MLM Recruiting- 3 Powerful Secrets for Recruiting in a Bad Economy

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MLM Recruiting in a Bad Economy.

What does a bad economy do to your recruiting in a home business?

What can you do to accelerate your mlm home business during a bas economy?

Would 3 powerful secrets help for your network marketing business?

Here are 3 secrets to mlm recruiting during a bad economy:

Secret 1.

Do not just Cut Back during tough times. Focus more on ADDING FORWARD.
Today, most financial planners and books are talkinglike this:

I disagree.

Now do not get me wrong.

I believe in making sure that you are not practicing “wasteful spending.” That is one thing that you do not do at any time.
But I believe in the practice of ADDING Income which moves you FORWARD-thus ADDING FORWARD,
That is why I believe that people should ADD- not take away to their life and lifestyle.
And the easiest way to do that is owning your own business from home. This will ADD INCOME and profits to your household budget and plan.
Mention that all the “experts” want you to CUT BACK. But you have a better more lucrative idea. Add Forward with your own business form home.
THAT is so much more appealing to the masses during TET.
 Secret 2
TALK TIMING.  Show People during these times, they should be looking for MORE to replace the Inevitable LESS that others are accepting in their life.
You have heard it before. “Timing is everything.”

Especially during Tough Economic Times.
NOW is the Time to NOT accept Less and to demand MORE out of you-and your future. This recession is part myth, and part opinion. Refuse to participate in that myth.
The TIME IS NOW- to start talking about REFUSAL.
Refuse to participate in the recession and the tough economic times. MORE should be the word that you use with your prospects. ‘More Money.” “More freedom.” More Options.”  “More Life.”
Timing is to talk OPPOSITE. Talk More when others are talking less. Talk BIG when others are talking small. Talk HOPE when others are talking Hopeless. Talk POWER when others are talking weakness. Talk INCREASE when others are talking decrease.
Timing is everything. Either you take advantage of it-or it takes advantage of you.
Secret 3
Do not just carry the Answer with you- BECOME the Answer.
Today, during these tough times, people are looking for more than just an answer. They are also looking for the person who IS the answer.

They are looking for someone who has a Direction and willing to take people with them.
Don’t just talk about the answer.

Own the answer.

Radiate the answer.

Let your presence be pouring out the answer to their challenges. People want to know that YOU know the way out of this economic mess, and you are willing to share your map.
Say, “What we need to so is clear. We need to move you past the current economic state that you and your family are in, and that is going to require doing something different. Every question has an answer; Your answer is looking at you / talking to you.  Let me give you a step by step path that will lead you out of where you are – and into a much better financial place that you and your family deserve. Step number one is deciding to leave this current situation ….”

These are 3 powerful recruiting secrets during a bad economy rhat can help explode your mlm home business!

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