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MLM Prospecting-3 More Powerful Quick Prospecting Secrets

mlm propsecting secrets

mlm home business prospecting


MLM Prospecting Secrets.

Do you prospect for new network marketing leads?

Are you looking for a more powerful home business lead generation process?

How would knowing what has helped produce BILLIONS in volume help your home based business?

These are three very powerful mlm prospecting secrets. And I would advise you to take a look at them, and learn them, and use them. These mlm prospecting secrets are GOLD and they will help you in your mlm lead generation efforts.

MLM Prospecting Secret 1:

“Focus ONLY on what the prospect wants, not you.”

 It is NOT all about you.

 It never will be.

It is called a T.I.N.Y. Focus.

Their Interests NOT Yours.

 Where your focus lies will be where your results are drawn towards.

 If the prospect wants to talk about the product, shut up about the business. Talk product. Talk product some more. The tell them a business is connected to the product.

 If a prospect wants to talk about her dreams- SHUT UP and LISTEN. Listen some more. And then tell her how amazing her dreams are and you would love to help her achieve them.

 This is simple and to the point.

 MLM Prospecting Secret 2:

 “Prospect looking through the Prospect’s eyes, and not yours. THEIR Dreams are focused in THEIR eyes, not yours.”

 Looking and Seeing are 2 different things.

 Prospecting requires BOTH.

 It requires you looking at what the prospect wants to do with their life, and CONNECTING to that Dream and destiny and you SEEING the fruition of it with your business and products in their life.

 It requires you to START where they are, and LOOK at where they are, and SEE where they can go with your business.

 Look through their eyes as far as where they currently are, financially, emotionally, family, socially, and career wise.

 Start in their world, and then lead them to your world of home business success.

 You are talking to the prospect ONLY to see what the prospect is looking for, and wanting in their life and YOU help them find it. Let your home business be the delivery vehicle for the solution and Power Magnet of their dreams.

MLM Prospecting Secret 3:

 “Use words that they understand, NOT Network Marketing-ease.”

 Many distributors talk themselves right out of a potential prospect because they use all the wrong words and all the wrong questions.

I have seen this so many times.

 Someone starts talking about “downlines” and a puzzled look comes across the prospect’s face and they start glazing over.

 Someone mentions “upline” and by then the prospect is starting to look for an exit.

 THEN someone mentions “multi level” and you look around…where did they go?

 NOT with you.

 You cannot expect to talk Chinese to a Greek and expect each other to understand each other. It is the same with Network Marketing.

 You must use the language that will get them COMFORTABLE and not require them to SORT THROUGH the babble to try and figure it out.

 Don’t use the words like “downline” or “upline”.

 A prospect probably will have no clue of what that is.

 Use words they can understand, and feel comfortable with, like “Team”, “Support system,” and “Leaders.”

If you use these three powerful mlm prospecting secrets, you will find your mlm lead generation success exploding in your mlm home business.

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Network Marketing Training- How to Develop an MLM Success Blueprint

mlm training

mlm network marketing training


MLM Success Blueprint.

Do you want to discover how to create a Success Blueprint for your Home Business?

How would you like to learn a step by step process of doing that?

How would that help you in your network marketing business?

Goals and Daily Methods of Operation are all part of the home business mlm culture. They have been around from the beginning. There are sone RIGHT ways, and some WRONG ways to do that. I would suggest that you look at doing it right, and this is a way that can help you build a great Success Blueprint for your home based business.

There are two types of goals you will need for Success in NETWORK MARKETING:

 1) Personal Goals. 

2) Business Goals.

 SHORT-RANGE GOALS.  Be specific. (This is your first 30-90 days)









 Customers first thirty days?_____________________________________________

Appointments first month?_______________________________________________

Telephone calls per day?_______________________________________________

New Recruits the first month?________________________________________

My First month income?________________________________________________

Hours a week that I will work?______________________________________________


 INTERMEDIATE GOALS.  Go for the Gold! (This is your first 6 months to a year)








 When will I achieve the first position? _____________________________

When will I achieve the second position?____________________________

How many Resellers will I have in 90 days? ___________________________

How many customers will I have in 90 days? _______________________________

How many appointments will my team be doing each week? ____________________

What will my volume be in 90 days? ____________________________________

 LONG RANGE GOALS(This is your 3-5 year plan) 










  Developing Your Success Strengths.

 You need to develop certain strengths along the way. These would include:

 1)    Optimistic Thinking – about where we are going, ourselves, and life in general.

2)    Success Habits – Develop ones that will empower Success, not stop it.

3)    Skills and Specialized Knowledge – Identify the skills and knowledge that you will need to develop to create Success in your business.

 What THOUGHTS will you need to develop?   List them.

What HABITS will you need to develop?      List them.

What SKILLS will you need to develop?      List them.

 Where is your BELIEF?

 There is a difference between HAVING a goal and BELIEVING you will ACHIEVE the goal. You must BELIEVE that you can Succeed in NETWORK MARKETING. Belief is built by working your goals daily and being involved in them.

 1)    SEE in your mind the Success that you want.

2)    CREATE a picture in real life of what that looks like – DREAM board.

3)    READ your goals everyday and also a positive article or part of a book.

4)    DECIDE that you will only surround yourself with positive and powerful people and things.

These are the steps of creating a Success Blueprint for your Home Business and network marketing profession.

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MLM Training- Are YOU Sleepwalking Through MLM Success?


mlm home business

work at home mlm


MLM Home Business Success.

Are you SLEEP WALKING when it comes to success in your network marketing home business?

Are you taking the drug “Sleepeeze” when it comes to mlm  recruiting and prospecting?

How would YOU like a dose of reality when it comes to success in a home based business mlm?


Lets talk REAL here.

Many folks are “sleep walking” through this great profession because they are doing it out of HABIT, and not aware of it.

You WALK BY more business in a day than you could write in a year. But yet, many folks are not aware that that business is waiting for them and will do business WITH THEM.

It is called “Aware-nemia.” I have taught this for years, as many people are not AWARE of who is around them and they lack a very important vitamin.

“Vitamin P.”

Ok…what vitamin is vitamin P?

“Vitamin PRIORITY.”

Your business is NOT a priority and thus, your “business radar” remains off most of the time, and you are sleep walking through life. I even wrote a quite one time about this very thing:

“Many people’s internal alarm clock is broken. They sleep through mentally many opportunities for Success because their alarm is not even set to ring.”- DF


Hotels are a great place to spend some time. In the future as your business grows, if you are building a team nationally, you will find that out.

But if you are on the road, and if you have an appointment for in the morning, you probably will call the operator and schedule a wake up call so you don’t miss it. You may even set the alarm on the desk clock as a back up.

Why don’t we do that for “Success Appointments?”

Everyday, life give us chances to talk about our home based business, and we find our alarm clock is not set! Some of us mentally SLEEP through the chance to share our products and business with someone because we are distracted, defocused, or inactive.





The Leaders in MLM that set their internal alarm every morning to go off when a chance to share their company and product message appears….will find their checks growing alarmingly HUGE in the future.

“Hey…I am glad we have been talking…I need your help on something. You may know who I am looking for. Do you know anyone that would like to …….<benefit of your product or business?>”


There are only 2 types of people reading this article:

Ones that WILL become Millionaires with their Network Marketing Home Business …

And ones that WILL NOT.

YOU have to decide which one you will be.

This is some Brutal Success Truth that will help your MLM home based business success!

FREE mp3 download- “The 7 Biggest Mistakes in Network Marketing and NO ONE will tell You.”

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Social Media MLM – 3 Powerful Social Media Recruiting Secrets

social media recruiting

mlm social media


Social Media MLM Recruiting.

Where are you in the social media mlm niche?

Are you using social media for your network marketing business?

Are you looking for some secrets that could help explode your mlm social media results?

Today we are going to cover three very poweful secrets about the ever changing world of social networking and social media. if you are using social media, then YOU are on top of what is today’s greatest prospecting venue.

If you are not- START.

Here are 3 very powerful secrets of accelerating your social media recruiting success:

Social Media Recruiting Secret 1:

 It is No Longer about being the Industry Best, but what you do in your Niche, do it better than Anyone Else.

 Niche Marketing and Recruiting has arrived. It is still in it’s infancy in the Home Business arena, but it has arrived. With all the messages out in the marketplace, you have to set your company and product apart. You must see the big picture, but know that the Driving Force for your success will come in a smaller marketing zone.

Take the Flip Video camera –a niche that is narrow, but a market that is huge. Being the best used to be the cry of the corporations. But with the acceleration and proliferation today of all the products and services in the Network marketing arena, there is a different sound that seems to be heard.

 You do not have to be the best in the industry any longer. But you do have to be the very best at what you do.

 This has changed the approach to many company owners as they look into the future and try and see what is coming. Single product focus has been huge the last 5 years in Home businesses. Single niche focus is getting to be just as big.

Mineral Make Up.

Super antioxidant gel.

High Powered Herbal Energy drinks.

Medicinal Based skin care products.

Skinny tea bags.

Diet Chocolate products.

And the list continues to grow daily. Not trying to be the all in all and everything to everybody. Just being the best at one thing and no one else doing it as good. That is the New Rule for the marketplace today.

People are not expecting you to be the best at everything.

But be the very best at the one thing you do.

Be the best at talking about your product.

Be the best at explaining your comp plan.

Be the best prospector.

Be the best presenter.

Be the best recruiter.

Be the best leader.

Be the best trainer.

 But be the best at something, and watch people be attracted to that best that no one else can do-like you.

 Social Media Recruiting Secret 2:

 It is no Longer about having a Brand- YOU ARE the Brand.

 Branding. Been lots of talk about it. But in the past, there was always taking your product brand to market. Making sure that your product had brand identity. Making sure that your product’s brand was the most recognizable.

 Things are changing.

 Now, there is the Primary Brand, and then secondary brand. YOU are the Primary Brand in the New Marketplace. Today, people are more interested in what YOU bring to the table, not just your product. The New marketplace is a whole lot more savvy than it used to be. Computers changed that. The internet changed that. SMS, Mobile Marketing, Social Networking, Smart phones changed that.

And that change moved the focus from product being primary- to people. YOU are the first brand in your business-your company and products are the secondary brand. You must set yourself apart from all the others out there, and become the ‘Expert’ at something that will elevate people’s perspective of who you are and what you do.

You must become “memorable.” You must become more than just a distributor to that person. You must become the “go to person” for what you do.

 What do you want to be remembered for when prospects think of you? What message do you want them to see on their mental billboard about you? What do you want “seared’ onto their mind like a branding iron that carries your mark?

YOU must become the brand by marketing yourself as much as you market the products and business. Come up with a catchy slogan. Come up with a logo that people remember. Come up with a catchy theme that sets you apart. Then brand  it on the social media sites and all you do.

 The New Rule: Don’t just make yourself KNOWN- make yourself REMEMBERED.

  And when they remember you, make sure they remember your slogan, logo, or theme FIRST-because YOU are the Primary Product.

 Social Media Recruiting Secret 3: 

It’s no longer just about what you are saying-but what others are saying to others – FOR YOU.

 It’s called “The Echo Factor.”

 What is echoing across the landscape about you and your business and products? What is being said that is getting people’s attention? What are people saying as an ambassador for you and your products to others that are listening to their words?

You can talk all you want about your products and business. But it is not anywhere near as powerful as others that are talking for you and about you. Other people mentioning to their friends and family that your products are amazing and your business is really helping people, is advertisement you cannot buy. It is worth it’s weight in gold.

And the greatest part is those that have enrolled into your vision about the products and benefits and they have become a “Vision Carriers.” They carry the vision of what you are doing and let others know about it.

 That is how many products today are being marketed. The companies are developing strategic “Vision Carriers” and they carry the vision out into today’s marketplace. They are called ‘Visionaries” that get it, and then they go out and virally market it across the internet and the other traditional ways of communication. 

 You need to develop “Vision Carriers” that carry the vision with them and then tell people about your products and business. Reward them for doing it. If they refer someone, give them the profit from the sale. Give them reasons to share the story about your product and business. Get them excited about helping get your message out because it will help so many others.

Get their heart connected to the Vision, and they will tell everyone they know –for you.

 These are 3 very powerful tips for you to help your social media recruiting success in mlm home business and network marketing.

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MLM Recruiting- 3 Powerful Secrets for Recruiting in a Bad Economy

mlm recruiting network marketing

mlm recruiting home business


MLM Recruiting in a Bad Economy.

What does a bad economy do to your recruiting in a home business?

What can you do to accelerate your mlm home business during a bas economy?

Would 3 powerful secrets help for your network marketing business?

Here are 3 secrets to mlm recruiting during a bad economy:

Secret 1.

Do not just Cut Back during tough times. Focus more on ADDING FORWARD.
Today, most financial planners and books are talkinglike this:

I disagree.

Now do not get me wrong.

I believe in making sure that you are not practicing “wasteful spending.” That is one thing that you do not do at any time.
But I believe in the practice of ADDING Income which moves you FORWARD-thus ADDING FORWARD,
That is why I believe that people should ADD- not take away to their life and lifestyle.
And the easiest way to do that is owning your own business from home. This will ADD INCOME and profits to your household budget and plan.
Mention that all the “experts” want you to CUT BACK. But you have a better more lucrative idea. Add Forward with your own business form home.
THAT is so much more appealing to the masses during TET.
 Secret 2
TALK TIMING.  Show People during these times, they should be looking for MORE to replace the Inevitable LESS that others are accepting in their life.
You have heard it before. “Timing is everything.”

Especially during Tough Economic Times.
NOW is the Time to NOT accept Less and to demand MORE out of you-and your future. This recession is part myth, and part opinion. Refuse to participate in that myth.
The TIME IS NOW- to start talking about REFUSAL.
Refuse to participate in the recession and the tough economic times. MORE should be the word that you use with your prospects. ‘More Money.” “More freedom.” More Options.”  “More Life.”
Timing is to talk OPPOSITE. Talk More when others are talking less. Talk BIG when others are talking small. Talk HOPE when others are talking Hopeless. Talk POWER when others are talking weakness. Talk INCREASE when others are talking decrease.
Timing is everything. Either you take advantage of it-or it takes advantage of you.
Secret 3
Do not just carry the Answer with you- BECOME the Answer.
Today, during these tough times, people are looking for more than just an answer. They are also looking for the person who IS the answer.

They are looking for someone who has a Direction and willing to take people with them.
Don’t just talk about the answer.

Own the answer.

Radiate the answer.

Let your presence be pouring out the answer to their challenges. People want to know that YOU know the way out of this economic mess, and you are willing to share your map.
Say, “What we need to so is clear. We need to move you past the current economic state that you and your family are in, and that is going to require doing something different. Every question has an answer; Your answer is looking at you / talking to you.  Let me give you a step by step path that will lead you out of where you are – and into a much better financial place that you and your family deserve. Step number one is deciding to leave this current situation ….”

These are 3 powerful recruiting secrets during a bad economy rhat can help explode your mlm home business!

FREE mp3 download:  “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell YOU.”

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets

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MLM Training- from HBRN Show Hosts and # 1 Earner Ray Higdon

Check Out My Streaming Talk Radio Network


Radio Time!








From Doug:

As you guys know, I dont feature a lot of outside stuff as a lot of it is well…less than what should be on this blog.

Ray Higdon is an exception. A Master. Brilliant. Powerful. A New Generation Leader and # 1 earner for his company. A TRUE Leader of leaders. And just one of the most humble and nicest guys you would ever want to meet.

Read this blog post and other blog posts he has. He cares about the profession and it shows.  Truly he is becoming an industry icon very quickly.

blessings…doug firebaugh


A few months back I was asked to do a radio show and I thought, sure, I can do an interview and my friend Doug Firebaugh said no, I want you to do a whole show! This is a pretty awesome company they have put together pulling together some really amazing trainers and it is called the Home Business Radio Network.

We Have to Alter What We Watch and Listen to

We are constantly being bombarded with negative or non-serving communication. The rag magazines on the shelves at the grocery counter telling us of the latest celebrity rehab, the newspapers telling us of the latest floods or murders or the radio telling us more of the same, it is no wonder the masses suffer from mediocrity and lack of success. The more you can change what you listen and watch to one of a positive nature, the better chances you have of creating results in your life. The home business radio network is something you can listen to on your phone or at your computer to help you get more of the much needed positive input you deserve.

What is the Home Business Radio Network?

HBRN is a collection of trainers and speakers for the home business industry that is going to be serving you up some major (and free) value! You can visit the page at the Home Business Radio Network and check out all the show hosts on this page – HRBN Trainers and on that page you can also see the schedule. My show runs everyday at 5:30am, 9:30am and 6pm. Each week there will be two new shows per trainer, Sunday-Wednesday will be the same show you can check out and listen to more than once and then Thursday-Saturday will be the second show. This is pretty exciting to have yet another way to reach everyone and have a little fun in the process.




Help Me Help You!

If you have been following my MLM blog for any length of time, you know I create some serious content and based on the traffic and video, also some good value that you like, however, I wanna hear from you! What would you like me to cover in a 14 minute radio show?

The show playing right now is on dealing with and handling negative people. This is something I see so often steal the dreams of would be successful network marketers and it is something you have to nip in the butt if you are ever going to be successful in this industry.

Do me a favor (as a favor to yourself) and leave a comment on this blog post telling me what it is you would love for me to cover as a topic and if I choose your suggestion, I will give you credit on the air!

Thanks and will be reaching out to you on my mobile app as well as the radio now!

Presented by PassionFire Intl.

FREE mp3 download: “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell You”

blessings..doug firebaugh

MLM Prospecting- A Little Known Prospecting Secret that PULLS PEOPLE Towards You

mlm network marketing

home business mlm


MLM Psychology of Prospecting

What is one of the most powerful secrets to mlm prospecting that is rarely taught?

How would knowing a powerful prospecting secret help your home business?

Do you want to make prospecting an easier process?

What I am talking about to some degree is the Psychology of prospecting in a home business. It is a very powerful secret that I believe can help you become a master prospector in a way like nothing else.

People have a “sense” about things, and they sense things about you.

They sense your INTENTIONS.

They sense your FOCUS.

They sense your AGENDA.

They sense your FEELINGS that you feel about you, your company, and the prospect.

But yet, many time,s that is not happening with a lot of  folks in network marketing.


There are many reasons,  but looking at it from a psychological standpoint, the prospect is GOING TO FEEL….what you are sending out to them.

You send out emotional signals to the prospect and those signals will determine much of what happens in your prospecting efforts.

Ok…then what what would be a good rule of thumb concerning mlm prospecting and YOU?

Here is a great secret:

How you FEEL about prospecting will determine much of what the prospect is FEELING FROM YOU.


 Many people operate out of hesitancy and timidity when it comes to finding leads and talking with them.

Do you FEEL that way?

 We have found that you need to SHIFT your focus on what prospecting IS in your mind, to a focus of what it can DO for other people.

 You are either focused on what YOU get from the lead, or what the lead gets from you.

 NOTE: 80% of the initial response from the prospect will come from what they are sensing FROM YOUR INTENTIONS.

 If you are internally focused on what YOU can get FROM THEM for your business, they will sense that and for the most part, be turned off. That is why so many good people walk away from MLM. They sense that someone is out to GET SOMETHING from them, not give.

 Here is a secret:

 GIVING is the MAGNET in prospecting. You GETTING from the prospect is the repellent. You need to develop a focus that you are looking for leads to GIVE them something of Value.

 A Solution!

 We call it “Solution Based Prospecting.”

 GIVE solutions to the prospect for their finances and other benefits your products offer.

 ALL a benefit is is a SOLUTION to a problem.

Solve a problem- don’t just sell a product. If you do that in your prospecting efforts,you will find more people than you ever thought or your mlm home business.

FREE mp3 download “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell you.”

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets

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MLM Prospecting- What to Say When Your Prospect Returns Your Call

home business mlm

work at home network marketing


MLM Prospecting: I can’t Believe They Called Me Back.

What do you say when you get a return call with a live voice from someone you talked to or left a voice mail message for – about your network marketing business?

What do you say when they finish talking and they are waiting on a response from you?

Would you like an mlm prospecting secret of what to say that that PULLS PEOPLE IN like a recruiting magnet on steriods?

Here is an mlm prospecting voice mail secret:

“What you SAY to a prospect when they call you back from a Voice Mail either Draws them in, or draws a wrong picture of your Intentions.”



 You can pick your jaw off the floor.

 Your mlm prospect has actually called you back from the voice mail you left.

 What in the world do you SAY to them when they call you BACK?


I did this for years and still do:

 For a Friend:

 “Hey thanks for ringing me back. How have you been? Great. Listen, I really could use some help from you. A National <                 >    company that I now am now a regional leader for, has asked me to do 2 things: Get some people I know to try some products and also to find a couple of people that I can train to help me get the message out about our products. I know you know who I am looking for and simply would like some help to locate some talent. Could we possibly meet for lunch this week and I will show you what I am talking about.”

 That simple.

 No hype. No pressure. Just plain and powerful.

The company could be a skin care, nutritional company, a weight loss company, among many other possibilities.

 If they are a friend of a friend (referral)

 ““Hey thanks for ringing me back.  A great friend of both of ours, Mary Smith, suggested that I chat with you for a second because she thought we really would enjoy connecting, and that you were possibly looking for a solution for <   problem   >     A National   <  skin care, weight loss, etc   >    company that I now am now a regional leader for, has asked find some people that may be willing to try a couple of products and also to locate a couple of people that I can train to help me get the message out about our products. Mary thought that we should chat and maybe even meet as she felt that I might be able to help in some way. Would that be possible to do sometime this week and I would love to show you what I am talking about and give you some free information.”

 RISE to the Level of what people have said you could NOT do, and see the negatives of the world melt away like butter. YOU have Greatness in you beyond measure!

These are 2 powerful ways to communicate to your mlm prospects that call you back about your work at home home business.

FREE mp3 download: “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell You.”

FREE Social Media Recruiting Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power -over 50 recruiting secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Social Media MLM – 5 Ways to Avoid Overexposure in Social Media

mlm social media

social media overexposure


Social Media MLM Training.

What is one of the worst things that you can have in social media and a home business?

Are you aware that it can destroy your brand and even your business over time in network marketing?

What is this devastating poison called that harms your social media home business?

It is called  “Over Exposure without Value.”

Ok- fair enough…but what is that?

“OEWA”  is when someone is constantly being seen trying to sell or recruit in the social media zone and is NOT bringing any Value to the social conversation and people in social networking circles start getting tired of their selfish messages.


It creates something that I call “Social Visibility Fatigue.”

Much like with President Bush or President Clinton, and now somewhat with President Obama, the US got TIRED of the nonstop talk, images in the media, and chatter about them and people just wanted these guys to just go away. And true, as always, politics may have played some into it, but even staunch Republicans got tired of Bush and diehard Democrats got tired of Clinton.

That what happens as well in sociao media,  with an Overexposed message with seemingly No Value.

There are some folks that you see everywhere on social media,  but people do not ever seem to get tired of them. You read their posts daily, watch their videos constantly, and talk about their current message powerfully.

Why in the world does this happen?

There are certain social media folks thay bring Extreme Value to everything they say and do and contribute to the social media word. They do it without a selfish motive and YOU CAN FEEL IT, as well as sense it.

There are a LOT of social networking folks that bring great VALUE to EVERYTHING they do, and people on facebook, twitter, pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social sites look forward to hearing from them- again and again and again.

And they keep coming back for more!

What makes these folks special, is they do not “pitch” you on their products or trainings every time they hold a conversation online, text, broadcast a message or say something in a video. They constantly bring a more powerful conversation into the community with powerful ideas and concepts that ADDS– not tries to take from the whole.

Their message in social media BRINGS VALUE– not tries to be SEEN as VALUE. People are savvy enough to tell the difference today in social media.

And folks, that ONE THING  is the difference between powerful and enduring Successful Social Media professionals- and the ones that are not so successful.

It appears that Successful professionals in social media seem to focus more on being Valuable and BRINGING Value to people’s lives daily, – while it comes across that less than successful folks seem to focus more on being Visible.


Valuable vs. Visible.

Your ONLY goal in social media as a network marketing professional should be to provide Jaw Dropping Value FIRST and be Visible SECOND!

Extreme Value FOR Social media will ALWAYS bring HIGH VISIBILITY IN social media!

You must understand that there is the critical distinction between people looking Forward to your Message, and people being Tired of your Message.

 Over Exposure  Remedy.

So here is the Million Dollar Question: What can you do to powerfully market your home business message and NOT become a Victim of Overexposure?

Here are 5 things:

1) One secret is to give away something for FREE regularly and make it WORTH something and Usable

Do NOT make the mistake that a lot of people make…they save their best content for their CDs and webinars. If you want to gain High Visibilty, then give something away that has TRUE VALUE and can be used.

2) Another secret is to Solve problems for people.

Find out what challenges that your prospects have. Ask them.   Give them multiple solutions and ideas and resources that will help solve that problem, and then connect with them in your own webinar.

3) Start to Reveal Little Known and Little Taught Information.

What you need to start doing is research and find GREAT information that most people do not know exists and then help them discover it through a free download.  That process of helping people and showing them the way is called “Social Media Leadership” –guiding,  directing, and leading folks to new possibilities for their life.

4) Become a Powerful Resource…Suggest other people’s webinars, PDFs, ebooks, CDs, blogs, downloads, and content.

Why in the world do you think I am always pointing  folks to other people’s content on EVERY blog post? ?   Social Media Leadership. And it HELPS folks discover new messages, products, content, soultions, ideas and personalities in MLM they did not know exists that has made a HUGE difference in my life.

5) This is a MUST in all you do: Ask a very powerful but simple question- “Where’s the Beef?”

You may remember Clara Peller in that famous Wendy’s commercial. It became a national slogan for even a presidential election. It should be YOUR slogan in your social media marketing efforts. Yes, you can hold powerful conversations and keep it personal, and Value is within the CONNECTION . But in your marketing broadcasts, “where’s the beef?” Make sure that the Value is:

Constant VALUE.

VALUE that Makes a Difference.

VALUE that is USABLE and Teachable. (Much of what is out there is NOT.)

Are you making this HUGE Mistake in your network marketing home business of Exposure without Value?

I would highly suggest that you check your tweets, posts, notes, texts, mobile communicaiton, Direct Messages, IMs, and marketing efforts and BEEF UP the Value in your social media marketing for your netwpork marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- How’s Your Silent MLM Recruiting Calling Card?


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Your MLM Recruiting Calling Card.

Are you aware that you have a Silent Calling Card you use everyday when you are working your network marketing home business?

Are YOU even aware of this powerful tool that determines MUCH of your Success with your mlm prospect?

Did you know you hand this card out every conversation and every online communication?

Most people do not realize the power of their Silent calling Card. But it really can accelerate your business, or ambush it.

It will either elevate your business…or tank it.

It will either explode your business…or implode it.

Yes, it is that important. And most people totally take it for granted in their business. That is why many folks struggle. and they are not even aware of it.

If something determined 100% of your first initial success in getting eomeone’s attention, the  should you not try and “perfect” that?

I would think so.

But many ignore it, and then Success ends up ignoring them. And I have seen this so many times.

Your Success Calling Card.

There are many different “calling cards” you have. But this one is singularly the most powerful at the beginning of every conversation.

Especially with people you have never met. Like people on twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and the rest of the social sites that exist. Your silent Calling Card is something that says:

“Here is my card. This is who I am and this is <what I want> or <how I can help you>


Your Silent calling Card either says you WANT something from the prospect, or you HAVE something for the home business prospect.

What does YOUR card say without you ever knowing it?

I have a quote that I sent out a bir ago on twitter, and it is about what people SENSE and determine from you becuase of your Silent Calling Card.

Here is is:

“What people sense about you is often more important than what they hear from you. Your presence is your silent calling card, either in person or on the phone. What is your presence saying to your prospect?”

People have a sense about things. They sense a LOT from your communications as well as your intentions foucne inside of your communications. It is all subconcious. They “sense” thungs abiut you in the “gut” and that determines much of the picture they paint of you in their minds.

What kind of picture are they “painting” of you as a network marketer or direct sales professional?

And from that sensing and that picture, they can tell quickly what you are really up to, and whether they want to talk to you or not.

Here is a Million Dollar Question:

What should they be sensing about you?

Here is what I believe thet MUST sesns about you and your home based business:

You are there to SOLVE A PROBLEM and HELP THEM move their life forward and upward by Caring, Sharing, and Solving.



You are NOT there for a transaction.

You are there for a TRANSFORMATION – whose fruit could lead to a transaction.

A Transformation in some part of their life and lifestyle.

Now THAT makes a LOT of sense!

Make sure that what people are sensing about you for your presence is Powerful, Leadership, Trusting, and No Other Option Except SUCCESS in your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE mp3 download: “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell you.” 

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- “Social Recruiting Power”-over 50 recruiting secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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