MLM Training- How to Use Failure to Drive Powerful Success

mlm home business

mlm home business success driver

MLM Success Drivers.

Do you ever read Entrepreneur magazine for your home business?

Do you like learning from Billionaires for your network marketing business?

Here is an article that will rock your world from a Billion Dollar marketer that we all can learn from on how to use failure to DRIVE Success!


Sir James Dyson, British inventor and founder of the Dyson company, is a firm believer in failure. In fact, he sees it as an essential part of his success — a step toward a truly innovative solution.

When Dyson invented his first Dual Cyclone vacuum cleaner, which hit stores in 1993, he spent 15 years creating 5,126 versions that failed before he made one that worked. The payoff was a multi-billion dollar company known for its creativity and forward-thinking designs.

We caught up with him over the phone on a recent trip to Chicago to discuss how failure has driven his success. Here is an edited version of our conversation:

Entrepreneur: You often talk about the value of failure. How has it helped you?

Dyson: Failure is interesting — it’s part of making progress. You never learn from success, but you do learn from failure. (When I created the Dual Cyclone vacuum), I started out with a simple idea, and by the end, it got more audacious and interesting. I got to a place I never could have imagined because I learned what worked and didn’t work.

Entrepreneur: How do you embrace a long series of failures without letting frustration overwhelm you?
Dyson: We have to embrace failure and almost get a kick out of it. Not in a perverse way, but in a problem-solving way. Life is a mountain of solvable problems and I enjoy that.

Entrepreneur: Your cyclone technology is often held up as a model of creative problem solving. Does failure help spur your creativity?
Dyson: It absolutely does. You don’t have to bother to be creative if the first time you do something, it works. Creativity is creating something that no one could have devised; something that hasn’t existed before and solves problems that haven’t been solved before. Making something work is a very creative thing to do.

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Entrepreneur: When you fail, how do you approach the next iteration?
Dyson: What I often do is just think of a completely obtuse thing to do, almost the wrong thing to do. That often works because you start a different approach, something no one has tried. You get a different perspective and view of (the problem).

Entrepreneur: What do you do to encourage taking risks among your employees?
Dyson: You must remove any sort of criticism. A revolutionary suggestion often sounds stupid and you don’t want people who make cynical remarks. It’s a matter of having the right attitude — humble, curious, determined, willing to fail and try. (I hire people who) embrace the fact that failure is interesting.

Entrepreneur: What would you say to entrepreneurs or inventors who feel afraid to fail or worried that they’ll be judged?
Dyson: That’s a sort of lesson in life, isn’t it? You mustn’t be worried about what people will say about you. If you want to do something different, you’re going to come up against a lot of naysayers.

Big companies tend not to take risks, so there’s a big opportunity for entrepreneurs to take them and march on competitors. Business is constantly changing, constantly evolving. You’ve got to try things out.

This was  an article from Smartbriefs training letter which will help build your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- The 4 Point Success Tracking System for Exploding Business

mlm home business tracking

ml network marketing tracking

MLM Tracking of Activity Training.

Where do you keep track of your daily actions in your home based business?

How do you keep abreast of your network marketing work at home business or DO YOU?

Is keeping track even a part of your daily method of operation in your mlm business?

Most people do NOT keep track or even keep score in their business. It is not a priority and thus, not done or engaged.

Here is an interesting fact:

We did a study in our downline in the 90’s, and found that the leaders who kept track daily of their actions and had goals to hit everyday, had something different then those who did not.


The leaders who had a system and used it daily, had 7 TIMES MORE the income then those who did not. They averaged 7.2 times MORE income after 18 months, then those who did not.


Need I say more?

Keeping track with a system will ACCELERATE and ELEVATE your home business volume and income. It also will explode your team building efforts as it will duplicate with your people who you bring in as they are taught that from the VERY beginning.

Does THAT get your attention?

it does not matter whether it is activity in social media, mobile recruiting, or more traditional methods- it ROCKS YOUR BUSINESS!

What is a system that I suggest?

There are many out there, but one of my favorites and simplest is “The 4 Point System.”

What is THAT?

The Four Point System of Success

You must have a Tracking System to keep an account of what you do on a daily basis. Your goal is to keep track of the points that you earn everyday in your NETWORK MARKETING business.

Most do  not as I said, but YOU SHOULD.

The Points are focused on NEW BUSINESS and ONLY new business and actions. That is the lifeblood of growing your NETWORK MARKETING business.  Each Point leads to a forward moving action that will move your business forward and create some beginning momentum for your work at home business.

Here is how you keep score.

You earn:

 1 Point – If you find a new lead.

 This is ANY lead that you get- online or offline. This is simply a lew person to talk to about your work at home business and products.

2 Points – If you Reach Out or Call a New Lead. (This can be also a Three-way call with another Reseller.)

 We know that it does NO GOOD if you have leads and do not reach out to them. In social media and mobile recruiting, you still need to get the prospect on the phone or skype at some point to develop a relationship that ENDURES.

3 Points – If you make an appointment with a new lead or they view a video.

 Setting online or offline appointments is CRITICAL as they are the first exposure and can lead to more exposures of your business.

4 Points – If you do a presentation to a new lead online or offline.
(This does include appointments, but 8 Points maximum for each Session).

 This can be a webinar, or a face to face appointment. This is where you tell the story of your company.

Your goal is to do a minimum of 4 points per day, or 20 points each week.

NOTE: Many of the leaders we tracked were doing at least 10-15 points a day and some were doing 60-80 points a week.

So…You may want to STRETCH yourself and do 30 or even 40 points per week.  We have found that as you increase the Points you do each day, your NETWORK MARKETING Paycheck will increase proportionately.

Keep track of your points, and work up to where you are doing a minimum of 15 points a day, and you willfind your business EXPLODING in your mlm network marketing home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training – The 7 Secrets of FREEDOM in a Home Business

home business july 4th

network marketing july 4th

MLM July 4th Feedom training.

What is FREEDOM to you in your network marketing home business?

What does July 4th REALLY mean as far as success in mlm and direct sales?

A professional in our wonderful profession understands that FREEDOM is what we all want. Our forefathers faught and died for it. They literally gave their lives so we could be free today. And your home business is worth giving it all you got like they did is it not?

There are 7 secrets to FREEDOM in MLM and Network marketing, And I want to briefly cover them in celebration of out July 4th holiday.

We are going to take the word FREEDOM and break it down.

“F”  stands for FAITH.

If you do not have faith in what you are doing with your home business, you never will be free. You must have faith in the system your company has provided as well as the training and the vision. Faith must also be in YOU. You must have faith in your God given abilties to CRUSH IT and rock with the good times as well as the not so good.

Have faith that you WILL create financial freedom.

“R” stands for REACH.

Simply, a weak approach and REACH to tbis business is going to yield you weak results. Most of the time, a less then aggressive approach to this business shows a lack of belief in what you are doing and will shorten your reach a lot.

BELIEVE in what you are doing and let the force of belief ignite an agressive mindset to GO OUT AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.

REACH for what you want and what it takes to succeed in business. This will result in much more success then you could ever imagine. I am not talking about being pushy, but REACHING to help people help themselves. Don’t worry about your Reach being too powerful. That is not going to happen. REACH for your Freedom by reaching out to others and helping them obtain their freedom in life.

“E” stands for ENGAGE.

You must ENGAGE this business, not just try it. Trying it is going through the motions. ENGAGING is going through the EMOTIONS to put your business IN MOTION. Get PUMPED and ENGAGE the prospecting, the recruiting, the online social efforts, and all that is required for success.

Engage your HEART in all you do. that will create more FREEDOM in your life then you ever could imagine.

“E” stands for EXCELLENCE.

There is NO true FREEDOM without Excellence in everything you do. Your business must be built on a foundation of FREEDOM as well as as EXCELLENCE is your vision and approach.

Excellence is a lifestyle and a decision. It is a POWER that can transform the ordinary into the EXTRAORDINARY. Focus on Excellence and watch your business SOAR.

“D” stands for DEMAND.


You have a powerful success force inside of you. Demand from it. PULL from it. DEMAND the Big You to show up. DEMAND the results you want. DEMAND the skill set that is needed and then acquire it. DEMAND from your team the BEST each has to offer. DEMAND that winning be the only focus and the only result. If you demand the best from you, then you will see FEEEDOM coming towards you like a freight trin.

“O” stands for OPEN.

FREEDOM in network marketing is based on you OPENING new conversations, new doors and new possibilties.  Opening your mind to BIGGER results is a beginning to FREEDOM. Opening your eyes to a higher success and more powerful result is a beginning to FREEDOM. Opening up the mind of your team to being number one on the company is the beginning to FREEDOM.

Open up your mind, heart, and eyes to the HUGE Success that lies before you, that leads straight to FREEDOM in life.

“M” stands for MORE.

There is MORE inside of you. Give it.

There is MORE that can come from you. Give it.

There is MORE thinking that you can do. Give it.

There is MORE belief in yourself inside of you. Give it.

There is MORE Success waiting to be unleashed from you. DO IT.

If you take these 7 secrets of FREEDOM and apply them to your business, as our forefathers took to to the battle field, your success and freedom will always be there in your network marketing home business in mlm.

Happy July 4th!!!!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- Would YOU Like to Know a Secret from a 9 BILLION Dollar Producer?


mlm home busness artist

network marketing artist


MLM Training from a Billion Dollar Producer.

Network Marketing and Home Businesses are two of the most powerful ways for the person today to create financial security.

 But what IS financial security?

What IS financial independence?

 To some, it is a totally different thing than to others.

Some people think a 6 figure income a year is financial security. Some people think that a 6 figure income a month is financial security. Some people think that a 6 figure a week is.

Some think- yes- that a 6 figure income A DAY… is financial security.

 It all depends on what they view life as and what they view is possible in their life.

 How about you?

 What do YOU view as possible?

What if we told you that YOU could do a billion dollars with your company?

Would you believe it? Or would you just laugh?

 Let’s listen to a 9 Billion Dollar producer:

 “I remember when someone first told me that I could do a billion dollars in volume if I decided to. I just laughed. I could not see me doing a million- let alone a billion. I had done ok with what few on my team I had, but it was far from what this person was talking about. But I must admit, the thought of doing a billion dollars in volume intrigued me. Then my sponsor asked me a question that hit me like a 2X4- ‘What if it DID happen- what THEN would be possible for your life?’ THAT was a true eye opener.”

 NOTE: YOUR view of what is possible in your life will determine the picture you end up living in your life.

 I never thought that I would even be blessed with a Billion Dollar Success story. But it happened thank God. And today, that one achievement shows me ANYTHING is possible if you simply take ACTION and EFFECTIVE action at that, with the right focus and heart.

 Here is a Billion Dollar Saying: 

“You will either end up with a Masterpiece of Magnificence for your life- or a masterpiece of mediocrity. That is your decision. I would consider that decision very carefully.”

 What about you?

The Art of Success Colors.

What do you want to paint in your life?

 You must understand that your daily actions in your business are your BRUSH STROKES, your thinking are the COLORS, and your LIFE IS THE CANVASS that you paint everyday.

 You do NOT use the same paint for every picture.

You do not use the same methods for the same business if things are changing. And that has been the secret of this 8 billion dollar producer.

 He embraced change and continues to today.

YOU need to embrace change-in YOUR life.

Change your thinking. Change what you believe is possible. And change what you are DOING if need be in your life. The power of change is amazing and is often the secret to success in network marketing and a home business.

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MLM Training- The ONE WAY to Revolutionize YOU in 2012

mlm home business

mlm network marketing

The MLM 2012 Revolution.

How would you like to have the GREATEST year that you have ever had in your mlm network marketing business?

Would you like to TRIPLE your home business income this year in 2012?

What is the ONE THING that you would like to see happen to your life this year?

You can accomplish ANYTHING you desire if you simply start what I call:

 “The Inner Revolution.”

What is THAT?

That is the ONE THING that you can do to create a Revolution in your life in 2012 and in your home business. But you MUST do it ONE WAY.

If you do it any other way, it will not endure.

That is the reason that 2102 WILL BE THE BEST YEAR you have ever had or ever lived.

Are you in the skin care business? You will revolutionize your business this year.

Are you in the nutrition business? You will revolutionize your business this year.

Are you in the fitness and weight loss business? You will revolutionize your business in 2012.

Evidence-based Training Science explain “BoduFit is your source for full fitness programs to help you build muscle, lose fat, or become more athletic”.

HOW you ask?

By ONE SIMPLE TACTIC that never Fails to work. And if you DO this one thing, your network marketing home business will EXPLODE during the coning year.

You need to get M.A.D.

There are only 2 ways to succeed in a network marketing business- Get excited or get MAD.

And when you get MAD you MUST engage the strategy that has changed millions of businesses during the course of mankind:


The single greatest reason why most people do not succeed in any kind of entrepreneurial venture, is lack of DECISION.

Decision happens  IN AN INSTANT. It happens within a Millisecond. But that one tactic, that one act, that one strategy WILL REVOLUTIONIZE YOU.

I have recommended this tactic to CEOs of Billion Dollar companies, and a brand new disntributoir or consultant in the profession. It ALWAYS works and always WILL.

And it WILL work for YOU and your mlm home business.

It will do three things for you in 2012:

1. It will Change how Prospects respond to YOU.

If you DECIDE that you are going to have the greatest year in 2012 and Quadruple your income, your mlm prospects will start to change how they respond to you. They will start taking you more seriously, and start treating you different.


They are FEELING the Power of Decision FROM YOU that you are now radiating in all that you do in your network marketing business. That alone can create a Revolution in your results.

2. It will FOCUS YOU and make you D.E.A.F.

A Decision will get you LASER focused and create a Power of Vision that will melt every obstacle that is in front of you. And it also will make you DEAF.

DEAF = Don’t Even Acknowledge (their) Fear.

QUIT Listening to those that cannot get you in 2012 where YOU want to go. Quit listening to the inner voice on the inside that says you cannot do it.

YOU HAVE ALEADY DONE IT by making a Decision. Now, it’s just engaging it.

3. It will make you an UNREASONABLE OUTRAGEOUS Success.

The secret to a powerful Decision is is becoming UNREASONABLE. No Success has ever happened without being Unreasonable. Everyone wants you to “believe within reason.”


Believe so HUGE and so BIG that people will think you are unreasonable.

NOTE: “Reasonable” is the enemy of Massive Success in 2012.

And if you become Unreasonable, you will become OUTRAGEOUS in your focus, belief, actions which leads to:


Start an Inner Revolution in 2012 by Making a Decision, becoming Unreasonable, and creating Outrageous Expectations for 2012.

Yes, it will drive your friends and family crazy.

So will the MASSIVE Success that you create in your mlm network marketing home business in 2012!

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MLM Goal Setting- A Short Course on How to Set “MAGNETIC Goals” in 2012

mlm 2012 goal setting home business

mlm home business 2012 goals

Magnetic MLM Goals.

Are you planning on setting 2012 goals this year for your home business whether online or offline, social media or social networking LIVE?

Are you planning on having a DIFFERENT year in 2012– or the same year in mlm? Well you can do Pilates Instructor Training and can become the best instructor and build yours business too.

What are your PLANS for your network marketing goals and ar ethey gong to MOVE YOU?

There are only 2 types of goals – Goals that PUSH you and paralyze you, and goals that PULL you towards them almost effortlessly in your mlm home business.

I call them MAGNETIC Goals.

Most set PUSH goals and begin the laborious process of working, working, and working, and never feeling like they are going to achieve them.

Those goals end up becoming ANCHORS and you start feeling the weight of the goals. These types of goals become almost a burden and then you start to question whether or not if it is worth it, and if you really are going to continue.

These types of goals do not INSPIRE you. They are not connected to the heart and these goals are what you think you should be gong for, not what you really want to go for.

These Goals lack MAGNETISM.

Magnetic Goals PULL you towards them.

Magnetic goals DRAW you towards them daily, and you find yourself accomplishing on a daily basis what needs to be accomplished.

Magnetic goals contain a powerful PURPOSE that your heart is connected to. It does not matter whether they are what other people want. These goals are what YOU want.

Magnetic Goals EXCITE YOU.

Magnetic Goals LIGHT YOU UP – just thinking of them.

Magnetic Goals FIRE YOU UP.


Magnetic Goals MOVE YOU on the inside and PULL YOU towards them.

You do NOT SET Magnetic Goals. You CONNECT TO THEM and THEY SET YOU – on a course to CAPTURE THEM with NO other option.


You do NOT SET Magnetic Goals. You CONNECT TO THEM and…


on a course to CAPTURE THEM with no other option for your network marketing business.

You are so DRAWN TOWARDS these types of Goals that you cannot see any other possibility except to capture those goals for your multi level marketing business.

Magnetic Goals STRETCH YOU and GROW YOU as they are powerful growth tools. They also ENLARGE YOU in what you think is possible in 2012.

How do you CONNECT to Magnetic Goals for your home business?


Magnetic Goals basically revolve around LIFESTYLE and INCOME.

Yes you can set goals as far as physical, and professional, and emotional. But Magnetic Goals are more powered by Lifestyle and Income.

Here is a Million Dollar question:

What part of your Lifestyle do you want to Enlarge in 2012 and when you think about that, it MOVES you on the inside with excitement and HOPE ?

Write that down.

Now, the next step:

What is the FIRST THING you need to do in order to start MOVING TOWARDS that Magnetic Goal? What are the parts to that first step?

BREAK IT DOWN into doable parts and actions. Then set a REWARD  for yourself once you have achieved these small steps.

For instance, the FIRST thing you need to do to increase your income in 2012 is to increase your activity level, say by holding 30% more business conversations in 2012, which will increase your exposures, which will increase your prospects, which will increase your presentations, which will increase results.

Start with Activity level and break it down into the actions that you will be taking:

Prospecting, approaching, presenting, following up and closing.

NOW you have to set goals for EACH TASK– BUT set a reward and Celebration for achieving the increased number in each task. The normal increase that most can get excited about and seeing done is 30%. If you wanted 6 new leads a week last year- focus on 8 new leads a week in 2012 (a 30% increase.) If you want 50 new leads a week, then in 2012, it would be 65 new leads.

Put a weekly activity sheet together now, and fill in your activities DAILY and let your sponsor know what you are doing and send them a copy of your weekly Magnet Sheet.


What is the SECOND THING you need to do in order to continue moving towards that Magnetic Goal? What are the parts of that step? BREAK IT DOWN into doable parts and actions. Then set a REWARD for yourself once you have achieved these small steps moving you towards your network marketing success and lifestyle.

Continue to focus on ALL the STEPS that are needed in order to capture the Magnetic Goal.  Write them down in order and break each one down into small doable actions and set rewards along the way a shown above.

These “rewards” are known as “Success Magnets” as they keep you focused on achieving the goal for your new lifestyle and home business.

Now….engage the FIRST small step — of the first thing you do to start moving towards the goal. Once you have achieved this action- write the Success down in your “Celebration Journal” and continue on to the next small step.

Now…here is the “secret sauce”- Get a poster board and some magazines and clip out pictures of those images that look like what your Magnetic Goal is in lifestlye and income. These represent your increased lifestyle and income, so STRETCH yourself and DREAM and then find the dream pictures. Paste them on the board and above the pictures write- “2012 Magnetic Goals Achieved” and look at it daily to weld that picture into your mind of where you are headed in 2012.

The secret to Magnetic Goal Success is LACK of OVERWHELM and LOTS of EMOTIONAL FIRE on the inside for the Lifestyle.

These types of goals are “chunked down” and not overwhelming. But they are also EXCITING to you because they are leading you step by step to a new, incredible lifestyle- one sale, one recruit, one new team member ar a time for your home based business.

If you set Magnetic Goals, you will start seeing them PULL YOU towards a life and lifestyle that you never thought possible in your network marketing home business!

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MLM Training- The Most Powerful Word Today in Recruiting You MUST USE!

mlm network marketing

mlm home business income


MLM Recruiting Tips.

What word right now is all over the news and needs to be used in your home business?

Would you like to discover a word that can REVOLUTIONIZE your mlm recruiting over the holidays?

What would that do for your mlm home based business?

There is one word that is about as powerful as a word you can use in holiday recruiting as well as recruiting in 2012. It is a word that will PULL people towards you like a magnet.

What word is that?

Use the Word “Economy” to point to the Change that needs to occur in a person’s life and financial life.
One of the most viewed words, talked about words, discussed word and hear words today in the media is ‘economy.” You must connect your business with the concept of the economy, because your home business is an alternative to what the economy is offering the average person.
There is a HUGE CONCERN over the economy today in every aspect. People are concerned today over the economy because of what that does to their income and pocketbooks.

That works in your favor, as what most people are focused on as a challenge- are looking for an answer. You must be connected to that focus- and have an answer for focus. Refocus the prospect to the conversation you want to hold. Today, people are working in fear of losing their job and even losing their pensions.

YOU can be like a knight in shining armor and show them a better way. You cna show them a more secure way. You can show them a more powerful way to live life and to earn an income THEY CONTROL- not someone else.

Here is what you can say to a potential prospect:
‘We all are concerned about the economy. But there are 2 types of people- ones that accept it and think they can do nothing about it, -and ones that want to change it in their life and look for ways to do that. Which one are you?”


“Most people are concerned over the economy would you not agree? I am not. I have taken steps to insure that I have more control over my own economy and can increase my income anytime I want. How does that sound to be able to do that in your life?”
When you start talking about what everyone seemingly is focused on-you will be:

Focused on.

THAT is where you want to be in your mlm home business network marketing business.

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MLM Social Media- 2 Hidden Powerful Social Marketing Secrets?

mlm hokme business social media

mlm social media


MLM Social Media.

Do you understand what social media and the home business profession do when they are joined together?

Would you like to discover 2 Powerful Social Media Secrets for home business mlm?

How would that impact your ability to succeed?

Here are 2 secrets of Social Media MLM that will rock your world:

1. Social Media MLM Secret: It is No Longer about just Persuasion- but Permission.

 Seth Godin, an amazing writer and business forecaster, wrote a book called “Permission Marketing.” It was and still is a best seller and guide to the Social Media path. It explains much about the New Rules of marketing in Business.

But for the last 50 years, it has been all about persuasion, and power. That is changing. There is a new breed of consumer and prospect out in the world that will not be persuaded by tricks, nor pressured and powered into a decision. They will resist you and ignore you. You have not asked for what they require.

They instead- want to give you permission first to market to them or to talk to them about your product and business.  You do that via social networking, newsletters, emails, snail mail, or a simple phone call that asks permission to share a new idea and solution with them.

 It is much easier to the do business with someone- marketing your product or business- if they have given you permission to share that with them. Many people do three-ways and surprise the prospect by having their sponsor on the line with them- and the prospect feels ambushed.

If you had called them and asked permission it probably would have gone much better. Many people have a “bait and switch” mentality and that does not work either. No matter how persuasive you are and charismatic, if you today do not seek permission to share something with someone-you will be headed down the path of rejection.

 Don’t just persuade.

Show Surprising Respect for the prospect and ask permission in some format. If you do, you will find them much more receptive.

2. Social Media MLM Secret: It’s No Longer just about Moving Products- but Moving People.

 Used to be that the products were king-or queen- and that moving products ruled the business world,. Well-things have changed. Products are still very important and getting your message out about the products is still imperative.

 But people no longer drive Edsels.

There have been changes and upgrades to automobiles. It is the same in business. Consumers no longer want to make it about products.

They want it to be made about THEIR products and THEIR Life and THEIR Experience.

 They want their products to MOVE THEM.

That is the message that many companies and distributors had better hear loud and clear. It is about moving PEOPLE-first with your Conversation and then with the Experience of being connected to your message.

 If your Conversation and message do not move people today emotionally, then you will never move products. You must move them with the Promise of a better life and lifestyle. Surprise them with an understanding that you are one of them and expect the same kind of emotional experience.

 Move them with New Ideas about your product that will lift them up emotionally.

Move them with images and empathy.

Move them with Connection to their dreams.

Move them to new Possibilities with usage of your products.

Move them to new heights of enjoying life that they only once dreamed.

And move them with your Passion for what you do- so they will be drawn towards you like a magnet on steroids in your mlm social media home business.

FREE Social Recruiting Power ebook- over 50 social media recruiting secrets!

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blessings..doug firebaugh

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