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Social Media MLM Recruiting.

Where are you in the social media mlm niche?

Are you using social media for your network marketing business?

Are you looking for some secrets that could help explode your mlm social media results?

Today we are going to cover three very poweful secrets about the ever changing world of social networking and social media. if you are using social media, then YOU are on top of what is today’s greatest prospecting venue.

If you are not- START.

Here are 3 very powerful secrets of accelerating your social media recruiting success:

Social Media Recruiting Secret 1:

 It is No Longer about being the Industry Best, but what you do in your Niche, do it better than Anyone Else.

 Niche Marketing and Recruiting has arrived. It is still in it’s infancy in the Home Business arena, but it has arrived. With all the messages out in the marketplace, you have to set your company and product apart. You must see the big picture, but know that the Driving Force for your success will come in a smaller marketing zone.

Take the Flip Video camera –a niche that is narrow, but a market that is huge. Being the best used to be the cry of the corporations. But with the acceleration and proliferation today of all the products and services in the Network marketing arena, there is a different sound that seems to be heard.

 You do not have to be the best in the industry any longer. But you do have to be the very best at what you do.

 This has changed the approach to many company owners as they look into the future and try and see what is coming. Single product focus has been huge the last 5 years in Home businesses. Single niche focus is getting to be just as big.

Mineral Make Up.

Super antioxidant gel.

High Powered Herbal Energy drinks.

Medicinal Based skin care products.

Skinny tea bags.

Diet Chocolate products.

And the list continues to grow daily. Not trying to be the all in all and everything to everybody. Just being the best at one thing and no one else doing it as good. That is the New Rule for the marketplace today.

People are not expecting you to be the best at everything.

But be the very best at the one thing you do.

Be the best at talking about your product.

Be the best at explaining your comp plan.

Be the best prospector.

Be the best presenter.

Be the best recruiter.

Be the best leader.

Be the best trainer.

 But be the best at something, and watch people be attracted to that best that no one else can do-like you.

 Social Media Recruiting Secret 2:

 It is no Longer about having a Brand- YOU ARE the Brand.

 Branding. Been lots of talk about it. But in the past, there was always taking your product brand to market. Making sure that your product had brand identity. Making sure that your product’s brand was the most recognizable.

 Things are changing.

 Now, there is the Primary Brand, and then secondary brand. YOU are the Primary Brand in the New Marketplace. Today, people are more interested in what YOU bring to the table, not just your product. The New marketplace is a whole lot more savvy than it used to be. Computers changed that. The internet changed that. SMS, Mobile Marketing, Social Networking, Smart phones changed that.

And that change moved the focus from product being primary- to people. YOU are the first brand in your business-your company and products are the secondary brand. You must set yourself apart from all the others out there, and become the ‘Expert’ at something that will elevate people’s perspective of who you are and what you do.

You must become “memorable.” You must become more than just a distributor to that person. You must become the “go to person” for what you do.

 What do you want to be remembered for when prospects think of you? What message do you want them to see on their mental billboard about you? What do you want “seared’ onto their mind like a branding iron that carries your mark?

YOU must become the brand by marketing yourself as much as you market the products and business. Come up with a catchy slogan. Come up with a logo that people remember. Come up with a catchy theme that sets you apart. Then brand  it on the social media sites and all you do.

 The New Rule: Don’t just make yourself KNOWN- make yourself REMEMBERED.

  And when they remember you, make sure they remember your slogan, logo, or theme FIRST-because YOU are the Primary Product.

 Social Media Recruiting Secret 3: 

It’s no longer just about what you are saying-but what others are saying to others – FOR YOU.

 It’s called “The Echo Factor.”

 What is echoing across the landscape about you and your business and products? What is being said that is getting people’s attention? What are people saying as an ambassador for you and your products to others that are listening to their words?

You can talk all you want about your products and business. But it is not anywhere near as powerful as others that are talking for you and about you. Other people mentioning to their friends and family that your products are amazing and your business is really helping people, is advertisement you cannot buy. It is worth it’s weight in gold.

And the greatest part is those that have enrolled into your vision about the products and benefits and they have become a “Vision Carriers.” They carry the vision of what you are doing and let others know about it.

 That is how many products today are being marketed. The companies are developing strategic “Vision Carriers” and they carry the vision out into today’s marketplace. They are called ‘Visionaries” that get it, and then they go out and virally market it across the internet and the other traditional ways of communication. 

 You need to develop “Vision Carriers” that carry the vision with them and then tell people about your products and business. Reward them for doing it. If they refer someone, give them the profit from the sale. Give them reasons to share the story about your product and business. Get them excited about helping get your message out because it will help so many others.

Get their heart connected to the Vision, and they will tell everyone they know –for you.

 These are 3 very powerful tips for you to help your social media recruiting success in mlm home business and network marketing.

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