MLM Training- The 3 Steps to Total Failure in MLM?

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In your home business, have you ever gotten a negative comment from a friend or even just someone you barely know?

Have you ever gotten hurt by the pain of these comments of these unwanted comments and it impact your Activity and Success?

This is typical in network marketing and that is why that I am writing this- to encourage you and to empower you to move past these “people of influence” that can take you out of the MLM profession.

In MLM, many times you will get a negative response and NO support from people you know. They can be VERY nasty and shoot your dreams down like a balloon. And further , they may even provide “proof” that many people have tried a home business and rarely does it work, if ever.

“I had a brother in law try that and he ended up with a garage full of vitamins and his wife had a room full of skin care!”

“Oh NO! Don’t tell me you joined one of THOSE things! You stupid fool!”

“Oh come on! You got to be kidding! Don’t you know that you are gping to JAIL if you stay in that pyramid?”

I call these types of people the “Negative Infected.”

They are infected with such a bad case of “negative flu” that they cannot see anything positive about what you are doing. The sad part about it is that these Influencers are influencing you to do three things:

1. You STOP and begin to QUESTION what you have done.

No matter whether you are working online marketing or offline, you begin to question your decision.

2. You START asking other people’s opinions – and most agree with the Negative Infected.

This is where you start looking for ‘the truth” and you rarely will ever get it from these folks.

3. You are PULLED out of this business becuase of those who DO NOT want you to get ahead of them.


One of the single greatest reasons you hear from the neg-heads of the world is because they DO NOT want you to get ahead of them in life.

Much like the crabs in a bucket, when researchers put them in the bucket to observe, the crabs kept pulling each other down as one tried to get out. The crabs did not want each other to leave the bucket if they could not.

It is the same principle here. But DO NOT let the neg-heds pull you out of the greatest profession that has ever existed for home business entrepreneurs.

Do NOT listen to the CRABS of the world. They will make you and your home business “CRABBY.”

And always keep your eyes-online or offline- ON THE DREAM. This alone will help you get past those who will try and “keep you in the bucket” with them instead of you EXPLODING your home based mlm business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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Home Business Training- 5 Reasons Why You Hear the Word “NO?”

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home business NO


Home business entrepreneurs have to understand that they will run up against resistance.

I do mean Resistance. But not the kind that is physical. It is more mental and psychological. It is more emotional. But it is as devastating to some people as actually physical resistance.

It comes in the form of the word “NO.” Yeah yeah. I can hear you now. “I HATE the word NO!”

Ok…but do you KNOW WHY that you are getting that answer a lot? Have you studied the reasons why? Maybe I can help you understand better why this is happening.

Many people that have a home business face the fact that they get a never ending string of No’s  and never really understand why. They end up getting discouraged, and then many simply walk away  because they cannot handle the negative outcomes that keeps their MLM business in the doldrums.

Why do people continue to think that what they are doing is going to work if it isn’t working NOW? Amazingly, they continue to say and do the same things over and over and expect different results.

Yeah right. As if that is going to work.

And one of the biggest reasons that they get the word NO more than YES, is they do not understand why the prospect tells them NO. It really is quite simple to understand. But the average distributor/consultant does not think of that. They have an agenda and will stick to that agenda no matter what.

 That is why they are average. Ahem.

They simply do not connect to the reality that what they are doing is encouraging the prospect
to say NO, not YES.

What if you could discover the 5 Biggest reasons that prospects say No?

 Would that make a difference in your Success efforts? Of course it would. You have a goal of Success in your home business. But your prospect’s results are going to determine how your business goes.

So should you care about why they are telling you NO? OF COURSE! And that is the reason why for this article. So what are the 5 reasons why prospect’s tell you NO?

1) Lack of Perceived or Thought of  VALUE.

One of the biggest mistakes made in networking and in home businesses, is not creating enough VALUE in what you are saying. You need to create extreme VALUE with your products, business, and especially your Leadership.

It is ALL ABOUT VALUE. No matter if it is social media, offline or internet marketing.

Value is what people are looking for. Value is what people are expecting. Value is what people demand, and if you do not create that with your conversation, then you probably are headed for the NO ZONE.

The NO ZONE is where lack of Value lives, and does it’s ugly work.

2) Bad Timing in the Prospect’s Life.

Many prospect’s life is not conducive for having a networking home business. Not every one has the perfect time for that. Some prospect’s have things going on in their life that you may not know about. Divorce. Finding a new job. Relationship challenges with kids. Parental challenges. Emotional challenges.

Many people have different things in their life going on that may prevent them from joining you in your business, or even purchasing a product. Don’t freak if that happens. They may even be in an emotional funk. That is ok. That will pass. You can talk to them again. Don’t get all upset and depressed.

Just go to the next name on your list.

3) Prospect does not feel comfortable with you.

OUCH!  This one HURTS!

You may not sense it. You may not feel it. You may be oblivious to it. But it is there. The body language. The looking away. The silence. Not returning your phone calls.

Sometimes, the prospect simply does not feel comfortable with you. You really have done nothing wrong. You may have done a lot of things right. But yet,they do not feel comfortable with you. If this happens, and they say NO, ask them a simple question” “Help me understand this, Did I do something wrong in the process of sharing this with you?”

Odds are they will not tell you the truth, but they will know that you sense something that is not right. Move on to the next prospect and connect to that prospect in a powerful way.

4) They are Assuming the Wrong Things.

Many prospects assume that they have already heard this “pitch” before, and lump you into all the other network presentations they have heard. They assume you are no different. They assume you are only after their money. They assume you are not a professional. They assume you will disappear like all the others did.


Keep in touch and let them know of the updates as well as the Success you experience. Do not let their assuming that you are like all the others become the truth. Do something different. Be a professional. Stay in touch. Do not beg. Forget the business. Focus on the relationship.

You will be glad you did.

5) Bad Experience with a previous Company or Product.

“My mind is made up. Do NOT confuse me with the truth. I am living in the past.”

That is the slogan for these folks.

They simply do want to listen to you as they are still stinging from the last one that did not work. Or the last network marketing product that did not work. Or the last promise that did not work. Or the last person that became a part of the witness protection plan.

If someone tells you NO because they have had a bad experience with another home business company or product- say this:

‘Thank you for sharing that with me and I am so sorry. That is not right for anyone to get treated like that. Please tell me what happened as I do care about this and would like to make it up somehow…that is just not right.” And then listen to the prospect and let them talk. Many times they will talk themselves into doing business with you. Happened to me a lot.

Do not think it will work? Try it. You will be surprised.

These are the 5 Biggest reasons why prospects tell you NO. Learn them, and then turn them into something that will work FOR YOU- not against. Many times a NO is simply a “NOT NOW” in your Networking Home Business. Keep in touch, and keep in the Success Road.

NO is NOT the final word in many instances. They say “NO” because they do not “KNOW” yet. Sometimes, it takes more information, more education, sampling the product, another three way call, another post or video. This is critical that you NEVER accept NO as the final word.

NO = Not Now.  Try again in the future. And keep focused on the ultimate goal: Getting a string of YESES for your home based business.

How do you turn your business around in 1 Minute or Less?

Blessings…Doug Firebaugh

(c)  2011 all rights reserved

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