MLM Training- The Psychology of Recruiting Professionals and Business Owners

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MLM Recruiting Professionals.

Are you wanting to recruit professionals into your group for your network marketing business?

Do you know the Psychology of Recruiting professionals and how that would work for your home business?

Would you like to know?

Professionals and business owners today are looking for MORE.

More Profits.

More Business.

More Security.

If you can show them those things, you will be stunned how fast you can build a leg of professionals and business owners in your mlm home business. Recruiting professionals is easy, but FIRST you must make sure you get the psychology of that and what it entails.

I recruited ONE steel magnate into our group and he brought in…


He and his team brought in 41 presidents and CEOs of other companies in a 5 year period.

Will that happen to you?

It could and WILL- if you are aware of a few things.

Today, one of the greatest gold mines in network marketing and home business is in the Business owner and Professional.

They often are overlooked because most networker’s and home business professionals think they are unapproachable and unrecruitable.

That simply is not true. They VERY MUCH are.

There are Business Professionals everywhere who are looking for certain things that there job and career can NEVER give them:

1) True Security.
2) Freedom to do what they want to do for a living.
3) Time to do the things they  love.                                                                                                                                                              4) Emotional peace.
5) Personal satisfaction.
6) Excitement over their future.
7) Making a True Difference in the world.

It’s all about LIFESTYLE.

These are today’s current hot buttons of most professionals and owners.

What are business owners REALLY  looking for?

1) PROFITS increase.
2) Less Stress.
3) More Independence.
4) Less hours.
5) More freedom and time to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

The Psychology of the Professional and Business Owner is about:

 They are mainly TRADITIONAL Thinkers and marketers.
 Most have gone through a lot to build their business so they are protective of it.
 Most are focused on building their business and want no distractions.

And most of them have no interest in anything that they perceive will hinder them or take them away from their focus as their hearts are connected deeply to the business.

They have are NOT LOOKING:

To Be Pressured.

To be “Pitched.”

To be Hyped.

To be Recruited.


They ARE looking for MORE OPTIONS to gain profits for their time and for their business.

Share with them your business as a “Secondary profit Stream” and you will find a much more receptive and powerful response for your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- It’s OFFICIAL-In April, HBRN had 22,000 NEW Listeners

Home Business Radio.

Do you ever get news that rocks your mlm home business?

Have you ever heard something that REALLY made your home business dance?

Well….maybe not dance.

But maybe smile?

Well, it was quite a surprise and blessing if you are in the network marketing home business like we are.

Paul Saunders and myself on  January 31, 2012, launched the Home Business Radio Network to the world, with little fanfare as we were in beta, and were actually testing out the software that had been developed to insure it’s functionality.

It had it’s glitches the first couple of months and lots of tweaking went on.

But little by little, we re-calibrated the timing and the songs and shows until it was were it wanted it to be most of the time. We are still tweaking a little but it really is performing well.

When we launched, we had some listeners, but not a lot. We were not disappointed as if the network and software messed up, we were messing up to a small group of people.

But somehow it started catching on, without ANY marketing on our part YET.

And the first 30 days, we had a couple of thousand listeners.

The next 30 was a little better, but not much.

But in April, the word of mouth really started to hit momentum, and the next thing we knew, the listening audience really started showing up from all over the world. And it grew and grew and grew.

And when we got the numbers back for April, we were quite surprised as we had over 22,000 NEW listeners, according to the analytics.

And we may more then DOUBLE that in May.

And this does NOT count the listeners already listening. These are NEW listeners.

And we just want to say THANK YOU from all the folks around the world that have tuned in to the Home Business radio Network.

All the show hosts have made a HUGE effort with their shows as well as Troy Dooly with the HBRN News desk, and the other specials we have done. It has all worked so well.

There are 3 reasons why that I believe that we have this many new listeners:

1. High Quality Content on the shows.

We are blessed to have some of the most powerful Thought Leaders in the home business profession with shows.

2. Great Music that keeps you uplifted.

Paul Saunders has been in the radio industry for over 30 years, with half of it being with the BBC, and KNOWS music. He has put together some amazing show lists that are inspiring and keeps your feet moving, with a focus of most of it being from the 80s, 90,s and 2000 until today.

3. Inspiration.

HBRN has many inspiring shows, but we have found that one of the most popular things on the network are the “Million Dollar Moments.” These are the show hosts giving a quote, and then talking about it and encouraging the listeners, with a bed of music underneath the 1 minute spot.

We also are starting “Timeless Success Nuggets” soon with 5 minute nugget spots featuring Success Pioneers in their own voice,  like Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and W. Clement Stone and more.

All of this will help you that much more in your network marketing direct sales business.

Listen DAILY to the Home Business Radio Network. It will teach you, inspire you, and GROW you and your mlm home based business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- 9 Reasons Why Home Business Radio Network Will Explode Your Business

mlm training radio network

home business radio network

MLM Home Business Radio.

How would you like to have literally a million dollars worth of FREE home business training everyday for your network marketing home business?

What would one million dollar earner be worth to tap into their brain for your mlm business?

What would you do to learn how billion dollar producers have DONE IT and continue to do so?

The Home Business Radio Network was launched 7 weeks ago, and from that humble beginning, the network has grown to be listened to in over 40 countries. There are many reasons why you MUST make HBRN one of the staples of your day and business.

The power of the HBRN training alone can revolutionize your business as well as life.

Jim Rohn once said, “In order for things to get better, YOU get better.”

HBRN will allow you not only get better, but to become the BEST at what you do with all the incredible content you can learn- for FREE from the show hosts.

Here is a new HBRN Marketing Video featuring the show hosts.

Here are 9 Powerful Reasons why you MUST listen daily to the Home Business radio network:

1. Leadership Training.

On HBRN, you will find some of the greatest Leadership training for your home based business that exists for some of the greatest thought leaders and producers in the profession, like Ray Higdon, Tracy Moneforte, Todd Falcone, John Fogg,  Diane Hochman, Julie Anne Jones, Nicki Keohohou, Chris and Josephine Gross, Stephen Pierce, Melanie Milletics, Terry Petrovick, Eldon Beard, Kim Rhodes, Rachel Henke, Susan Baker, Tom Chenault, Shelley Wetzel, Tarlese Rideaux, Melissa Haupt, Dr. John Hayes, and even the Living Legend Zig Ziglar, plus more!

Truly HBRN is a Leadership Content Gold Mine.

2. Team Building Secrets.

HBRN offers some of the greatest team Building secrets that can be found in the home business profession. Whether you are in network marketing or affiliate marketing or direct sales, you will learn to build a team that is amazing and will not go away.

Learn how to build a PERMANENT downline on HBRN.

3. Super Star Interviews.

The stars that are interviewed on HBRN are jaw dropping. John Fogg has a show called the “Greatest Networkers Show” and has interviewed super stars form the very beginning. NetworkingTimes Live, the audio show for NetworkingTimes Journal with Chris and Josephine Gross, has interviewed a lot of stars already on their show. Julie Anne Jone, Diane Hochman, Terry Petrovick, and Melanie Milletics all have interviewed some of the greatest thought leaders in the home busines profession.

Some names that have been interviewed are Randy Gage, Art Jonak, Jimmy Smith, Richard Brooke, Sonia Stringer, Bob Burg, Chris Widener, David and Ann Feinstein, Dr Tony Alessandra, and this is ONLY THE BEGINNING as this is only the first 7 weeks.

Scheduled for the next few weeks are HUGE producers and names in the profession that you can learn from daily- FOR FREE.

4. The Success Stories.

On HBRN, you Will hear some of the most powerful Success stories that exists in ANY business. You will hear about normal average people that accomplish EXTRAORDINARY results that allows them to live an incredible life.

Check out these motivating, inspiring life changing stories on HBRN.

5. Multiple Market Niche Trainings.

Rachel Henke, a show host out of the UK, has a show about “Niche Marketing.” That is what HBRN offers. It will give you an eclectic and varied focus on teachings from direct selling to social media marketing to network marketing to internet marketing to motivation marketing to mobile marketing. The varied training content on HBRN is amazing.

And you can get all this for FREE. If you are in a home business and maybe NOT in network marketing or direct sales it is still for you. There is small business marketing training from Top Business Consultant Kim Rhodes and sales training from the legend Zig Ziglar, plus more.

6. Home Business Worldwide News.

Troy Dooly is the New Director for the Home Business Radio Network and he does 6 times a day a newscast from the HBRN newsdesk. He offers some of the most powerful industry news, stories, and jaw dropping information that will build your belief and keep you up to date on the lastest industry news and happenings around the world.

Troy has his finger on the pulse of the industry and what you can learn about our profession from him daily, is well, amazing. Troy also has a show called the “Beachside CEO’ and this is a show for personal and business growth that is well, life changing.

7. Million Dollar Moments.

The show hosts have done a one minute motivation spot that will keep you inspired as well as energized. The spots are driven by a powerful quote and the show host then encourages the listener with music behind the one minute spot.

These have become very popular with the listeners and can really make you THINK.

8. Powerful 80s, 90s, and 2000 to present MUSIC.

The music that is played on the network is something that is positive and powerful. The music is a varied list but empowers the listener with a “can do” focus and inspiration. The songs are switched out weekly and you probably will hear your favorite artist on the network if you listen to it, the great thing is that you can easily get many songs by using a youtube downloader for android. The music as one listener said from Australia, “Keeps me in a great mood all day long.”

9. Recruiting, prospecting, retailing, presenting, following up, closing, and MORE trainings.

Enough said. HBRN offers you EVERY possible topic to learn from and to help explode your home business.

These are 9 Powerful Reasons why you MUST listen to the Home Business Radio Network if you are in mlm network marketing direct sales or just work out of your home.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets

FREE mp3 download- “The 7 Greatest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell You”

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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