MLM Training- The 3 Steps to Total Failure in MLM?

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In your home business, have you ever gotten a negative comment from a friend or even just someone you barely know?

Have you ever gotten hurt by the pain of these comments of these unwanted comments and it impact your Activity and Success?

This is typical in network marketing and that is why that I am writing this- to encourage you and to empower you to move past these “people of influence” that can take you out of the MLM profession.

In MLM, many times you will get a negative response and NO support from people you know. They can be VERY nasty and shoot your dreams down like a balloon. And further , they may even provide “proof” that many people have tried a home business and rarely does it work, if ever.

“I had a brother in law try that and he ended up with a garage full of vitamins and his wife had a room full of skin care!”

“Oh NO! Don’t tell me you joined one of THOSE things! You stupid fool!”

“Oh come on! You got to be kidding! Don’t you know that you are gping to JAIL if you stay in that pyramid?”

I call these types of people the “Negative Infected.”

They are infected with such a bad case of “negative flu” that they cannot see anything positive about what you are doing. The sad part about it is that these Influencers are influencing you to do three things:

1. You STOP and begin to QUESTION what you have done.

No matter whether you are working online marketing or offline, you begin to question your decision.

2. You START asking other people’s opinions – and most agree with the Negative Infected.

This is where you start looking for ‘the truth” and you rarely will ever get it from these folks.

3. You are PULLED out of this business becuase of those who DO NOT want you to get ahead of them.


One of the single greatest reasons you hear from the neg-heads of the world is because they DO NOT want you to get ahead of them in life.

Much like the crabs in a bucket, when researchers put them in the bucket to observe, the crabs kept pulling each other down as one tried to get out. The crabs did not want each other to leave the bucket if they could not.

It is the same principle here. But DO NOT let the neg-heds pull you out of the greatest profession that has ever existed for home business entrepreneurs.

Do NOT listen to the CRABS of the world. They will make you and your home business “CRABBY.”

And always keep your eyes-online or offline- ON THE DREAM. This alone will help you get past those who will try and “keep you in the bucket” with them instead of you EXPLODING your home based mlm business.

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