7 Of the Biggest Mistakes Made in MLM Network Marketing Leadership

MLM Leadership Training Tips.
Do you LEAD your MLM team or do you wish you knew HOW? 
Are you wanting some secrets to better understanding Home business Leadership?
Are you willing to maybe change some things you are doing in your network marketing business? 
Leadership starts with understanding the 3 DRIVING FORCES  that exist in home business mlm. Most distributors do not have the faintest idea of what or who is driving their business. They may believe it is just the business that is driving itself whether online or offline. soilscienceconference for more information related to the science and technology . recruiting in network marketing, there always has to be something that is PUSHING your home based business. Speaking of digital marketing, check out how this professional advertise purple affilate agency work with impressive results.
And usually that POWER that is DRIVING your business to Success is LEADERSHIP. But not JUST leadership- but the Driving Forces that align with Leadership as well for building a team.
There are many forces in network marketing that can PULL or PUSH a business including Emotions, Belief, and Doubt. But these forces are not the DRIVING forces in building a successful Network Marketing business. If you align these three Driving Forces up, you will see you home business explode. Follow aboriginalbluemountains for more business updates.
Leadership contains the 3 Driving Forces in Direct Marketing Success.
1. Paradigm.
This is what is between your ears. This includes your THINKING, FOCUS, EMOTIONS, What you THINK will determine what you DO. This is a DRIVING FORCE in your home business mlm.
2. Process.
This is what is what you do between your hours. These are the tasks, processes, systems and ACTIONS that you take when you are working your mlm business. This includes all aspects of how you work the business including Prospecting, Recruiting, Online Recruiting, and every other aspect that requires action.
3. Leadership.
This is what is between you and your people. including customers. Leading your team is a critical element of Success in a home business, and everything rests upon Leadership. And when you add all three together you get: 
It is a MUST that you get what is between your ears right, as well as what you do between your hours. But if you cannot get eight what is between your people, the other two will not matter. These leadership tips will help you accelerate your Success in your mlm network marketing home business. If you are looking for the best online marketing company, look no further, start to wrap a commercial building with your publicity. 
If you’re looking for ways to increase your following, there are always ways to invest in organic followers to get your business started. You can always buy Soundcloud followers and plays if you need them.

blessings…doug Firebaugh
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MLM Social Media- The 3 Power Rules of Facebook Recruiting

MLM Social Media Training.

Do you use facebook for your home business recruiting efforts?

Are you using facebook daily when working your network marketing business?

Are you frustrated with your facebook results when working your work at home mlm?

Many people are, as facebook has become well….quite soaked with a lot of marketers. There is nothing wrong with that, but often, we get so caught up in the latest “tools” and soft-wares for facebook that we forget why we are on it to begin with. Lots of bright new shiny objects are around, but there are the facebook basic rules for recruiting that may have seem to forgotten and their recruiting results have suffered, that is why WideFoc.us serves small businesses with social media advertising. 

Have you seen a drop in your Facebook advertising success when recruiting? if so, odds are, you have moved away from the facebook basics that are a part of the foundational structure for working a home based business. That is the reason for this post.

By the way, i have not posted in 2 weeks as we have been working on our websites and moving them, updating them, and also have been on the road a lot. but I am back so lots of posts daily are now back.

What ARE the 3 basic rules of facebook recruiting? Well, they are more “understandings,”  then actual rules, but can make all the difference in your recruiting results. Social Media has grown to be a staple in the home business mlm field as far as prospecting. But there are still the basics that are to be focused on when recruiting on s social networking site. That is why I wanted to write this today, as there have been some people that have become quite discouraged using facebook for their sponsoring efforts.

Here are the 3 basic Rules for Recruiting on facebook:

1.  It is about RELATING- NOT just about Recruiting.

It is about building relationships. It is about connecting with people an d seeing how you can help them, as that is all part of the process in recruiting. When you start a conversation with someone on facebook, you are not there to see how you can recruit them.

You are there to see how you can help them, enlarge their life, and their lifestyle. Once you have done that, then recruiting them is the FRUIT of helping them in a way that adds VALUE to their life.

2.  It is about finding the RIGHT PERSON –not just A PERSON.

This is so true. Many people think that everyone they talk to is a prospect. They are NOT. many you talk to and approach simply are not for this business. That is why on facebook, I have always taught that you “Reverse the Recruiting.”

What is THAT?

Ask them who they know that would be a good leader in their area, as you and your business partners are looking for the right person to help you build a million dollar business in their state. This often will PULL that person closer to listen and see how they could be a part. Finding the RIGHT PERSON is critical when recruiting- even on facebook.

3. Help them FIND what THEY are Looking For – NOT what YOU are looking for.

People are looking for basically on thing in life: A BETTER  and more SECURE life. Show them how you and your network marketing business can help them achieve that. Ask them what they really would like to see changed in their life and then help them get it. You will recruit them just about every time.

Facebook is no different then normal face to face conversation and these are the 3 Power Rules of facebook recruiting for your mlm network marketing home based business.

FREE download- mp3- “2013 Recruiting Secrets” -over 25 secrets- with Doug and Diane Hochman.

blessings…doug fireaugh

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MLM Recruiting- A Powerful Closing Secret NO ONE Teaches

mlm home business closing

mlm home business

MLM Closing.

Closing an MLM home business prospect can be difficult for a lot of people…why?

How would you like to learn a powerful closing tool that has proven to move prospects when nothing else really could?

Would that create some excitement in your daily efforts for your network marketing business?

Many people today are looking for what I call “Success Insurance” for their business. This is something that will INSURE their home business success happening on a daily basis.

Even in a hard and difficult economy.

You need to understand that with an economy like we have, we need to be sensitive to the mlm prospect’s focus and needs for their daily life. Your prospect wants hat most other people want:

A great life and worry free life.

YOU must show them the way and get them to FEEL good about where you can take them concerning their dreams. If you do that one thing alone, and nothing else, it will explode your closing ratio.

“Closing” is  term that I rarely use my self as it does not fit the psychology of what the prospect wants to see happen.

NO ONE wants to be “CLOSED.” Come on….that is the truth.

They want doors OPENED, and a new future OPENED, and a new destiny OPENED to their life.

This little mlm recruiting secret will help address that concern the mlm prospect might have when you are talking to them.

(NOTE: Here is a post that is a powerful post on Closing the prospect:)

“How to Close ANY MLM Prospect in 5 Seconds Flat”

Here is a powerful MLM Recruiting truth that has proven to be what I call a “Velvet Sledgehammer:”

MLM Recruiting Secret:

The Best INSURANCE is REASSURANCE when recruiting a home business prospect.

People are looking for “Destiny Insurance.”

They are not looking for “The Same ol same ol Life as it always has been Insurance.”

They are looking to be “insured’ and no matter what happens, they will be ok, with their income, jobs, housing, mortgage, and cars.

They are looking for “Lifestyle Insurance.”

Some are even looking for “Excuse Insurance” —so their excuses will be valid during these tough times and they can continue to use them.

If you are worried about protecting your business from false claims or culprits then their is Insync Insurance to protect your business.

But the best insurance for today’s tough times is REASSURANCE that reassures the prospect that they will be ok, they will be moving forward, and they will be in a BETTER PLACE next year then they are now- by working with you.

This is a Leaders’ way of communicating and directing the prospect to your business.

People are looking for Reassurance in their life direction.

Say this:  “I understand that you are concerned- but let me assure you that you do not have to feel that way, as there is an incredible answer that has proven to be amazing with helping people like you and me . It is taking control with your own business from home. How would you like to never have to worry about money again? How does partnering up an building a big business sound? ”

People are looking to be reassured that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS– they will be fine and their family will be as well.

Reassure your prospect- to insure – their moving forward with you in your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE Recruiting 101 Webinar- Watch it now FREE! (a $97.00 Value!)

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- “Social Recruiting Power”- over 50 secrets!

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MLM Home Business- The Powerful MLM Recruiting Secret of “SV”

mlm home business

mlm network marketing


MLM Home Business.

What is one of the most powerful mlm home business tools do you have in social media?

What would it do for your business if you could discover a powerful revelation that could turn your business into a success inferno?

Here is a Rule for Home Businesses that will rock your world:

 It’s No Longer just about Surpassing Volume- but SUPRISING VALUE.

 What do people value in their life?

Obviously family, faith, friends, security and the like. But they also Value things that Improve, Increase, Enlarge and Empower their life and lifestyle. People today have so many more choices than they used to.

Turn on the TV.

Turn on the radio.

Open up a magazine.

Connect to the internet.

You will find the eyes and mind inundated with messages that are trying to sell them or get them to do something and create Volume and revenues for their company.

Nothing wrong with that.

But which companies and home Businesses today are rocking their bank accounts – while others are racking their brains – trying to figure out what they are doing wrong?

 The companies and people that are focused on bringing a message of Surprising VALUE to the consumer and potential distributor are the ones that are setting themselves apart from the crowd. They are bringing Value so powerful and so strong with their message and products, that it is unexpected and surprising the consumers at the amount.

Take Apple Computer, Take Fast Company Magazine. Take Best Buy. Take Dell Computer. All are focusing on VALUE front and center, and then volume second, if they have done their job. THAT is the New Rule for Success-and you.

YOU must bring Surprising Value to people that they do not expect – as an expert in your field.  Then show how your products and business bring Surprising Value to the prospect and then – go beyond that

 Include things that are not expected.

Throw in an extra product. Give them a free e-book or download.

 Give them a half off discount just as a surprise.

Package your products in something special and make it seem like they are opening a gift.

Make your prospect’s jaw drop by the value they get-just by doing business with you and being connected with you. Go overboard with Value.

That is the New Rule for the Future Millionaires in Network Marketing. Surprise them with Unexpected great Value- and they will spread that word to everyone they know about your MLM home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

FREE Social Media Recruiting 101 Webinar- Watch NOW FREE! (a $97.00 Value!)

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Social Media MLM – Do YOU Know the New Rules of Home Business?


network marketing mlm

mlm home business new rules


Social Media MLM.

How does someone go about changing their home business success DAILY?

Would you like to discover how to do that?

Do YOU know the New Rules of Home business and what they can do for your network marketing business?

There is a reality for 2012 that will hit every network marketer between the eyes:

In the Home Business arena today, there are three very important words that are more than true.

 Things Are Changing. 

Those 3 words are right at the very core of a shift in the Home Business and Network Marketing Profession. What worked 5 years ago, may not work today, as there are New Rules that have been laid over the Home Business grid, and either you play by them-or you don’t.

If you do not, then that can end up possibly working against you in the long run.

 Many MLM companies have come and gone over the years, and I have seen some succeed wildly, and others struggle massively. And there many times is no rhyme or reason why it happens. But today, with the introduction of the new Rules of Social Media and Mobile Marketing and Recruiting in Home Business, things are transforming right before our eyes.

 The same traditional unchanging principles will always work for your Home business, but the approach to them are changing as we speak, and transitioning many companies either into dynamos – or dinosaurs.

Depending on the decisions being made, the same thing can be said for Teams in Network Marketing. Some teams are accelerating their growth like crazy through mobile recruiting and social media, while others look at those teams as if they are crazy. All this is occurring because of the introduction of Social Media Marketing and Mobile Recruiting and Marketing in the Home Business Profession.

 There is a New Marketplace evolving in the network marketing arena and we must accept that.

 There are New Rules that we have found that absolutely must be embraced and internalized, if you are going to embrace Success in this New Social Mobile Marketplace. Yes, you can still do it the old fashioned way and succeed, but it today is a longer and harder path than what lies before you with the New Rules of home Business Success.

 Let’s see what they are.

 New Rule 1: Today, it is NO Longer about just Conversion, but Conversation. Conversion is VERY important, but Conversation is IMPERATIVE.

 The focus of Network Marketing has always been and generally always will be converting people into customers or distributors. That is the thrust of most businesses –at least gaining new customers. But today’s companies that are accelerating sales massively are not focused on just conversion, as many people today are tired of “The Pitch.” Ask anyone you know.

 They are looking for something MORE- Conversation.

People today have been pitched, sold, recruited, called, pressured, hassled, manipulated, congregated, and have become totally frustrated with the old ways of communication from Network Marketers.

People are tired of the mlm pitch-and want THE PATH.

They want a Conversation that leads them to NEW Ideas, New Possibilities, New Thinking, and New Solutions to problems that no one else has taken the time to give them.


You be the one.

You be the leader they are looking for and lead them with words that guide and direct to Value and Solutions-not just Volume and Selling.

 Look at the highly successful companies today. They are playing by New Rules and adopting New Tactics.

 So should you.

The new way to start the conversion process today is back off—and hold a CONVERSATION- about the prospect, their challenges, your solutions, and how the two can intertwine.  It can be online through Social Media Conversation, or through Mobile devices, or it can be offline and through face to face or voice to voice Conversation.

Make each prospect the superstar of your conversation and make it about their wants and desires. Take them to places of possibility that they never thought possible through the New Media. If you do, you will be holding many more conversations with them as your new Success partner in your mlm home business.

FREE social recruiting ebook- “Social Recruiting Power”- over 50 recruiting secrets- FREE!

FREE social Media Recruiting 101 webinar- watch it now FREE! (a $97.00 Value!)

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training Secrets- 3 MLM Secrets on How to Soar Above a Bad Economy

mlm home business

mlm soaring home business


MLM Training Secrets.

If you could learn three secrets to Network Marketing would you LEARN them and not just read them?

Would accelerating your home business be something that you would want to happen in a DAILY BASIS?

Here are 3 MLM Training Secrets that will help explode your MLM business quickly.

MLM secrets 1:

People are looking for “Destiny Insurance.”

They are looking to be “insured’ with their income, jobs, housing, mortgage, and cars. They are looking for “Lifestyle Insurance.” They Are looking for “Excuse Insurance” so their excuses will be valid during these tough times.
But the best insurance for today’s tough times is REASSURANCE that reassures the prospect that they will be ok, they will be moving forward, and they will be in a BETTER PLACE next year then they are now- by working with you.
People are looking for Reassurance in their life direction. “I understand that you are worried- but let me assure you that you do not have to feel that way, as there is an incredible answer. It is taking control with your own business from home.”
People are looking to be reassured that NO MATER WHAT HAPPENS– they will be fine and their family will be as well.
Reassure your prospect- to insure – their moving forward with you.
MLM Training Secret Secret 2

Talk Smaller Goals and Goals that are more reachable. That is where people are During Tough Times.
People during tough times have a tendency to “downsize their dreams.”

They have a tendency to think, act, and accept smaller due to the Fear factor. When you are talking to a prospect- TALK WHERE THEY ARE.
Do NOT make the mistake of talking where they are NOT and they miss your message. You start talking to them where THEY ARE– not where you are.
Start where their mindset is.

Talk where their focus is.

Talk where their heart is.

This is what they understand and comprehend. Ask, “What is the ONE THING you want to do this year because of these tough times?’ And then listen to what they say. They are telling you what they want and are looking to happen.
Then you help them make that happen with your business. “I agree- that is important and I am there with you. This is what I have done and would love to walk this path of Success together as a team.”
MLM Training Secret 3

You first must LISTEN to the prospect and listen to their language. If they are saying anything about the economy and the times, you need to make a mental note of that. They are worried and looking for help.
Then you CONNECT with the prospect. “I can relate to that and you are so right. Things are a little tough right now- but we can help change that.” Connection is the forerunner to New Direction.
Then you AGREE with the prospect. “I agree with you that you must do something-change something-and I am right there with you.” 

MLM Training Secret:  “Agreement is the forerunner to Partnership.”

Read that AGAIN!
Then you TRANSITION them to a New Possibility. ‘Here is an idea that we have found that has really helped people during these times, and I think can help a lot of people. Imagine NOT being worried about the economy because you have no income worries. How would that FEEL?”
LCAT —  Listen-Connect-Agree-Transition.

 That is a MUST during any economic times- but especially TODAY for your mlm home business success.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- “Social Recruiting Power”- over 50 recruiting secrets- FREE

FREE Recruiting 101 webinar- watch it NOW- FREE! ($97.00 Value)

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Recruiting- The Magnetic Secret of Solution Based Recruiting

mlm recruiting home business

mlm recruiting network marketing


MLM Solution Recruiting.

Are you practicing Solving problems or creating ones in your mlm home business?

What if you could discover a powerful way to recruit that has proven to work but rarely anyone teaches?

How would that create an excitement to go out and talk to new home business prospects?

There is a Golden Law in Online as well as offline recruiting that we teach and it truly is all part of the process of understanding how to sponsor people.

What is that Golden law?

People are looking to be SOLVED not SOLD. People are looking for Answers, not Products.

With that in mind, then you have the beginning of a higher understanding of Network marketing recruiting. You will look at your prospect with a much different view. You will see them as people that are LOOKING FOR SOMETHING– versus YOU wanting something. Often the home business professional wants something from the prospect versus has something FOR the prospect.

There is a name for it, and it is an amazing way to recruit for your mlm home based business.

The name of the process is called:

“Solution Based Recruiting.”

This is where ALL your focus and efforts for sponsoring someone is put in one thing:


Solution based Recruiting has 3 powerful advantages:

1. It creates the conversation that the prospect automatically will connect to.

2. It PULLS the prospect towards the conversation as they sense you have something they are looking for.

3. It creates MOVEMENT in the prospect emotionally, as they think “Finally! Someone that can help me!”

Solution Based Recruiting involves taking the time to find out what kind of challenges that the home business prospects have and then help them discover through you, a viable and enduring SOLUTION for that challenge.

If they have a health challenge, then you simply talk to them about the Solution you are introducing to the marketplace.

If they have an income challenge, as many prospects do, you are introducing a Solution into the marketplace that helps solve that problem.

You get the picture.

How do you find their Great Challenge in their life?

If you are on facebook or google+ then look at their posts and you will see them talking about it. All you have to do is tell them you can help them solve that issue.

If you are talking to them face to face or on a phone call, then you simply ask them this powerful question:

“If you think about it, what is your greatest challenge today that you would like to get rid of?”

From the very beginning, you are SOLUTION FOCUSED.

This mlm recruiting secret has recruited tens of thousands of prospects and will work for you. FOCUS on SOLUTIONS for your mlm prospect and watch an explosion start to happen in your home business mlm recruiting.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- “Social Recruiting Power”- over 50 recruiting secrets!

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MLM Training- The ONE THING Slowing Down Business during the Holidays?

mlm prospecting for the holidays Christmas

home business seasonal holdiday success


Do you believe that it is THANKSGIVING in 2 weeks and your network marketing business will be in another season?

What are your plans for your network marketing business? Do you have any that will help EXPLODE your business?

Oh…I forgot.

Your home based business takes a back seat to the holidays. It is family time and not work time. It is the time to enjoy life not to work. And that is just the way it is. everyone knows that your home business suffers during the holidays.


Who in the world SOLD YOU ON THAT?

This is the typical thinking of most networkers in our profession. They have done something that has really hurt their business when they did not have to.

They have created a false ideal during the holidays and of course, it more than likely came from their upline or a friend.

Do you know what the word S.L.O.W. stands for?

“Someone Laying Off Working.”

Read that again!

If your business is slow during the holidays, then it is because you have decided to Lay Off Working and yourself from this business.

This brings me to the ONE THING that slows down all home business during the holidays. It slows down volume, paychecks, as well as activity. It is a major hindrance to Success during the holiday- and it is a MYTH.

What is the ONE THING?

Believing that people are NOT OPEN to talking about 2012 and what 2012 could hold in store if they owned their own business.

That is simple- but the truth.  It is a myth.


Because the reality is, is that people during the holidays are more open to talking about CHANGE and INCREASE then any other time of the year. They are looking to make New Years Resolutions and ENLARGE their life and income.  

This is their FOCUS:  How can I IMPROVE 2012 over this previous year?

if you can help them answer that question- your Holiday Business will be GOLDEN!

This is critical you understand that. The holidays have a tremendous pull on people’s time and focus, so why not talk to the about what is on their mind? IMPROVING next year.

During Thankgiving and during the Christmas Holidays, as well as New years!  Simply ask this:

“What are you planning on changing next year that will improve your life and lifestyle? What is your PLAN to do that?”


They Will tell you all you need to know to start a conversation of possibilities with them about 2012 and the possibility of owning their own business.

Do NOT fall prey to those that say that business slows down during the holidays. Here is a truth:

Business slows down because PEOPLE slow down working their business. Either you accept that or you do not. But it IS the truth.

Look to those that you will see during the holidays and PLAN on talking to them about 2011. This wll help increase and accelerate your business dramatically with your MLM Home Business during the holidays.

FREE Recruiting 101 Webinar- WATCH and Learn NOW by clicking this link!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets- FREE!

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