MLM Recruiting Tips- 5 Powerful MLM Recruiting Secrets NO ONE will TELL YOU


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MLM Recruiting Tips.

 MLM Recruiting has it’s Secrets- and the question is- Do You Know Them?

How would you like to learn 5 Powerful Network Marketing Recruiting secrets that will help you and your results?

Are you open  to maybe changing some things in your mlm recruiting?

There are many tips and mlm recruiting secrets that can rock your world and these 5 secrets have proven to be powerful enhancers and elevators of results.

Your prospect is a valuable thing to your business and life. Treat it as such.

Take a Look at these 5 MLM Recruiting Secrets No One Will Tell You and LEARN THEM and then ENGAGE THEM in your home based business. You will be glad you did.

Here are the 5 MLM Recruiting Secrets:

1) “What ever you DO–NEVER bring your own life problems into a recruiting event or conversation-0nline or offline. You are there to help solve THE PROSPECT’S problems.”

Any type of negatives from you or our conversation  will absolutely shut down and shut out a potential mlm prospect. Many people do exactly that- go negative on the prospect, and why I could not tell you..

Here is a MLM Recruiting tip: Stay UP, Stay Energized, Stay Optimistic, and things- NO MATTER WHAT–are always GREAT! Let’s be real–the prospect has his/her own life challenges, and is looking for a SOLUTION and ANSWER, not more problems, even if they are not their own.

2) “Whether you are on social media, telephone, or at an appointment, always tell them why you are there, why you are calling, why you want to connect, or why you need to meet. “

There are Recruiting Tools we have taught for years and we call them “Clarifiers.” They help clarify things in the process of recruiting. Clarifying Phrases are powerful tools for online and offline.

For example:

“The reason I am calling…” is a very powerful  and clarifying phrase.

 “The reason I brought this up…” is a powerful phrase to transition into more of a recruiting conversation.

“The reason I wanted to share this with you is I have run across something that truly is amazing” is a powerful and personal way to come from the heart.

 “The reason I am reaching out and connecting is…” is a great social media/online way to connect and start the conversation about your business and products.

3) “Concerning using the phone with recruiting-Never let any initial telephone conversation go past 10 minutes….no matter what.”

There is a reason why this is co critical- even with online communication. If a conversation or call goes past 10 minutes, , you are showing the home business prospect that it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort and words to work this business. You need to respect their time, and that alone will make you more productive. Simply set another time to talk or to connect online if they have an interest in what you are offering.

WARNING: whatever you do, don’t come across as NEEDY and you are someone that  has a lot of extra time on your hands. You need to come across as BUSY, ENGAGED in your business, and you have other calls  to make and appointments to go to, or social threads to atend.

4) “Concerning any kind of Appointment: Never let an appointment – online or offline–go past 30 minutes….no matter what.”

If an appointment goes past 30 minutes, , you are telling the MLM prospect it takes a lot of time, effort, and words to work this business. In my 14 years full time, I never had an appointment go past 30 minutes.

Here is a shocker: Even if the home business prospect wanted to sign up, I was the one that asked asked for more time- every time. “I would love to get your name in the computer and order done…but I am going to have to have a few more minutes…is that ok?” If you Value their time,  they will value your leadership and presentation.

5) “Whether online or offline–When presenting, you MUST make sure you are focused on that they are looking to see how you and your business is going to bring VALUE to their life and family. In MLM Recruiting–It is ALL about VALUE.”

Here is a question i have asked many places: Would you want to buy a pair of new shoes if you saw absolutely no value in them?

Of course not.

The network marketing prospect will not sign up either without what they see as VALUE.

 You need to use what I call “Value Building Phrases:  

“How this brings Value to you and our family is…”

“What this means to you and your future is….”

 “How this will dramatically improve your life is…”

 “The Value to your income would be…”

Use “Value Building Phrases” in every presentation you do-online of offline.

These are 5 Powerful MLM Recruiting Tips that No One will Tell You. Embrace them and engage them and watch your mlm recruiting results explode.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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