MLM Training Secrets- The ONE Online MLM Recruiting Secret No One Teaches

mlm training secrets mlm training

mlm training secrets mlm secrets training


Here is one of the MLM Training Secrets that I believe will help explode your mlm online recruiting.

Have you recruited online and looked for Leaders?

Have you spent a lot of time online prospecting and finding all the wrong people?

Are you maybe thinking that mlm online recruiting is a bunch of hooey?


I have an mlm online training secret for you that I believe will help you, and at the same time, I have not heard anyone else teach it on any training.

I believe that if you apply this little secret, you will find that your mlm online recruiting will do a whole lot better, your home business will enlarge, as well as your network marketing paycheck.

Many folks teach that you need to recruit the numbers and I agree. You need TRAFFIC to your articles, posts, as well as blog and website. But there is an mlm training secret that again, I have not heard taught and I believe it should be if you are going to recruit online mlm.

Let’s ask this question:

What do ALL Leaders have in common?

They are looking to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN in their business, and take people with them along the way.

Most Leaders today want to be VISIBLE and VALUABLE to their prospects as well as team I think you would agree. And recruiting Leaders is one of the greatest MLM training secrets.

Ok, then where will you find them?

You will find them on Article Directories, Social Media, Youtube, Slideshare, Blog Directories, as well as forums and social bookmarking sites.

Here is an MLM training secret:

1. Go to an article directory and type in the keyword of your niche and search it.

2. Look at all the most read articles as well as new ones and notice the author.

3. Go to their social page or profile on facebook, LinkedIn, or twitter and find out what city they are from.

4. Google the author’s name and email:  “Tom Smith: Dallas, Texas; email address”

5. Find the email address quickly and email them about helping them find more leads for their company  – (through MLSP) or if they are happy with their current company- or if they have ever thought of a secondary revenue source for all the No’s they have gotten.

This is something we have taught for years.

We call it “email ninja” and you literally can find almost any email address out on the web with google if you know the city and the name of the person. Our Private Clients have found thousands of people’s emails this way, and it works.

 You may have to search a little more if it is a larger city, but it works. You want their PERSONAL email if at all possible and if it is on the web, google will find it.

There are other powerful ways to do this, but that is for Private Clients.

This is just one of the many mlm online recruiting tips and MLM training secrets that we teach for your home business mlm.

FREE ebook with over 50 secrets to social media recruiting!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Mobile MLM Recruiting Training- Recruit 2 prospects a Day from your PHONE

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MLM Training Material- 5 Things Explosive MLM Training Material MUST HAVE

mlm training material network marketing

mlm training material home business explosion


What would you consider EXPLOSIVE mlm training material?

What would be it’s content?

What things would it teach you for your mlm home business?

There is a LOT of GREAT MLM training material out there. Social media changed everything and there is a plethora of it that really is good.

There are a LOT of content providers out there for the home business profession. And the training covers pretty much  all aspects of Success and home business mastery. Social media training for home business is a popular trend as well.

But if you are going to consider Explosive MLM Training material, then what honestly should you look for and consider?

What should be IMPORTANT to you?

We have found that there are “5 MUST HAVES” as far as EXPLOSIVE mlm training material, and we wanted to share them with you. These will help you in deciding what and who you should learn from.

1. A PROVEN Track Record by the Author.

A writer cannot lead you where they have not been. They can only WRITE ABOUT IT. Check to see if the author honestly has BEEN THERE DONE THAT or only writing about it. The DEPTH of Success and PROVEN Record must be there in order to consider their material. There are many “authors” out there, but not a lot who have actually DONE IT and can write about it and teach it.

2. TODAY’S Marletplace Needs and Processes.

An EXPLOSIVE MLM training system MUST cater to today’s marketplace and it’s needs. It must contain social media and social networking training. It must contain online recruiting training. It must contain offline business building tactics. It also must cover all aspects of business building including finding, talking, presenting, getting, and growing. It also MUST contain personal and leadership development for the long term. These are a MUST to have Explosive training material.

3. Multi Media Delivery of MLM Training Material.

Explosive MLM training material must havevideos, pdf downloads, webinars, blog posts, articles, podcasts, social media friendly delivery, as well as offline. People learn differently. Not everyone learns through text. Some prefer to WATCH training. Make sure that your mlm training material has these things.

4. Step by Step by Step Training.

There is what I call “Random Training” that is TOPIC based, and NOT Sequential based. It is good for learning ONE THING, but not the WHOLE of network marketing. You JUST have a SEQUENTIAL STEP BY STEP training in order for the training to DUPLICATE. Make sure that the training has this and teaches you what to do FIRST, then SECOND, the THIRD, then what you do NEXT…

5. Training that STRETCHES and GROWS you.

Explosive mlm training material STRETCHES you to do Better and Grows you LARGER. The Power of any mlm training will be seen in how much it GROWS you, not just trains you.

 You will NEVER succeed like you want, if your business outgrows YOU.


Explosive MLM training material will GROW YOU and force you to get bigger and better in your mlm home business.

These are 5 things that we have found that are imperative to have in any mlm training material if you are going to learn how to explode your mlm home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- “Social Recruiting Power”- 75 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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LinkedIn- Recruit 5 Professionals a Day!

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MLM Training System- The 5 Things You MUST CONSIDER for a System

mlm training system the 5 must haves

mlm training system home business


Are you using an EXPLOSIVE  MLM Training System?

Is it working?

Is it effective?

Is it a waste of time in your mlm home business?

MLM Training Systems are everywhere. You can look everywhere and you can find them.

But they are actually quite effective if done right.

I have been training for over 25 years, (almost right out of college) and have found a lot of these systems to be really good..

Or really bad.

Which system are you using?

Whatever system you ae using , there are 5 things you MUST consider before making a decision to purchase one.

What are they?

1. Online marketing training as well as offline.

Many mlm training systems today are either all ONLINE focused, or OFFLINE focused. In today’s marketplace, you cannot be just one. You MUST be offering both to the members. This will create BALANCE– and what I call “System Equity” for the members.

2. Automation.

The system MUST be automated and run 24/7. I have seen some good systems with great training- but NO automation. That is not something today that will really do well. The videos as well as any other training processes must be automated and play on demand. The system as well must train to automate your home business when appropriate- such as link building, pinging, autoresponders, etc.

3. LIVE Training webinars.

If your system does not offer LIVE training webinars and events, then you may want to rethink your thinking. Any good system will offer LIVE training events- online as well as offline to amplify their online system.

4. GREAT customer support.

If your system is limited on customer support, then you may want to reconsider your considering.  GREAT customer support is a MUST and no exceptions. It is imperative to know your problem will be heard and resolved if you have one. Check on this one. Test it out. Any good company will have this.

5. Affordable.

Any mlm training system should be affordable and not thousands of dollars. It may be a monthly membership or a one time fee. But it must be something that is affordable and will not clean your wallet out.

Oh…and there is One More MUST:  


Ths mlm training system you are looking at MUST be proven with testimonials as well as social proof. If you have these things as part of your mlm training system, you will have a powerful training source that can explode your business in your home based business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting Ebook- with over 75 Recruiting Secrets!

Want to Recruit 3 people a day on LinkedIn?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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The Secrets to Mobile Recruiting and how to Recruit ENDLESSLY and EASILY.

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MLM Training- The 3 Steps to Total Failure in MLM?

homw business network marketing mlm

mlm home business influence


In your home business, have you ever gotten a negative comment from a friend or even just someone you barely know?

Have you ever gotten hurt by the pain of these comments of these unwanted comments and it impact your Activity and Success?

This is typical in network marketing and that is why that I am writing this- to encourage you and to empower you to move past these “people of influence” that can take you out of the MLM profession.

In MLM, many times you will get a negative response and NO support from people you know. They can be VERY nasty and shoot your dreams down like a balloon. And further , they may even provide “proof” that many people have tried a home business and rarely does it work, if ever.

“I had a brother in law try that and he ended up with a garage full of vitamins and his wife had a room full of skin care!”

“Oh NO! Don’t tell me you joined one of THOSE things! You stupid fool!”

“Oh come on! You got to be kidding! Don’t you know that you are gping to JAIL if you stay in that pyramid?”

I call these types of people the “Negative Infected.”

They are infected with such a bad case of “negative flu” that they cannot see anything positive about what you are doing. The sad part about it is that these Influencers are influencing you to do three things:

1. You STOP and begin to QUESTION what you have done.

No matter whether you are working online marketing or offline, you begin to question your decision.

2. You START asking other people’s opinions – and most agree with the Negative Infected.

This is where you start looking for ‘the truth” and you rarely will ever get it from these folks.

3. You are PULLED out of this business becuase of those who DO NOT want you to get ahead of them.


One of the single greatest reasons you hear from the neg-heads of the world is because they DO NOT want you to get ahead of them in life.

Much like the crabs in a bucket, when researchers put them in the bucket to observe, the crabs kept pulling each other down as one tried to get out. The crabs did not want each other to leave the bucket if they could not.

It is the same principle here. But DO NOT let the neg-heds pull you out of the greatest profession that has ever existed for home business entrepreneurs.

Do NOT listen to the CRABS of the world. They will make you and your home business “CRABBY.”

And always keep your eyes-online or offline- ON THE DREAM. This alone will help you get past those who will try and “keep you in the bucket” with them instead of you EXPLODING your home based mlm business.

Social Media Recruiting- the Secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Discover how to Recruit 5 people a week with LinkedIn!

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MLM Training- 2 Reasons Why Your Online Marketing will Fail

mlm online recruiting for home business

online mlm recruiting for network marketing

Is your online recruiting and marketing working like you want it to?

Are you recruiting the numbers that others say they are?  (Check for exaggeration folks.)

What do you think your challenge is if you are not getting the results?

Online marketing and recruiting is one of the most powerful and hugely effective ways to recruit and market today.

Many struggle at it though and there are reasons why. I was talking with Sheila today, she is with a home business company, and she has been marketing online. She said that she was really struggling and did not know what she was doing wrong.

I have been marketing online for 11 years, and have learned a few things along the way. So I asked her some of the typical questions about her funnel, her upsell, her communication within her pages, keywords, and the rest.

Then I asked her another question that seemed to leave her speechless:

Have you automated your home business?

She was clueless as far as that went. She had no idea of what I was talking about.

From that conversation I have come to the conclusion that there are 2 reasons why many home business marketers fail marketing online:

1.  Lack of Automation.

This is amazing. You can put your business on automatic pilot getting backlinks, visitors, comments, pings, and the like. All you have to do is understand these tools are available.

I would recommend one tool right off the bat:

This is a great tool for getting your work syndicated. I use it and it is great.

2. Lack of PASSION.

Online marketing REQUIRES Passion for marketing online. The only difference between those that CRUSH IT out of the park, and those that do NOT- is Passion.

I have listened to so many webinars and so many podcasts and interviews and read so many blogs on online marketing. I have spent thousands of dollars learning it. But the one thing that seems to distinguish the successful for  the not so successful is:


Crank it up. If you are going to recruit online, you MUST be Automated and MUST BE PASSIONATE about helping people online.

If you adjust these 2 things in your business, do not be surprised if your online marketing and recruiting starts to explode in your mlm home business.

LinkedIn Recruiting Training- do you know these secrets?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- 3 Things You Can Say when They Say NO


home business mlm network marketing

home business mlm NO

What do you say in your home business when someone tells you NO?

That one word probably makes you feel like a louse and loser if you are in multi level marketing.

Many people that hear the word NO feel like that.

I used to feel that way, but I realized that the word NO was controlling me.

 It was slowing me down.

 It was making me focus more on what I just heard versus what I must say to the prospect.

That is a HUGE issue with many mlm network marketing professionals.

 Work at Home folks need to understand this:

The word NO is NOT the end of the conversation.

Not when it is face to face.

Not when it is on the telephone.

And not when you are on social media sites.

It is the BEGINNING of a different phase of the conversation you are holding, that is all. it is the beginning of the “transition” phase where you transition them from a prospect to a referral source or a cheerleader.

Let me explain.

Many people simply are not for this business. And we need to understand that some never will be. But they still have Value to your future home business.



Leading you to other folks, or leading you in cheers. And that is the reason for this article.

You need to know the 3 things you can say when someone tells you NO that will keep the conversation going.

What are the three things?

1. “Thank you. I was beginning to sense this was not right for you at all. But maybe you can still help someone you know that might be struggling with what we have been talking about. Who comes to mind if you stop and think about it?”

2. “I really appreciate your honesty as I was feeling that this was really not a fit for you. But maybe you can help me. I know you know who I am looking for.  Who would you recommend that I connect with that struggles with this issue of”….<weight loss, travel, skin problems, no energy etc>

3. “Thank you again for saying that you do not know anyone. I believe you. Would it be all right if I kept in touch and just kept you in the loop as far as my Success? It would mean a  whole lot to me if you would be a cheerleader cheering me on!”

The conversation did not end in all 3 cases.

It just TRANSITIONED to a whole new place and focused on something less personal and more helpful. This little secret to mlm recruiting can prove to be an extremely powerful tactic if you are getting a lot of NOs.

In your home based business, getting a NO is not the worst thing that could happen. It may be the BEST things as it will GROW YOU and FORCE YOU to get BETTER. Either you Grow UP or you will GO OUT of this business eventually.

These are three things you can say when someone tells you NO in your MLM network marketing home business.

Where are the most prospects and the easy ones to find?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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How Can you Combine Social Networking and MLM?

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MLM Training Videos- How to Never Get a NO- Part 5

MLM Network Marketing Home Business Training Video “How to Never Get a NO part 5”

Socal Network Marketing Recruiting Training? THIS is a MUST READ!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training Video- 5 Secrets of Never Getting a NO – Part 2

MLM Network Marketing Home business Training by Doug Firebaugh on the Secrets of Never getting a NO Part 2

101 LinkedIN Recruiting Secrets by a # 1 Corporate Recruiter? WHAT?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Social Network Marketing Training for Endless Recruiting leads?


MLM Training -The 3 Best Traits for a Powerful Prospect

mlm home business prospecting

mlm prospecting 3 traits


You may agree that MLM is a wonderful profession if you own a home based business. No doubt. And just like any other business model, there must be FRESH MLM business leads coming in everyday.

Most retail stores advertise in the newspaper and radio.


Because they want to get new eyes and dollars to spend in their stores. NEW potential business is critical for a store to survive.

It is the same with MLM and network marketing.

Your home business needs MLM LEADS.

And it needs lots of them. There are numerous ways to generate leads for your home based business. But the problem is- many are NOT the right kind of prospect. The lead lacks the 3 traits that must be there to really be a good prospect.

If you are using an online leads program, or gathering leads the more traditional ways, you must find those leads and prospects that MATCH the 3 critical traits that a good MLM prospect needs.

What are these three traits:


If your prospect is not dissatisfied about something about their life, then the odds are, they are not going to move into your business. Yes, they may be wanting more out of life, and more income, but it is the dissatisfaction  that CATALYZES the actions that compel them to join you in your home business.

Dissatisfaction is connected to their REASON for doing something different. Everyone has their reasons for doing something and they vary. The stronger the reason, the more powerful the dissatisfaction can be.

A good MLM home business prospect needs to have what i call “the itch for change” and be willing to scratch it. They may want to change their income, job, lifestyle, and more. But the dissatisfaction must be STRONG and something that MOVES THE MLM PROSPECT towards you to enroll.


If the timing is wrong for an mlm prospect, then they will not move. They may have the skills, the dissatisfaction, the leadership, and the desire to do something, But if they do not have TIMING on their side, they will not move.

There are many reasons why a person has bad timing in their life. It could be children’s needs, marriage, divorce, psychologically bad timing, emotionally bad timing, or even professionally bad timing. But if timing is not good, then odds are they will not enroll with you.

How can you tell if it is bad timing?

 Ask them.

They will let you know and know quickly. Also, just notice what is happening around and in their life. many times you can see clues to timing.


The home business mlm prospect MUST have a daring to act if they are going to move. There are many prospects in the world that are totally dissatisfied, and timing is good in their life but they lack the DARE to act.

They may be listenting to family and friends, and being influenced by unmotivated people. They may have grown up in a family that taught them the more traditional path of life. They may simply be fearful of failure and that is killing their taking action and daring.

If that is the case, then ask for referrals and move on.

The mlm prospect MUST have these three critical traits to be a GOOD and VALID prospect for your business. If they lack these, then GET THEM AS A CUSTOMER.

Check your mlm prospect on these three traits and that will lead you what to do with your home business mlm prospect.

Find Endless Prospects easily for your home business. How? read this.

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

101 Prospecting tips? That No One will tell you?

Home Business Training- QR Codes and their Power for MLM Recruiting

QR Code for home business mlm recruitng

QR Code for home business mlm recruitng

In your home business success, things DO change, and either you change with them or you don’t.

There have been  LOT of changes the last 10 years in the MLM network marketing profession..

Use to be that “myspace” was the HOTTEST property going for recruiting. THEN “social media” and “social networking” came along.

THEN facebook showed up.

THEN twitter.

THEN youtube.

THEN LinkedIn.

And the list is almost endless of the social sites out today.

THEN G2 and G3 , and now G4 iphones and Smart Phones have come out which the technology is amazing. Especially for MLM home business recruiting.

There is a NEW technology that actually has been in Japan for quite sometime, but has made it’s way to the US. It is something that I believe is a GAME CHANGER in marketing, as well as Home business marketing and recruiting.

It is called a “QR Code.”

According to wikipedia, this is what a QR Code actually  is:

“A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a type of matrix barcode  (or two-dimensional code) designed to be read by smartphones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded may be text, a URL, or other data. Today, Japan and South Korea are the major users of these codes”

Here is what one looks like:

QR Code for home business mlm recruitng

QR Code for home business mlm recruitng

This is a QR Code.

It contains symbols made up of characters and all, at least for now, black and white. It is a type of a “bar code” that we see on everything that is marketed in retail stores today.

You use your Smart Phone and scan the QR code,, and it decodes the code.

QR codes have proven to be very useful in all kinds of marketing -online and offline-and time saving related applications that is more suitable for smartphone and social networking users.  We are starting to see QR codes show up on all kinds of marketing materials such as movie posters, promotional posters for various products, billboards, flyers, among other things.  The QR codes have also been even seen on newspaper ads, business cards, artwork, and many other everyday items.

Concerning home business and network marketing, there are two main things that you have to have when you deal with QR codes:

1. An up to date mobile phone with a camera and Internet connectivity
2. A QR code reader installed.

Here is how a Smartphone works with the QR Code reader:

1. You snap or scan a picture of the QR code with your phone camera.

2.  The phone then will “resolve” the code- or decode it- and resolve it to a link on the internet on your phone. Otherwise, within 15-30 seconds, a webpage or landing page shows up on your phone with the information that the smart code POINTED TO.

This could be a Speical price, a special offer, or any other kind of marketing special you are offering.

Imagine the Recruiting Possibilities using a QR Code with “Moble Recruiting.”

Ok…how would this apply to home business mlm recruiting? We have tested this out for recruiting the last 6 months with our Private Clients, and the results were impressive to say the least.

You can put QR codes on any piece of marketing materials, and when you give them out or they run across it on your website or even email, they scan the QR code, and it takes them to your landing page or online destination planned.

The possibilities are ENDLESS in social media and social networking, and MLM RECRUITING.

We actually are coming out soon with a training resource called “QR Code Recruiting (for Home Business.)” That will teach you STEP by STEP how to make QR Codes, where you can make them, and also powerful QR Code resources that can help you accelerate your QR Code recruiting for your home business.

What is the secret to recruiting with QR Codes?


Just consider QR Codes as a “DOORWAY” or a “MAP” or a “CONNECTOR” or a “COMPASS” that Points To a particular online page or image that you want the prospect to view and act upon. Consider it much like a “Treasure Map” and the QR Code has the destination code where the treasure is. You get the picture.

That is one of the biggest secrets to QR Code recruiting for your mlm home business. It is going to be a Monster tool for MLM recruiting for your home based business.

Social Media and MLM Fused together for Endless Leads? How?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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How to Recruit Anyone,  Anywhere, Anytime