MLM Training Secrets- 3 MLM Secrets on How to Soar Above a Bad Economy

mlm home business

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MLM Training Secrets.

If you could learn three secrets to Network Marketing would you LEARN them and not just read them?

Would accelerating your home business be something that you would want to happen in a DAILY BASIS?

Here are 3 MLM Training Secrets that will help explode your MLM business quickly.

MLM secrets 1:

People are looking for “Destiny Insurance.”

They are looking to be “insured’ with their income, jobs, housing, mortgage, and cars. They are looking for “Lifestyle Insurance.” They Are looking for “Excuse Insurance” so their excuses will be valid during these tough times.
But the best insurance for today’s tough times is REASSURANCE that reassures the prospect that they will be ok, they will be moving forward, and they will be in a BETTER PLACE next year then they are now- by working with you.
People are looking for Reassurance in their life direction. “I understand that you are worried- but let me assure you that you do not have to feel that way, as there is an incredible answer. It is taking control with your own business from home.”
People are looking to be reassured that NO MATER WHAT HAPPENS– they will be fine and their family will be as well.
Reassure your prospect- to insure – their moving forward with you.
MLM Training Secret Secret 2

Talk Smaller Goals and Goals that are more reachable. That is where people are During Tough Times.
People during tough times have a tendency to “downsize their dreams.”

They have a tendency to think, act, and accept smaller due to the Fear factor. When you are talking to a prospect- TALK WHERE THEY ARE.
Do NOT make the mistake of talking where they are NOT and they miss your message. You start talking to them where THEY ARE– not where you are.
Start where their mindset is.

Talk where their focus is.

Talk where their heart is.

This is what they understand and comprehend. Ask, “What is the ONE THING you want to do this year because of these tough times?’ And then listen to what they say. They are telling you what they want and are looking to happen.
Then you help them make that happen with your business. “I agree- that is important and I am there with you. This is what I have done and would love to walk this path of Success together as a team.”
MLM Training Secret 3

You first must LISTEN to the prospect and listen to their language. If they are saying anything about the economy and the times, you need to make a mental note of that. They are worried and looking for help.
Then you CONNECT with the prospect. “I can relate to that and you are so right. Things are a little tough right now- but we can help change that.” Connection is the forerunner to New Direction.
Then you AGREE with the prospect. “I agree with you that you must do something-change something-and I am right there with you.” 

MLM Training Secret:  “Agreement is the forerunner to Partnership.”

Read that AGAIN!
Then you TRANSITION them to a New Possibility. ‘Here is an idea that we have found that has really helped people during these times, and I think can help a lot of people. Imagine NOT being worried about the economy because you have no income worries. How would that FEEL?”
LCAT —  Listen-Connect-Agree-Transition.

 That is a MUST during any economic times- but especially TODAY for your mlm home business success.

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