, there is ONE QUESTION that you always ask the prospect.

And surprisingly many do not.

MLM recruiting in home business is based on finding people are are:


That means they are looking for something in life that is not there currently. Many people often do not even realize they are looking for something until presented new possibilities for their life.

Sometimes, you have to “scratch that itch” if you will for that Looking to start. And when you start talking about lifestyle and success they have never experienced, it can start them looking your way very quickly.

So with that understanding, what is the ONE QUESTION in MLM recruiting you should ALWAYS ask no matter whether it is social media offline?

“Just curious…I asked my self this question recently, and it really shifted things for the better  in my life. It’s a great question. What are you looking to improve or increase in your life – if you could?”        <Answer>   

“Tell me about it.” And then LISTEN.

“Let me share with you what I recently ran across that has really helped shift some things for the better in my life…”

Notice I did NOT say the word “change,” but “Improve” and “Increase.”

This one question I have taught for years for social media, online as well as offline, and there is a reason why it is so magnetic in mlm recruiting:

People are drawn to those kinds of people that are looking to do better, and want to help others do the same SINCERELY. Your question MUST come across like you are sincerely interested and care to know.

I cannot explain in this brief article why this works so well as that is a much longer write, but I can tell you…IT DOES WORK no matter the communication arena.

Whether on facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn, ask this one PULLING Question and you will find your prospect moving towards you in the conversation because in your home business, you have asked THE ONE QUESTION that draws people into your MLM recruiting conversation.

And their answer will let you know where you need to take the conversation to start talking to them about their own home business in mlm recruiting.

For a powerful training resource on improving your recruiting ratio amazingly, click here for a look:  MLM Recruiting Words that PULL People In

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Success Strategies -The Unstoppable Success Strategy of Love

LoveSuccess Strategies -The Unstoppable Success Strategy of Love

“Take away love and our earth is a tomb.” ~ Robert Browning

The Success Word.


What an incredible word.

It is a word that produces so many pictures, emotions, and feelings.

It is a core emotion of ours that drives us to do things we could never
imagine, say things that surprise us, and create a Success in out life we never thought possible because we did it for someone we loved.

I did it for Binky.

Binky is the nickname of my daughter, and for years, I worked incredibly hard so I could give her the life that I did not have growing up. It was
not easy, but what a Success motivator it was for me many times in my life.

When I felt giving up, there her picture was, looking at me and believing in me. and the thoughts of walking away from what my Success dream was suddenly started fading,and then it was time to go back to work, to do what I really did not feel doing- for her. I loved her and still do today, as she is my Binky, my daughter, and always will be.

We have an incredible relationship.

The Success Driver.

Love is an incredible Success Driver in life.

It will drive you to accomplish more Success than you ever dreamed possible.

Love is an incredible Power Source in life, as that is where the Source for Success really lies- doing something you love for someone you love.

And Love is an incredible feeling when it is right, and when it comes from the heart.

It’s all part of a successful lifestyle because love adds a dimension of fulfillment in life that cannot be explained…

It adds a view of life that is beyond words and any thinking.

It adds so much richness in life and Success that Success without Love at the core, is empty and fleeting.

It is so hard to explain how Love drives and emowers Success everyday...

It just does.

In ways that we cannot fathom.

God’s Success Development.

God made it that way. He planned it that way.

And we live that way, or at least are supposed to.

We all crave to be loved.

And to show we love someone. It is within us. So is Success. And when you crave the two together, then any dream that you have is totally Unstoppable and Undeniable.

We also can show we love someone by creating Success to give as a life and lifestyle that you only had dreamed of before…

Love is the Ultimate Motivator.

Anyone who has love in their life… has found the Nuclear Core of Success.

Love what you do.

For who you do it for.

And if you don’t love what you do…

You are missing the Absolute Core of Success in life.


Doug Firebaugh

© 2011 PassionFire International. All rights reserved.

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