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Here is a GREAT post from my buddy Ray Higdon. This is REALLY hot and has a great message that I believe needs to get OUT!

Rock the HOUSE RAY!

The Rise of the Home Business Owner

Home Business OwnerThere is a global shift occurring that you should be aware of. It is permeating every facet of society. No longer is it a rumor or a underground society that is kept in the corner. It’s mainstream and everyone is bearing witness. It is, The Rise of the Home Business Owner.

Why Most Fear the Home Business Owner

The successful Home Business Owner flies in the face of the American educational system created by people like Rockefeller and Morgan to have more competent workers. If more people realize that schooling is for one purpose, and one purpose only (to make you a better employee) then the veil lifted may reveal other common fallacies around employment, investing and the media.

Yesterday I spoke at a local chamber event. A guy came up to me before the meeting started and said “Network Marketing huh?” with a smirk and sneer on his face. Once he learned that I have created a high multiple 6 figure income with network marketing, a multiple 6 figure income with online marketing and a 6 figure income for my coaching and speaking business, never having finished college and failing English 4 in High School, he handed me his card and asked me to contact him…

There is no hiding the Home Business Owner any longer

Years ago, before the Internet, the family next to you could be making $30,000-$100,000 a month with their home business and you would never know it. To make you feel more relax while doing business at home just visit their website for some tips and advice. Top network marketers were legends within their companies, some making millions, and were unknown outside their company. There are leaders within Network Marketing that have been making 20 million+ a year for over 20 years that you would ONLY know their name IF you were in that company.

The Internet chipped the veil. Social Media smashed it. Home Business Owner

Now once-confident employees are forced to witness the lifestyles of the enlightened. Forced to see the home business owner taking their kids on more vacations, spending more time with loved ones and CHOOSING how they spend their time. Clinging to degrees and 3-6% annual increases knowing each increase also increases the demands of their company, the light at the end of the tunnel called retirement is getting dimmer and dimmer…

You may have seen earlier why I think the trend will get even hotter…

The Faces of the New Soldiers

They don’t just punch a clock and go home, drink a beer and watch the electronic income reducer. They attend webinars, read books, and travel to empowering events. They don’t watch the clock for 5?o’clock to show up so they can grab a beer and talk about sports, they look forward to 5?o’clock to get home to work on their dreams. Most of this new elite still have jobs but that is NOT their life. Their life is focused on becoming better so they can leave those jobs and fulltime work from home.

They are new soldiers because they have not reached their goals yet but they have decided to wage war on mediocrity. Wage war on being a cubicle slave. Wage war on having to ask permission to do anything. Wage war on minding a boss that doesn’t give a shit about them. They have decided, to wage war. This war is not one of physical violence but of mental clarity, focus and determination to ESCAPE MEDIOCRITY.

There is a rising…are you part of it?

If you are a part of it, share this message. Let the light permeate the darkness. Let them all see you know a better way, a way where YOU can be in control, a way where YOU are the designer of your dreams. Let them see.

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Ray Higdon

MLM Training- 9 Reasons Why Home Business Radio Network Will Explode Your Business

mlm training radio network

home business radio network

MLM Home Business Radio.

How would you like to have literally a million dollars worth of FREE home business training everyday for your network marketing home business?

What would one million dollar earner be worth to tap into their brain for your mlm business?

What would you do to learn how billion dollar producers have DONE IT and continue to do so?

The Home Business Radio Network was launched 7 weeks ago, and from that humble beginning, the network has grown to be listened to in over 40 countries. There are many reasons why you MUST make HBRN one of the staples of your day and business.

The power of the HBRN training alone can revolutionize your business as well as life.

Jim Rohn once said, “In order for things to get better, YOU get better.”

HBRN will allow you not only get better, but to become the BEST at what you do with all the incredible content you can learn- for FREE from the show hosts.

Here is a new HBRN Marketing Video featuring the show hosts.

Here are 9 Powerful Reasons why you MUST listen daily to the Home Business radio network:

1. Leadership Training.

On HBRN, you will find some of the greatest Leadership training for your home based business that exists for some of the greatest thought leaders and producers in the profession, like Ray Higdon, Tracy Moneforte, Todd Falcone, John Fogg,  Diane Hochman, Julie Anne Jones, Nicki Keohohou, Chris and Josephine Gross, Stephen Pierce, Melanie Milletics, Terry Petrovick, Eldon Beard, Kim Rhodes, Rachel Henke, Susan Baker, Tom Chenault, Shelley Wetzel, Tarlese Rideaux, Melissa Haupt, Dr. John Hayes, and even the Living Legend Zig Ziglar, plus more!

Truly HBRN is a Leadership Content Gold Mine.

2. Team Building Secrets.

HBRN offers some of the greatest team Building secrets that can be found in the home business profession. Whether you are in network marketing or affiliate marketing or direct sales, you will learn to build a team that is amazing and will not go away.

Learn how to build a PERMANENT downline on HBRN.

3. Super Star Interviews.

The stars that are interviewed on HBRN are jaw dropping. John Fogg has a show called the “Greatest Networkers Show” and has interviewed super stars form the very beginning. NetworkingTimes Live, the audio show for NetworkingTimes Journal with Chris and Josephine Gross, has interviewed a lot of stars already on their show. Julie Anne Jone, Diane Hochman, Terry Petrovick, and Melanie Milletics all have interviewed some of the greatest thought leaders in the home busines profession.

Some names that have been interviewed are Randy Gage, Art Jonak, Jimmy Smith, Richard Brooke, Sonia Stringer, Bob Burg, Chris Widener, David and Ann Feinstein, Dr Tony Alessandra, and this is ONLY THE BEGINNING as this is only the first 7 weeks.

Scheduled for the next few weeks are HUGE producers and names in the profession that you can learn from daily- FOR FREE.

4. The Success Stories.

On HBRN, you Will hear some of the most powerful Success stories that exists in ANY business. You will hear about normal average people that accomplish EXTRAORDINARY results that allows them to live an incredible life.

Check out these motivating, inspiring life changing stories on HBRN.

5. Multiple Market Niche Trainings.

Rachel Henke, a show host out of the UK, has a show about “Niche Marketing.” That is what HBRN offers. It will give you an eclectic and varied focus on teachings from direct selling to social media marketing to network marketing to internet marketing to motivation marketing to mobile marketing. The varied training content on HBRN is amazing.

And you can get all this for FREE. If you are in a home business and maybe NOT in network marketing or direct sales it is still for you. There is small business marketing training from Top Business Consultant Kim Rhodes and sales training from the legend Zig Ziglar, plus more.

6. Home Business Worldwide News.

Troy Dooly is the New Director for the Home Business Radio Network and he does 6 times a day a newscast from the HBRN newsdesk. He offers some of the most powerful industry news, stories, and jaw dropping information that will build your belief and keep you up to date on the lastest industry news and happenings around the world.

Troy has his finger on the pulse of the industry and what you can learn about our profession from him daily, is well, amazing. Troy also has a show called the “Beachside CEO’ and this is a show for personal and business growth that is well, life changing.

7. Million Dollar Moments.

The show hosts have done a one minute motivation spot that will keep you inspired as well as energized. The spots are driven by a powerful quote and the show host then encourages the listener with music behind the one minute spot.

These have become very popular with the listeners and can really make you THINK.

8. Powerful 80s, 90s, and 2000 to present MUSIC.

The music that is played on the network is something that is positive and powerful. The music is a varied list but empowers the listener with a “can do” focus and inspiration. The songs are switched out weekly and you probably will hear your favorite artist on the network if you listen to it, the great thing is that you can easily get many songs by using a youtube downloader for android. The music as one listener said from Australia, “Keeps me in a great mood all day long.”

9. Recruiting, prospecting, retailing, presenting, following up, closing, and MORE trainings.

Enough said. HBRN offers you EVERY possible topic to learn from and to help explode your home business.

These are 9 Powerful Reasons why you MUST listen to the Home Business Radio Network if you are in mlm network marketing direct sales or just work out of your home.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets

FREE mp3 download- “The 7 Greatest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell You”

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- from HBRN Show Hosts and # 1 Earner Ray Higdon

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From Doug:

As you guys know, I dont feature a lot of outside stuff as a lot of it is well…less than what should be on this blog.

Ray Higdon is an exception. A Master. Brilliant. Powerful. A New Generation Leader and # 1 earner for his company. A TRUE Leader of leaders. And just one of the most humble and nicest guys you would ever want to meet.

Read this blog post and other blog posts he has. He cares about the profession and it shows.  Truly he is becoming an industry icon very quickly.

blessings…doug firebaugh


A few months back I was asked to do a radio show and I thought, sure, I can do an interview and my friend Doug Firebaugh said no, I want you to do a whole show! This is a pretty awesome company they have put together pulling together some really amazing trainers and it is called the Home Business Radio Network.

We Have to Alter What We Watch and Listen to

We are constantly being bombarded with negative or non-serving communication. The rag magazines on the shelves at the grocery counter telling us of the latest celebrity rehab, the newspapers telling us of the latest floods or murders or the radio telling us more of the same, it is no wonder the masses suffer from mediocrity and lack of success. The more you can change what you listen and watch to one of a positive nature, the better chances you have of creating results in your life. The home business radio network is something you can listen to on your phone or at your computer to help you get more of the much needed positive input you deserve.

What is the Home Business Radio Network?

HBRN is a collection of trainers and speakers for the home business industry that is going to be serving you up some major (and free) value! You can visit the page at the Home Business Radio Network and check out all the show hosts on this page – HRBN Trainers and on that page you can also see the schedule. My show runs everyday at 5:30am, 9:30am and 6pm. Each week there will be two new shows per trainer, Sunday-Wednesday will be the same show you can check out and listen to more than once and then Thursday-Saturday will be the second show. This is pretty exciting to have yet another way to reach everyone and have a little fun in the process.




Help Me Help You!

If you have been following my MLM blog for any length of time, you know I create some serious content and based on the traffic and video, also some good value that you like, however, I wanna hear from you! What would you like me to cover in a 14 minute radio show?

The show playing right now is on dealing with and handling negative people. This is something I see so often steal the dreams of would be successful network marketers and it is something you have to nip in the butt if you are ever going to be successful in this industry.

Do me a favor (as a favor to yourself) and leave a comment on this blog post telling me what it is you would love for me to cover as a topic and if I choose your suggestion, I will give you credit on the air!

Thanks and will be reaching out to you on my mobile app as well as the radio now!

Presented by PassionFire Intl.

FREE mp3 download: “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell You”

blessings..doug firebaugh

Case Study on Social Networking To Build Your MLM Business By Ray Higdon & Jess Perretti