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Have you ever seen one of those movies that the female actor gives the male actor- or even vice versa- a “come hither” look?

Have you ever rolled your eyes at someone trying the same thing in real life?

In your home business, before you freak out, I am going to show you how, when I actually researched it, found that network marketing recruiting actually is much like a seductive process- without the seducing.

We must take a look a the word “seductive.” You will see how it applies powerfully to your mlm recruiting efforts.

The word “seductive” actually has a root greek word meaning “irresistable,” “compelling,” “captivating,” “magnetic,” and “igniting.”

ALL of these words are the power behind recruiting in mlm and home business.

But we rarely look at recruiting as saying something “irresistable” or “captivating.”


Prospects that you are talking to, are often LOOKING for SOLUTIONS for their life and finances. 

I call it “Solution Based Recruiting.”

And there is NOTHING more compelling as well as captivating then someone who can SOLVE A PROBLEM for someone who has that problem.

The difference between the average network marketing recruiter and the successful mlm recruiter is this:

The average are focued on solving their OWN problems with this recruit. The successful are TOTALLY focused on solving the PROSPECT’S problem- no matter what.

And THAT alone makes the successful recruiter MORE appealing, MORE captivating, and MORE irresistible. The power that you have when you recruit is awesome- just like the power of someone who is being seduced in the regular way. But one is to help SOLVE a problem– and the other often leads to CREATING a problem.

How can we then use this “power” that is so appealing with our online prospects and off line mlm prospects? with any home based business, you must understand that HELPING and SOLVING are 2 of the most important actions we can take. If you understand that those actions can be life changing for many people, you will become a recruiting machine.

Instead of a “come hither” look, you need to have a “I can help” presence in your voice as well as body language.

Seduction often is about body language. So goes it with recruiting as well. YOUR body language must say that you understand where they are in life and you want to take them to a larger more powerful place in life.

Seduction often is about your WORDS. And especially online where your words are you SUCCESS CURRENCY. If it is online mlm recruiting, or social media, or even Local Geo Search, words can be tools that you use to get the prospect to move towards you. Those words MUST be focused on what the prospect life and lifestyle GAINS from just knowing you.

What can you say online or offline that will be irresisable as well as compelling and captivating?

Here are 3 Powerful Suggestions:

1. “If there was one dream that you have not accomplished in life yet, what would it be? Would you mind it if helped you achieve that?”

2. “I understand. Financial pressure can be brutal. If you do not mind me asking, would it be ok if I helped you get out of this financial place you are in right now?”

3. “I have a question for you. How can I help you achieve this dream of yours if i was willing to help you? Are you open to some ideas?”

MLM recruiting and seduction as far as process, is much of the same but totally different in many ways. But if we can take the process and learn from it in a unique and powerful way then you will learn that mlm home based recruiting is a power that can change lives as well as your home business.

Take these suggestions, and make them yours. Practice them and perfect them. Then you will have started the finae art of Seduction in MLM Home Business recruiting.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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