Social Media MLM- The Recruiting Rule of “BWYPA”

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Social Media Recruiting Secrets.

Would understanding a Social media rule when recruiting that most do not teach nor even know  help you?

How would discovering a secret to social media recruiting help your home business?

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That is the reason why I wanted to write this post. To give you a social media recruiting rule that has been helpful to a lot of our Private Clients as well as others.

Social networking has taken over as the favorite way to prospect in network marketing. It has not replaced face to face, but is highly popular.

But there is a huge mistake made in social media recruiting that many people make and it can frustrate the new as well as veteran prospect.

What is that mistake?

That is where the Rule of BWYPA comes in. It is a MUST to focus on and practice in social media recruiting.

What IS the Social Media Recruiting Rule of BWYPA?

BWYPA = “Be Where Your Prospects Are.”

Find out where your prospects are in the social media arena, and then BE THERE DAILY.

 It’s VERY important to maintain a consistent presence on social media sites, but not  just any social media network. In order to connect and converse with potential and current prospects; you have to be where they actually are in the social media market.

If you, like so many people, are posting content and updates blindly to Twitter without any conversation, and members of your target audience aren’t even showing a presence there, then is that helping or hurting?

One of the very first steps in powerful use of social media for recruiting and  generating leads is to do some research, and find out which social networking sites your target prospects are active and participate on a very consistent basis.

Then, when you actually do share your message and content and business, you will know you’re building awareness for your social media assets, including your blog, your brand, your product, your free offers, and any other type of content and infomration you offer consistently.

Being Aware of who is where in your target market for your business and product can be a powerful first step for lead generation. Prospects for the most part, can go through a time of learning and feel more comfortable about your business and making a decision whether they should study you and your company any further.

In social media, you go where the prospects are. You go to s grocery store to buy groceries. You go to a drug store to get a prescription. You go to the social sites to find your prospects.

That is how you can accelerate your social median recruiting success in your network marketing social media mlm home business.

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MLM Prospecting Tips- 4 Little Known Cardinal Rules of MLM Prospecting

mlm prospecting tips

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What does it cost you if you do not know TO DO something in your mlm home business?

Can you put an amount on what is is worth if you lose a great mlm prospect to someone else in another company?

OHHH…that one hurts.

What is THAT going to cost you if that person ends up a superstar in network marketing?

Many people in MLM lose prospects because they are not aware of certain rules that MUST be adhered to- whether you are recruiting online, social media or offline. The rules are the same for anywhere you prospect for your mlm business.

I have seen great people go to other companies because the rules were followed by one person but not by another. And the cost I have seen by friends that have lost really strong potential leaders to other companies, have been in the millions of dollars in revenues.

Has this happened to you?

Do you want to INSURE it DOES NOT?

MLM prospecting is easy- but yet must be played by the rules.

And there are powerful consequences to breaking the mlm prospecting rules. In your network marketing home business, you may have found that some prospects more friendly than others.

There is a reason.

You may have found other potential candidates more connected to you then others. That is normal, but also much of that will depend on the rules of mlm prospecting that you have engaged.

If you follow these 4 Prospecting Rules 3 things will happen:

1. Your MLM prospecting will me much more successful.

2. You will prospect quicker and more powerfully.

3. You will lose far less prospects to other possibilities in the marketplace.

I have been there.

I remember I lost one guy to another company in 1990 that ended up a million dollar earner with another company. Years later, he attended and we reconnected  at one of my training seminars. We went to lunch, and during that time,  I asked him out of curiosity what it was that compelled him to join the other company. When he told me, we both laughed, but then I realized out of my lack of knowledge back then, I had broken a cardinal rule to mlm prospecting.

So, what are the 4 Cardinal Rules to MLM Prospecting?

1. Realize you recruit through the PROSPECT’S EYES and start in THEIR WORLD – before ANYTHING. THEN lead them to your world.

Every mlm prospect-online or offline– sees things a little differently then you. They have different filters they view life through and see life as. You must take the time discover their VIEW of life and then ENLARGE that view to match YOUR view of what is possible. Ask, “Tell me how you see your future going the next 5 years…” and then LISTEN.

2. You MUST Follow – but NOT CHASE, Chasing is a sign of weakness and desperation.

You are NOT a dog. So quit running behind prospects and barking. You must from the very beginning say, ‘Let’s see if this is a fit for you and us, and then we will take it from there. Fair enough?” You NEVER chase a prospect. This was the rule that I broke with that million dollar earner. He told me that I was “too needy, ” “wanted him to desperately,” and came across as an amateur, not a professional. OUCH. Do NOT chase prospects. Give them the information and STAY CONNECTED- but not chasing.

3. Make your prospecting Aggressive- but not high pressure. Pressure is a sure way to lose every prospect you have.

The last word in “pressure” is SURE. You surely will lose your mlm prospects with high pressure tactics. Give them some room to breathe, and time to look at what you have offered. NEVER push them to enroll. You will have to PUSH them to do anything in their business if you do. Give them “homework.” An if they do not watch the video, or listen to a webinar, then are they really a Leader and who you are looking for? hello.

4. Always Always Always let the prospect know that you are looking for the RIGHT Leader- not just any leader.

If a prospect knows that they have to “qualify” to be considered for the leadership role in their city, they will take you more seriously. Whether offline or online. Here is how you say it: “We are looking for a leader that GETS THIS and will be a fit on a powerful team and will help us  build a huge business in your state. Tell me about how you view leadership…” This will give them the clue that you are LOOKING for the RIGHT leader- not for just someone who SAYS they are a leader. Recruiting online you will find a LOT of folks that call themselves leaders, but actually are followers. Keep them honest and make then KNOW that you are not going to accept just anyone to open up their city. and take the leadership role. yes, recruit them. But sponsor them, and put them under the leader that you choose for that city or region.

Many mlm prospects have been lost because of breaking these 4 cardinal rules of prospecting. I would suggest that you take a look at how YOU are looking for leads and then see if you are making these mistakes.

Correct them if you are making them, and you will find a whole lot more success in your home business mlm prospecting.

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homw business network marketing mlm

mlm home business influence


In your home business, have you ever gotten a negative comment from a friend or even just someone you barely know?

Have you ever gotten hurt by the pain of these comments of these unwanted comments and it impact your Activity and Success?

This is typical in network marketing and that is why that I am writing this- to encourage you and to empower you to move past these “people of influence” that can take you out of the MLM profession.

In MLM, many times you will get a negative response and NO support from people you know. They can be VERY nasty and shoot your dreams down like a balloon. And further , they may even provide “proof” that many people have tried a home business and rarely does it work, if ever.

“I had a brother in law try that and he ended up with a garage full of vitamins and his wife had a room full of skin care!”

“Oh NO! Don’t tell me you joined one of THOSE things! You stupid fool!”

“Oh come on! You got to be kidding! Don’t you know that you are gping to JAIL if you stay in that pyramid?”

I call these types of people the “Negative Infected.”

They are infected with such a bad case of “negative flu” that they cannot see anything positive about what you are doing. The sad part about it is that these Influencers are influencing you to do three things:

1. You STOP and begin to QUESTION what you have done.

No matter whether you are working online marketing or offline, you begin to question your decision.

2. You START asking other people’s opinions – and most agree with the Negative Infected.

This is where you start looking for ‘the truth” and you rarely will ever get it from these folks.

3. You are PULLED out of this business becuase of those who DO NOT want you to get ahead of them.


One of the single greatest reasons you hear from the neg-heads of the world is because they DO NOT want you to get ahead of them in life.

Much like the crabs in a bucket, when researchers put them in the bucket to observe, the crabs kept pulling each other down as one tried to get out. The crabs did not want each other to leave the bucket if they could not.

It is the same principle here. But DO NOT let the neg-heds pull you out of the greatest profession that has ever existed for home business entrepreneurs.

Do NOT listen to the CRABS of the world. They will make you and your home business “CRABBY.”

And always keep your eyes-online or offline- ON THE DREAM. This alone will help you get past those who will try and “keep you in the bucket” with them instead of you EXPLODING your home based mlm business.

Social Media Recruiting- the Secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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