Social Media MLM- The Recruiting Rule of “BWYPA”

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Social Media Recruiting Secrets.

Would understanding a Social media rule when recruiting that most do not teach nor even know  help you?

How would discovering a secret to social media recruiting help your home business?

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That is the reason why I wanted to write this post. To give you a social media recruiting rule that has been helpful to a lot of our Private Clients as well as others.

Social networking has taken over as the favorite way to prospect in network marketing. It has not replaced face to face, but is highly popular.

But there is a huge mistake made in social media recruiting that many people make and it can frustrate the new as well as veteran prospect.

What is that mistake?

That is where the Rule of BWYPA comes in. It is a MUST to focus on and practice in social media recruiting.

What IS the Social Media Recruiting Rule of BWYPA?

BWYPA = “Be Where Your Prospects Are.”

Find out where your prospects are in the social media arena, and then BE THERE DAILY.

 It’s VERY important to maintain a consistent presence on social media sites, but not  just any social media network. In order to connect and converse with potential and current prospects; you have to be where they actually are in the social media market.

If you, like so many people, are posting content and updates blindly to Twitter without any conversation, and members of your target audience aren’t even showing a presence there, then is that helping or hurting?

One of the very first steps in powerful use of social media for recruiting and  generating leads is to do some research, and find out which social networking sites your target prospects are active and participate on a very consistent basis.

Then, when you actually do share your message and content and business, you will know you’re building awareness for your social media assets, including your blog, your brand, your product, your free offers, and any other type of content and infomration you offer consistently.

Being Aware of who is where in your target market for your business and product can be a powerful first step for lead generation. Prospects for the most part, can go through a time of learning and feel more comfortable about your business and making a decision whether they should study you and your company any further.

In social media, you go where the prospects are. You go to s grocery store to buy groceries. You go to a drug store to get a prescription. You go to the social sites to find your prospects.

That is how you can accelerate your social median recruiting success in your network marketing social media mlm home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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