MLM Prospecting-3 More Powerful Quick Prospecting Secrets

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MLM Prospecting Secrets.

Do you prospect for new network marketing leads?

Are you looking for a more powerful home business lead generation process?

How would knowing what has helped produce BILLIONS in volume help your home based business?

These are three very powerful mlm prospecting secrets. And I would advise you to take a look at them, and learn them, and use them. These mlm prospecting secrets are GOLD and they will help you in your mlm lead generation efforts.

MLM Prospecting Secret 1:

“Focus ONLY on what the prospect wants, not you.”

 It is NOT all about you.

 It never will be.

It is called a T.I.N.Y. Focus.

Their Interests NOT Yours.

 Where your focus lies will be where your results are drawn towards.

 If the prospect wants to talk about the product, shut up about the business. Talk product. Talk product some more. The tell them a business is connected to the product.

 If a prospect wants to talk about her dreams- SHUT UP and LISTEN. Listen some more. And then tell her how amazing her dreams are and you would love to help her achieve them.

 This is simple and to the point.

 MLM Prospecting Secret 2:

 “Prospect looking through the Prospect’s eyes, and not yours. THEIR Dreams are focused in THEIR eyes, not yours.”

 Looking and Seeing are 2 different things.

 Prospecting requires BOTH.

 It requires you looking at what the prospect wants to do with their life, and CONNECTING to that Dream and destiny and you SEEING the fruition of it with your business and products in their life.

 It requires you to START where they are, and LOOK at where they are, and SEE where they can go with your business.

 Look through their eyes as far as where they currently are, financially, emotionally, family, socially, and career wise.

 Start in their world, and then lead them to your world of home business success.

 You are talking to the prospect ONLY to see what the prospect is looking for, and wanting in their life and YOU help them find it. Let your home business be the delivery vehicle for the solution and Power Magnet of their dreams.

MLM Prospecting Secret 3:

 “Use words that they understand, NOT Network Marketing-ease.”

 Many distributors talk themselves right out of a potential prospect because they use all the wrong words and all the wrong questions.

I have seen this so many times.

 Someone starts talking about “downlines” and a puzzled look comes across the prospect’s face and they start glazing over.

 Someone mentions “upline” and by then the prospect is starting to look for an exit.

 THEN someone mentions “multi level” and you look around…where did they go?

 NOT with you.

 You cannot expect to talk Chinese to a Greek and expect each other to understand each other. It is the same with Network Marketing.

 You must use the language that will get them COMFORTABLE and not require them to SORT THROUGH the babble to try and figure it out.

 Don’t use the words like “downline” or “upline”.

 A prospect probably will have no clue of what that is.

 Use words they can understand, and feel comfortable with, like “Team”, “Support system,” and “Leaders.”

If you use these three powerful mlm prospecting secrets, you will find your mlm lead generation success exploding in your mlm home business.

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MLM Training- 15 Powerful Prospecting Telephone Interview Questions

network marketing home business

network marketing telephone recruiting


MLM Telephone Prospecting Interview Questions.

Do you ever talk to people on the phone for your mlm network marketing business?

Have you ever wondered what you should be asking them?

Are your questions powerful enough to MOVE the mlm prospect towards you and your home business?

I have made over 100,000 telephone calls in this business. After a while you kind of get a hang for things. And not all were successful. As a matter of fact, some calls were downright horrible. But I kept going and it finally started to happen.

It can happen for you too.

I don’t care if you work mainly online, or offline, you need the telephone, even if you are using skype or Google voice VOIP. You need to have a good sense of what you need to be asking and saying to people.

Some of the top online marketers have said that their phone skills were huge when it came to the impact of their business. I believe if you talked with some of them, you would find that they are right. Phone skills are critical in any business, not just network marketing.

Imagine you being able to CRUSH IT when you talk to people you do not know over the phone.

 That would do 3 things:

1. Boost your CONFIDENCE.

2. Boost your ENERGY.

3. Boost your ACTIVITY.

Those three things will send your business through the roof…

Telephone skills are very important. But there is also another skill that MUST be practiced and perfected:

Asking Questions.


Also Asking the RIGHT Questions.

The RIGHT questions are HUGE. And if you can ask the RIGHT questions, then you will get the RIGHT answers much quicker.

The problem with a lot of folks is that they do not think about the IMPACT of their questions. They simply want to communicate with the prospect and think that is enough.

It is NOT.

Questions and interviewing people are a skill that you must develop if you want to develop a LONG TERM business that endures. It is an art as well. Asking the questions in a way that MOVE people towards you and make them glad you asked the question. THAT is something that pays incredible in the network marketing mlm profession.

Here are 15 Powerful Magnetic Questions for Interviewing Prospects:

1. Can you tell me a little about yourself?

2. What made you (call our ad, click on our link) – or What caught your attention?

3. How many years have you been working?

4. What do you think would be the biggest reason for wanting your own home business?

5. What would be important to you in a home business?

6. What do you know about this company-have you ever heard of _______________?

7. What is the your greatest skill set in your opinion?

8. What is the most significant accomplishment you have made in your career?

9. How well do you handle negative responses?

10. What is your greatest weakness/strength?

11. How would you rate your communication skills?

12. Where would you like to see yourself in three years- describe it?

13. When would  you be available to start?

14. What’s your income goals for this year if you owned your own business?

15. Do you have any questions?

 These are powerful questions that will help you accelerate your recruiting for your mlm network marketing home based business.

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