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You may agree that MLM is a wonderful profession if you own a home based business. No doubt. And just like any other business model, there must be FRESH MLM business leads coming in everyday.

Most retail stores advertise in the newspaper and radio.


Because they want to get new eyes and dollars to spend in their stores. NEW potential business is critical for a store to survive.

It is the same with MLM and network marketing.

Your home business needs MLM LEADS.

And it needs lots of them. There are numerous ways to generate leads for your home based business. But the problem is- many are NOT the right kind of prospect. The lead lacks the 3 traits that must be there to really be a good prospect.

If you are using an online leads program, or gathering leads the more traditional ways, you must find those leads and prospects that MATCH the 3 critical traits that a good MLM prospect needs.

What are these three traits:


If your prospect is not dissatisfied about something about their life, then the odds are, they are not going to move into your business. Yes, they may be wanting more out of life, and more income, but it is the dissatisfaction  that CATALYZES the actions that compel them to join you in your home business.

Dissatisfaction is connected to their REASON for doing something different. Everyone has their reasons for doing something and they vary. The stronger the reason, the more powerful the dissatisfaction can be.

A good MLM home business prospect needs to have what i call “the itch for change” and be willing to scratch it. They may want to change their income, job, lifestyle, and more. But the dissatisfaction must be STRONG and something that MOVES THE MLM PROSPECT towards you to enroll.


If the timing is wrong for an mlm prospect, then they will not move. They may have the skills, the dissatisfaction, the leadership, and the desire to do something, But if they do not have TIMING on their side, they will not move.

There are many reasons why a person has bad timing in their life. It could be children’s needs, marriage, divorce, psychologically bad timing, emotionally bad timing, or even professionally bad timing. But if timing is not good, then odds are they will not enroll with you.

How can you tell if it is bad timing?

 Ask them.

They will let you know and know quickly. Also, just notice what is happening around and in their life. many times you can see clues to timing.


The home business mlm prospect MUST have a daring to act if they are going to move. There are many prospects in the world that are totally dissatisfied, and timing is good in their life but they lack the DARE to act.

They may be listenting to family and friends, and being influenced by unmotivated people. They may have grown up in a family that taught them the more traditional path of life. They may simply be fearful of failure and that is killing their taking action and daring.

If that is the case, then ask for referrals and move on.

The mlm prospect MUST have these three critical traits to be a GOOD and VALID prospect for your business. If they lack these, then GET THEM AS A CUSTOMER.

Check your mlm prospect on these three traits and that will lead you what to do with your home business mlm prospect.

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