MLM Training- 7 Ineffective Ways to Generate MLM Leads from Social Media

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7 Ineffective Ways to Generate MLM Leads From Social Media

Are you wasting your time on social media with your home business?

Are you frustrated with your results in your network marketing prospecting on social media?

Maybe you need to think and do something different for your mlm lead generation.

I cannot remember where I got this article, but whoever sent it to me did all of us a huge favor. This post is one of the beter ones I have seen about wasting time and effort in social media and what to do about it.

This article I KNOW will help you tighten up your lead generation in social media.


1. Not being where your target customers are.

It’s not important to maintain a presence on just any social media network in order to engage with potential and current consumers; you have to be where they actually are. If you are posting content and updates blindly to Twitter, but members of your target market aren’t present there, what’s the point?

The first step in effective use of social media for lead generation is to research and determine which social media sites your target audience is active on a regular basis. That way when you do share content and information, you can know you’re working to build awareness for your blog, product, service, and other types of content you offer on a regular basis.

Awareness is a key preliminary stepping stone for lead generation, since prospects likely go through a period of learning more about your business and deciding whether or not they should research your company further.

2. Not providing valuable content.

If you’re just pushing out content about your product and why it’s so “awesome,” more than likely, people will not want to share or engage with it. If someone is following your brand on Facebook, it’s probably to see what valuable content and offers you can offer them. Rather than product-focused content, focus on content rich with tips and tricks which can help to relieve your target customers’ pain points.

When you target the content you’re offering to the different marketing person as you have defined for your business, then your prospects will be much more likely to engage with your brand and therefore, more likely to complete a lead-capture form for a piece of your content. In short, providing targeted, useful content will help you generate more qualified leads who may genuinely be interested in what you have to offer.

3. Not using calls-to-action or sharing targeted links to landing pages.

I could have sworn the most effective use of social media for lead gen is the ability to share links to your content, blog, and cool offers? Don’t just say you have a great blog or that your fans should check out your awesome new ebook, link to it, and use an enticing call-to-action to do so. You’d be surprised how commonly businesses neglect to do this.

Furthermore, share targeted links. Don’t talk about how your followers should register for your upcoming webinar and link to your website’s homepage that has no mention of the webinar. Instead, link to a targeted landing page where visitors to register. Even better, target specific content to different platforms. Create special offers for Twitter followers that are different from your offers to your Facebook fans.

4. Not leveraging social media real estate.

When people visit your pages on social sites, they probably want to learn more about your brand and its offerings. On Facebook, you can provide as many links as you would like in the Info section. On Twitter, you can use the short bio to share a link that is integral to your
service. Same with LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and other platforms you may be a part of. Use that real estate wisely; it’s there for a reason.

While social media is a great platform to help you generate leads, you still want to create a connection between the educational content your prospects are downloading and the recognition that your business does more than give out free stuff. Make sure you’re effectively leveraging the real estate of your social media accounts to create that brand and product awareness, too.

5. Not integrating email and social media.

Email marketing and social media are great friends, not enemies. They work together well, help each other out to promote content, and share one another’s information on a regular and
consistent basis. You should promote your presence on social media sites through buttons on each email as well as share links to email opt-in forms for social followers to sign up to be a part of your email database.

When you combine the power of your lead generation tools, you’ll create a more strategic effort and a better chance of reaching and nurturing your potential customers through multiple fronts, allowing them to choose how they engage with you, consume information, and decide if they would like to move further down the sales cycle.

6. Not displaying highly visible social share and follow buttons.

So you have your website and blog and all this great content, but can people easily share it? Be sure to place easy-to-see and -use share and follow buttons on all your content in order to
increase its reach. The more your fans share your content with their networks,
the more potential new leads will see it!

7. Not analyzing the effectiveness of your social media efforts.

You may be on the latest and great social platforms, sharing awesome content, listening and engaging with your potential audience, and collecting that valuable lead information, but how do you determine if it’s working as well as you want it to? You should be regularly
analyzing how much traffic and leads you’re generating from each social platform you’re participating in as well as how valuable it is.

This will allow your team to evaluate its efforts and make adjustments if needed. For instance, you may want to spend more time engaging the community that tends to convert into more qualified leads. Or perhaps you’ve discovered that Facebook fans prefer different types of offers than Twitter followers. Use this data to perfect your future lead gen efforts in social media to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

These are 7 Ineffective ways to generate leads for your mlm network marketing home business with Social Media.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Prospecting- The Psychology of Prospecting Emotions in 2012?

mlm home business prospecting

mlm prospecting 2012


MLM Prospecting 2012.

Are you aware that MLM Prospecting for your home business has a Psychology behind it?

Would you like to know one of the most powerful Psychological principles behind MLM Prospecting?

How would that help you increase the effectiveness of your network marketing prospecting?

Prospecting is what most home business professionals do daily. They want to FIND the right prospect for their business, and often do.

But more often then not- they do not.


There are many reasons. But one is simply not understanding the Psychology of Prospecting and what that can do for your business and mlm prospecting results.

Emotions do play heavy into the prospecting cycle, and those emotions can power your mlm prospecting, or poison it. That is up to you. That is why moving into 2012, you need to have a good understanding that the Psychology of Prospecting is an integral part in both finding porospect, but recruiting home business prospects.

Feelings in mlm prospecting has always been one of the most powerful determining factors in the prospecting actions.

MLM Reality.

NOTE: People join you because of what they are feeling FROM YOU.

But there is another powerful MLM prospecting rule as well:

How you FEEL about prospecting will determine much of what the prospect is FEELING FROM YOU.

 Many people operate out of hesitancy and timidity when it comes to finding mlm leads and talking with them.

Do you FEEL that way?

 We have found that you need to SHIFT your focus on what prospecting IS in your mind, to a focus of what it can DO for other people.

What are YOU Focused on?

 MLM Prospecting Secret: You are either focused on what YOU get from the mlm prospecting lead, or what the lead gets from you.

 NOTE: 80% of the initial response from the prospect will come from what they are sensing FROM YOUR INTENTIONS.

 If you are internally focused on what YOU can get FROM THEM for your business, they will sense that and for the most part, be turned off.

That is why so many good people walk away from MLM. They sense that someone is out to GET SOMETHING from them, not give.

 Here is a secret:

 GIVING is the MAGNET in prospecting. You GETTING from the prospect is the repellant. You need to develop a focus that you are looking for leads to GIVE them something of Value that can change their life.

A New Future.

A New Hope.

A New Direction in life.

A New Destiny for 2012!

 A NEW Solution for 2012!

 We call it “Solution Based Prospecting.”

 GIVE solutions to the prospect for their finances and other benefits your products offer.

 ALL a benefit is is a SOLUTION to a problem.

 Solve a problem- don’t just sell a product.

If you do that one thing- you will sending out a powerful emotion that works FOR the prospect and PULLS them towards you in your mlm prospecting!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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MLM Prospecting- 101 MLM Prospecting Tips and Tactics

mlm propsecting home business network marketing

mlm prospecting network marketing


MLM Prospecting.

How would you like to discover 101 MLM Prospecting tactics for your home  business?

Would that help if you disovered even ONE that would help?

NOTE:  Here are 101 MLM prospecting strategies and methods that are mainly offline and more traditional in nature, but will help you during the Holiday season this year. 101 Online Prospecting tips and tactics are coming soon.

Find one or two and engage them. You do not need them all. You only need a couple that you feel will work, and then go to work with them. These prospecting tactics have produced a TON of volume over the years, and I know they will for you as well.

Here are 101 MLM Prospecting Tactics:

1.  Send a product catalog to a co-worker that has moved or gotten a new job.
2.  Send a product catalog to other reps that you know that market products that do not compete with yours.
3.  Post a product catalog in the teacher’s lounge at your child’s school with our card on the catalogue. Give way something free in the catalogue with a drawing. 
4.  Post a product catalog in the employee lunch room of businesses that you know.
5.  Hold an open house for your neighbors and let them invite friends for the holidays.
6.  Have a booth at a school fair and give away something in a drawing.
7.  Advertise in your alumni newsletter and or local paper a semina that you and your upline do for the public. 
8.  Give a product catalog to the receptionist at your doctor’s or dentist’s office and ask her to look through it. 
9.  Include a flyer or brochure with your bill payments and ask, “Are they paying you what your skills are truly worth? Call me if they are not.”
10.  Call people who have helped you before  and see if they would refer some prospects.
11.  Put current catalog in your neighbor’s door and thank them in advance for their business. 
12.  Ask friends to sponsor an “open house” for you and give them some free products for doing it. 
13.  Advertise in your church bulletin a fund raiser that will help your church with sale of your producst going to the church.  
14.  Take a product to every church potluck and share it with folks asking them who they they know it could help. 
15.  Host an office party or brunch at an office where you know people or the boss sharing the benefits of your products and services.
16.  Host a product/information table before or during a PTA Meeting and give awat something free in a drawing.
17.  Mail out product flyers, post cards, or flyers with 25% off coupons or free drawing. 
18.  Do a fundraiser for your favorite charity-give them the profits of the sales. 
19.  Get a list of new neighbors from the courthouse. New people may be looking for a distributor or a new job in this area.
20.  Set up a product/info display at a craft fair and go talk to every booth worker there and introduce yourself.
21.  Participate in a school fund-raiser and ask them to consider your products.
22.  Have your spouse or significant other promote the products at where they work (after work)  with a free drawing to sign up for!
23.  Have you and your family members wear a promotional T-shirt or Sweatshirt that has your logo or product.

24.  Hold a Valentine get together with men that you know  for product sales that would be applicable.
25.  Set up a display/table at a mall during one of their fairs or shows.

26.  Set up a display at a soccer game, hold a drawing for a free soccer ball in a drawing.  
27.  Put a product button on your shirt,  purse, hat, or coat asking a question about a benefit of your products.
28.  Ask a customer who won products at one of your drawings to talk about their free products in a vieo and put it up on your blog.
29.  Hold a talk at a “Curves” / YWCA workout facility about your product and hold a drawing to give away some products.
30.  Random mailings.  Open a phone book and randomly choose-and say, “Maybe you can help me…I am looking for someone in your are that I can help…”

31.  Mention specials and free giveaways and other benefits at least 3 times per PBR (Private Business Reception) or in home meeting. 
32.  Hold up higher priced products and mention half-price products during a PBR (in home meetings) to encourage someone else to help you out and sponsor another PBR.
33.  Mention how much your “average” PBR sponsor gets in discounted products and profits from sales and then give someone a chance to offer to help you and sponsor a PBR at their home.
34.  At the beginning of your in home meeting, mention the  goal of your PBR : to book 2 personal appointments from it to talk further about your business.
35.  Share upcoming online contests, free drawings, and give aways with friends for upcoming meetings in conversations, phone calls, and on social media sites.
36.  Video your guests at a PBR and let them talk about it, and feature the vidoe on facebook and youtube and twitter. 
37.  Encourage frequent customers to regularly hold PBRs for you for free product and even ske them to sponsor a luncheon  with you.
38.  Encourage PBR sponsors to book another one in 6-9 months. Nail the date down THEN.  Promote free drawings ahead of time and use social media to do that. 
39.  Treat PBR  Hosts to a special “Appreciation Tea/ Luncheon/breakfast” and make them feel like superstars for helping you. 
40.  Encourage family/relatives to hold a PBR for you, ask for help and offer them the profits for doing it. 
41.  Call your realtor with suggestions for “new home packages”/ with your products in the package. 

42.  Offer to do an information class for local businesses that hour products will be applicable for. (Nutrition products- health club, etc) 
43.  Start an E-mail address book of customers who want to know more about your industry and products, and put a personal note with each email thanking them for their help.   If there isn’t one, create one! Email monthly! 
44.  Encourage your PBR sponsors and guests who attend to refer potential sponsors  to you…make a referral card to give out at luncheons and PBRs and offer a discounts for the referral. 
45.  Offer a free drawing on a video and viral market it over social media.
46.  Promote shows that you have a booth with, and ask friends to come by.

47.  Describe, highlight, and promote  how to sponsor a PBR during every event you do. “I aml ooking for PBR Partners that want to make earn some great rewards by working with me for a night.”
48.  Be friendly and focus on talking about the guests ONLY —-not yourself–when you meet them…simple but a MUST to get possible referrals 
49.  Follow through with 42 hours on every possible PBR/ Luncheon/ Breakfast sponsor  lead and referral (VERY IMPORTANT!) 
50. ASK, ASK, ASK.  – You have what many people are looking for… 
51. Use open- ended questions, especially when dealing with conversations…and LISTEN to what they say for possible opening for your products and business! 
52.  Use ALL your products  at home, office, camping, parties, etc. Are their products that you may be missing talking about? 
53. Go to book stores, and read sales, self improvement and positive thinking books-input power- SO YOUR OUTPUT WILL BE EMPOWERED! Talk to others at the store who do the same thing! 
54.  Call at least two potential referrals every night-“You have people you care for don’t you? Who do you know that is having trouble financially – Wants to feel better about life – Wants more security – Wants more energy? I can help them.” 
55.  Dream and imagine the possibilities that you have been missing…what about the strip malls in your town? Take a brochure to them and ask for a referral. 
(This reallt works if you do it.)

56.  Set weekly prospecting goals and review them constantly.  Post them where you can see them…why? Your subconscious will start you moving towards them when you are not even aware of it! And it will become a part of your presence when you recruit or retail.  

57.  Ask friends to help you get started to reach a certain goal-get a “Support Team” that will help encourage you and help you and refer you- online as well as offline. 

58.  Use benefits flyers- products are sold on benefits, not just the ingredients. People buy drills because they want holes, not the drill! 
59.  Use postcards and or newsletters to continue to spark interest…”Are you aware that you CAN have the money you want? Don’t spend thousands on empty promises . We have an idea we would like to share with you that has made such a difference in our lives…” 
60.  Follow up phone calls to particularly interested people you have chatted with and tell them you appeciated the conversation. Most do not follow up. They may decide later to set a time for an appointment. 
61.  Do a review of your products on video, posts, articles, and audio. Get theat out on social media.

62.  Give  products as gifts or donations to charities, churches, and other opportunities. 
63.  Don’t be shy talking about your products or your business when in a crowd or with people. Tell your personal story, and ask if they know anyone who might need the benefits of your products.  
64.  Smile when talking on the phone. Simple idea, but people will feel it, and response to it. Nervous people rarely smile on the phone. 
65.  Review orders from past PBRs – who have bought frequently, etc.  Call them, facebook them, tweet them, or reconnect with them via email. Fill them in on a new product, or event, and invite them to lunch with you.
66.  Be prepared to answer questions about your work…don’t be thinking when you should be talking. Have a response ready at all times. 
67.  Write down names and numbers of people who “owe you a favor” then follow up…they will be a great help with opening doors. 
68.  Call the most familiar people first, and make the conversation an “I need your help” conversation. 
69.  Call potential customers who postponed on you, and ask if you can meet with them this week. 
70.  Spend time every day working on some aspect of our business… but MAKE IT A VOLUME PRODUCING aspect! 
71.  Be willing to share the business opportunity…not just the products. There are TWO products…The Retailing Product line… and the Business Product! 
72.  Call anyone who has said maybe or sometime…and if they are still saying this, ask for a referral. 
73.  Advertise in football, basketball, or musical programs…THIS WORKS! Been there done that! And sold product and recruited off of it! 

74.  Leave your business cards on bulletin boards or in local businesses… this is simply creating a potential exposure… YOU NEVER KNOW WHO IS LOOKING! 
75.  Talk about upcoming events with everyone on social media as well as offline. Invite them to a special event that is coming up. 
76.  Donate a basket to a local radio station to give-away during special holiday (mother’s day, Valentines day, etc) Sponsored by your company. You could even donate a brochure with it! 
77.  Keep a list of special interested folks in your success, and keep them abreast of your Successes and remind them you are looking for some leaders.
78.  Create a facebook fanpage and give away something for free to build a list for your marketing efforts.

79.  Offer an extra bonus for people who are willing to hold  PBRs on days and for months when you need the volume and it is down to the wire. 
80.  Give extra service and time to good customers and PBR partners – they will be repeat PBR Hosts, and potential distributors down the road. 
81. Carry a notepad to jot down names of prospects as you think of them. This works as you always run across people who you can follow up with later! 
82.  Let all PBR or luncheon guests keep a product brochure or catalogue.  They can keep it on hand or pass around work. This happens more than you think! 

83. ‘People that care about you.’  A warm or Hot market is a great place to start…but ask yourself a question…  who really cares about my success and future? Start there and ask for their help.  You will be surprised how emotions can be of benefit to you…If they do care about you,  They will listen to you and try to help…  

84. ‘People you truly care about.’ Who do you truly care about and want to see have a great life? Start there.  Your compassion and caring will come through and impact in a positive way.  People liked to be thought of, and this is a way to make that happen, and also to  show your feelings towards their future and Life…  

85. ‘People that you know that care about the same things… ‘ Who has a commonality with you in caring for the same things? Maybe in a club or church, or an association. You have already established that you have something in common that matters to you both. And your business would be a great way to expand that relationship. 

86. ‘Follow your Dollar.’  Who do you do business with? Who do give money to on a regular basis? Whether it is shopping or getting something repaired or simply paying to have something done that is who you want to target. Who did you buy your car from? Who sells you your clothing and groceries? Follow your dollar. There is a gold mine their in contacts and potential sales. They may be hesitant about joining you , but ask for referrals. They owe them to you

87. ‘The Goldmine on your desk.’  Most folks have some form of a Rolodex or card case on their desk, or in their planner. But most have a listing of who they have gathered cards from. Even in their palm pilot. Most Business owners have a great Rolodex but less than 10% of the cards produce revenues for them. Turn your or their Rolodex into a Goldmine that produces a secondary revenue source for them, by contacting the cards in the rolodex, and increase the value of their contacts.  ‘What percentage of your rolodex is currently producing you any type of revenue source? 2%? 5%?  If there was a way to increase that to 15-20%…would you want to know about it?’  

88. ‘Referrals.’  This business is not for everyone…but everyone knows someone who it is for. Ask. And it really depends on how you ask, that determines the response.’ Obviously this isn’t for you, but if you were me, who would be the first 2 people you would call to share this with? And then call them.  “Hello Mary? My name is Doug, and I promised Tom I would give you a call to share an idea he thought you would enjoy.’  

89. ‘Business owners you know…or someone else knows them.’  Business owners, especially small business owners are always looking for ways to increase value to their employees, and to increase the bottom line to their company. A lot of business owners have found Network Marketing to be a great secondary profit center for their business……..and they all have associations they belong to….with other business owners……A good way to prospect them is to ask for their advice on Marketing…..and their help. Don’t forget the Goldmine on their desk.  

90. ‘Stay at Home moms.’  One of the fastest growing sectors in MLM is the stay at home mom. Many women professionals are starting to leave their jobs and careers to spend time with their family. Values seem to be changing, and with that comes a great opportunity to help them reclaim the income they lost and they already have proven themselves in the workforce. And over 70% of all networkers… are women.  

91. ‘Chamber of Commerce.’  Every city has a Chamber and most are all business minded which means a goldmine for sales and referrals, and even some distributors. Join your chamber or at least attend some functions and get a listing of members. And here is an INFERNO Secret to recruit: Establish a relationship and ask for their help, and refer business to them.

92. ‘Civic/Charitable organizations.’  Join a Civic group to first make a difference in your city, not just to network. And become known as a go getter and helper, and as you do these things, ask for people’s referrals. And maybe a time you could let them try your products. But understand – FIRST make a difference in the group, and then you will have a better chance of making a difference with them with your business.  

93.  Print Shop Managers/Owners. Put a brochure in their place advertising your product or recruit them for a secondary revenue source.

94. Book Store Managers/ Owners- Spend time in the bookstore talking to like minded people who are looking for books on Success and Leadership.

95.  Restaurant Manager/ Owner- Put a fish bowl in there and buy 4 business lunches. Draw the winner and keep the cards weekly to contact.

96. CPA- Who doe she/he know who is looking for an additional revenue source?

97. Attorney- Who does he/she know who is looking for a second start in life after bankruptcy?

98.  Stock Broker

99. Jewelry Store Manager/Owner

100. Service Station Owner

101. Local Pharmacy owner

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MLM Prospecting Tips- 4 Little Known Cardinal Rules of MLM Prospecting

mlm prospecting tips

mlm prospecting


What does it cost you if you do not know TO DO something in your mlm home business?

Can you put an amount on what is is worth if you lose a great mlm prospect to someone else in another company?

OHHH…that one hurts.

What is THAT going to cost you if that person ends up a superstar in network marketing?

Many people in MLM lose prospects because they are not aware of certain rules that MUST be adhered to- whether you are recruiting online, social media or offline. The rules are the same for anywhere you prospect for your mlm business.

I have seen great people go to other companies because the rules were followed by one person but not by another. And the cost I have seen by friends that have lost really strong potential leaders to other companies, have been in the millions of dollars in revenues.

Has this happened to you?

Do you want to INSURE it DOES NOT?

MLM prospecting is easy- but yet must be played by the rules.

And there are powerful consequences to breaking the mlm prospecting rules. In your network marketing home business, you may have found that some prospects more friendly than others.

There is a reason.

You may have found other potential candidates more connected to you then others. That is normal, but also much of that will depend on the rules of mlm prospecting that you have engaged.

If you follow these 4 Prospecting Rules 3 things will happen:

1. Your MLM prospecting will me much more successful.

2. You will prospect quicker and more powerfully.

3. You will lose far less prospects to other possibilities in the marketplace.

I have been there.

I remember I lost one guy to another company in 1990 that ended up a million dollar earner with another company. Years later, he attended and we reconnected  at one of my training seminars. We went to lunch, and during that time,  I asked him out of curiosity what it was that compelled him to join the other company. When he told me, we both laughed, but then I realized out of my lack of knowledge back then, I had broken a cardinal rule to mlm prospecting.

So, what are the 4 Cardinal Rules to MLM Prospecting?

1. Realize you recruit through the PROSPECT’S EYES and start in THEIR WORLD – before ANYTHING. THEN lead them to your world.

Every mlm prospect-online or offline– sees things a little differently then you. They have different filters they view life through and see life as. You must take the time discover their VIEW of life and then ENLARGE that view to match YOUR view of what is possible. Ask, “Tell me how you see your future going the next 5 years…” and then LISTEN.

2. You MUST Follow – but NOT CHASE, Chasing is a sign of weakness and desperation.

You are NOT a dog. So quit running behind prospects and barking. You must from the very beginning say, ‘Let’s see if this is a fit for you and us, and then we will take it from there. Fair enough?” You NEVER chase a prospect. This was the rule that I broke with that million dollar earner. He told me that I was “too needy, ” “wanted him to desperately,” and came across as an amateur, not a professional. OUCH. Do NOT chase prospects. Give them the information and STAY CONNECTED- but not chasing.

3. Make your prospecting Aggressive- but not high pressure. Pressure is a sure way to lose every prospect you have.

The last word in “pressure” is SURE. You surely will lose your mlm prospects with high pressure tactics. Give them some room to breathe, and time to look at what you have offered. NEVER push them to enroll. You will have to PUSH them to do anything in their business if you do. Give them “homework.” An if they do not watch the video, or listen to a webinar, then are they really a Leader and who you are looking for? hello.

4. Always Always Always let the prospect know that you are looking for the RIGHT Leader- not just any leader.

If a prospect knows that they have to “qualify” to be considered for the leadership role in their city, they will take you more seriously. Whether offline or online. Here is how you say it: “We are looking for a leader that GETS THIS and will be a fit on a powerful team and will help us  build a huge business in your state. Tell me about how you view leadership…” This will give them the clue that you are LOOKING for the RIGHT leader- not for just someone who SAYS they are a leader. Recruiting online you will find a LOT of folks that call themselves leaders, but actually are followers. Keep them honest and make then KNOW that you are not going to accept just anyone to open up their city. and take the leadership role. yes, recruit them. But sponsor them, and put them under the leader that you choose for that city or region.

Many mlm prospects have been lost because of breaking these 4 cardinal rules of prospecting. I would suggest that you take a look at how YOU are looking for leads and then see if you are making these mistakes.

Correct them if you are making them, and you will find a whole lot more success in your home business mlm prospecting.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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Home Business Training- A Billion Dollar Paradigm Shift?

home business billion dollars

home business billion dollars

Home business

success requires growth and transformation along the way, no doubt.

Many people today play with their home business.

They refuse to GROW and STRETCH themselves like they should. They need to create a paradigm shift that will take their Thinking, Belief, Expectations, and RESULTS to a level they never thought possible.

If you do that one thing- people will start RESPONDING to you differently. They will be more positive as they will FEEL a level of Success they do not have in their life. You may not be there yet yourself, but you must create that paradigm shift in your mind.

But a BILLION DOLLAR Paradigm Shift?


That is what happened to me with the 7 Billion Dollar Networker.He totally shifted my paradigm from thinking MILLIONS to BILLIONS in home business volume.

Think about the change and the level of thinking that would require from someone. A Billion dollars is a LOT of volume and money. So is a Million dollars, but what a shift in thinking that does to you.

When I made the Billion Dollar Shift in the mid 90s it was awesome. I started thinking much bigger and expecting much bigger. And it showed in how people responded to my conversations. “Billion” was not a part of most people’s perspective, and it really STRETCHED people in their home based business.

What about YOU?

What about thinking about doing a BILLION DOLLARS in volume in your home business?

Does it seem POSSIBLE?

Does it feel like it would FORCE YOU TO GROW?

It makes you MAGNETIC.

It would DRAW people towards you, as most do NOT talk billions. And when you tell someone that your goal is to help the company build a Billion Dollar Business….

THAT will get people’s attention in a whole new way. Your home business would take on a whole new level of image and power.

Have YOU thought of moving into the Billion Dollar Zone?

The first time I was introduced to think a Billion Dollars, I laughed. It was so foreign and out of reach. I was struggling to pay bills. But once I got a hold of it and understood that it is just a different and higher level of conversation, it eventually started feeling normal and natural.

And since then, and because I embraced the possibility…I have been blessed to build a Billion Dollar Success story.

Billion Dollar Prospecting is about that ONE THING:

Moving your prospecting success to a level that maybe may feel uncomfortable, but I can tell you- it will transform who you are when you move to that level.

Yeah, you may get the nay sayers and the neg-heads as I call them. But you will start seeing what is REALLY possible in your home business and MLM.

Do YOU have the gumption and the GUTS to take it to a Billion Dollar Level and Zone?

 If you do, then you will enroll in the Billion Dollar Prospecting Course.

Do NOT be just the “freebies” takers that are not willing to invest in their home based business. Most people spend more than 37.00 at a dinner that is unhealthy and will not change anything their  life.

Folks, we are talking LIFE Transforming here and Business Transforming education.

I encourage you to move to the Billion Dollar Level of Success! That is what Billion Dollar Prospecting will do- take your Lead generation to a whole new level and create a radical prospecting paradigm shift.

But do you have the GUTS to DO JUST THAT? 

ENROLL NOW in the Billion Dollar Prospecting Course…


It’s TIME to GET SERIOUS Folks.   NOW! If I did not think this would help your business — I would not be talking about it.

If you are in network marketing, start RISING to the Level of a Billion Dollars at least in your mind. That is so critical as it will set you apart from the  majority of people in network marketing. YOU are the BEST and deserve the best that life has to offer. RISE to the Billion Dollar Level NOW!

That thinking and belief level alone will start transforming your Success in your MLM Home Business!

blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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