MLM Social Media- 2 Hidden Powerful Social Marketing Secrets?

mlm hokme business social media

mlm social media


MLM Social Media.

Do you understand what social media and the home business profession do when they are joined together?

Would you like to discover 2 Powerful Social Media Secrets for home business mlm?

How would that impact your ability to succeed?

Here are 2 secrets of Social Media MLM that will rock your world:

1. Social Media MLM Secret: It is No Longer about just Persuasion- but Permission.

 Seth Godin, an amazing writer and business forecaster, wrote a book called “Permission Marketing.” It was and still is a best seller and guide to the Social Media path. It explains much about the New Rules of marketing in Business.

But for the last 50 years, it has been all about persuasion, and power. That is changing. There is a new breed of consumer and prospect out in the world that will not be persuaded by tricks, nor pressured and powered into a decision. They will resist you and ignore you. You have not asked for what they require.

They instead- want to give you permission first to market to them or to talk to them about your product and business.  You do that via social networking, newsletters, emails, snail mail, or a simple phone call that asks permission to share a new idea and solution with them.

 It is much easier to the do business with someone- marketing your product or business- if they have given you permission to share that with them. Many people do three-ways and surprise the prospect by having their sponsor on the line with them- and the prospect feels ambushed.

If you had called them and asked permission it probably would have gone much better. Many people have a “bait and switch” mentality and that does not work either. No matter how persuasive you are and charismatic, if you today do not seek permission to share something with someone-you will be headed down the path of rejection.

 Don’t just persuade.

Show Surprising Respect for the prospect and ask permission in some format. If you do, you will find them much more receptive.

2. Social Media MLM Secret: It’s No Longer just about Moving Products- but Moving People.

 Used to be that the products were king-or queen- and that moving products ruled the business world,. Well-things have changed. Products are still very important and getting your message out about the products is still imperative.

 But people no longer drive Edsels.

There have been changes and upgrades to automobiles. It is the same in business. Consumers no longer want to make it about products.

They want it to be made about THEIR products and THEIR Life and THEIR Experience.

 They want their products to MOVE THEM.

That is the message that many companies and distributors had better hear loud and clear. It is about moving PEOPLE-first with your Conversation and then with the Experience of being connected to your message.

 If your Conversation and message do not move people today emotionally, then you will never move products. You must move them with the Promise of a better life and lifestyle. Surprise them with an understanding that you are one of them and expect the same kind of emotional experience.

 Move them with New Ideas about your product that will lift them up emotionally.

Move them with images and empathy.

Move them with Connection to their dreams.

Move them to new Possibilities with usage of your products.

Move them to new heights of enjoying life that they only once dreamed.

And move them with your Passion for what you do- so they will be drawn towards you like a magnet on steroids in your mlm social media home business.

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blessings..doug firebaugh

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Network Marketing Social Media-The Ten Commandments of Social Media?

home business social media

home business social media

Network Marketing  Home business social media is getting popular.

And with the number of people onfacebook and twitter, there seems to be no end to the amazing growth of participants to the socialmedia arena in MLM I have seen amazing things happen with people’s downlines and have dropped my jaw at some of their recruiting results online througb network marketing social media.

If you are going to work social media and social networking sites in your home based business, I believe you need to understand some foundational principles about social media and the thrust of it. There are many trainers in social media, and we all can learn from each other.

I suggest that you look at these “Ten Commandments of Social Media” as principles of Success in social networking and how to approach social media in your home business.

There are ten foundational understandings that you BEGIN WITH before engaging social media in your home business. There are a LOT of mistakes made in the online arena, and my goal id to help you reduce many of those possible hindrances.

NOTE: Social Media is NOT limited to the following 10 Concepts. But these are the 10 things that after researching, showed up stronger and more often in our data than any other concepts , ideas, or “Commandments” we found. These are what were talked about the most, focused on the most, and agreed on the most as critical for social media success for the average person.

Here they are:

1) Thou Shalt know that Social Media is not just about CONNECTION – but the Connection Network.

In Home Business Social Media, it is said to be all about CONNECTION- but in Social Media Marketing, it is more about what is CONNECTED to that Connection. It is called the Social Network. And that Network has proven to be Golden with many respects. This Social Network can open up doors and introductions for marketers, bloggers, and social participants to a vast group of people that were never available to them before. But of course, the quality of the Network is a factor as well.

It IS about CONNECTION- but more also about the MLM Social Network the person you are connecting to has behind them. Consider every Social Connection a potential doorway. It’s what lies behind the door that makes Social Media work. The True Value for Marketing is what lies behind that door.

That is what drives the enormous numbers behind Social Media- the Second Layer of Connection that exists with people.

2) Thou shalt know that Conversation is the platform that all social media rests upon.

Whether it is called “Cafe Conversations,” or “Capsule Conversations,” Conversations are critical in Social Media. And that includes Talking AND Listening. You talk to folks in many ways, including blogging, tweets, writing on walls, personal videos, direct messages, joining in a conversation on a micro blog like tumblr, as well as social email and social classified ads. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and LinkedIn, all report ongoing increases in video views and engagement. Then there’s YouTube – the second largest search engine and the second most visited site on the web. YouTube can help brands attract new audiences and boost their images – all with the power of video. You can keep reading for video production melbourne tips. Or, if you’re ready to get started, contact their managing director to discuss how they can help. They specialise in creating short, targeted content that is designed to engage viewers on social networks. They believe that social video must have a purpose. As well as capturing your audience’s attention, it needs to help generate leads, attract top talent, boost website conversions, or impress and inform viewers.

But you LISTEN as well. You do this with tools that are available with many Social sites. You can listen to twitter with “twitter search.” You can search what people are talking about with many applications, including Twhirl andTweetdeck. You can also use social search engines as well to Listen to what is being said. And you can also hire great companies that do that for you, like Radian6. But Conversation is about BOTH Talking and Listening. You MUST know what is being said out in the social sphere.

And here is a tip: Make the person GLAD THEY TALKED WITH YOU. Make them the star of your conversation- not your ego. There are way too many one sided conversations out in Social Media. Keep the conversation focused on who you are ‘talking” to and encourage them, as well as guide them to larger possibilities.

Change the Size of their Conversations and you will change their life.

3) Thou Shalt know that VALUE is the Magnet in Social media, and reigns supremely.

Value is King in Social Media. But not just average Value or expected Value. I am talking about Unexpected Surprising Value.Value that is so much that people talk about it and virally market it like crazy. This is how a new “buzz” starts. By creating a Huge Value with a blog post, free giveaways, new ideas, new software applications, discovery of little known information , news stories, and “how to’s” and the list is almost endless of the Value you can bring.

The amount of Value you bring to Home business Social Media will always equal the amount of Impact you have with people. And that Impact either moves people TOWARDS you, or keeps them where they are. Either they become your friend and “follow you,” or they do not see any reason to. That is up to the Value they perceive in what you send out as your message and intentions.

4) Thou Shalt Know the Three R’s of Social Media.

Social Media is pretty simple. It is mainly about 3 things:

Reaching Out.   This is critical to Reach Out  to people and let them know you want to Connect and befriend them.

Relationships.   Once you have Reached Out, you start building a Relationship of Trust and Value.

Respect.   Respect in Social Media is earned, not just given. And you earn that Respect with consistent and powerful content with Value, great conversations that move folks, Integrity and ethics above all, encouraging others, offering solutions, and helping people to larger and more powerful possibilities in their life and business.

 5) Thou Shalt BRAND Your Message, Product, and Yourself Consistently, Visibly, and Uniquely.

Everyone talks Branding as that is a must to do in Social Media. But here is where it can get tricky. You brand multiple things all at once. YOU are the brand- sort of. The first thing you need to brand is your Image and who you are, and you do this with a picture or avatar of yourself that shows who you are on your profile. This can also include a corporate logo for a company as well. Chris Brogan has branded a picture of who he is on his blog. The second thing you need to brand is your Message.

This is what you want to become known for, and people think about when they think of you. Scott Monty has branded Ford Motors as part of his brand effectively and powerfully. The third thing you want to brand is your product and what Value it has that makes it UNIQUE and One of a kind. The product can be information that you market, actual products that are shipped out, services like consulting or accounting, or any other type of product that you have to market that people will see a need for.

All a Brand is, is Image + Message + Impact + Consistent Visibility = Perception.

Your Image is what people SEE in their minds, Message is what people HEAR in their memory, Impact is what people FEEL in their hearts, and Visibility is what reminds people that you are there. Perception then becomes your Brand.

And here is what we have taught for nearly 20 years:

Branding is not about just being remembered, or becoming known. It is about becoming totally UNFORGETTABLE. ™ THAT is a powerful brand.

6) Thou shalt Expand your Experience Through Social Site Applications.

Applications are developed software and are what Social Sites have available that make your experience more fun, useful, and productive. The most applications are generally found on the most active sites and usually are free. Twtter has over 150 applications, facebook has hundreds of applications, as well as many other Social sites out there. Many applications are very useful and written by outside people for the Social sites.

Learn what applications are available on each site that you are a part of, and choose the ones that you believe will work for you the best and increase your exposure, conversations, and productivity.

7) Thou Shalt GIVE freely, and be willing to Lose Control of your Information.

Giving is what Social Media is all about. Many folks are talking about ‘Influence” and what it takes to create it in Social Media. That one is simple: GIVE.

GIVE stands for “Gain Influence Very Easily.” And when you give, and then give some more, the power of Influence that develops is amazing.

And losing control of your information is part of it as well. Most folks want to CONTROL their information, their marketing strategies, as well as their results. That is part of traditional marketing. But what if you could blend traditional with the non- traditional? Let some of your information go. Give it away freely and let it be virally marketed by others.

Give a free ebook away. Give a free mp3 away. Give a free product away. Give a free download away. Give some of your best content away free.  Control the rest. See what happens with both sides of the equation- controlled and Social Media. You will like what you find in the Social Media side.

The New Marketing Stars of tomorrow in Home Business Social Media will not come from those who are great marketers, but from those who have a LOT of people marketing FOR THEM- without asking them to. Would that be called Marketing Nirvana? That would be close to it. Be willing to Lose Control, and Gain a Massive Advantage.

8) Thou Shalt Build Relationships that are based on a Platform of TRUST.

Relationships are the building blocks of Social Media. Trust is the Concrete. You must build powerful relationships with people to market to them. But a wall that is built with bricks and no concrete will fall with the first strong wind.

Build TRUST and do it everyday. Be honest. Be a person of integrity. Be a person that people can feel good about and know you are there to help enlarge their life. Be a Leader that people are willing to follow. And build Trust in your message, actions, conversations, branding, videos, blog posts, and any other form of exposure that you take in Social Media.

The Rule of TRUST:Relationships are the tiles for the platform of Social Media. Trust is the glue.

9) Thou Shalt become Tribal, and enroll in groups, attend events, and empower the Community.

There is a reason it is called SOCIAL Media. being part of what is called a “tribe” or community is what Social Media is about. This is one of the CORE powers of web 2.0

Connecting, Relating, Reaching, and Conversations are ALL a part of building a Community in Social Media, as well as “Niche sites’ that can be that much more tribal. What you have in common with people helps build the Community.

What you bring to the table to grow that community is GOLD.

10) Thou Shalt Have a Host Mentality with a Permission Focus.

In Social Media, it is much like a party you hold in your living room. I did a post recently called “Social Media is your Living Room.” If you were in your living room, you would be playing HOST and inviting people in, talking with them, being social, making recommendations and giving advice, showing photographs off or watching videos, and introducing the crowd to each other. That is much what Social Media is about- HOSTING.

With a small twist. You need to ASK PERMISSION to give them advice and make recommendations, as well as introduce them to the others in your living room. That is not hard to do. And if you have permission to do this, it is much easier to get them Comfortable with you, Connected with you, holding a Conversation with you, if it feels like your Living Room.

Play the Host, and ask Permission. That is being Powerful and Polite at the same time.

These are the 10 Commandments for Social Media Marketing. Yes, there are more than these, but these are what came up with the hard data we had, and formed the basis of this post, to help you improve and understand more Home Business Social Media and Network Marketing Social Media.

Home Business Social Media- 5 Simple Twitter Tips for IMPACT


home business twitter bird

home business twitter bird

In Home business and MLM network marketing world, Microblogging showed up on the horizon about 5 years ago, and the world has never been the same since.

It has gone through some changes and modifications, but it is still a powerful arena to message about your business and home based business products.

Of course, there are other ways as well, but microblogging still is a powerhouse in network marketing.

What is microblogging?

Think of blogging with only 140 characters. Yep, you read that right-about 3 sentences. That is BOTTOM LINE blogging.

Yes, there is plurk,tumblr, jaiku, and many other microblogging services, but in the microblogging world, twitter rules.

And there are 5 Power Tips that will help you rule on twitter. Home business people should want to build a large following on twitter.

 It takes some effort on your part, but if you engage these tips, you will find the numbers of followers you have will increase dramatically.

Ok- what are the 5 Power Tips?

Follow Doug on Twitter

1) Become known as the “go to person” for your message and business.

You do this by broadcasting out little know information about what you do and your specialty in your home business. Scour the search engines and blog engines for articles and posts that will help people to know more about your business and products and what they are made of. And make sure that you send out mp3s and video urls as well. Become known for little known secrets and information that others are seeking.

Read that again: OTHERS ARE SEEKING!

Provide information of VALUE and Solution focused.

2) Create extraordinary content and give it to your tweeples-people that follow you on twitter.

Write something extraordinary for your home buisiness niche. Something that will define you as a player in your home based business niche. Whether it is skin care, travel, weight loss, or vitamins. Then tweet it out and watch if get virally marketed-without your effort. Extraordinary content WILL get forwarded. All you have to do is come up with it and then tweet about it to share with others. Give how to’s and solutions to issues that people are suffering with that your buisiness can help address.

3) Do an interview with an expert and then put it up on your blog, and let people know that it is there through twitter, and it’s extraordinary.

This will let people know that you are making an effort to bring the best of the best to the arena, and they will forward the interview. This could be an upline or one of the executives of your company, or one of the top earners. And you can put the url up on your profile as well if you desire. Get it out on facebook and orkut,  or even the new Google+ social media site, or any other populated social networking sites. Let the interview be a HOT topic on the twitter search engine. Get it up on friendfeed. And get creative about where else you can put it and tweet about.

4) Send a series of tweets out- a “5 part series on the secrets to <solving a problem> that your products or business will do.”

 Or whatever the title would be. Then put part one url in a tweet and send it out. The url contains the post of the first secret. Then do the second one and tweet it out. You should wait till the next day to send the second one out. But send the first part of the series and few times the first day to make sure people do not miss it. After 5 days of sending out the series- send out one last with a url to all 5 listed on a blog post. You can get a LOT of exposure with series oriented power tweets.


5) Ask Questions that will comple people to answer. Make them about the benefits of your products.

The message should be:

“Have you ever had this happen?” “Have you ever suffered from this?” “Do you know anyone that needs some help with their____________?” “What are your thoughts about people struggling with______?” “Have you ever thought about_______?”

These are the types of questions that will PULL the eyes of the readers toward it. CREATE some IMPACT and IMPRESSIONS with your tweets, not just words.

These are 5 Simple Power Tips for twitter and how you can maximize your twitter marketing and social media marketing for your home business and mlm.

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved


Home Business Social Media- 7 Reasons You Struggle with Social Media


home business networking

home business networking

Social media

in a Home Business today is as much as part of the network marketing culture as prospecting or in home meetings.

 Social networking is critical for finding good possible prospects in this profession today. I have used it for training efforts and it works well.

Home based business owners know that online recruiting is all part of today’s marketing efforts. But many times, social media marketing does not work very well for folks.

I have talked with many people who seem to be frustrated at social media as they say that they cannot find who they are looking for. And if they do, they do not stay.

MLM social media I have been teaching, (along with others in this business) for 6 years. There are reasons why it may not be working for you. We have identified 7 of them in our consulting with companies and teams, and these may be why you may be struggling with social media.

What are the 7 Reasons?

1) No Target to Shoot For.

Many folks have not target or goal that they are looking to hit. That is crazy. You need to have a set target and defined destination that you are looking to go.

It may be as simple as finding 2 new leads a day or expanding your communication with your clients like Southwest Airlines has done. But whatever it is, WRITE DOWN the target and then start moving towards the bull eye.

2) Expecting Miracles when a Message would do.

It is about your Message, not Miracles. I am a HUGE believer in Miracles, but in social media, it takes time for the Blueprint you have to take effect.

Miracles in 72 hours? Not gonna happen. But a strong message in 72 Minutes?

THAT is doable and a great start to a turn around miracle.

 3) Connecting- but Lack of Personal Connection.

Connection in social media is important.


You must create that Connection that moves past the surface and create conversations that start to build a  bridge of Trust.

That will do more for your follower count and friends than just about anything.

4) Providing Constant Volume but not Consistent Value.

Your messages, notes, posts, tweets, videos, and podcasts need to be Constant and regularly distributed. But without Consistent Value-people will quit reading them. You must be consistent in your posts. But also you must have VALUE in your posts. I send out posts and I effort to include a LOT of Value to the reader.

It is the same with you. EVEN-if you send out maintenance or utility posts, make sure they carry the Value to the prospect or reader-that will be appreciated and forwarded- not deleted and forgotten.

5) Trying to be Too many Places with Too Little Time.

Pick a social site and build there. My focus has always been pick 5 sites and stay there.

Automate everything else. You have, and, and other broadcast sites. Pick one of them, and then you can be on 75 sites or more daily.

But do it SMART.

Automate the sites with your messages and posts that you are not building relationships currently on. And build the relationships on the other social sites you are on. BUT- I recommend that you build a few relationships on EVERY social site you are working. This is only integrity. If you do that, your REACH in the home business profession expands drmatically.

Some people do not like broadcast social sites, but if you are a marketer, you better use them if you are going to create results over time.

6) Trying to be SEEN when You should be Helping Others to be Known.

You need to be a promoter on social sites.

 Become a promoter of great material, and great value. I sent out over 10 links last week of things that rocked. Most of the folks I did not personally know who they were, but knew others could benefit.

What about you? Do you run across things that really impact you? Let others know about it.

Become a Power Promoter and promote others and not just yourself. It works better that way. If you let others know about great Value and Content of others, you will be SEEN, HEARD, and KNOWN quickly.

Trust me. It works.

7) Ambushing the Conversation instead of Amplifying the Connection.

Happened today. Someone connected with me about something I sent out, and the next thing I knew, I was being pitched a financial deal that I was shaking my head on. They were relentless, and after I politely cut them off, they said to me, “I knew this social media stuff was a bunch of hooey. It does not work and people are full of it if they think it does.”

Au contraire.

It DOES work as long as you do not hijack and ambush the conversation with what YOU can GET. And instead focus on what you can GIVE to folks that will help them.

If you do that, what you have to offer they will embrace.

We have been blessed to build a highly successful business on facebook alone- not counting anything else–totally under the radar –quietly–and without hype or ambushing anyone.

You can too- if you do not make these 7 mistakes that a lot of people are in their social media marketing for their home  business.

Take each one of the challenges and check yourself on them. Are you making these mistakes? Are you in your MLM efforts really doing the things that will draw people towards you? Are you pushing to GET from social media  or GIVE to social media?

Social media in network marketing is about GIVING.

G.I.V.E. means to “Gain Influence Very Easily.”

If you practice that alone, you will start becoming a social media master in your mlm home based business.

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

Home Business Social Media-The 7 Most Powerful Words To Use

home business social media

home based business social media

In Home Business Social Media Marketing -Words carry a Power that usually is ignored. A Power that we can use.

Even more than we realize.

A home business today must be on social media. That is a given. if you are not with your home based business then you are working in the stone age.

Work at home professionals need to embrace and utilize the social networking arena for it;s powerful prospecting methods and potential for your home business.

If you can connect to this post, you will be way ahead of Most in the network marketing profession.

There are 7 words that are CRUCIAL to making your home business mlm social media marketing efforts successful, whether you own’a traditional business, a home business, or work for a business.

And many do not even know them let alone use them.

They can change your social media marketing to a powerful force in your branding efforts and beyond.


What are they?

1) FREE.

Many folks in social media like free gifts. They like free content. They like free podcasts. They like free videos. They like free content.

So you need to start using the word FREE in your tweets, vids, posts, podcasts and blogs. WHAT is free? That is for you to decide, but it can be an ebook, a report, an mp3, a CD, a DVD, or anything that the people will find of value to their life.

“Here is a FREE mp3 that i recorded last night and thought you might enjoy. Hope you like it and let me know what your thoughts are as i am looking to improve it. Thanks!”

2) GIVE.

This is a biggie. It is CRUCIAL that you GIVR and use the word GIVE in your communications. It is called a “trigger word.” This is a word that triggers psychologically in the brain to create some kind of emotion or feeling. GIVE is a powerful concept in social media marketing.

Especially what you are giving away is FREE.

“I am giving away today a FREE ebook that will help you in your Success efforts. I want you to have it as I know you will like it. Here is the link for it and let me know how you enjoy it as always looking for ways to improve. Thanks!”


This is another huge one as we build bridges of trust with people and their friends. Use the word trust in what you do.  Use the word trust in posts, mp3s, videos, and any other communication. Put it FRONT and CENTER and let people know that is your focus. You are looking to be trusted and you sare looking to trust back.

“My goal is to build trust with people before they ever do any business with me as that is critical. Integrity is the foundation of trust and that is how i operate and always will.”


People will do more for Value than you think. And people are smarter than you think. They KNOW value and what is NOT Value. Your focus in social media marketing is to provide VALUE in your communication and use the word in all you do. Your FOCUS should be VALUE and a lot of it.

What people talk about is Value. What people are seeking is Value. What people are DEMANDING is Value and you must be the Value Freak in what you do in social media.

“And my goal is to create such an amazing Value in this video that you will watch it over and over and learn something new each time you watch it. All I ask is you let people know what you have discovered in this video and share it with others.”

5) LOVE.

Love is a strong word that people do not use enough. i know i know. I can hear it now-“Doug is getting hairy fairy.” LOL  Nope. Just telling you the truth. if you believe in something string enough- you need to let people know that you love it. if you are convinced that your product is the best that exists on the planet-let them knwo you love it. if you are sure that the relationships you are building in social media are powerful and life changing, let people know that you love that part about social media. if you are a home business professional and LOVE what you do- shout it out and rock the world with it.

Love is a powerful life changing word and when you use it- EYES ARE DRAWN TOWARDS IT- instinctively.

“I LOVE this mp3/video/ebook/report/post even if I did do it. It has a LOT of great content on it that can change lives. I want you to have it as a gift and i look forward to talking to you about it as I know you will love it too. I love giving things away for free-hope you like it!”


Everyone likes a good secret that cannot be kept. And if you are any marketing effort, you need to let peo;ple know that you know a secret that they do not. Why? Fear of loss. Curiosity builder. Wanting to be a part of the in the know crowd. Hope of gain. and ther are other reasons as well. But when you use the word SECRET- BAM! Every one’s heads turn-and they are thinking- “Tell me pleasssee!” And we have used it for years as that truly does set you apart form the masses…

IF and ONLY IF you have a secret that no one else has about your endeavor, Success, leadership, social media marketing, home business success, or internet marketing, or anything else that you are working. Be unique and one of a kind. OWN the Secret-don’t just repeat it. Old news is still old news. Get creative and let the secrets flow.

“I have discovered a secret about skin care that ia amazing and wanted to give it to you. Here is a link to a  video that will tell you the secret of looking 10 years younger in little or no time. And all I ask is that you share it with other you know as it will help them too as well. Here is the secret link….”


Enough said.

Their name is music to their ears. It is honey to their soul. It is sugar in their tea. I ALWAYS use the persons name or nickname in communication in the very first couple of words.

It is an EYE MAGNET.

It attracts their eyes to move towards their name and then you are guaranteed that your communication will be at least scanned. Use their name at the end too. I call it “bookending.” It works and lets them know that you appreciate who they are.

These are the 7 most powerful words that you can use in social media. of course there are more.

What other words can you suggest in your social media marketing for your Home based business?

There are so man y ways to say things- make sure YOU GET HEARD.

I would suggest that you sit down and think long and hard about what you are saying and doing in the social media zone. If you do the right things, and say thr right things, you will have built right your mlm home business.

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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