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Your MLM Recruiting Calling Card.

Are you aware that you have a Silent Calling Card you use everyday when you are working your network marketing home business?

Are YOU even aware of this powerful tool that determines MUCH of your Success with your mlm prospect?

Did you know you hand this card out every conversation and every online communication?

Most people do not realize the power of their Silent calling Card. But it really can accelerate your business, or ambush it.

It will either elevate your business…or tank it.

It will either explode your business…or implode it.

Yes, it is that important. And most people totally take it for granted in their business. That is why many folks struggle. and they are not even aware of it.

If something determined 100% of your first initial success in getting eomeone’s attention, the  should you not try and “perfect” that?

I would think so.

But many ignore it, and then Success ends up ignoring them. And I have seen this so many times.

Your Success Calling Card.

There are many different “calling cards” you have. But this one is singularly the most powerful at the beginning of every conversation.

Especially with people you have never met. Like people on twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and the rest of the social sites that exist. Your silent Calling Card is something that says:

“Here is my card. This is who I am and this is <what I want> or <how I can help you>


Your Silent calling Card either says you WANT something from the prospect, or you HAVE something for the home business prospect.

What does YOUR card say without you ever knowing it?

I have a quote that I sent out a bir ago on twitter, and it is about what people SENSE and determine from you becuase of your Silent Calling Card.

Here is is:

“What people sense about you is often more important than what they hear from you. Your presence is your silent calling card, either in person or on the phone. What is your presence saying to your prospect?”

People have a sense about things. They sense a LOT from your communications as well as your intentions foucne inside of your communications. It is all subconcious. They “sense” thungs abiut you in the “gut” and that determines much of the picture they paint of you in their minds.

What kind of picture are they “painting” of you as a network marketer or direct sales professional?

And from that sensing and that picture, they can tell quickly what you are really up to, and whether they want to talk to you or not.

Here is a Million Dollar Question:

What should they be sensing about you?

Here is what I believe thet MUST sesns about you and your home based business:

You are there to SOLVE A PROBLEM and HELP THEM move their life forward and upward by Caring, Sharing, and Solving.



You are NOT there for a transaction.

You are there for a TRANSFORMATION – whose fruit could lead to a transaction.

A Transformation in some part of their life and lifestyle.

Now THAT makes a LOT of sense!

Make sure that what people are sensing about you for your presence is Powerful, Leadership, Trusting, and No Other Option Except SUCCESS in your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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