MLM Training- The Psychology of Recruiting Professionals and Business Owners

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MLM Recruiting Professionals.

Are you wanting to recruit professionals into your group for your network marketing business?

Do you know the Psychology of Recruiting professionals and how that would work for your home business?

Would you like to know?

Professionals and business owners today are looking for MORE.

More Profits.

More Business.

More Security.

If you can show them those things, you will be stunned how fast you can build a leg of professionals and business owners in your mlm home business. Recruiting professionals is easy, but FIRST you must make sure you get the psychology of that and what it entails.

I recruited ONE steel magnate into our group and he brought in…


He and his team brought in 41 presidents and CEOs of other companies in a 5 year period.

Will that happen to you?

It could and WILL- if you are aware of a few things.

Today, one of the greatest gold mines in network marketing and home business is in the Business owner and Professional.

They often are overlooked because most networker’s and home business professionals think they are unapproachable and unrecruitable.

That simply is not true. They VERY MUCH are.

There are Business Professionals everywhere who are looking for certain things that there job and career can NEVER give them:

1) True Security.
2) Freedom to do what they want to do for a living.
3) Time to do the things they  love.                                                                                                                                                              4) Emotional peace.
5) Personal satisfaction.
6) Excitement over their future.
7) Making a True Difference in the world.

It’s all about LIFESTYLE.

These are today’s current hot buttons of most professionals and owners.

What are business owners REALLY  looking for?

1) PROFITS increase.
2) Less Stress.
3) More Independence.
4) Less hours.
5) More freedom and time to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

The Psychology of the Professional and Business Owner is about:

 They are mainly TRADITIONAL Thinkers and marketers.
 Most have gone through a lot to build their business so they are protective of it.
 Most are focused on building their business and want no distractions.

And most of them have no interest in anything that they perceive will hinder them or take them away from their focus as their hearts are connected deeply to the business.

They have are NOT LOOKING:

To Be Pressured.

To be “Pitched.”

To be Hyped.

To be Recruited.


They ARE looking for MORE OPTIONS to gain profits for their time and for their business.

Share with them your business as a “Secondary profit Stream” and you will find a much more receptive and powerful response for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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Home Business Training-What EXACTLY To Say to a Negative Prospect?

home business argument

home business argument

Prospects of a home business in mlm can say the darndest things. That reminds me of a kid’s show a while back, “Kids can say the Darndest things.”

But it is so true. Your home business prospect and also even family and friends can be NEGATIVE over nothing.

But that is not just innate to network marketing. Every entrepreneur puts up with negheads almost on a daily basis when they are starting their business. In a Fortune magazine survey in 2001, they asked multi millionaire business owners what was their number one obstacle their first 12 months.

Over 80% of them put friends and family. And of course prospects would fail in that category as well in a home business. It is like you just want to say to the negheads and naysayers:

“There they go again.”

One more time.

Friends and family spouting off Negative comments, input, and opinions about your home business and your MLM future. You can get so mad sometimes that you just want to walk away and say, “forget it” r something worse. You stare at them and wonder what to say or do, but yet the words of reply only get caught in your throat.

This is a battle yu will not win. People that are convinced of something do not want the facts. Been there.

You may attempt to play some form of “verbal judo,” or “word wrestling” but they have you in a head lock with their words and questions and you just slink back into the chair and can feel so defeated and dejected.

But here is the worst part and the most hurtful part to their negative comments:

They actually are starting to make sense with their logic. Or at least seem to.

You stand or sit there and just take the negative vomit.. And that is what it is spewing all over you and your home business . And you just wish you knew what to say. But you remain silent. It does make you think and wonder. And your mind starts to develop questions that can kill your home based business. And you actually start to ask these questions:

“Could they actually be right?”

“Are they telling me the truth?”

“Could they actually have a point here?”

“What if they really ARE right?”

And the doubt and the fear slowly start creeping in, and you start to question your own decisions, actions, and future.

This happens everyday in the land of home businesses and network marketing . Negative people start to try and stop you because of their own fears and insecurities and many times- they are very successful.

But it is time that cam to an abrupt halt.

Understand this:

Negative well meaning people — are still — negative. (Read that again.)

They may mean well, but there has never been any Success accomplished in any home business with a negative focus and a negative language.

So what do you do?

Here are 3 things that can say to help neutralize their negative comments when they appear out of their mouths:

1) “I appreciate that comment, but let me ask you a question: Who in the world sold you on THAT?”

2) “Thanks for sharing, but what you just said does not match up at all to what I have researched about this company and products. Would you like to see a little of my research?”

3)”That is an interesting way to look at it. There are several other ways to look at that I have found as well. Let me explain…”

And there is also a secret to doing this:


You KNOW that you KNOW that you KNOW and NOTHING can shake that Knowing that you are doing a great thing and will Succeed massively.

It is called the single most powerful “velvet hammer” when you answer a negative prospect. Confidence tells the negative MLM prospect that you understand that they have an “opinion” but you are not buying what they said. They will FEEL that in your words.

Most negative prospects are just that way: negative.

So you have a decision to make:

Are you going to let the negative mlm prospect influence or even dominate your business, or are you going to continue with confidence and not worry about the naysayers. the negheads, the not so hots, and the never will be’s?

It will determine much about your future success in your MLM and Network marketing business. These people have an influence over you and you may not realize it. They can either influence you to slow down or even quit, or influence you to prove them wrong and to go out and CRUSH IT.

I would suggest to ignore the negheads that are “eggheads” and move on with your business. They will NEVER pay a bill you have or really have anything positive to say about your business. Accept it and move on. You will be so glad you did as that is one of the biggest secrets to MLM network marketing and home business success.

Looking to create an Endless prospecting Tidal Wave?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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